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30 July, 2008

kids are no longer 'just kids'

As parents, we always make sure our kids don't play with sharp objects or anything that will potentially bring them harm. After all, what do these kids know? My little boy is fond of tools and hardware stuff. He will take his toy hammer and pretend to be 'Handy Manny' or Bob the Builder. He will pretend play and tell me that he's fixing the television, the cabinet and even bathroom faucets. Apparently, pretend play is the way kids express their creativity.

Then, we often teach our kids to respect the teachers, the adults, friends and even the authorities including the man in blue uniform, the police. But let me be honest with you. I personally find it hard to teach them to respect the police in this country. You may not like what I wrote but this is how I truly feel. How am I going to teach him to respect the police when they don't even deserve the respect? So you see, whatever is happening now politically here is detrimental to the future generation. Their moral values may be twisted if we as parents are not careful in showing them what's right and wrong. In no time, they will asking why these men in blue uniform are corrupted and careless about their duties. They will question the dignity and true calling of the profession. I can only do my best as a mom to show him how to respect those who deserve the respect. The sad thing is, I can't even tell him that if he's faced with any trouble outside home, he can find help and seek refuge from the men in blue uniform. I feel very sad. Do I want to raise my kid in this way? It makes me wonder, as I ponder.

wordless wednesday - when Clayton met Hayley

Last Sunday, our regular Taman Tun Park affair turns out to be one of double fun and excitement for Clayton and us! We met some good friends and the river outing was a fabulous one for the two kiddos. Though it's Wordless Wednesday, I find it hard to stay wordless when I see these happy faces... children are a gift from Heaven above, let's treasure them...

When Clayton met Hayley...

He's never played with a watergun so you can see why is he gawking at hers :P

A McDonalds cup is all they need...

I think he finds her cute :)

He managed to convince her that he would have the cup!

She's a beauty, isn't she?

28 July, 2008

another interesting post by RPK

You, my readers, know that I'm not into politics though I do ramble every now and then on my frustrations and complaints. Well, I know a fair lot of my readers are from Malaysia so if you are a local and are following closely on the political circus that had happened recently. You may find this an interesting read. Title of the post by the outspoken and explicit author Raja Petra Kamarudin: Doctor on the run: police want him to fabricate evidence against Anwar.

26 July, 2008

creating a perfect gift with wines

Few days, we went for a simple dinner at our favourite Pantai Seafood restaurant in Kampong Ara and was kinda surprised that the restaurant had allocated a special wine room for diners. Die hard wine lovers can choose from the wine of the month to the wide cellar of wines in the wine room... a typical chinese seafood restaurant is adding a little pizazz to the seafood menu too!

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24 July, 2008

online education makes possible with technology

Whether you like it or not, technology has changed many things. These things, I no longer book a family travel accommodation via a phone call or fax. Everything is done online. It's that easy and convenient. And if there is any changes in your family traveling itinerary, cancellation can be done easily via the internet too.

Education is no different. Online university is becoming well accepted by the public and members of the academic. With online education, those who live far or cannot afford to travel to the respective countries can opt for an online university degree. With more subjects being added, people can choose their disciplines and subjects and receive instruction, tutorials, guidance and counselling online.

cool online shopping sites for your convenience

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23 July, 2008

wordless wednesday - favourite playground

There's this great playground where I take Clayton each time when we are in Singapore. Situated at The Forum Shopping Mall, the playground is on level 2 and admission is upon membership application. At a low $20 for two years, you can bring your kids to the playground during the stipulated hours. Slides, colour balls and many fleets of tricycles and a little playhouse, you can take a break at one corner while your active ones burn off some energy!

Ready to plunge into the pool of balls...

This is his favourite activity - wallow in the pool!

22 July, 2008

back from singapore and back to doldrums of life

Clayton and I had a good break in Singapore. Though it was a short one, we did all that 'we' wanted to do. He had a great time in Garage Adventures and I did all my errands including catching up with a couple of friends.

It is kinda nice to feel the buzz and rush in the cityscape of Singapore though it is not something I would enjoy for a long time. I appreciate these busy atmosphere whenever I'm back - it makes me feel very 'local' again. This fits the efficient service culture here in this lion city.

One of the perks for Clayton was to visit the 12th Craziest Toy Sale in Takashimaya podium. It was really crazy with back-to-back human traffic and lots of toys at cheap deals. I examined a few sets of toys and realized that they were cheap for obvious reasons. The quality for a lot of these cheap toys were compromised but seriously, kids won't care abit at all.

I didn't do much shopping this trip cos I simply had no mood to buy anything new clothing. The only item I got was a GG5 jacket and a few skin care products from Jurlique. Spending a few hours in Le Salon was a pampering experience since I had some time to spare on Saturday morning.

That's all for a brief update on my Singapore trip. It's now back at work and back to the doldrums of life :)

18 July, 2008

my home country

Not only do I miss Singapore, I found out Clayton does too! He was so excited when I told him that we were going to SG 2 weeks ago. DH tried to pull his leg by telling him that he would have to stay back in MY and he started crying. I guess he must be missing the MRT train rides, Garage Adventures, Jie Jie Adeline (owner of Garage Adventures), Ah Ma (grandma in teochew) and maybe the pigeon hole :P

I know I need this time off. I need time to rest my mind, take a break from blogging and gain back my sanity. Singapore may be a busy and fast paced city but if you know where and how to chill, it's a great city to be in. It's not only the shopping. Actually, I don't even need anything. I just like to walk on the streets safely without worrying about my handbag kena grabbed when a motor bike zoomed past me. I don't need to worry about Clayton being wheeled away on his stroller when I step away a few seconds. There are crimes still but it's just not so paranoia for me. Coming home and walking on the streets after 10pm is common... this is my home country. I've learned to appreciate it now.

It's a great place, have you been there?

17 July, 2008

all inclusive for stress free vacation

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16 July, 2008

can't stand this crap anymore

I can't help but say this: There are lots of crimes waiting to be solved and what is the police doing about it? Instead of stopping crimes such as going after those who rape innocent women, rob helpless old folks, kidnap the innocent kids, they are spending time on manpower just to arrest someone charged with sodomy.

If you have done your research in the web (local and international sites), you can read and judge for yourself if this allegation is ever true. A seven year old kid will tell you that this is an insult to this man who has the great potential of becoming the PM of this country. But WHY did the govt so foolishly think that the nation is so naive, that they should believe everything the local media and the BN say about 'history is repeating itself'? Why isn't questioning that this is political driven and it's an action of inferiority, fear and perhaps, kiasu-ism. Or should I say they are 'kiasi'.

Instead of a gentleman fight, it's all done in an despicable manner - just like what you see in the movies. C'mon, this 23 yo fellow will say anything for a big stack of money promised to him, isn't it? Who is he man? He is a drop out and a spy, an opportunist and perhaps, someone who has no shame at all? And apparently, his beau is defending him, claiming that she'll stand by him - why not for a big diamond ring or perhaps a holiday to London?

Oh well, I feel like I'm narrating a movie, or should I say, directing. I just can't stand this crap, day in and day out. It's drama but this drama is so low-class, so unpolished.

Enough of ramblings... go to MalaysiaInsider or MalaysiaKini if you want more updates on this political circus.

yea, yea, I'm going back to my pigeon hole!

Yea, yea, yea, I'm going home to the police state on friday. Many locals here always tell me that I come from a police and sterile state but seriously, I have no complaints. Why complain when I don't have to hear all the political bickering, backside stories, bollywood dramas and low class media reports everyday. Well, I truly feel sorry for the folks here - I really do. These days, I only gather my political updates from Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Today and Malaysia Insider. I stop wasting time on The Star, it's just not worth my time anymore. Infact, the only thing I look out for in The Star are advertisements, cheap airfares, travel promotions, food recommendations and world news updates.

I need to breathe some fresh air from my mom's flat. Though Singapore is all crowded and cluttered but it does feel cosy in a pigeon hole once a while. I feel safer, more at ease and less frustrated. The best part is, Clayton gets his break at Garage Adventures with Adeline and I get mine! Retail therapy in Singapore is beyond comparison (for now!).

What is my poor DH going to do while we are away for a few days... poor thing. I think he must be stocking up some new DVDs - LOL!

*Actually, Malaysia is becoming a 'police state' too - just in a different way :P

15 July, 2008

rough it out with paintball

Ever feel like you need to stretch that body of yours and burn some energy? Whenever I feel this way, I would feel like getting into the fields and chase after my active preschooler or do a few rounds on the track. For active people who like rugged and outdoor games, paintball may be a fun and exciting experience. If you are a paintball fan, you may want to shop online for paintball equipment, airsoft supplies and a full range of apparel. I find that for niche products like these, online shopping may be the best thing to do since it's hard to find a shop that caters just for this bold and rugged sport.

14 July, 2008

one more event coming up

One month from today, we will be hosting our second seminar with Ron. Somehow, my body seems to be crying out for more rest and more sleep after each seminar so you can imagine how motivated I am to start another round of marketing.

There are so many things waiting to be done at home. My new ikea curtains are still sealed in the original packing. My luggage still unpacked and soon, I'll be packing for a weekend trip to Singapore. I am missing home, the skyscrapers of Singapore and my favourite Toast sandwich plus some pampering in Le Salon and the Nail Salon. Few more days and I'll be back in my mom's pigeon hole in Toa Payoh... nice to have a change after two months stuck here in KL.

13 July, 2008

thank God for Kess' Mama and Wendy

We had a successful and good seminar last Thursday with Ron Kaufman. Despite the economic upheavals and political instability, we saw a good turnout and it was great to fill up 80% of the plenary theatre at the KL Convention Centre. There were a couple of hiccups and awkward situations during the seminar but after all these years of being an organizer, we had learnt to be cool and calm about things.

We were specially thankful for good friends who play such an important part in the success of our programs. Without Kess' mama, we wouldn't be able to run the seminar without any worries of our little boy's well being. Clayton was so excited to hear that Kess' mama was babysitting him. He had a great time with Auntie Eliza (aka Kess' mama) - they swam, relaxed at the jacuzzi pool in Traders Hotel, went to KLCC, sat in the buggy, went to the KLCC playground and had tea at the Traders lounge. We truly appreciate Eliza for sacrificing her time despite her busy preparation for her upcoming New York trip.

Then it was Wendy, a friend I knew when Clayton was only a little baby. She came to babysit Clayton when we had a dinner meeting with Ron and his wife. What touched my heart was that, she had come to help us despite her health condition. I tried to sneak a love gift envelope into her bag but to my dismay, she discovered it on the way home in hubby's car. She refused to accept any monetary gift at all. We really wanted to bless her with a love offering as she is currently undergoing cancer treatments after being diagnosed with colon cancer last year (a relapse). I felt sad that we couldn't play a part in blessing her cos she is one lovely person. She even bought books for Clayton - imagine how bad I felt when she refused to accept our gift. Clayton slept while counting numbers with Wendy and he woke up in the middle of the night crying, "I want Auntie Wendy to come back". Since she's now on organic food (due to her cancer relapse), we are thinking about sending her an organic hamper, knowing that she would reject another monetary gift.

We are heartily thankful for God's provision in every seminar and event of ours. Jehovah Jireh, He is indeed our provider.

christian art exhibition at Gallery Dunia Seni Lukis

Not too long ago, I posted a short buzz on Faces and Places photography exhibition. This morning, I met one of the owners of Art Malaysia during a brunch at a new tim sum restaurant - Jin Xuan Hong Kong Tim Sum. Audrey, also my cell host was thanking me for posting a link for Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis. To my pleasant surprise, she had also started a couple of blogs.

This evening, I also found out that the owner of Art Malaysia had started a blog early this month - congrats Bro Kian and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Art Malaysia is hosting a Christian art exhibition on 19 July to raise funds for Harapan Komuniti Bhd. Featuring artists from Indonesia, Philippines, Korea & Malaysia, the paintings carry the theme of God's Creation & Worship. To read about the inspiration and birth of this art exhibition, nobody tells it better than Bro Kian himself. This man sure has a heart for the needy of this country.

11 July, 2008

blessed young people

The young people of today are so blessed, aren't they? Just get into the train in Singapore, Japan or Hong Kong and it is easy to spot youngsters carrying ipods in their hands or bags. Somehow, these digital gadgets have become a lifestyle thingy, just like cell phones too. It is common to spot a teenager carrying the latest cell phone with all the entertainment features from 3G to video games. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what would it be like when my son grows up to be a teenager. I wonder what will be the next trend or in-thing when the time comes.

09 July, 2008

08 July, 2008

i miss waikiki

I was looking through our Hawaii trip pics in my facebook... then I stopped at this picture of Waikiki sunset. I didn't know I miss this calm and serene moment that much...

06 July, 2008

my sister

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Last week, I received an unpleasant news about my step sister who was scheduled to undergo a head surgery. Though we are never that close, it worries me when I heard about the news and her current health condition. Apparently, she was diagnosed to have a few tumours in her head and the doctor had advised that they be removed immediately. I was sad to even hear that she had lost her eyesight for her left eye and that was caused by a damaged blood vessel from a fall she had two months ago.

This afternoon, I received an sms from her that she had undergone the first surgery. It troubled me that the details were clear and her phone line was too broken to gather anything. But I am thankful that prayers are offered on her behalf and I trust that God is watching over her. While browsing through some online gift baskets, I also think it is ideal to send her a Bible and simple Christian literature. I pray that God will continue to heal and minister to her as she recuperates from her surgeries.

03 July, 2008

faces and places photography exhibition launch

We went to the launch of Faces and Places photography exhibition, organized by a cell member, Bro Liew who also owns Gallery Dunia Seni Lukis. I didn't expect my little boy to be excited about photos of people and places. He got bored so fast and started to sulk at a corner. I could only try to entertain him by snapping some shots in the art gallery. I love the raw and all natural cement floor, you see. I only wish I have a digital SLR camera at that moment. Actually, I felt a little shy snapping photos with my Canon IXUS pocket camera in a professional photography exhibition - it's kinda funny :P

For photography enthusiasts, you may be keen to catch the exhibition for another few more days:

Location : Galeri Lukisan Dunia Seni Lukis Sdn. Bhd. No. 19A, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Off Jalan Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur

Exhibition Date : June 28th ~ July 6th, 2008

Exhibition Hours: Tuesday ~ Sunday (11am ~ 8pm)(Closed on Monday)