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07 July, 2009

Determined to Continue Working From Home in Down Under

Lately, I find myself digging and researching more about Brisbane and all the work would be smoother if the internet connection is better. I'm determined to continue working from home when we move down under and wouldn't mind few hours of part time work in the area of my interest.

There have been a few open opportunities out there and how many of you agree that the toughest thing to do is to decide on the best decision to make. Though there's still time to think through, some decisions require some action earlier.

DH is certain that he'll stick to home based business work and for me, I'm open to explore new opportunities and challenges. I believe age plays an important part as far as courage is concerned. When we grow older, we tend to be more cautious and skeptical compared to the times when we were younger in age. I have to remind myself to stay optimistic and have faith in all the things I do.

Working from home will continue to my goal when we move down under. This is the best way to spend more time on parenting during these precious years. I know that in a twinkle of an eye, Clayton will be a big boy with a mind of his own. Sometimes, I want that to slow down... lots of mixed feelings. Know what I mean?

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