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31 August, 2008

women love gifts and flowers but do men?

So men are from Mars and women from Venus. We know that men and women are different but yet, it is easy to forget this point. An interesting reason for the difference between men and women is that, men are made from 'dust' and women from the man's rib. And according to an anointed preacher, Pastor Bernard Blessing, Adam was asleep when God created Eve so that explained why men could never understand women and vice versa.

Don't believe it? Go shopping with your other half for bathroom fixtures or discount furniture. While the woman may be keen to search for quality stuff like Hansgrohe, the man may be looking out for bargain corner. Women appreciate gifts and flowers for special occasions but the men would think these things can be a waste of money. By and large, it's hard to get men and women to agree on opinions, likes and dislikes, preferences, priorities and lifestyle issues. But whatever it is, they are created to complement one another and as iron sharpens iron, they are placed together for the good of each other and the society.

27 August, 2008

Malaysia Today blocked!

Since last night, I haven't been able to access Malaysia Today, Your Source of Independent News. As usual, I suspect that the server is hacked or down for some 'dirty' reasons.

A moment ago, my blogging buddy dropped me a note on the new URL for Malaysia Today: or http://mt.harapanmalaysia.com/2008/

According to Malaysia Kini, there is an order to block Malaysia-Today:

"In a rare move, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has ordered all internet service providers (ISPs) to block controversial online portal Malaysia Today."

Doesn't the government know that there is such thing called 'mirror sites' and would they think that RPK would only host his valuable resources and information in only one server. Don't they know that the internet is borderless? This is the power of technology. Yes, it changes and it influences, faster and more powerful than the human mind can fathom and imagine.

26 August, 2008

a new era for Malaysia political scene

Today marks a very important day in the political history of Malaysia. As the world continues to report the ongoing updates of the Malaysia political scene, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim will be returning to Parliament again... finally.

I believe his victory will raise the expectations of those who are waiting for a REFORMASI in this country. As many political analysts have anticipated, Anwar's return will not be made easy by the ruling party of this nation. Whatever beckons and unfolds, this is just but the beginning of a new era in the political scene of Malaysia. Hopefully.

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25 August, 2008


It is another good trip to Singapore - it's more like it feels nice to take a break from the daily routine and be walking on familiar streets again. This trip, I took my Nikon D80 with me. I realized that I enjoy taking pictures of Clayton's expressions... it is nice to see him squirm, frown, smile, giggle and do funny faces. Apart from taking mom for an X ray and a short meeting with a good friend, the party at Yarris' place was an eye opener for Clayton. I realized from the kids' party that he was missing out on socializing in a big group of children. Looks like there is some work to be done on our part as parents to expose him to more social activities... he has so much energy, this boy.

22 August, 2008

Let us complain less

If you think you are unhappy

If you think you are unhappy, look at them:

If you think your salary is low, how about her?

If you think you don't have many friends...

When you feel like giving up, think of this man

If you think you suffer in life, do you suffer as much as he does?

If you complain about your transport system, how about them?

If your society is unfair to you, how about her?

Enjoy life how it is and as it comes.

Things are worse for others and is a lot better for us.

There are many things in your life that will catch your eye but only a few will catch your heart....pursue those..

21 August, 2008

photography can be so much fun

I don't plant flowering plants in my little garden anymore cos I simply have no time to tend to them. The only plants I had were many pots of aloe vera and peppermint and a couple of cactus and wild ferns at this moment cos they didn't require much care :P

Since I'm off to Singapore tomorrow, I hope to snap some pictures to my Nikon D80 collection... I didn't know photography can be so much fun :) I know some people think the Nikon D80 is no big deal but seriously, it's good enough for me and all I want now is to improve my photography skills again. Who cares about an expensive camera or lens when you can't even get an exposure and composition right at this moment? Why try to jump over the moon when you can't even reach the moon? I'm a practical person... I'm just very happy with my Nikon D80 standard kit - in fact, I'm feeling so blessed!

halloween and face painting

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20 August, 2008

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17 August, 2008

addicted to photography

Why didn't anyone tell me that photography can be so addictive?

having fun with iPhoto on a Sunday

Since I'm working on improving on photography skills, some of my first shots didn't turned out as expected, especially after downloading into my Macbook. But all thanks to iPhoto editing tools, I could play with it and derive some fun effects... like I said, my model isn't charging so I can do whatever I want for NOW - lol!

15 August, 2008

my manual shots on my nikon D80

I guess it must be almost 20 years since I last meddled with manual settings in a SLR camera. Yesterday, I had a couple of hours of crash course by a friend who has been using the Nikon D80 (a DSLR) for the last one year. He taught me how to use the manual settings and explain the various functions and settings of the camera. Though it was a short session, it was more than enough for me to digest at that moment. I was glad that I could at least take some decent pictures of our seminar with Ron Kaufman. I also learned that the preview in the camera will be always lighter than the downloaded version on the computer... therefore, don't trust what you see in the camera preview, said my 'teacher'... here are a few shots of my model. I don't believe I snapped more than a hundred of his portraits - no, he isn't charging me - lol!

13 August, 2008

wordless wednesday: my new Nikon D80

I got my first DSLR yesterday... it's so exciting. After so a long wait, DH finally said 'YES'!... Just in time for Wordless Wednesday! Shot from my new Nikon D80 :)

12 August, 2008

i'm getting a nikon D80!

I'm sooooo excited! I'm finally going to buy my Nikon D80! For the longest time, I've wanted a digital SLR though it isn't a pressing issue. My good friend, Tracy, inspired me to own one after allowing me to snap some photos last weekend at the park. I love the 'lively' look in the photos... it is much faster and nicer than pictures taken from my pocket digital camera. I like my Canon IXUS too but I feel that it's about time I pursue my interest and passion in photography... no, I'm not going pro - I'm just a dabbler, a leisure photographer... it's a new hobby!

10 August, 2008

viral fever ordeal over for Clayton - whew!

The scare was over after Clayton's fever broke on Thursday. The poor little boy had to go for a blood test on Wednesday morning since the fever persisted for five days straight. I wasn't comfortable about feeding him medicine everytime the fever hit so after much thoughts, we decided to take him for a blood test.

I had to tell you that he was one of those who disliked going to the doctor. He didn't like the thermometer in his ears, didn't like the stick that went on his tongue to check if he had a sore throat... it wasn't easy. I wasn't too sure how he would react to the blood test.

The time came and when he had to lie on the bed for the blood test, you could imagine his screams and fighting ordeal with the nurses. They had to wrap him with a blanket to restrict his movements and the poor boy kept screaming like someone was trying to rob away his freedom - that was my boy!

Finally, the blood test ordeal was over and after one hour, we were told that his blood was perfectly fine - no dengue - thank God. And infact, he didn't even need anti biotics. I did what I could to bring that fever down and gave him half dose of fever medicine that night. I was determined not to give him another dose after that seven hours gap and I was so thankful that when morning came, the fever was gone! Praise God!

I could see that he's still recuperating cos he seems to get tired early and tends to sleep a little more than before. It's not just him who needs recuperation really, I guess I'm just as tired during that whole week of nursing a sick boy. So glad it's over and I can only thank God for all the prayers and for His protection.

07 August, 2008

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05 August, 2008

a memorable trip to Kuala Selangor

Just when I thought Clayton was all well on Sunday, I was wrong... his fever persists and I can't wait for him to get well soon!

Last Sunday, we headed for Kuala Selangor with a group of good friends for a seafood dinner and a fireflies exploration that evening. It was a lovely excursion and it was exciting for me to see the 'glowing trees' in the dark of the night. Clayton kicked a fuss with the lifejacket but finally had to give in after much coaxing and 'forcing'. He couldn't wait to get the lifejacket out of the way and he was perhaps too young to appreciate the wonders of these light giving fireflies. We went out in a sampan (small boat) in a group of four (five including clayton) with the boatman that night.

One of the fireflies fell into the water and the boatman was nice enough to 'save' it for our close exploration. For me, it was amazing to see the little firefly running around the palm of my hand with a twinkling light... it was so cute. We learned a little more about these wonderful creatures from the boatman and though it was a short 15minutes boat ride, it was an experience worth taking. It was hard to believe that these fireflie had existed in this river, among the mangroves, for more than 40 years!

I must admit that this was a memorable tour for me during my eight over years of stay here in Kuala Lumpur. I would recommend it to any visitor planning to visit Kuala Lumpur. A trip to Kuala Selangor for fresh seafood and an evening encounter with the fireflies will be an experience that speaks volumes in your travel diary.

*We can't take any pictures of the 'glowing trees' and fireflies.. it was just too dark. And even if we can, the flash from our cameras would have scare those cute fireflies away.

03 August, 2008

son fever, internet line bad and he's all well now

This is a tiring weekend for me. Clayton was down with a fever since Friday afternoon and the nights had been most tiring for me. He refused to be wiped down and sponged and was up most of the time for two nights. Whenever a child fell sick, the mom would get the stress and deprived sleep, it's just so normal.

Plus, blogger, gmail and msn haven't been functioning properly and optimally for the last one week. I have no idea why the internet line has been so bad but it sure worries me as we would be starting full time internet marketing soon. How am I going to do any anoretix review or affiliate product review if this persists? Sigh!

After much coaxing and sweet talking with my preschooler, he agreed to see the doctor and after one dose, he's finally back to his normal chirpy and cheery self... now we can enjoy the fireflies this evening at Kuala Selangor with our good friends.