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07 April, 2009

Don't give up your dream if you are have just started out to earn money from home

I've been absent for a while from this "Work At Home" and "Earn Money From Home" blog and it's simply because I have so much to do and so little time!

No thanks to the bad internet line last week, it took me longer to set up my affiliate stores, did my research, wrote my posts and that certainly affected my work at home productivity. I was upset, frustrated and irritated. I can't wait to move to another place where the internet line is faster, better and more efficient. Why are we paying full rate every month for substandard internet service?

Working on my plan to earn money from home isn't an overnight project. It is going to take months and even years. I am thankful that my work at home hubby is very supportive and he's constantly encouraging me to take this work at home business as a 'real business'.

Well, many people find it hard to invest in a 'work at home' business but they will be very open to throw in thousands of dollars in an offline one. This is because not many people can accept this 'earn money from home' concept via online technology. It is still new to many of us in this region though the number of affiliate marketers and work at home individuals are growing by the day.

There are many perks to one who desires to earn money from home but there are also setbacks that you must be prepared for. Like for me, I can only dedicate my full attention to my work at home business between 9am - 4am and after that, I must be prepared for distractions and interruptions once my preschooler is back from school.

So between 9am - 4pm, every minute and hour is precious to me and I need to accomplish as much as I possibly can amidst my other personal commitments like pilates, swimming and leisure breaks like a massage or facial.

Do you like to earn money from home? Maybe you are looking at being an affiliate marketer or perhaps an adsense blogger. I just wrote a post about how anyone can earn money from home via affiliate marketing with the new affiliate theme. This is great for people like us who know little or nothing about programming and codes. You can read more about the post here.

Don't give up your dream if you are have just started out to earn money from home. Take it as a business.

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