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31 March, 2008

back from singapore sentiments

It's back to work again, after a 3 days off to Singapore. I don't care what people say but Singapore is still a friendly place for me though I do feel that the young culture needs more improvement. The education system in Singapore is highly regarded as one of the best in the world but I seriously wonder if manners and values are inculcated in the school curriculum too. Personally, I had experiences with rude youth not knowing how to 'give way' to mothers with young children. Don't their parents taught them values like these or they are assuming that the school will do all the job? No matter what, it feels safe to be back in Singapore despite what the media is saying about the recent Mat Selamat case... no country is perfect and so is Singapore. Mistakes like these keep countries and people grounded.

27 March, 2008

a look at water filter

Lately, I have noticed that there are more water filters and air purifiers being promoted in health stores and even hardware shops. I suppose more and more people are aware that clean, purified water is essential to optimum health since our body is made up of 60-70% water. In other words, unclean water or poor quality water can cause skin sensitivities, illnesses and other health-related issues. With respect to that, we have recently installed a reverse osmosis water treatment filter for our house.

Reverse osmosis water treatment system is generally utilized to reduce the number of solid particles that might form scale in the long run. The chemicals that cause scale formation like nitrate, sodium, and sulfate are thus removed from the water. The presence of carbon filter in reverse osmosis water treatment system can help diminish the presence of insoluble organic compounds like pesticides, chloroform and other unnecessary organic compounds.

investing in gold and silver

All of us have different opinions and expectations when it comes to investment products. Lately, there were so many adverts on foreign properties for sale especially those in down under. Investing in real estate is not a new game and if done correctly with right timing, it can be a lucrative investment opportunity. For others, investing in gold and silver in the form of bullion may be a great way to invest. My mom had longed believe in gold coin investments since her younger days since gold has always represent wealth and fortune for generations. For me, I'm still scouting around for the best investment opportunity, possibly a property in Singapore when the time is right. Otherwise, I might look into what others are saying about investing in gold and silver.

26 March, 2008

moving home

My friend who has been living in the US for the last 2 years is moving back to Singapore. From the sound of her voice, the packing seems never ending and the two busy toddlers have done much to slow her down. It is good that she has a New York Moving Company helping her with the move and even then, she has to get rid of lots of stuff and I was telling her that a garage sale may be a good idea. A garage sale is probably a fast and good way to get rid of things she doesn't wanna bring home or otherwise, she can give them away which requires more time and work. I don't know what would it be like when the day comes for us to make that big move, then again, we'll deal with that later - whew!

enrichment classes for children

These days, there are so many children enrichment classes for all ages - reading, art, music, craft, gymnastics, dance, sports..etc, so many that it's hard to decide if they are essential and necessary. Personally, I do believe in including enrichment classes into the child's life, provided he/she is keen in that subject and it's not too costly.

A recent report by several independent researchers concludes that participating in the arts nurtures the development of social, personal and cognitive skills. Programs based on Arts can improve academic achievement and decrease the tendency towards delinquency. It helps youth form positive attitudes about themselves and build self-esteem.

a look at education

As much as I believe greatly in education and to upgrade oneself, I do not think that it is a 'must' to succeed in life with a high education. Since I'm not one of those who is good with the academics, I chose to study graphic design in a local art college.

With the advancement and help of technology, many Universities offer online online degree and bachelor degree studies such as Capella University, which is also a fully online university. With so many courses and programs available in the education world, it is not easy to make a decision. For that reason, at Capella, you can attend a free one-week seminar before deciding what is suitable for you. But whatever you decide to do, commitment and dedication are the ingredients to succeed in all areas of life including education.

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25 March, 2008

don't think negatively

Whenever we are feeling negative and depressed, we tend to look inwards and complain about what we don't have or can't have. Why can't we have a better job with a better pay? What can't we afford a holiday like our neighbour? Why can't I have skills like that guy who can bring in a million a year or what can't I be like that her who is so beautiful and have no physical flaws?

When you are feeling this way, it's best to look at what you have - a roof over your head, 3 meals on the table, a supportive family, good friends, hands and legs so that you can earn a living, a face with complete features so that you can see, hear, speak or breathe. Learning to be grateful can start from these little things and you will soon stop thinking negatively.

keep your opinions to yourself

I've often been asked the question on when I'll have a number two. Well, I have to tell you that I'm not fond of this question at all. Some people go to the extent of telling me it's necessary to have another child and the 'what ifs' if I don't another one. I find that they are crossing my boundaries, imposing their opinions on me. What works for them may not work for me at this moment and I do wish that they will keep their opinions to themselves. After all, I didn't ask them what they think about not having another addition. So why must they be so 'self-righteous' or think they are so clever just because they have more than one child.

Anyways, it's better to be good with one child than to be a bad parent with both. I rather have a happy child and be a happy mom than to have two unhappy children and be a grouchy mom.

old fashioned way of sending flowers

Whenever I'm stuck with what to buy for someone on birthdays, condolences, anniversaries and celebrations, the old fashioned way of sending a flower arrangement still work best. It's hard to explain how flowers can warm hearts and bring smiles even to a hard pressed and stern person but it is still an effective way to touch hearts today. It may be just a plain bouquet of roses or a grand bouquet of mixed blooms, online ordering has made it easy and convenient for people to send their appreciation and love. Beyond Blossoms even offer reward points with every purchase and order from their online shop.

children thrive on praise

After watching the video of Kelsey, who went home to be with the Lord in 2005, I have learnt to be thankful for the little boy I've been blessed with. It has also reminded me to be careful with my discipline style and intentions at all times. How easy for us to lose control when we get upset and make wrong decisions on child discipline.

It's also important for a parent to realize that children thrive on praise. Parents in such a situation may always jump to discipline but fail to praise their child for their good deeds, behaviors and traits. Children instinctively want to please their parents and make them proud. By encouraging positive behavior, the parent will most likely discourage the behavior that has driven them in the past to punish too harshly.

In order to encourage positive behavior deserving of praise, parents might want to consider giving their child a task they know they're able to accomplish, and praise their efforts along the way. Parents need to also consistently praise their children for the positive traits they possess. Their child might be good at math in school, helpful to their little brother or sister, or is good at drawing pictures. Praise these good traits and the child is likely to respond by acting appropriately and behaving positively in order to gain more praise.

a man without limbs

My husband came back on Sunday night sharing with me about a very inspiring and heart warming true testimony of how this man - Nick Vujicic - has succeeded in his life without any limbs. Yes, did you hear me - he has NO LIMBS! But do you know that he is now a millionaire and traveling all over the world to touch lives, inspire and motivate those 'normal' individuals like you and me. He has purposed in his heart to live like a NORMAL person - HOW? You ask, watch to find out!

Please spare few minutes to watch this video and I promise you that you will STOP feeling sorry for yourself when things don't turn out your way.

24 March, 2008

wedding and shopping

Few weeks ago, someone actually became creative and proposed to his girlfriend by placing a huge billboard ad on a highway. This piece of romantic news got to the front page of the local newspapers and thus, created lots of admiration and attention amongst the women. While some thought this was overly romantic and hoped secretly that their other halves would do the same, some women actually found it stupid. They felt that the money spent should be used to buy a good proposal present than to splurge it on a billboard.

Anyways, I guess the phrase 'to each his own' applies in all things in life. Even when it comes to a wedding theme, every couple has different ideas and plans. But what's nice about the internet is that you can anything you need for that perfect wedding you have in mind. You can shop for wedding favours or other wedding items at Shopforweddings.com with no worries of theme or style. Wedding cameras, bridesmaid gifts, candles, guest books, totes and bags, jewelry and apparel - the online store has more than you would ever need to prepare for that big day.

Stop Child Abuse

I'm not one of those who love to watch the videos that people sent me via Facebook. But this morning, I was going through some videos sent to me and saw this heart warming one sent by a good friend.

I hope that you will take a few minutes to watch this video cos it will move the heart of every hard pressed man. After watching it, you will think twice the next time you wanna hit your child out of anger... let's do our part to stop child abuse.

23 March, 2008

blessed are the givers

It's good to read about celebrities sharing part of their wealth with the less fortunate and charitable organizations. I'm not a big fan of celeb news but just a while ago, I happened to read from People, a popular US magazine about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donating 8 mil to charity. Though some may think that this is nothing from the many more millions in their earnings but hey, at least they are doing their bit to help those in need. How many of us do our little bit is another question. Personally, I believe that everyone who is receiving some income should play a part in charity - big or small ways - whatever your heart leads you to give. By giving, it keeps your heart compassion and soft as you look out to the need of others. For blessed are those who give and it's more blessed to give than to receive.

21 March, 2008


Somehow, it has been such a busy week that I realized that I haven't blogged here for the last two days! The weather has been less than good this week as we see the sun shining one part of the day and storming in the next. I have decided not to buy my iPhone since the current version is not equipped with 3G. After much thoughts, I don't even need a new phone right now. I am desiring a phone with camera features of 5 megapix like the Nokia n95 or n82 but I guess it's not urgent. With the weekends leading up, it's home alone for Clayton and myself since DH has a 3 day workshop to attend. I figure out that he needs a break from the accumulated stress of late. Perhaps, it's a good time for me to have some quality time with my little boy too.

For those who us who observe Good Friday today, may we remember the victory on the wooden cross.

18 March, 2008

horseback riding

My first experience in horse riding was in Melbourne way back in the 90s and since, I'll try to go for one in our vacations. It has been a longing in my heart to learn horseback riding one of these days. A friend of mine once did hers in Kuala Lumpur and couldn't find a store that specialized in equestrian clothing. So, I'm really hoping I realize this dream of mine in the next few years since I should have a bit more spare time by then. Hopefully, my RM Williams horse riding boots will still fit well and come in handy for my horseback riding classes.

it's Camper again!

While I'm clueless about command prompt language, I'm totally familiar with Camper shoes and its online store! I just got an email from my little 'sister' (i knew her since she was a baby) asking my opinion on a pair of Camper Casi. Whenever we get the chance to sit down for a chat, we won't leave Camper out of our conversation. Looking back, I used to take her shopping when she was an adolescent and now, she's a beautiful teenager whom I seek fashion resources from.

Anyways, I saw these lovely Camper kids in the new Spring Collection - so cute, so cool, so fun... so irresistible! Why can't they make them in adult sizes too?

17 March, 2008

gym scouting

After a break for four years, I feel that it's about time that I start going back to gym. I do have doubts about committing to a fixed workout schedule but I also know that if I don't sign up for a fitness club membership, I probably won't get started.

DH is expecting me to be like him - spend half hour on our fitness equipment but somehow, I just don't have that similar motivation. With so many fitness centres springing up, it's also hard to decide which one to sign up for but the practical me says pick the one closest to where I live though it may not be the most popular or the best. Looks like it's time to do some gym scouting once our seminar is over.

16 March, 2008

fun day in the park

Yesterday evening, we were all dressed up ready for a fun time at the park and the stream. But as soon as we got into the car, droplets of rain started falling on the windscreen. I could tell that my little boy was disappointed and he was still insisting that we should go to the 'river'.

Today, I was praying that the weather would continue to stay nice throughout the day so that my little boy's wish to be out in the park and the playground would be fulfilled. And my prayer was answered. Finally, I can say that Clayton has overcome his fear of walking on sand! It may sound funny but he's anal about sand getting into his feet and the trip to Hawaii didn't ease those fears. But today, he trod and waddled in the stream by himself, told us he wanted to catch some fishes - that was cute. It brought me much joy to see the smile in his eyes - I never knew parenting can bring such unexplained joys and comforts... we had a great evening at the park and playground... and the stream.

14 March, 2008

guide to skin care issues

Don't we ladies wanna know more about how to keep those wrinkles at bay, look youthful and radiant, get rid of those unsightly scars on the face and maintain supple and smooth skin? If this is what your heart desires, then tune in to www.WorldTalkRadio.com with skin care guru, Celeste Hilling.

Some of us have skin care problems that we want to address - acne, crow's feet, uneven skin tone and sagging skin. For a long time, I have been searching for answers to my brown spots and freckles. With so many whitening products on the cosmetic counters these days, it is hard to decide if they are ever gonna work for me. So if you have skin care issues like me, why not bookmark SkinHealthToday.com and increase your knowledge in skin care matters, resources, tips and tricks.

13 March, 2008

little reminders

Sometimes, when life takes the toll, we need to be reminded to "Live, Love, Listen, Trust, Read, Laugh, Inspire, Speak, Faith, Dance, Sing."

These little pendant necklaces are great to slow us down so that we do not forget to enjoy and appreciate life. The two sided pendants are designed by Dutch artist, Kiona van Rhee-Wilson and each of them has vintage wallpaper inside, a different image on each side for reversibility- with the 'reminder' on one side. They are sold assorted and they are one-of-a-kind in the sense that no two pendants will have the same two images in them.

Do you need these simple reminders too? If you do, find them at luckyaccessories.com

web hosting company

With thousands of web hosting companies in the market it can be difficult to decide which web site hosting companies truly provide an excellent hosting solution at an excellent price. Price is one thing, support and customer service are important factors to take note too. Like many people, wordpress theme designer Kaushal Sheth had the same dilemma. Those of us who have had our own web hosts can understand the frustration of server downtime and hiccups. After a bad experience, Kaushal went searching for the best web hosting company before settling on one.

He had listed three web hosts who are known for their credibility and good reputation - Host Monster, Hostgator and Yahoo Host. Hostgator happens to be the web hosting company for most of my sites too though I've never heard of Host Monster and Yahoo Host. But according to Kaushal, Yahoo belongs to a 'class of its own' while he chose Host Monster for its knowledgeable technical support and excellent service.

If you like to share your experience of a web hosting company or have any suggestions on the best web host, drop a note for Kaushal.

12 March, 2008

what kind of travel luggage?

Some people don't believe in spending a hefty sum on a travel luggage but some will pay for luxury brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton. Well, if you think that only the businessmen or celebrities splurge on such brands, you are wrong. I knew of this friend who earned an average wage but would only carry a Prada suitcase wherever he traveled to. I could only guess that his dad was paying the bill cos a Prada luggage will exceed his monthly salary easily.

For those of us who are more practical, a Delsey, Samsonite or even Swiss Army luggage is good enough to take us to the ends of the earth (I'm exaggerating!) but as long as it is one that is made of good quality material, I don't think it's necessary to splurge thousands of dollars on a travel luggage. Don't you agree?

orlando vacation

Orlando has much to offer when it comes to family travel and vacations. Packed with all the fun filled activities for all ages, it is one place where children can have a ball of a time while the adults can indulge in gourmet dining and busy nightlife entertainment. To book your Orlando Hotel and plan your trip, Orlando Hotels makes it easy and convenient for anyone with its friendly features and website resources. And if you have no clue where to go and what to do, the site has all the information you need to make your trip a memorable one.

11 March, 2008

vacation on a budget

I love to chat with friends on vacation matters and whenever this topic is raised, the main concern is always on the budget. When selecting a vacation on a budget, it is important that you do not limit yourself. There are too many individuals who search for a vacation destination solely based on price. Instead of first searching for low-cost vacations, you are encouraged to find the vacation destination of your dreams. Once you closely examine the hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, or beaches that your selected destination has to offer, you can easily learn how and where to save money.

If the beach sounds like the perfect summer vacation destination, you have a number of options. For those who live in the States, popular beaches, that are designed for those on a budget in the United States may include, but are not limited to, Virginia Beach, Pensacola Beach, and Long Beach. You can plan a beach vacation in the Caribbean or overseas; however, the cost of travel will likely increase the cost of your vacation.

09 March, 2008

singapore trip

It was another great trip back to Singapore - short but fruitful. There are many reasons why I like my home country - clean, green, safe and accessible. In Singapore, you don't need a car to get around. MRTs, public buses, taxis are all within reach and you can count on the government to be efficient and orderly. I can come home at 12am and not worry about being tailed though one should not take security for granted. I can call a cab and it will be at my doorstep in less than 15 minutes 90% of the time, unlike Malaysia, where I once had to call for 45 minutes before getting one. Hope my Malaysian readers and bloggers won't stone me for saying these things :P

06 March, 2008


Don't ever mention to DH about luxury vacations for the next three months cos he hasn't got over our recent trip to the US! Well, the truth was we exceeded our budget by quite a bit and as a result, I've promised him not to swipe my credit card unnecessarily for the next few months. It's nice to check out great vacations every now and then and viewing these vacation ideas and photos help to relax my mind. Since we can travel for real, it can be just as great to watch travel spots in reel.

wedding anniversary gift ideas

Whether you are celebrating your first year of marriage or the 25th year, an intimate celebration definitely keeps the sparks flying. As a doting husband, you can whisk your wife away to some romantic getaway or surprise her with that expensive jewelry she had been eyeing for months.

If you need some spark of inspiration, you can run through unique wedding anniversary ideas online that can give you a headstart. Among the popular wedding anniversary gifts nowadays are electronic gadgets, jewelries, weekend trips and adventure tours. However, an intimate dinner for two at your favorite restaurant is always a welcome and safe alternative. If you are in a rather tight budget, a candle light dinner at home with some soft music are also guaranteed to do the trick. But if you are need to shop for affordable and nice gemstone jewelry online, there are bracelets, rings, necklaces and even cubic zirconia jewelry at Gems N Gold. Whatever you plan to buy, always remember that it's always the thought that really counts so don't always think that only the expensive gifts will impress.

05 March, 2008

why the hurry?

I know some parents prefer to train their little ones to sleep in their own rooms from infancy while others (like me) prefer to wait a little longer. Clayton has his own mattress laid next to our bed and I'm perfectly comfortable about it. DH has been bugging me about moving him to our other room but I told him I am in no hurry. Well, it won't be long he'll be a teen who prefers to stay in his own cosy room so why not enjoy him while I can - cuddle him a little more and enjoy those sweet lullabies and having him crawl next to me in the middle of the night. Why the hurry, right? Do we really want our little ones to grow up so fast?

I like this Camper Twins!

I really like this pair of Camper Twins... check out the complementary colours. Just in case you think they made a mistake in the colours - that's what the Twins is meant to be - not identical yet complementary. But then, I won't be buying another pair of shoes til I don't know when - that's a personal promise made for the next few months. It's still nice to check out the latest spring/summer collection at Camper... I need to rebuke this lust!

it pays to be wise

Every weekend in the mall, I will be stopped by credit card companies promoting a new credit card or new feature for credit card members. With so many credit cards springing up at every corner, it does get confusing and sometimes, I wonder what is the difference between these cards.

Then, we have online credit card application that is made easy via the internet. You can now apply all kinds of credit cards at the convenience of your home, from charity and sports club credit cards to environmentally friendly PVC free cards! Though multiple credit cards can come in handy on certain occasions, it is wise to monitor your spendings on these cards. I appreciate articles that teach people how to use credit wisely to avoid debt traps and ending up in financial woes. If possible, you should also make an effort to compare credit cards before deciding on what is best and right for you.

03 March, 2008

a security warning!

I've been receiving few emails on security in PJ and KL areas. For those who live in this part of the world, do take note of the following seriously (now I've got another reason to migrate):

Dear Friends,
Our security is getting from bad to worse every day ....
From my residents association newsgroup -
Dear Residents,
I want to share this story with all of you and I hope you will inform all our other neighbours as well.
Today while having lunch at Mark's Assam Laksa Restaurant in One U, I was informed by the owner's daughter that she was just robbed by MAT REMPITs while
stopping at the traffic lights in front of One Utama (old wing) coming in from the Taman Tun traffic lights at about 12.30 am. 3 motorbiker Mat Rempits surrounded her car from out of nowhere and just smashed the two front windows since there were only two young ladies
in the car and demanded for money. They put a knife at her throat!!!!!! They managed to get her handbag despite her friend trying to fight off the bikers on the other side of the car. 2 more Mat Rempits on 2 bikes were waiting a little further back, just in case. Their friends who were stuck at the traffic light to cross from Taman Tun to One Utama, rushed across beating the red lights when they saw the 5 motorbikes with bikers surrounding the girls' car. Upon seeing the car coming towards them, the 5 bikes with the riders sped off towards Centrepoint and disappeared into the kampong, and towards DamansarUtama. Luckily nothing happened to the young ladies in the car. The Rempits were gone in a jiffy, and when reporting to the police, she was informed that it was the 4th case in the month. My goodness what is happening to our area, apparently the Mat Rempits are closing in into Bandar Utama after finishing their rounds in another part of KL or Selangor and the police don't seem to be able to do anything except take statements and saying " Biasalah, next time jaga-jaga sikit dan jangan keluar malam-malam"

On another day, also around the same time ie 12..30 pm, her brother was behind another car that stopped in front of the KBU College traffic light near B 8, and saw about 30 Mat Rempits surrounding the car in front of him and dragging the motorist out and beating him up because he put up a struggle. The mat rempits then sped off after getting what they wanted. The man had a gash at the back of his head.
I think M14, cases like this should be printed out and put into every mailbox especially for those who do not pay their dues for the security. The Mat rempits are aware that we have security so they are trying something else like robbing people at traffic lights and without warning. Please take care of yourselves and be always vigilant. Sometimes it may be best to give them what they want rather than put up a fight cos we are all not Jacky Chans or Steven
Seagal. Maybe we should ask the traffic police to put the orange light for the traffic lights after 11.30 pm so that we don't have to wait unnecessarily for the lights to change to green and be subject to the possibility of Mat rempit attacks etc. After all, after 10.30pm it is already pretty quiet when the One Utama crowd is all gone except for the movie goers.
This is really scary news and please take care everyone.

02 March, 2008

does it really matter?

Yes, it's a Sunday and it's supposed to be rest day, the Lord's day and Clayton's day. So why am I still updating my blogs and rushing to finish some urgent assignments. This is the life of a WAHM, SAHM and urbanite though I must always remind myself that at the end of the day, do all these things matter and what really does matter most in life? Sometimes, we get too busy with chasing the moolah and climbing the corporate ladder, get the promotion we desired but seriously, what really does matter in life when you see your Creator face to face?

What is the real thing that matters in your life?

01 March, 2008

looking forward to my weekend

I find myself looking forward to the weekends last week. It wasn't a very busy one but I found my body needing some extra rest - maybe it was one of those post celebration symptoms. We are getting busy work wise and there are so many things going on at the same time.

Weekends is the time where I prefer to take things a little lighter, do some grocery shopping, stock up some household stuff and take Clayton for a little recreation. Oh, and I need to stock up some disposable gloves and medical aids for our home first aid. These days, I tend to slow down my blogging on the weekends - I'm working towards a more balanced life, compared to last year where I chase the green bills online.

Here's wishing everyone more quality time with their loved ones this weekend.

loving his chinese

Clayton sharing a Chinese book with his cousin

I can't help but feel comforted that I have a boy who loves his books - English or Chinese. In fact, he is indulging in his Chinese library collection and it makes momma very happy. Though he still can't get his tone right on many characters, it's nice to hear him read out loud. I'm not a traditionalist but I do believe that Mandarin is a wonderful language to learn at this age and time. Hopefully, he'll start to speak more than 'Ke Yi' (Can) , 'Bu Yao' (Don't want) and 'Hao' (Good)!