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26 November, 2009

Work at Home Writing From the Bush

I arrive at the bush two days ago. IT may seem funny that I have called it a bush but it's true, DH cousin's house is really in the bush! What a way to take a break for the work at home mom!

We drove one km of tall trees and wild bushes before reaching the white house. What a nice house in a natural surrounding. I know it's going to be a nice place to relax and unwind.

The property is about 5.5 acres so you can imagine how much space there is. Clayton had a great time roaming around with Scud the dog and it must be exciting for him. Being a city and urban boy, waking up to a natural surrounding of bushes isn't something common. My cousin's property had a couple of garages where my cousin's hubby stores his Mopar parts and there's even a camping tent where the kids set up for a fun escapade! Clayton can't wait to hang around inside.

This afternoon, we will be visiting Clayton's new school. Since I'm here, I thought it would be a great idea to visit the place. He is excited and so am I. I'm fighting with this bad cold and really want to get well real soon!

22 November, 2009

All Ready for Brisbane and Gold Coast

It has been a very busy weekend since yesterday. My day started early and ended till late. For some reasons, my schedule tends to clutter before any overseas trip!

I managed to finish 90% of my packing a while ago except for a few little things here and there. As I'm traveling alone with Clayton for a good two weeks, I need to work out my luggage and baggage details to avoid having to carry too much on my own. I'm one person who don't like to travel with a heavy luggage, especially when I'm by myself. I can't be expecting my 5 year old to assist in anything! Planning the logistics is key for this trip. But I know it will all work out with all the help I'm going to get in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

I'm always very careful with drinking water when I travel since I have a sensitive throat. At home, we have a RO water dispenser and so I tend to take things for granted. I remembered checking out so many water filters few years ago when we were planning to buy one, from 4396510 to distillers. With the heat wave going on down under, I must make sure we are drinking adequate water to stay hydrated.

So, I'm all ready to go except for a few errands I need to run before the flight tomorrow night. There are also some assignments to finish the next few days. Oh... all I know is that I need some sleep to get my mind refreshed and my body rejuvenated tomorrow!

20 November, 2009

School Holidays Have Offically Begun!

School has finally ended and the holidays have officially begun! I can hear the silent laments of the work at home moms and dads but well, it's time for the children to get their well deserved break after a hard year's work in school!

Finally, the kids can sleep in, sleep late, play and relax. Most children will enjoy watching tv or playing computer games. Others would still be attending enrichment classes and tuition. Maybe the sale of PSP, electronic games, Bluray dvd players or DVDs will increase this holiday season as parents try to occupy their children with all kinds of clean entertainment.

Clayton's school term ended with a Garden Theme Party. I made him a realy simple ladybug t-shirt just so that he won't feel left out! I am not in to costumes and thus, I would opt for a simple project. Kids don't really care much about what they are going to wear, it's the parents, who strive to make their kids stand out. I'm just too lazy to bother myself with all the sewing and crafting. I know that he will have fun anyways :)

Then it's parents-teachers meeting before the school takes a break for two weeks. I would need to start my packing after tomorrow. Though I'm not planning to bring too much to Oz, I still need to make sure I don't forget anything!

That's it for now from the work at home mom and I'm now off to do some cooking before the boys come home.

18 November, 2009

Bargain Accommodation for Online Travel

Few days ago, I found out that the Page Rank of this 'Work at Home Mom' blog of mine had returned. It came as a shock for me as the blog's PR had been stripped for almost 2 years or maybe longer!

Well, I don't exactly know why but it's still good news for me that big G has lifted the penalty off this blog. Hopefully it stays this way even though I am not really bothered by it anymore.

This morning, I'm busy checking out some last minute airfares for my trip next week. I just realized I made a mistake in my itinerary and now, I would need to do some rebooking - sigh! This is a busy season for the airline industry despite the gloomy economy. A couple of my good friends are leaving for Tokyo early december and many of my girl friends are off to Hong Kong end of this month. With the convenience of online hotel booking, it is easy to book normal hotels and bargain accommodation with the click of a button. From nassau hotels in the Bahamas to bed and breakfast inns in New Zealand, everything can be done online now.

If you are not sure where to begin searching, you can compare hotels at SearchYourHotel.com and find the best deals among 30+ booking sites. I'm sure many work at home moms already know this but if you are still new to online accommodation, you will be amazed by its sheer convenience and ease of use!

17 November, 2009

A Busy Month for Work at Home Moms

Yes! One more week to go and the work at home mom is off for a vacation break!

Though it isn't going to be a long break but still, I'm glad to be back in brisbane and Gold Coast. There are some errands to run this time including paying a visiting to Christian Outreach College, the school that Clayton will attend in 2011 and opening a tax file and bank account. I can't wait to catch up with Rebecca, our brissy cousin and my other girl cousin in Toowoomba.

It should be very nice for Clayton as it would be his first visit to Queensland. I told him all about his cousins in toowoomba and he can't wait to meet them. I'm planning to take him to SeaWorld and DreamWorld besides lazing at the beaches in Broadbeach and Surfers. It would be great if DH is with us cos I'm sure we'll have lots of family fun at the beaches.

December is going to be a busy month for me. It's time for the work at home mom to unwind and slow things down. I can't help it cos it's school holidays and I don't want to let the TV or computer be the babysitters.

For some working moms, they would be busy with getting more health insurance leads before the year comes to a close. It's time for meeting targets and reaching new goals.

If you aren't planning to travel, consider taking your children out to the park for a picnic or doing some fun things together in the outdoors. This would be a good break for the work at home mom as she steps out to do things and to be away from her laptop and office. Start planning!

07 November, 2009

Work at Home Mom Looks Forward to Her Vacation

Few days ago, a little idea came to the work at home dad when he was driving. See, our internet connection has been seriously bad for the last couple of years. Believe it or not, we have tried almost very broadband provider but yet, we are getting snail crawl speed every other day. It is frustration when you work from home in the home office.

So my other half decided to move the modem to our bedroom since we are on wireless and lo and behold, the signal started to improve! Since, we are getting more stable connection and at least, we can get our work done without the frustration of waiting for sites to be uploaded in front of our laptops.

School holidays will be here in two weeks' time and my son's after school program will stop by this week. All work at home parents know that parenting has to be one of the best best fat burner! And it's natural :) But the holidays are going to be kinda fun with a birthday party coming up for my boy and a vacation to down under. I'm excited to stay in the bush for a few days, then to the hills before heading off to the beaches! It sounds like fun. One thing I learned, book budget airlines early cos it will save heaps!

There is much to do before the work at home mom heads off for a break. The aussie dollar is so strong now so it looks like my shopping budget will be reduced tremendously after the exchange rate. Then again, it's not the shopping I'm looking forward but catching up with family and friends, while relaxing and reflecting in the last months of the year.

03 November, 2009

School Holidays Coming for Work at Home Moms and Dads

This is the last month of school term and in few weeks' time, the school holidays will begin. It is also a busy month for most work at home moms and dads as the kids get off school and that would mean less quality time can be spent in the home office.

Despite the economic downturn, I know of many friends who are taking their kids overseas. For those who can afford, the selections include orlando vacations to a Europe tour. But short trips like beach getaways and family holidays in Hong Kong, Japan and even Australia are also popular. I miss the fun and sun in Australia, really. I miss the space, the slow pace and outdoor adventures. Most of all, I need to get away from the routine and hustle and bustle of urban life.

Some work at home moms have no plans of any vacation or travel. That would mean planning activities for the children so that they are occupied and not become bored with nothing to do. I know that some of my friends are already registering their kids for holiday camps and such during the year end school holidays.

Perhaps, this is also a good time to wind down for all work at home moms and dads as the year comes to a close. It's a time to reflect, recollect and refresh as you make plans for the home business for the new year ahead.

Holiday Cards for Families and Friends

I know this is a very busy month for those who are planning for Christmas parties and holiday celebrations. And for those in the US, thanksgiving is not too far from now too. One of the things I enjoy as a work at home mom is to create photo cards during the holiday season and send them to families and friends across the miles. Having said that, I don't always find time to do that.

The internet has made it so easy for people to stay in touch. Designing and ordering an online card is so convenient that there isn't any excuse for anyone not to keep in touch. In fact, you can get personal and order some holiday photo cards to add that special touch to your holiday greetings too.

I like to do that cos I can send a photo of our family to our overseas families - it's meaningful and special. If you have some time, designing your own holiday card isn't that hard as long as you have a printer and designing software. I know that there are many simple DIY softwares around that you can set up easily.

But if work is taking a toll of your schedule then get online and order them. They are inexpensive and affordable. Staying in touch requires efforts and a little of your time. After all, it's the holiday season so celebrate it and have fun.