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28 April, 2010

Work At Home Flexibility

This is a peaceful morning for me and I can enjoy some quietness as I work at home alone. DH is away and will be back later. I like it when I can plan my own time, run personal errands without rushing the car back and being 'free' for a while.

After coming back from Hong Kong, I find myself longing for more of this urban city. Yes, it's busy, crowded, cluttered, whatever ways you like to describe it but I just like the place. Good food, nice shopping and forward moving. I don't think I like to live there but being a visitor is quite nice.

Clayton was very good throughout the trip. I had to say thanks to Steve Job for the iPhone invention for that kept him busy when I was shopping, trying out shoes and choosing things. It was a nightmare having to keep an eye on him and selecting my things last time. It might be a 'quick fix' which may be detrimental to his eyesight, so I think I need more berries antioxidants to balance that!

One thing I know, I won't need any weight loss pills when I go shopping in Hong Kong. The walking is already a good form of exercise. My girl friends are asking me to plan for a short trip and hopefully we can have a girlie outing before my move in December.

Working at home gives me the liberty of planning my own tasks, schedule and time. It is so beneficial when I have so much on my plate every day. With regards to the move, I now have two real estate agent contacts and I'm glad they responded. I hope to find a place by December so that the shipment of our stuff can be timed properly. We might have to stay in the house with no furniture except for a bed, washing machine and fridge if need be. Nevertheless, all things will work out and I'm looking forward to this excitement.

24 April, 2010

Work At Home Mom - Back from Hong Kong

It seems like yesterday that I was talking about my trip to Hong Kong but I'm already back few days ago and working from home. I'm back to being a work at home mom again!

The short trip to Hong Kong was fabulous. I mean, this wasn't our first family trip to Hong Kong but we seemed to enjoy ourselves much more than the first one. Though it was only five nights, we did a few new things and visited a few new places. It was slow, easy, no stress and somewhat relaxing. We did quite abit of walking but it was leisure and no rush.

I must salute my DH for his efforts to complete our new online business website during the trip. Yes, it was a holiday but knowing DH, he couldn't just sit still and do nothing. He was working on the website at night when we were back from shopping and eating. He was determined to launch our online consulting business in Hong Kong and he did it! Kudos to this hardworking work at home dad!

Shopping was very nice in Hong Kong. I did shop till I drop but surprisingly, DH bought more than he anticipated! Clayton was a good boy and he had a ball of a time with my iPhone. He was just happy occupying himself with the phone that he was encouraging me to walk into shops!

I bought a few things from Faces at Ocean Terminal, couple of bags in Agnes B and a top from 45R. The lady from the store was so nice to hand me a sample of acne treatment when she saw a zit on my forehead but I ended up with hair products instead.

Food was glorious and my favourite had to be Chung Kee's tong yuen at Temple Street and Roast Goose at Yung Kee. I miss the food so much that I am hoping to visit Hong Kong again next half of the year! This time, I should try out Shama serviced apartments though I did like Chi Residences for its good pricing, friendly service and spaciousness. I have to say good bye to all the tiny hotel rooms for now!!

It's back to the home office now and it's back to the daily grind. Till then, I'm planning my next vacation....

14 April, 2010

Preparing For Hong Kong Trip

In less than 48 hours, I will be Hong Kong and hopefully, I'm check-in at Chi Residences by then. I just did a quick search in Google maps on the accommodation location and I was so impressed that I could see the street view! It was just so amazing! Not only has technology allowed me to work from home, I can even plan my vacation in a breeze with today's advanced technology!

I am looking forward to my favourite desserts and roast meats in this busy city. The weather is under twenty degrees celsius now and I'm praying hard that the weather will be fine and nice. One thing I know... I won't be perspiring under the sun and it should be very nice to snooze at night too. I am expected to plan our itinerary for the five nights but I haven't had time to sit down to do that. The home office is buzzing with lots of activities and work these few days and I must find time to do some planning to night.

Few days ago, we just received birth announcements of our friend who just gave birth to a baby boy. We visited her and the baby and he reminded me of how Clayton was like 5 over years ago. It is nice to reminisce and it reminded me of God's faithfulness.

I must, I must finish all my online assignments by tomorrow and do all the packing by morning. Multi-tasking is possible when you are a work at home mom but sometimes, there can be too much to handle in just 24 hours a day! Ok for now... I hope to snap some nice pictures of food, places and attractions for the trip. Till then!

13 April, 2010

Work At Home Mom Ramblings

Household chores, parenting and work... these are the things that have kept me busy everyday. Somehow, time passes so fast when you are busy. So even though I work from home, I can't seem to have enough time to finish all my tasks. Sometimes I wonder, where has my time gone to?

This is the technology age and we are all enjoying the benefits of invention. Due to that, we are spoilt for choices and we put a demand on speed on anything. Everything got to be faster, better and nicer. This is the age we are living in - we won't settle for anything less, isn't it?

I was shopping for digital cameras few months ago and it was such a difficult task to choose the 'best' one. Every new model promises faster, better and yields nicer results. But seriously, do we need the most advanced or the best in everything?

I often remind my boy how blessed he is. The kids today are so tech savvy and modernity does catch up very fast with their learning minds. I'm not sure how things will be like in a few years' time but I have to constantly remind myself to move with the times too.

So enough of rambling and it's now back to work and I'd better finish everything before my trip this weekend. Oh yes, the work at home mom is off for a break this Friday...

02 April, 2010

Remember This Day

I had said that I would like to be a work at home when I move to Oz but if I really have to get out there to find a part time or full time work, I will.

For many entrepreneurs, it's hard to report to a job outside if you have been running your own business for a while. It is hard to forsake the flexibility and freedom of time and lifestyle when things call for a change. I have been asked what I will do when I'm there but it isn't easy to give an answer at this point. Not many people migrated with a job waiting for them at the other end, though we had a cousin who was that fortunate.

Since the future is unknown, there's no point dwelling on it. I should just focus on the move and preparation as there are lots to think about. Now that the cleaner had left too, I'm left with more chores to do so I need to plan my time wisely.

Next week, I will do a list of things to buy and bring. Besides furniture and mattresses, there are some electricals and homeware which I would consider buying.

Ok for now, here's wishing everyone a blessed weekend as we remember the reason for this occasion. The Lord was led to the cross as a living sacrifice for everyone here on earth. May we take a few moments to thank Him for the victory on the cross.