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10 February, 2008

How's Chinese New Year for you?

It looks like Chinese New Year is a good time for developers to promote new properties and developments in small towns since this is a time when most out of town locals are back for visitation and reunion. I remembered years ago, we went for a show house invitation of a luxury condo launch. This year, DH was checking out some fractional ownership developments after being told of the investment growth potential.

As for me, Chinese New Year can be a stressful time as we would be on the road of the time. Actually, it's my dream to take a vacation during Chinese New Year and I do hope that this can come true some time. Personally, it can become rather boring especially when relatives start to visit each other out of obligation and not sincerity and love. This kind of gathering can become very fake after a while and worse still, it can be rather meaningless. I've seen this year after year in DH's home and it is sad. I hope that Chinese New Year for you is one that is filled with the true spirit of sharing and loving and a time of happy reunion with your loved ones.

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