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05 March, 2008

why the hurry?

I know some parents prefer to train their little ones to sleep in their own rooms from infancy while others (like me) prefer to wait a little longer. Clayton has his own mattress laid next to our bed and I'm perfectly comfortable about it. DH has been bugging me about moving him to our other room but I told him I am in no hurry. Well, it won't be long he'll be a teen who prefers to stay in his own cosy room so why not enjoy him while I can - cuddle him a little more and enjoy those sweet lullabies and having him crawl next to me in the middle of the night. Why the hurry, right? Do we really want our little ones to grow up so fast?

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rich | Finding Windows XP Registry Cleaners said...


yes keep the little one with you as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Did you realise we as a species are the only parents who will get rid of our youngsters at such an early age and move them away from there mums