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28 February, 2008

back to serious work now

After much pondering and consideration, I have come to a conclusion that if we want our business to thrive, we must not become complacent just because we have a new staff on board. It is easy to depend on your employee and sit back for a while but the truth is, no one will take the business as serious as you are, if this is your own biz. So, after a long break from picking up the telephone, I started calling clients and updating our marketing list. The truth was, I felt motivated, positive and excited after getting my hands into the business. I suppose the long break has caused us to become complacent and more withdrawn from our business and it's time for a wake up call.

So, I will be spending more time on the phone and sending out marketing materials for our upcoming event during the 'prime hours' when Clayton is in school and do my blogging in between hours. It's back to setting my priorities right and planning my time wisely.

27 February, 2008

wealth without health is worth nothing

I cannot agree more that health is wealth and sometimes, we can all be caught up with accumulating wealth and our health can be compromised. So the irony is we sacrifice our health to accumulate wealth and at the end of the day, we have no health to enjoy our wealth. So, it is important to lead a balanced life of keeping our health in check while we work on our wealth.

With wealth and no health, your wealth is worth nothing.

ways to shop and save

Does anyone like to shop with discounts? Yes, of course we all do! One of the ways to shop and save is by using coupon codes. I believe alot of you may have already bought things using coupon codes via CouponChief.com. Most of time, you either get a 10% or 20% off or free shipping for your purchases.

One of my favourite stores is One Step Ahead, a great store to shop for your babies or childrens' apparel and clothing. When I was pregnant with Clayton, I loved browsing the store, there were just so many nice things for little tots. Some of the one step ahead coupons includes 15% off $100+. To take advantage of this, just apply Coupon Code: 15SAVONE to order at checkout.

I always find target coupons very useful as the store is always packed with good bargains and fabulous deals. There are several target coupon codes which offer lots of special prices for selected items. Have a look at the current coupon codes including $5 off $50 and free shipping on orders over $50 in shoes. This may be just the right time to shop for your Easter gifts.

26 February, 2008

papillio, betula, birki's...

I've stopped myself from buying another pair of shoes for this first half of the year, especially after ordering a pair of Camper Twins via Camper online few weeks ago. It was on sale and I found it to hard to say NO to the offer so.... the rest is history :)

this is the Birkis Dorian Valentines Day Black/Silver

But the next pair of sandals to be added to my growing comfy shoes collection would be a pair of Papillio. If you like funky and trendy looking sandals, a pair of Papillio, Birki's or Betula will not go wrong. My first pair of clogs (besides my Crocs) is my Birkis Dorian Valentine's Day (red) and it is one of the best walking shoes I've ever had.

I've tried on Betula and Papillio and they felt great and comfy too but I still haven't found anything that I really want yet. But if anyone is keen on any of these abovementioned styles, one of the best online stores would be footshopping dot com. The online store offers great prices and reasonable delivery charges, and you can even get a 5% discount if you pay by credit card.

25 February, 2008

all inclusive Club Med vacations

DH and myself have been talking about all inclusive vacations for this year. Well, we have never been to this kind of holidays but I heard that there are some really cool ones for family. Club Med has always been a popular choice among honeymooners, couples, families and travel groups. Personally, I've never been to any Club Med but would love to give it a try one of these days especially Club Med Sahoro!

From the website, I understand that this is an ideal destination for the great outdoors enthusiast! Majestic, mountain resort views all around and truly the freshest air to fill your lungs – Club Med Sahoro is unsurpassed in idyllic scenery and beauty, on the rural island of Hokkaido.

What seems cool is that it provides excellent facilities for skiing & snowboarding, including tuition from 4 yrs old - Clayton will have a ball of a time! Now, I have to find out how much it cost and read more about this potential vacation spot for 2008!

24 February, 2008

wedding planning website at your fingertips

Planning your big day can be a daunting task. Ask my DH about this and he can tell you he can't agree more. In those days, there wasn't any sophisticated website that can help couples who were tying the knot but with the super internet technology, things are different now.

Now, at the convenience of your home, you can have our wedding plans all organized at a Wedding Website where ideas and suggestions abound. Whether it's searching for a wedding planner, a photographer, your dream gown, your flowers consultant, the right jewelry, sites like Wedding Channel provides you resources at your fingertips and most of all - it is FREE too. Well, with this convenience, you won't need to spend money on an expensive wedding planning book anymore!

lovely memories of waikiki

Though I'm now in the second month of February and entering March in a few days' time, it is not easy to part with the wonderful memories we had in Hawaii. It was such a lovely place to have a family vacation - relaxed ambience, friendly locals, great weather, awesome beaches and rich culture. The above shows Waikiki beach at Marriott Waikiki's end - how I miss these beautiful blue skies. You could Clayton and myself were having so much fun with the rented float in the lagoon in front of Marriott Waikiki hotel... a great place to stay if you don't mind spending a little more :)

desperate for wisdom

Of late, I found myself desperate for wisdom. I believe many of us face situations where we wish that the answers can be revealed to us right before our eyes so that we don't have to look around for answers, spent nights thinking about it and experience that cloud of worry hanging around our heads. But reality is, God has given us the power to will and decide but the wonderful truth is, He has promised us wisdom if we need it. So, that's what I'm going to do - ask for His increased wisdom - to make the right decisions about my life, my health, work and responsibilities. If you need wisdom, you can do just the same too... be ready to receive when He answers, k?

shopping for more cards?

These days, it is common to be approached by credit card companies to sign up for new cards in the shopping malls or streets and sometimes, the promotions offered by the companies can be fairly attractive - rewards, gifts, prizes, freebies...etc.

Sometimes I wonder who is offering the best credit card offers and what is the best deal in the marketplace since there are so many different kinds of credit cards these days, from Fair Credit Credit Cards to airline credit cards. Actually, you can even search and compare credit cards now at CreditCardSearchEngine.com, which also allows online application. Can't believe how convenient it is these days to own a credit card.

a long and tiring saturday

It had been a long and tiring Saturday. I guessed I made the mistake of being a mall rat for half a day when I could have used the time to finish some work. We had never been out all day like this for a long time and when we got home, we were dead beat. I didn't feel like turning on the computer and worse of all, Clayton had a late nap and didn't sleep til past midnight. It was annoying, frustrating and I told myself not to let him nap so late again.

I really hope that I can get some rest today, otherwise, it's another tiring weekend and I feel like I'm not ready for a new week!

the best of bare escentuals


I think I'm a little hooked by the range of cool products at Bare Escentuals. With Vpost, I can now order most products from the US and have them shipped to Singapore. I'm casting my eyes on the Bare Escentuals Precious Diamond Beauty Duo which seems like a great seasonal item to add to my mineral makeup collection.

According to the description in the webstore, the rich 100% pure bareMinerals Face & Body Color is infused with genuine diamond powder to indulge your bare skin with the ultimate luxury and a beautiful, healthy finish. It seems like a luxurious powder for that woman who likes to look natural and elegant as the natural honey-champagne tint radiates healthy warmth with a sheer, multifaceted shimmer. You can brush it over your shoulders, arms, décolletage, legs or anywhere you wish with our plush brush. Anyone keen to try that too? Get this Bare Escentuals Precious Diamond Beauty Duo for only $45, valued at $68 and that's a savings of over 30%!

a career in beauty

Do you have a love for fashion or a love for beauty? If you do, have you ever thought about finding a job based on that love? If you havenít, you may want to think about doing so. There are number of different jobs out there that have a focus on beauty and one of those jobs is working at a beauty salon.

When it comes to finding salon jobs at a beauty salon, there are a number of different approaches that you can take. There are many beauty salons that advertise when they are hiring either in the salon, in a local newspaper, or online. A job search engine like Beauty Jobs was created for this purpose, connecting qualified job seekers with salon and spa owners and others who have beauty, spa or salon jobs to fill and the best perk about it - it is free! So if that's the career you are after, check out the site for more info.

Women Only: Washable Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads

I did a post on reusable and washable Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual/Postpartum Pads in my health blog and thought it would interest you ladies here. I know it may sound strange to use 'washable' menstrual pads as all of us are taught how to use disposable ones since we are young girls. Perhaps let's take a closer look at our traditional disposable menstrual pads.

First of all, we need to ask the benefits of Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual/Postpartum Pads?
Do you know that the most major brands of menstrual pads on the supermarket or pharmacy contain dioxin, a known carcinogen and has been linked to cervical cancer, breast cancer, endometriosis, and immune system suppression. Regular exposure can cause vaginal irritation and yeast infection.

In addition, pesticides contained in disposable pads and tampons have been linked to birth defects, infertility, breast cancer, sterility, and respiratory problems.

Here are some examples of Sckoon Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual/Postpartum Pads in various kinds and sizes:


Mini Pad (comes with 1 liner):for lighter days,


Special Offer! Try Sckoon Organic Cotton Day Pad Trial Price $9.99.


Sckoon Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual Night / Postpartum Pad (with 2 Liner)


GIZA Cotton Cloth Menstrual Day Pad - Red Paisley.


Leak Proof all in one

Using Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual/Postpartum Pads is not only healthy and safe but these washable organic cotton cloth pads come in fun designs and colours. I'll be ordering few to try out, this should be cheaper than buying disposable pantiliners in the long run and more comfortable too. Check out the entire range at the website.

thoughts on greetings cards

Greeting cards are a wonderful way to let your loved ones know you care about them and are thinking about them. Free greeting cards let you do exactly that, without breaking the bank. I realize that greeting cards these days can be quite expensive or very cheap, but occasionally you can come across a great deal where you can get greeting cards for free.

Nowadays, most free greeting cards are sent through email rather than on paper. Free websites offer services to send free or inexpensive greeting cards via email to your loved ones absolutely free (or close to it). Many websites that offer these free services also offer other free services. For example, Yahoo, Google, and MSN all offer free greeting cards as well as many other services such as email and search engines. Other websites that offer free greeting cards are Blue Mountain Arts and Excite.

Do you send out free greeting cards too?

23 February, 2008

the sweetness of rose petals

I've been a mall rat today. This time, I didn't ask for it but since DH was attending a seminar next to a mall, I decided to spend some time with Clayton at the mall.

This mall is very well designed with a good balance of fashion forward and designer branded stores. The management has focused much on a lifestyle concept and what captivates me is the use of plants, fresh flowers in and around the mall. When I look at those beautiful fresh rose petals scattered on the bowls at the customer service reception, it reminds me of the sweetness of good living and the sense of wellbeing. As a matter of fact, roses have so many uses and even the petals can brighten a wedding or reflect luxury in any occasion. It's no wonder that the online flower store, Fifty Flowers actually sell various kinds of rose petals for the wedding couples who like them scattered on the reception or by the flower girl.

22 February, 2008

What are your plans this weekend?

The weekends is here again. Are you going to be a mall rat or are you planning to do go outdoors, get active and take time to smell the flowers?

We make it a point to take our boy to a park every weekend. It can be a cycling trip, a fish catching session or a fun time at the outdoor playground. Whatever it is, we like to get out of the house and do something together instead of going through the regular routine. The season holidays are over for now so I'm taking a break from being a mall rat...

What are your plans this weekend?

more than just a light bulb

Ask a child and he can tell you that a light bulb is used to light up the house and give light. But ask an artistic person and she can tell you that a light bulb is more than just a light giver device. Would you think a, outdoor lighting light bulb can be used as a hanging vase - what a fabulous idea!

This Night Owl light bulb vase is carefully hand painted and emptied out so that it can become a recycled light bulb vase, complete with bare branches, fall leaves and an owl. You can then fill it with water and flowers. Each vase comes with an attached wire loop and a handy, dandy suction cup to attach to the window of your choice. Definitely makes a great ornament for the eco-friendly house.

be sincere in your comments, please

I believe many of us want more traffic to our blogs and sites. But some people go overboard on this, get desperate and start leaving irrelevant comments in blogs and end their comments with their site URLs. Mostly, this is done by internet marketers or affiliate marketers with some who own online stores. In wordpress platform, you can filter these 'spams' easily using anti-spam plug-ins but in blogger, you can't.

While these commenters thought bloggers will just approve their 'marketing' or 'selling' messages readily, they are wrong. All it takes is a 'reject' button and you can say good bye to these insincere commenters. So, if you want to leave any comments here, be genuine.

21 February, 2008

perks of all inclusive vacation

Do you have a difficult time trying to convince your partner who doesn't like to travel to take a vacation? I learnt that in order to convince these individuals, you need patience and highlight not the fun of the vacation but the value and meaning behind taking a break together.

DH used to detest traveling but he had agreed to our Australia, New Zealand, Shanghai and our recent Hawaii/LA trips - and I'm thankful. Yesterday, he suggested that we should consider all inclusive vacation since in a vacation like this, the accommodation, meals and recreation are usually covered. In other words, you won't spend much of add-ons unless you need that alcohol booze.

Karisma Hotels have several options if you are keen on All Inclusive Mexico Vacations and honestly, I find the hotels listed very attractive, relaxing and charming. Azul Blue Hotel in Riviera Maya allows children if you really do need to bring the kiddies along. You get a dedicated butler to every luxury suite which means you can sink into pure relaxation as he takes care of the suitcase. With the help of a babysitter, your children will be kept occupied with wholesome children's activities. The Azul Blue's is said to be the most complete one on the Riviera Maya so this is the time to spoil yourself rotten and invigorate your senses with the soothing treatments.

Crocs Adara: coming soon!

Sheesh... if there is not enough styles from Crocs, then there is this cool addition that is coming soon! This is just one chic summer flip flop that is feminine and stylish. With few colours like the classic black, blac/silver, bronze, chocolate, scarlet and silver/lavender, there is a colour tone for every fashionista. For those who like to know more, here are the facts of the Crocs Adara:

• a funky twist on a traditional flop, gives feet a fresh point of view
• all croslite™ material provides an easy transition from sand to cement
• colorful two-tone combinations
• slender footbed and a slightly elevated heel are constructed specifically for women’s feet
• double cushioned comfort performs all day
• circulation nubs stimulate blood flow
• footbed conforms creating a custom fit

my potential new hobby: scrapbooking!

Scrapbooking is one fun hobby I'd love to get into when I'm semi retired in the near future but for now, I can only find scraps of time to design my own greeting cards and make simple crafts.

I used to collect lots of paper scraps,wrapping paper, ribbons and nice ends but after years of accumulation, my scrap box became too full and messy and there was hardly any room for more. Plus, my mom would grumble at my scraps which she called them 'junk' and worse still, some of the paper products made from untreated paper and natural pulp tend to attract bugs and insects after prolonged storage.

This afternoon, I went to a scrapbook shop with the intention to buy some envelopes but instead of buying envelopes, I ended up with envelope template and few craft tools. What I didn't know was that these stuff were so costly but considering the life span and fine quality of the tools, they could be well worth my investment.

Now, I've got to find time to start making my own envelopes and create some cards and crafts with my new stencils and stamps. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of my scrapbooking hobby!

keep your silver jewelry properly

If you like to collect silver jewelry, you would agree that it is important to store them nicely in suede pouches after each use, to avoid oxidation. I tend to leave my Tiffany rings and necklaces on the table and by the time I remember, they will lose their shine and appear a little 'yellowish'. Now, that's oxidation.

Some people prefer to invest in silver bars instead of silver jewelry. For a long time, silver is regarded by many investors as a good investment and in fact, I was told that this is a good time to buy them if you have some spare cash. Available online at Monex deposit company, people are buying silver bullions for investment since the demand for silver is higher than its annual production. If you are keen to know more, check out how you can purchase silver coins online at monex.com

momma, I don't know how to sleep

Can you imagine a preschooler (3 yr plus) telling you that 'Momma, I don't know how to sleep'? What he meant (I believe) is he can't sleep! Well, the truth is, he doesn't wanna sleep. This is what my 3 yo has been telling me the last few nights... he's hinting to me that he wants to go to his room to read. I'm glad that at the very least, he's developing a love for reading, especially Chinese books since it's my dream that he has a good foundation in Mandarin before entering an Aussie primary school. So, I'll usually tell him, 'Just close your eyes, stop talking and go to sleep'!

happy chap goh mei!

Happy Chap Goh Mei to all my Chinese readers. This is a time of get-together with family and friends as the lunar New Year comes to an end. The Chinese restaurants are anticipated to be packed tonight since this is the last day to Lou Hei. So if you have yet to receive ang pow from your favourite uncle or auntie, don't forget to visit them today. And if you plan to eat out with friends with no plans to celebrate this occasion, avoid the Chinese restaurants :)

DH just told me that there is a talk on Florida land for sale and he was asking if I'll be keen to attend. Attending a talk on chap goh mei... errr, I don't think so, sweetie, I'd rather hang out with some friends for a nice dinner:P

new office set up

I've enjoyed working from home all these years. Besides saving time on traffic and rush hours, I have the pleasure to be there for my preschooler, cook simple dishes, get some chores in the house done and do my personal stuff. It is a blessing and I treasure it very much.

As business takes on another level for this year, we have decided to acquire a new office space. This is in line with our plans to expand the business and recruiting my work staff for the company. Normally, I will leave these business and office set up stuff to my other half since I do believe that we should focus on what we are good at and I'm not so apt in these things. He's thinking about installing Call Center VoIP Phone Systems instead of the traditional phone systems since the set up is faster and add more versatility. In terms of cost, the savings can be significant in the long run and this is important for us since the core of our business is telemarketing. I was told that if anyone is searching for a call center phone system, Nimbus VoIP Call Center edition requires only a low upfront cost and is a preferred choice among business owners.

my dream gadget

Adam tagged me on a dream gadget meme. Well, I have to confess that I have been thinking hard on this one cos I'm not that kind who have a strong passion in buying the latest digital or electronic device. Sometimes, I do go 'woo' and 'wah' at those cool and sleek looking mobile phones, Apple products and digital cameras but I won't bother finding out more about them unless I am planning to buy them.

I do love to get a new mobile phone to replace my present Nokia 6300. I almost bought the Nokia N95 but changed my mind after buying my Cartier Roadster. Last week, I read about the Nokia N96 and it looked like a chic gadget to have but since it will only be launched next half of the year, I'm in no hurry. Then again, I may consider the Apple iPhone but though I'm a Mac user, I'm not all crazy about it.

During Chinese New Year, a family friend's son was snapping shots of Clayton with his cool Nikon SLR Digital camera. I didn't have the model no. but it was real cool. It wasn't one of those cheaper ones cos I was told that it cost him over S$2K! After that short chat with the 17 year old teenager, I felt that it might be time for me to check out the SLR digital cameras... the only thing is, I don't see myself lugging it during our family vacations! I have too much to pack and carry when traveling with a preschooler.

So, I'm that simple gal who is not an ardent digital gadget fan. I tend to think hard and thrice before investing in these expensive digital stuff since they go out of date very very fast.

What about you? What is your dream gadget or do you have any dream gadgets?

how many pairs of crocs do you own?

Sometimes I care for another pair of Crocs but then again, I do feel guilty about adding another pair of shoes to my casual collection. I recalled my first pair of classic Crocs in 2004 and at that time, it was bought over a small shop kiosk and there wasn't any Crocs stores in Singapore. But within 4 years, the trends have changed drastically and today, you can spot anyone citysider wearing a pair of Crocs - original or an imitation one.

Every year, there are more and more designs and styles being added to the Crocs collection and somehow, it becomes too hard to keep up with them. I almost bought a pair of Celeste canvas when I was in the States but decided against it for reason I couldn't even recall.

Personally, I still love slipping into my old Crocs when I need to pop into the nearby stores or hang around in the courtyard with my boy. Do you own a pair of Crocs too or should I ask, how many pairs of Crocs do you own?

20 February, 2008

learning about the city of Denver

If you live in Colorado, plan to visit Denver or love to know more about Denver, the Denver Magazine is just the right publication to tell you everything you need to know about this lively city. Read entertainment news, find out real estate updates, catch the latest shopping trends and styles in the retail scene, discover new hideouts with friends and family or check out the cool places that serve great food.

From what I understand, this magazine is not just about leisure but it contains business and commercial news, with current updates of the developments of Denver in all sorts of industries.

would you like to own your own home?

Are you a woman who has the dream of owning your own home? If you do, you are definitely not alone. This year, I plan to invest in a small flat and this is the time to save money for a new home down payment. This would mean eliminating unnecessary purchases such as another pair of shoes, a new jewelry piece, a handbag of a different colour, the latest gadget..etc.

The truth is many women mistakenly believe that they cannot afford the cost of a new home. Yes, there are really some who may be unable to afford the cost of a new home, but, for others, it is actually a lot easier than it appears. It is very common that home owners (new or old) to get
Home Loans to finance the purchase since not many people have ready cash to pay for a new home. Thankfully, it is easy to compare loan rates, check out mortgage information, get advice from the internet. Loan Network dot com is the place to check all these valuable information plus questions and answers for mortgage and loan topics, find real estate links and even get a mortgage quote.

Well, it looks like in order for me to realize my dream and save enough for the downpayment for a new home, I would need to work harder in the next few months.

tomorrow is chap goh mei

Wow... one more day and Chinese New Year will be over! Tomorrow is the last day of Chinese New Year or better known as Chap Goh Mei (15th night). For those who do not celebrate Chinese New Year, just like the twelve days of Christmas, we Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days, so to speak. It is in accordance to the lunar calendar and most families and Chinese business people will celebrate this evening with a special dinner or gathering with friends, business associates or loved ones.

This is not something we do every year but due to our busy schedule, we are meeting some close friends for a makan session and to celebrate this special day. This will be the last night to toss Yee Sang and to distribute ang pows too. What matters for us is the time to get together and catch up with one another especially with our good friends who just returned from Sydney.

no more US vacation for now

When DH told me that we can't have holidays this year, I stared at him for a good minute before telling him, "Take travel out of me and you are taking one part of me away". Then he changed his statement and said that we could still travel but not like the way we did in US.

The sad thing for me is, I may have to postpone my plans to visit Florida and tour the city of amusement and fun in Orlando. I was still telling my cousin who lives in JacksonVille that she can book her Sea World Tickets from Orlando fun tickets. Being a mom of two active kids, it can hard trying to get them organized and plan for excursions so the ability to book Disney tickets online can help save hassle and time. Best still, she can even book night show tickets from the site instead of going through different booking agents. For me, I guess I'd just have to wait for DH to change his mind on our next family vacation.

i've become a la mer devotee :P

Since my US trip, I have been a La Mer devotee and have indulged in a range of La Mer products from the signature Creme de La Mer to the latest whitening collection. If you live in the US, the prices are considerably 'ok' since a jar of creme de la mer can last you 3 -6 months. I don't think I need to tell you the 'wonders' of the product as they can be read in the official website of La Mer but if you ask my personal review, then I would tell you it's one fabulous product.

Being fabulous doesn't mean it works for everyone. I realize that I can't use the creme on my T zone since I have combination skin but if you like to give this popular product a go, try out the La mer moisturizing gel or lotion. The texture is lighter and it smooths on the skin perfectly. I know it's quite a splurge for some people but if you ask me, you are young only once so why not give it a try?

spare the rod and you spoil the child

As the popular saying among parents goes, 'If you spare the rod, you spoil the child' and I believe this is also biblical too. I'm one of those who believe in using the rod but with good reason and care. Always remember not to whip out the cane when you are HOT with anger cos you can go overboard with it. Also, use the rod on the buttocks as this is the area that has the most flesh so the 'marks' will not stay long. I don't quite believe in caning legs and hands and broadcast to the child's friends and teachers that he's been disciplined.

This morning, Clayton messed up his new library and threw all his books on the floor, plus his puzzles and toys. The mess was so bad that he got a few stripes on his tushy. After what happened, he was asked to arrange the books properly again with help from momma. This was one of the rare occasions he got so many stripes, it was usually one or two times on his palm. But this one was serious. Anyways, I made sure that he understood what went wrong and why his tushy had to suffer.

Then we ended up with hugs and I believe in loving the child back after a session of discipline. Do you believe in using the rod too?

19 February, 2008

no queue for premium seats

Some people are totally ardent about football games and basketball matches. Looking back, I used to be one of those who love joining the crowd in big matches and cheering for my favourite teams. Though I haven't done that for a while, due to work and other commitments, I believe it's still good fun to be present for sport events played by my favourite players.

My cousins in California will make time to attend NBA Basketball games and from what they told us, Premium Seats USA is the place to get Miami Heat Tickets and other shows including Billy Joel's concert, The Police and other sports tournaments. They are the right people to buy your tickets from if you are after front row or premium seats and the cool thing is, you don't even have to join in the queue for those popular tickets.

our upcoming Jill Lowe's seminar

This is the time of the year where tension fills the home office and DH starts getting stressed out with partnerships and event preparation for the year. We have done all the necessary to approach new partners for our seminars and as usual, they will take their time to respond and approve the partnerships, which will in turn affect our marketing schedule.

But today, we are so thankful that finally, all the partners have confirmed their decision to work with our upcoming seminar with Image Consultant, Jill Lowe. The exciting news for us is the four new partners who have decided to come on board including Her World, Female, Direct Access credit cards and Fitness First. With these new partnerships, we are looking forward to more hype and publicity for our events in the next two months. Hallelujah!

fei fei passed away

I'm not one of those who keep myself up to date with entertainment or variety news but just a moment ago, I heard that the famous Hong Kong comedian cum actress, Lydia Shum, also known as Fei Fei by most fans had passed away. Though I don't follow her stories, movies and updates, I have always remember her jovial outlook and bold voice. She is also one of those over-sized women whom I think is pleasant looking cos her personality is 'louder' than her looks.

It was told that she had died of liver cancer and her sudden collapse had saddened many of her fans and loved ones. Lydia in her glorious days and years had appeared in more than 100 movies and hosted thousands of variety shows. She was known for her spontaneity, laughter and wit. I believe her name will continue to reign in the entertainment circle as fans around the world bid farewell to this veteran.

kava kava to help reduce stress

Do you know that depression is a form of illness? Sometimes, we hear people replying in jest that they are depressed and this can be taken too lightly by most of us too.

There are many prescription medications available in the medical world to treat depression. Some of the most popular and well-known are Zoloft, Prozac and Elavil. But these should never be used without any advice from a doctor.

There are also several very effective herbal remedies for depression and anxiety relief. Chamomile, Kava Kava and St. John's Wort has all proven effective in treating depression in many people. In fact I read from Kona Kava farm that Hawaiian Kava Kava (a safe supplement) can actually be used to help reduce stress and enhance your total well being.

True story please forward!!!

I got this message from one of my cell members and like to highlight this to parents who live in Malaysia... don't take this story lightly:

My Name is Amarjit Singh, staying in Taman Cheras Indah, near Taman Shamelin, would like to share an incident that happened to my family yesterday at housing area itself.

On 29 January 2008 at 5.00pm my mother and two of my sons, elder Gurpuran Singh, 5 years old and second son is Gursevak Singh 1 year 6 months, was walking to the shop for buying news paper.

Meanwhile, my mother was walking passing by after five houses, suddenly a man with motorbike (thin guy) and a women (plump & fair) sitting behind him wearing all black crossing in front of my mother and asked her that "ada kerja" (any work) my mother just shaking her head saying NO, out of unexpected the motorbike man take a wood about 3 inc x 3 inc long, and forward 3 feet comes nearest my mother and trying to attack her with the big wood aiming on her head & pointing on my son & shouted by saying "Kasi!! Kasi!!" (give! give!- by meaning asking of my baby) my mother said "Jangan! Jangan!" (No, No) and trying to keep away from him, the woman just sat on the bike was waiting for the next action. And the same
time my mother ran to the other side (near people hse) and screaming for help.. (Tolong!! Tolong!! (Help!! Help!!) this make him frightened and taking his motorbike ran away from the place.

My mother and I make a report at Pandan Indah Polis station at 7.30pm last night. With the concern of our children, I m sending this email to you all is to be more careful of our children & always make sure they are with you all the time. Thanks God, my mother and sons were so lucky on that day from the horrible happen.

Please, of your concern & love to human being pass this massage around to your friends.

Thank You & God Always Be There For Us.

With sincerely,
Amarjit Singh

18 February, 2008

when long sightedness hits

They say that when you hit 40, the next thing to worry about is the commencement of long sightness. The Chinese calls it 'Lao Hua Yan' or 'Lou Fa Ngan' in Cantonese. When DH discovered that his vision was blurry at near distances, he was depressed for a while. He didn't like the idea of using low vision aids nor did he like one of those 'lau fu zi' glasses. After making too many mistakes in typing emails and documents, he gave in to a new pair of long sighted eyewear.

For some of us, we care about wearing that drooping eyewear cos it makes us look 'old' or mature. I'm not sure how I'll cope with it when the time comes for me to need an eyewear for this reason but when it happens, I like to make sure I'll all cool about it. For now, I do pray that this day can be delayed as long as possible. Can you remember those feelings when you were told that you had long sightedness or Lao Hua Yan or Lou Fa Ngan?

17 February, 2008

vegas again - the city that never sleeps

As far as my memory can recall, the impression I had of Las Vegas is that it is a city that never sleeps.

Though my trip to Vegas was dated 13 years ago, I could recall my admiration of the beautiful hotels and architecture of all the buildings. Many hotels have thematic designs and I believe that over the years, more chic, grand and luxury hotels have been added to the fold.

What I did have the chance to do at that time was to attend some of the Las Vegas Shows which I was told were the highlight for most tourists. Whether it's a circus, a concert, comedy or broadway musical, Vegas has lots to offer and it's just a happening city every corner you turn to! And for a shopper like me, the shopping scene and the factory outlets will be the highlight for my trip.

a family oriented and meaningful weekend

It was a slow Sunday for me - restful, easy and peaceful. Clayton woke last at 1am last night and told me 'he didn't know how to sleep'. I guessed he couldn't sleep back cos he slept at 7ish last night! Being a practical mom, I took him to his playroom and told him to spend some time reading til he got tired again.

He had a new book shelf that afternoon and couldn't wait to enjoy his 'library'. DH finally decided to pack all of Clayton's books into a new bookshelf we bought from Ikea and I was so glad he did that. Now, Clayton would spend more time in his room picking out his old books which was a good thing.

We promised to take him to the park yesterday and since our plans were cancelled due to the rain, we got round to it this evening. He managed to ride for a while and played at the playground before the rain came again. I wasn't too pleased that we were drenched since DH ignored my earlier warning about the rain. Sometimes, I wonder why won't men listen to their wives. I only think they like to learn things the harder way.

So that was my weekend... simple, family-oriented, relaxed and meaningful. How's yours?

16 February, 2008

outdoor fun in a shopping mall

It was another day of fun in Vivo city for Clayton. We tried to take him there if we are driving to Singapore and we did that this CNY on the third day. Though it took him 10 minutes to walk into the water by himself, he was all over the water park in no time. We noticed that the water was rather murky this time. I guessed it's time for the management to do some real maintenance, for the safety of the children.

This time, he decided that the fountain was more fun and started running around trying to catch the spouting waters. I could now understand why this fountain feature was a favourite with families with children. So if you parents like your kids to have some good outdoor fun in a shopping mall in Singapore, head to Vivo City!

feeling nostalgic about honolulu

It was one of those days where I felt somewhat nostalgic and started to recall all the wonderful family vacations we had in the past three years. Well, some couples lamented about the disappearance of their romantic vacations since the children came along but for me, it didn't matter at all. Though we had traveled with our toddler in the last three long vacations, we could still find quality time with each other and enjoy the good times shared.

While we were in Honolulu last December, I remembered sharing a pot of tea and a slice of yummy cheesecake from Cheesecake factory in a clear starry night, by the balcony of Marriott Waikiki. Talking about Waikiki, there are so many things to do in Honolulu and if only we had more time, we would visit the Dole Plantation and book a nice dinner at the Polynesian Cultural Center. If you are planning a visit to Honolulu, make sure you have a bit of time so that you can enjoy the beauty of the island without rushing through a busy itinerary. For more vacation ideas or tour attractions, Trusted Tours & Attractions may be the site to get some help.

This may be just the right place for me when comes to planning our next romantic family vacation. Remember, family vacation can be romantic too :)

15 February, 2008

online dating cheats?

I always wonder how did some people ended up in a hoax in the online dating world. Usually, the woman will be so good with sweet nothings that it will make those desperate men out there melt and collapse emotionally. The skillful ones have the ability to mislead and lure some luxuries from the guys and the not so experienced ones will be showing their foxes' tails too soon. I had a friend who thought he had met someone so romantic and nice, especially after she told a sad tale about how 'great' she was in putting up with a lousy boyfriend. Then, she started to ask for help and it involved quite a sum of money. I only hope that my friend who only works for a patch panel company will not be so silly...

Anyways, just be careful of such online cheats - for those who are into online dating - just my two cents worth.

14 February, 2008

don't be afraid to love

To all the couples, lovers, single and married bloggers out there: Happy Valentine's Day. And to those who are anti-Valentine's day like my DH, don't forget to love.

Personally, I used to take this occasion very seriously in my younger days and even in the first years of our marriage but after a bout of arguments on this so-called special day, I gave up hoping that DH will honour the occasion. So I can jolly forget about surprises, chocolate hearts or a bouquet of flowers.

Well, I have come to realize that we should show and give our love not just on 14 February but everyday of our lives. In other words, don't just honour those you love on this day but whenever you find any given opportunity. Don't be afraid to love and be loved and lastly, be bold to show your love...

alexa ranking up again :(

I was awaken so very early this morning by this post nasal drip cough. It's something I've been struggling with for a while and I'm praying every minute that I'll over well over with it. Usually, the cough will stop when I step out of the bedroom and head to the office and so I did that.

Sometimes I don't know what life will be like if there is no internet in times like these. Maybe I'll be reading or perhaps watching TV. But anyhow, I thought I would check my sites and lo and behold, my alexa ranking for my few blogs had gone up again - to my dismay. I am totally unimpressed but can only tell myself to do alittle more work in the weeks to come.

I need to bring them down again!

13 February, 2008

wordless wednesday

all he wanted was to get out there and had fun

Since Clayton couldn't find a playmate during the first day of Chinese New Year, DH thought of a creative way to occupy him. I was rather impressed that DH actually 'made' a 'football' for him using newspaper and a plastic bag - he had some hidden creative talents inside him.

The boys had a great time playing in the porch of DH's ipoh home and I didn't know my boy could kick a ball so well. He wasn't fussy about the fake football and that reminded me that all a child wanted was to get out there and have fun - they didn't care about brand, label or where the ball came from, as long as he could have real fun, everything else didn't matter.

thoughts on online money making opportunities

Lately, I have been chatting with a few friends of mine who are keen on making money from the internet. For those in the loop, I'm sure you have heard of money making options such as affiliate marketing, ebay selling, adsense, text links, paid blogging..etc. Unlike those days, paid blogging isn't as easy as before, if you know what I mean. With paid advertising networks on the rise, it presents more money making opportunities for bloggers and site owners. While this is happening, there are other barriers and hindrances along the way and this is presenting more challenges for those of us who enjoy making money from the internet.

But looking back, the internet has opened up lots of money making opportunities for all of us. It's all a matter of choosing the right option and focusing on making it a success. Due to this, DH and myself have been traveling with our laptop these days since we both have online business activities going on no matter where we are. It feels good to know that we can work anywhere in the world and this is truly the power of internet technology.

getting serious with blogging moolah

Lately, I have been noticing the increase in my alexa ranking - not something I am pleased about but it does indicate that I have to do something about it. Perhaps it's time to focus more on SEO and more niche topics instead of blogging what's coming into my head. While I still want this blog to be a personal expression of thoughts and opinions, the not-so-impressive alexa score does bother me a little. Now that the festive season is almost over (for me), it's time to get serious with increasing my blogging moolah.

12 February, 2008

back home finally

We are back home after a long week of traveling from one end to another. It's always a tiring Chinese New Year year after year, not something I enjoy but well...

I'm dead beat by now and all I need is a good snooze before getting back to the daily routine, which is what I am looking forward to. Strange but true. I'm tired and need to get back to real routine and schedule... I miss my regular life, for once. Til then, I need to get some rest now!

10 February, 2008

toilet training journey continues

Toilet training for Clayton continues even in the midst of our heavy traveling schedule during the lunar New Year. He has done so well in Ipoh - no accidents and even mastered the adult toilet seat. The only challenge was to pee in the public toilets which were usually dirty and not fit for little kids. Most of the toilet bowls had no toilet seats and the poor boy could only stare at the awful condition of the toilet cleanliness. He had not learnt how to squat so any toilet with squatting pan was a no no.

But I'm so proud of my little boy that he is now able to remove his pants and head for the toilet when nature calls. He had two accidents in the diaper today but I was prepared for imperfections. In summary, this toilet training journey is looking good and I'm so thankful that we are using less diapers now. I believe that in no time, he will be completely toilet-trained... he's a big boy now :)

How's Chinese New Year for you?

It looks like Chinese New Year is a good time for developers to promote new properties and developments in small towns since this is a time when most out of town locals are back for visitation and reunion. I remembered years ago, we went for a show house invitation of a luxury condo launch. This year, DH was checking out some fractional ownership developments after being told of the investment growth potential.

As for me, Chinese New Year can be a stressful time as we would be on the road of the time. Actually, it's my dream to take a vacation during Chinese New Year and I do hope that this can come true some time. Personally, it can become rather boring especially when relatives start to visit each other out of obligation and not sincerity and love. This kind of gathering can become very fake after a while and worse still, it can be rather meaningless. I've seen this year after year in DH's home and it is sad. I hope that Chinese New Year for you is one that is filled with the true spirit of sharing and loving and a time of happy reunion with your loved ones.

05 February, 2008

another chinese new year is here...

I've been busy in the last one week. Toilet training is no fun but yet, it's a phase most parents have to go through it, unless you have carer at home. It has taken up so much of my time and emotional being that I am not even excited about Chinese New Year at all. As a matter of fact, I never look forward to CNY. I know it sounds weird but somehow, it's one occasion I don't really like especially when I need to go to DH's hometown.

Actually, if I have a choice, I'd like to take a holiday over Chinese New Year. Don't get me wrong - I do like getting together with close family and friends but what I don't enjoy is that you have to do through the motion and do the obligatory stuff. That is something I don't enjoy.

Anyways, this also means I won't be blogging in the next two days since I have no access to the internet. DH insists that we must leave early tomorrow as the traffic to ipoh is always bad every year. OK, I shall not complain and maintain a good attitude for this festive season.

Wishing every a happy Chinese New Year!

03 February, 2008

a fun day at Kidzsports

Finally, Clayton's dream to Kidzsports was fulfilled yesterday. He had done well to poo in potty twice in the week with one accident but in order to keep my word, we took him to Kidzsports.

We had an awesome time in Kidzsports One U. To my surprise, it was bigger and more spacious than the Bangsar one. Also, the slides and play gym equipment looked newer and more fun. I couldn't resist the tall slides and started getting into the fun with Clayton. I could also tell that DH had fun climbing up to the top and sliding down the tornado slide - that one was the best!

Clayton was moving about non-stop throughout the one hour and this boy had so much energy! Well, after the one hour of good fun, we headed to Toy R Us to get his toy, as promised by mama too.

Everything was great till I discovered that I lost my wallet. I guessed I must have dropped it when sliding down the tube slide. I was glad to recover my wallet except that my Singapore dollars were gone. But I was thankful that all my credit cards and important stuff plus my TODs wallet were returned to me.

One lesson learnt: get a locker next time. Otherwise, don't bring a bag without zipper!

01 February, 2008

market your content with buzzfuse

I was just talking about my blogging business and then I came across this interesting traffic generation site called Buzzfuse. Tell a blogger that there is something to increase his blog's traffic and he'll sit down with ears wide opened.

Basically, you can register with Buzzfuse for free and then share a blog post or article and create a buzz using buzzfuse. At this point of writing, the share photo, audio and video feature is not ready yet but once it is, you can share these resources of yours and allow Buzzfuse to market your content for you. The concept is simple: Buzzfuse helps you get your content out there!

what's with my blogging business?

This is the first month of my blogging biz for the year. It's kinda hard to get back to writing like before after a long lazy break for almost a month. Well, the truth was I was still doing some writing during my vacation. I didn't grab opps like I used to but I wouldn't turned down any offers from some networks. It did feel good to make money during a vacation, that helped to cover some of my shopping indulgences too :P

I'm still thinking if I should move on to start and build more blogs. But seriously, it's tiring to write and handle that many and I don't think I have the time at this point. Our events for the year are laid out and I would like to spend more time with my growing boy. Growing this blogging business seems promising. Yet, you need time to succeed and earn a decent living from it. Know what I mean?

reflecting on goals for the year

I'm not someone who sits down and pen down my yearly goals like my DH but I like to keep those goals in my head. One of them is to learn more about real estate and look into investing a property. After working for so many years, it's time to move on to this area of investment.

As on the personal end, I hope to pick up a dance class - hip hop, salsa or some sort of contemporary dance. It's a good opportunity to take a breath of air outside the home office and balance it out with a fun form of exercise. On the parenting side, I must succeed in toilet training my three year old by the first half of the year. We are getting there...