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25 August, 2006

What's up?

Eh.. it's been a week since I last update my blog...blame it on blogger slow connection. Blame it on a busy schedule. Blame Clayton!!

Well, it was a busy weekend in Singapore. Busy walking in Orchard road and catching up with good friends. Busy with family and getting the latest updates on Singapore shopping scene!

In Singapore:
I had coffee with owner of MEV, Sharon. It was nice catching up at Borders cafe. So thankful that Clayton was fast asleep. Having tea with a friend (uninterupted) is a luxury these days.

Met with my good old friend (Clayton's godpa), Daniel. Always nice to have someone playing with Clayton. The handmade soba at Paragon was delicious!

Took Clayton for a 'treat' a The Better Toy Store. That's one place I could leave him there and do my toy shopping! Free sampling of all the toy cars, bike..

Had dinner with the Choongs, Charm and Stephie at The Soup Restaurant. Nice, traditional food at affordable prices.

Lunch with my mum, brother's family was always nice. Clayton was an angel each time... I'm so thankful. My bro impressed me with his patience on Jonathan!

What else?

Oh... I bought another Camper... it was on sale mah... (Sh....Sh...)

Had dinner again with my good, ol' FLUV partners at the Soba restaurant again! I love dining with friends who would babysit Clayton... Lawrence adores Clayton!

It's back to KL... and work.

Been a good week with a good upsurge in sign-ups for our upcoming events.

Clayton is down with a little cold and cough - I think it's teething time again. He's still cheeky, playful and a little 'naughty' some days.

Had a ladies' outing with Tracy at Chef Loong, our favourite Dim Sum place in Bangsar. The highlight was a browse at Goss:ps.

I'm feeling sad that my good friend, Tracy is leaving for China soon. I have very few friends here and Tracy is one of them. It's nice to have a friend who can eat, shop and chat with you. Friends at the right frequency, who share the same chemistry and enjoys each other company.

Going to miss Tracy and David. Clayton too...

18 August, 2006

A little down

I'v been busy. And deep down, I've been down.

I'm not a very patient person by nature but I think I've been fairly composed these days. Sometimes, I felt 'bullied' and people just take my kindness for granted.

I've made a conscious effort to speak nicely and avoid rude remarks since Clayton came into my life. I fail at times but I bounce back each time. I'm human so I err but I learn along the way.

So it makes me sick when rudeness is observed in front of my son. I want him to be nice, not rude to anyone.

Someone said this before.... "Don't use people, use things." Yet, many times, we are used. Or we use people.

I need a hand on my shoulder. Ever felt that way? It sounds weird but no matter how strong you may be - there are moments when you just need a hand or a pat on your shoulder.

A hug from a true friend. A friendly face. A warm smile. A quiet moment. A hand squeeze. A caring gesture. A comforting word.

I think I need these...

11 August, 2006

My fashion sense

I stumbled upon 2 new boutiques lately. Nice and femine stuff.

Intoxi.kate - a local label with some beautiful coordinates for all occasions

Gossips! - another 'shop lot' kinda store (a very common concept in KL recently) stocking fashionable and girly stuff from HK, India, Korea...etc. Reasonably priced and I love it!

Well, I'm not one who follows trends. I just like to dress comfortably and be 'me'. Til today, I still don't wear minis - not blessed with nice, slim legs! I don't like bohemian style and not a fan of vintage. I have a couple of vintage pieces that I think is still stylish, not overly 'vintage' looking.

Empire cuts and A-line tops and dresses are still my favourites. I don't care if they make me look preggy. I like unique and simple cuts. Nothing too dressy or complicated.

And I still love shopping and buying. I can be a shopaholic. But I'm selective. And I'm fussy with shoes.

Camper won't go wrong.

10 August, 2006

Bump on the head

Clayton had another 'bao' on his head today... this is the second one within a month!

I felt so sorry for the little boy... it must have been painful, looking at the swelling.

At this age, he's so adventurous and 'fast'. And it's worrying.

He's getting more agile these days and chirpy too. He's learnt some new words too - apple, egg, goat, class, 'ag-loo' (igloo). That was cute!

It's exciting hearing him speak new words... makes me feel proud!

And yes, www.strictlynutrition.com is up! My project with Stephen's coaching club. Been so busy that I can barely catch up with the coaching modules.

Our september events are coming closer... and closer... there is so much to do. And yes, we need divine blessings. It's been tough.

08 August, 2006

Home again

Clayton and myself were in Singapore last weekend.

It was a tiring trip but nevertheless, it was nice to be 'home' again.

It wasn't easy to keep an active toddler in the coach for 5 hours. He wriggled many times to get out of his seat and it was challenging getting him back. At some point, he got bored stiff and started screaming - I thought it was funny.

I haven't been to my home church for very long. It was great seeing familiar faces and most of all, hearing Pastor Lim's preaching - I kinda miss it. Somehow, I don't get that sort of preaching in churches here - am I biased?

For the 1st time, I could sit in service and had someone looked after Clayton - that was a good break. Thank God for Sunday school teachers and helpers. Evangel is cool.

Then, I was sad to hear about an unpleasant news of a very close friend. Sometimes, there is just no words that can comfort and that's when I can only pray.

I had a blondish creative highlights on my hair - I looked so different. It was good for a change, at least while I'm still young. I'm still trying to get used to the new look, I'm beginning to like it tho'... this vanity was made possible by my good friends who so willingly babysitted Clayton.

I had couple of fantastic babysitters last weekend too - The Lims and my two great friends/biz partners. These 2 guys were so smart to bring Clayton to the Toy Store. They had so much fun.

Last but not least, I was so glad I visited my grandma. My heart had been so heavy before the trip and now that I saw her, I felt the peace. I felt more at ease.

Ok, it's back to some internet work and I'm all geared for a renewed vision for Ron's upcoming events in September. A renewed vision, a new mind. Yup, that's what I desperately need.

02 August, 2006

Another one...

Yet another sleep deprived night for Clayton and me... (yawn..)

01 August, 2006

Tough Love

There are so much we can learn from a child.

I have decided to wean Clayton from night feeds and this task is daunting.

We both ended up with few hours of sleep for the past 2 nights and I almost freaked out at 4am on Sunday morning. I felt terrible and sad after witnessing a traumatic Clayton wailing away.

It was tough love... it wasn't nice at all.

These few days have been tiring and I sometimes wish I get some support to take me through. Somehow, there is a supernatural source of strength to lead me on. And seeing my little boy and his sweet smiles has helped to make that extra sacrifice.

I don't know if it's normal to have feel 'resentful' at times. Resentful because my time is no longer 'mine'. I need to share it with one who needs me more. Someone who is at this point helpless.

Then my focus returns. It's what they call 'unconditional' love. Even if it means having less time for yourself but ultimately, I find myself gaining more. More when I see that happy smile, that squeeze of the little hand in mine... and that cheeky giggle that's pure and comforting.