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26 October, 2006

One of those days...

Today, I left the house in a huff. It was one of those days...

I needed to breathe... I needed some space... I needed time out.

I felt that my patience was running thin. I couldn't even held a simple conversation without being disturbed by my little boy and all my hubby did was - nothing. I was upset. I took off.

There were days I wished for a little appreciation. I just wanted to do something for myself. Go for my facial, do my pedicure and have a relaxing massage.

I'm envious that my hubby doesn't need to plan his time around Clayton. Whereas for me, I must always make sure he's been fed or be back before his nap. Otherwise, sneaked out while he's napping, and praying he doesn't wake up looking for mummy in the middle of his sleep.

It's just one of those days when I need to let off some steam. But it didn't helped when I was stuck in the car park for half an hour - thanks to the public holiday in M'sia today. I should have known.

I've been planning hard on our upcoming Perth trip. But it didn't helped when my hubby showed no enthusiasm. I would be thankful if he doesn't say things to make me feel lousy.

Oh dear... what's going on. I guess I just needed that little pat on my back. I just needed that comforting hug. I just needed some assurance that I'm not all alone.

It's just one of those less than perfect day.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

18 October, 2006

Shanghai at last!

Everyone's been talking about the New Shanghai for a long time. I've heard so much but never thought about including this in my travel list.

At last, we made our way to the much-talked-about Shanghai last week. The exciting bit was to bring along our 2 year old.

We were most thankful for my beloved Ta Jie who so graciously offered her luxurious 3 bedroom apartment for our use. And it was even more exciting to have Tracy and David joining us from Ningbo.

We arrived at Hong Qiao State Guesthouse... you wouldn' think you are in Shanghai when you are in the compound. The apartment is surrounded with lots of foliage, well-manicured shrubs, shady trees. Peaceful and quiet... a total contrast when you stepped out of the compound.

That's where you see lots of scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, buses and cars... this is the real Shanghai.

The four nights stay were sufficient to have a taste of urban Shanghai. We got to see a bit of village life in Zhou Zhuang. The highlight of the trip (for ALL of us) was Dong Jia Du Lu - the textile haven!

I think none of us had ever tailored so many garments at one time!! I ended up with more than 10 and so did Alex, Tracy and David! The prices were irresistible! Where do you find a well-tailored dressed pants in Italy-fabric at RM90!

My favourite was my chiffon silk blouse - never had anything so feminine!

So thankful that Clayton was overall good with some sharp screams and protests to get out of his pram. I mean it must be pretty boring for him to sit in that pram for hours when all we adults did were to shop for our fabric, did our measurements, chose our designs and bargained the best price.

Another highlight for Tracy and myself was Pearl City. My, those crystals, pearls and stones were lovely. And the prices were just too hard to resist too!

We saw Xin Tian Ti (the Shanghai version of Bangsar). This place is happening! Packed with restaurants and people. You cannot not do well if you own a F&B outlet here. You can't miss out Nanjing road as a tourist.

We wouldn't believe how 'BIG' Shanghai was til we went up to Jin Mao (the tallest building in Shanghai) where we actually witnessed the massive skyscrapers in this urban city. It was simple unbelievable.

Well, the best part of the trip was the personal driver we had (many thanks to my Ta Jie again). This trip wouldn't be that 'fantastic' without the luxurious apartment and experienced driver.

What a blessing.

Finally, keeping a toddler in the plane for 6 hours was no fun. I don't blame him. As I looked back, he was a great kid. I was so thankful to God for healing Clayton's diarrhea. It would be challenging travelling with an unwell boy.

It was a fruitful trip. I've finally seen Shanghai.

17 October, 2006

Terrific TWO!

Clayton turns two yesterday.

Personally, this seems a challenging age. When you think he's all happy by himself with his blocks, he'll be screaming for attention next.

What I find it tough to cope is the constant screams - he's discovering another way to grab our attention. He's been having this husky voice every now and then since he began those sharp pitches.

It's been wonderful watching him grow in the last 2 years. There were lots of laughter, joy, fun, tears and pain. But, the smile on his cute little face as we sing 'Happy Birthday to Clayton' is unbelievably special.

Well, he got to eat his first piece of cake yesterday. And he enjoyed it very much. The beginning of 'junk' food.

Happy Birthday, my dear boy.

10 October, 2006

Haze, Virus and...

The haze has been real bad. I can almost smell something burning once I stepped out of the house. It is affecting the way we live our lives...

Then Clayton had diarrhea past 2 days. I'm still praying for that sticky cough to stop. As a mother, it is stressful to hear him cough in the night. He seems to be coming down with a little cold - oh no... and we are travelling next few days.

Now you know why I haven't been consistent with my blogging... I was throwing up the whole of Sunday afternoon. I think we caught the same virus. Thank God it had stopped and I'm not laying in bed.

I am praying for all these viruses to stop hitting my boy and our family. It's so tiring dealing with ailments.

Hear my prayer, Lord.