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29 April, 2009

Cleaning Up Time For the Work At Home Mom

I believe the current swine flu outbreak is causing alarm around all the world. Whether you are a work at home mom or have a full time job outside, the first concern that comes to your mind is to protect your kids from any viruses or outbreaks.

Though there is suspected cases in our region, I hope that health authorities will do their utmost best to screen all traveling passengers returning from affected countries. It's scary when tv commentators have stated that the spread of swine flu should not be underestimated.

This is the time for schools, community places and even homes to step up in cleanliness and hygiene. We can only do our best to keep germs, bacteria and viruses at bay but above God, we need to pray for God's protection.

So you get out your bbq sets and clear up your outdoor dining sets this spring, why not do yourself and your family a favor to give everything a good cleaning. Sanitize your kitchen tops and surfaces and wash your hands frequently.

That's a reminder for the work at home mom, that I should give my home office a good clean up this weekend. It's time to vacuum my bed and pillows with the Karcher before taking a break in Phuket. I'm glad to take a break from work and looking forward to an island outing with some good friends.

24 April, 2009

Disciplinary Action From The Work At Home Mom

This week started off a little rough for me, the work at home mom when the little master in the house kicked a fuss with Monday Blues.

He got a hard 'punishment'. Mommy had decided that he went on without TV for the entire week. It was an agony for him. I must admit that this punishment was harder for me cos this would mean that I had to keep him occupied once he got home from school, now that I couldn't have the TV as the 'babysitter'. Well, it was tough but I had to do it.

The good news is, this disciplinary action turns out to be very good for us. Though he tried to humbly ask for a little TV during the week, he was able to accept a straight 'no' - he was very good. I was very impressed by his subservient attitude... he didn't fight nor demand. It wasn't as hard as I thought.

We spent abit more time doing things together and it was great to see him 'self entertained' with his imagination and creative play. From this, I learnt that having too much TV stifles creativity!

At my home office, I still do my best to work on my earn money from home projects. It was a little slow this week with the bad internet connection but I am glad I still got another site set up. I have to look into identity theft protection information as I have been receiving some 'fraud' emails demanding private information. Those of you who earn money from home have to be careful with these things. Don't release any personal information to third parties through your social networking sites or chat rooms.

With the weekends approaching, the work at home mom looks forward to take a break and does more research on their upcoming Phuket trip with some wonderful friends. It will be a good short break for us and it will be a fun one.

20 April, 2009

The Work At Home Mom is Keeping Busy

Things were a little crazy back in the home office of the work at home mom last week.

My little one was under the weather so I had been paying more attention on his condition and recovery. Then we were away at JW Marriott for a training with a local bank so it was really a full week! Though I do like to earn money from home, our offline business still bring in nice revenue for now.

Since we work from home, we depend alot on the internet connection. Sad to say, going online here is never the same as going online in Japan, HOng Kong and Singapore. The line here breaks so often and it's seriously frustrating!

I find myself asking for more wisdom and strength as I learn how to handle my preschooler. He's so good in negotiation and manipulation. On some days, he's not making it easy for me to earn money from home. I am also wondering if kids of the 21st century are all like that. I don't remember speaking and reasoning the way he did when I was his age!

In two weeks' time, we'll be off with some cool friends to tropical Phuket. Though Phuket is never my desired travel destination, I'm looking forward to the great company and I'm pretty sure it will be a good break from work. This is the first vacation for the work at home mom this year and I sincerely hope it's not the last! We'll be spending a few nights at the Marriott Beach Club, thanks to my lawyer friend and his dear wife. Clayton can't wait to jump in the pool and play all day with Jamie!

After reading the travel forum and some trip reports about Phuket, I may need to recommend some best fat burners for the group - LOL! We'll be hiring a driver during the trip and I look forward to some island hopping and nice photography shooting.

For now, it's rolfing tomorrow, then swimming, followed by Pilates. It's going to be another full week for the work at home mom and yes, I'll be setting a couple more sites this week too!

11 April, 2009

some earn money from home tips and options

There are many ways you can earn money from home. The internet presents lots of opportunities but after many months of working and researching, I realize that it may not work for everyone.

One thing for sure, earning money from home via the internet is not an overnight success. Some or rather, many internet marketers like to have you thinking that it is easy and fast. Yes, buy a program $xxx dollars, follow the system, watch the videos and bingo, you get $xxxx a month. Real? No. Both DH (my work at home hubby) and I had purchased systems like these and they didn't worked as promised. So what did we do? Ask for refund la (the S'porean slang :P)

Well, you can create affiliate sites and stores and start selling things. This earn money from home method has worked for many affiliate marketers, work at home moms, stay at home moms, work at home dads, stay at home dads and it really does work. But don't expect a big income once you set up your online store. It takes months and even years to bring in the money.

If you do your research conscientiously, many people do earn money from home from certain niche topics, including selling gifts, health products, natural skin products, beauty products, baby clothing, weight loss pills, ebooks, office products... the list is long.

I finally created my 5th affiliate store last night. No thanks to the lousy internet line, it took me longer than usual. The bad internet connection here in Malaysia really affects those who are earning money from home. It's frustrating, irritating but there's nothing much we can do about it, unless we move to another country.

So that's all for a short post on how you too can earn money from home. But let me remind you that patience is the essence of success. I fall short in this area cos I want to see results fast. I'm still learning and now I'm sharing it with you.

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend,

07 April, 2009

Don't give up your dream if you are have just started out to earn money from home

I've been absent for a while from this "Work At Home" and "Earn Money From Home" blog and it's simply because I have so much to do and so little time!

No thanks to the bad internet line last week, it took me longer to set up my affiliate stores, did my research, wrote my posts and that certainly affected my work at home productivity. I was upset, frustrated and irritated. I can't wait to move to another place where the internet line is faster, better and more efficient. Why are we paying full rate every month for substandard internet service?

Working on my plan to earn money from home isn't an overnight project. It is going to take months and even years. I am thankful that my work at home hubby is very supportive and he's constantly encouraging me to take this work at home business as a 'real business'.

Well, many people find it hard to invest in a 'work at home' business but they will be very open to throw in thousands of dollars in an offline one. This is because not many people can accept this 'earn money from home' concept via online technology. It is still new to many of us in this region though the number of affiliate marketers and work at home individuals are growing by the day.

There are many perks to one who desires to earn money from home but there are also setbacks that you must be prepared for. Like for me, I can only dedicate my full attention to my work at home business between 9am - 4am and after that, I must be prepared for distractions and interruptions once my preschooler is back from school.

So between 9am - 4pm, every minute and hour is precious to me and I need to accomplish as much as I possibly can amidst my other personal commitments like pilates, swimming and leisure breaks like a massage or facial.

Do you like to earn money from home? Maybe you are looking at being an affiliate marketer or perhaps an adsense blogger. I just wrote a post about how anyone can earn money from home via affiliate marketing with the new affiliate theme. This is great for people like us who know little or nothing about programming and codes. You can read more about the post here.

Don't give up your dream if you are have just started out to earn money from home. Take it as a business.