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27 July, 2009

The Work at Home Mom Has a Sore Knee to Nurse

For no rhythm or reason, I arose with a sore knee 3 nights ago and the pain isn't getting any better. The only comfort is that, I am a work at home mom so I don't need to worry about moving about like an old lady with this bad knee. Even then, it has been agonizing for me and I really want to get well soon.

There are so many things that need my attention this week. Clayton is down with a bad cough and I've put him off swimming classes yesterday. The car needs servicing and this reminds me that we need to check out if our AA membership includes one of those rv towing like the US. There are some chores to complete for the house and I need to get round to finishing them.

I hope that the air quality is improving so that our respiratory systems don't have to suffer anymore. I really dislike the haze and what it is doing to my sensitive nose. I'm looking forward to cleaner air in days ahead and yes, air would surely be better in brissie.

As we count down to our new beginning in down under, it's great to know that we can have a home office in brissie and we can get some tax rebates while working from home. Hopefully the properties aren't rising too much even though Australia has officially been out of recession. Then again, it's still a long way to go...
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24 July, 2009

Work At Home Mom is Back

I have been absent from this blog for a while. So what have I been up to? Besides the usual parenting and work at home duties, I was away for a day trip to the Polestar Pilates conference and been nursing my problem tooth and bad flu.

Today, I'm feeling a lot better. The infected root canal on my molar had sort of settle down before the root treatment begins and the extra rest and sleep I got last few days are all making me feel better. Sometimes I feel so weary with this ENT problem - it's just so annoying. But I'm going to keep believing for God's complete healing and will continue to stay active.

The Polestar Pilates conference at the Singapore Arts Museum was a good one. It was nice learning from Dav Cohen and Deborah Lessing, both authorities in Pilates. I was initially worried if I could cope with the challenges moves but it turned out alright. I managed to cramp in a lunch appointment and quick tea with a few good friends before heading to the airport.

This was my first time traveling on Air Asia back to Singapore. The trip was smooth except for the retimed and reschedule of flight. I disliked that bit. It actually caused inconvenience and I had to change my personal plans.

I'm still trying to rest more the next few days before getting back to the usual work at home and parenting routine. It's quite annoying that after changing this blog's topic for so many months, the SEO results still shows that I'm ranked for my previous keywords. I'm not putting in much efforts in terms of SERPs for this blog but then again, I still expect Google search engine to be smarter and more efficient.

Anyways, the internet is up and running again at a fast speed (thanks P1 WiMax!) so I'm going to do some property research in the brissie market.

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16 July, 2009

Working At Home Requires Discipline

Those who work from home should have no excuse not to take up any fitness activity. With the flexibility of time, you should find time to exercise especially when you have sent all your kids to school.

All it takes is to wake up a little earlier or to make some sacrifices and you can achieve your health goals in your home office. When it comes to this, I always admire my DH for his strong discipline in exercising every morning. He does his workouts rain or shine and even when he is not feeling 100%. Sometimes I wonder why he pushes himself so hard and he will remind me that it's 'discipline' he's after. Think of the upside: if you exercise regularly, you may not need other weight loss options like clinicallix or others unless you aren't fit to exercise.

Working at home does require discipline. You need to avoid spending too much time on that phone call with your girl friend or sister. Don't even switch on the TV during morning tea or you may get hooked. Keeping a list of 'to dos' can help to keep you on the track.

14 July, 2009

Exploring Ideas on Working At Home in Australia

More and more ideas on what I can do to continue working from home in Australia are being presented before me since last week. I'm one work at home mommy who believes that opportunities need to be sought, they seldom come knocking on your doors.

So with a few ideas toying in my head, we've been discussing them in our home office. It will be fun to explore some of the ideas. It's exciting. This weekend, I'm also looking forward to my Polestar Pilates conference. Though it's a day trip, I know it's going to be a fun and interesting one cos I've never been surrounded by a big group of Pilates enthusiasts in one room.

I'm also busy converting our New Zealand trip site to a blog. After much thinking, I've decided to give the site a new look and optimize with my SEO knowledge. Talking about SEO, there is so much to learn and it is important to be patient during the process of learning and working.

While I'm working hard in my home office, many of my friends are enjoying summer time, the season for many to take off, spend time with their families near and far. Not sure if many will be going for Florida vacations or any beach getaways this year due to the downturn but I believe what matters most is a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle.

So to you work at home mommies or daddies in your summer holidays, enjoy and have fun with your loved ones.

07 July, 2009

Determined to Continue Working From Home in Down Under

Lately, I find myself digging and researching more about Brisbane and all the work would be smoother if the internet connection is better. I'm determined to continue working from home when we move down under and wouldn't mind few hours of part time work in the area of my interest.

There have been a few open opportunities out there and how many of you agree that the toughest thing to do is to decide on the best decision to make. Though there's still time to think through, some decisions require some action earlier.

DH is certain that he'll stick to home based business work and for me, I'm open to explore new opportunities and challenges. I believe age plays an important part as far as courage is concerned. When we grow older, we tend to be more cautious and skeptical compared to the times when we were younger in age. I have to remind myself to stay optimistic and have faith in all the things I do.

Working from home will continue to my goal when we move down under. This is the best way to spend more time on parenting during these precious years. I know that in a twinkle of an eye, Clayton will be a big boy with a mind of his own. Sometimes, I want that to slow down... lots of mixed feelings. Know what I mean?

04 July, 2009

Mommies Working From Home Need Rest

Sometimes the weekends can be more tiring than weekdays for those mommies working from home... weekends mean full time parenting!

I've limited Clayton's television hours so he's been spending more time in our home office with his toys. It's amazing listening to his own 'play scripts' as he does his pretend play - children are so downright creativity in their own right!

We've been with P1 WiMax for a month now and sadly, like the other internet providers, it is not stable. I have to agree that the connectivity is faster than streamyx and maxis broadband but on certain days or certain times in the night, the connection will slow down. It can be frustrating for DH and me as we are full time in our online business and our computers are turned on more than twelve hours a day in our home office. Due to that, I have been very reluctant in uploading photos to my blogs, it's just taking too long!

I came across a photo of a friend in his handsome tuxedo in his wedding and it reminded me that I have been married for 9.5 years. I proposed to DH that we celebrate our 10 wedding anniversary in Hokkaido next year and to my surprise, he tentatively agreed... but it has to be by tour cos it will be cheaper.

I'm looking forward to my Polestar Pilates conference in two weeks time. It would be fun joining more than 200 Pilates enthusiasts at Singapore Arts Museum for a time of learning and working out.

Somehow this is a busy weekend - lunch with relatives and farewell party with DH's friends. He's still suggesting that we go for a carnival tomorrow under the hot sun - I strongly objected! I feel like telling him that work at home mommies need a rest too! I just dislike those boring carnivals with people selling boring stuff. I would rather spend time at home sharing a TVIQ show or Disney movie with Clayton... or probably continue my research in Brissie properties.