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26 October, 2011

Moving Again...

I felt a little sad when I learned that we needed to move out of this place end January 12. We have grown to like where we are and it's just nice to be 8 minutes drive from school! No traffic jams, no highways.... the local area is beautiful and we enjoy the park.

But we need to face the truth and move forward. I trust that God has a purpose in all things. So the house hunting starts and continues. It's time to find a place before any of us leaves for our long vacation. I certainly look forward to the coming holiday. Singapore, Krabi, Hong Kong... plus the baking and cooking lessons I'm going to have. I know it's going to be fun, fun, fun! Clayton will have his fair share of fun at Children Technology Workshop.

Well, I hope that we can find a place near parks and all. There are plenty of parks here in Brissy but some of them can be a drive away. Last weekend, we took a drive to the Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve and it was nice. We saw bikers in their scorpion helmets and the bike tracks looked cool!

I can't believe that it's just two more weeks and school holidays will begin. Till then, I am geared up for a long break but I don't look forward to the humid weather in Singapore.

20 October, 2011

Holidays Are Coming!

Just when I felt so settled, we got news that our rental lease won't be renewed. This isn't very good news for us as we will be away in less than two months' time.

It did take me some days to accept the situation and I dislike being back to a 'square one' situation. But I know it happens for a good reason. I do hope that we buy a place next year but for now, I have to work on getting a place to move into early next year.

Sad news aside, I'm glad that our Krabi trip is confirmed and it's nice to be on holiday with good friends again. We have never been to Krabi so it would be nice as we go island hopping. Clayton is happy to see his friends again and I'm missing the beautiful beaches in Asia. Queensland does have some nice beaches but the waters can be too cold to jump into!

Now that the holidays are confirmed, I need to start shopping for a gift for new baby arrival as a friend of ours will be having a baby girl soon. It is nice to rejoice over a new birth and I can imagine the joys that surround the family. Shopping for a baby gift can be fun as those little baby clothes are so pretty and cute.

As the trip home draws closer, I am listing down the things to buy when I am back. One thing for sure, I'll be visiting a few bake shops. It's time to stock up things I can't find here!

Cooking, Baking... in brissy

So many things have happened in the last month that I'm having difficulties recalling them one by one.

In a nutshell, the little junior celebrated his seventh birthday last weekend, his first birthday celebration in sunny brissy. He was very happy to have his friends on that day and we decided to do it at Lollypops playland. It was a very simple and 'stress-free' celebration as there was a party host who took care of of the activities and games. He received lots of lego gifts and we had only allowed him to unwrap them once a week. The party place had personalized bags for the party guests and it all went well. For the 1st time ever, I made a cake for him and the chocolate cake brought much compliments and I was comforted.

There had been so many cooking and baking lessons in the last month and I found myself picking skills of making rice dumplings, chee cheong fun and even tiramisu cake. Last monday, I even learnt how to make ang ku kueh... sweet!

Next week, I'll be teaching a friend how to make kueh bangkit.... life is brissy is exciting after all :)