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10 February, 2008

toilet training journey continues

Toilet training for Clayton continues even in the midst of our heavy traveling schedule during the lunar New Year. He has done so well in Ipoh - no accidents and even mastered the adult toilet seat. The only challenge was to pee in the public toilets which were usually dirty and not fit for little kids. Most of the toilet bowls had no toilet seats and the poor boy could only stare at the awful condition of the toilet cleanliness. He had not learnt how to squat so any toilet with squatting pan was a no no.

But I'm so proud of my little boy that he is now able to remove his pants and head for the toilet when nature calls. He had two accidents in the diaper today but I was prepared for imperfections. In summary, this toilet training journey is looking good and I'm so thankful that we are using less diapers now. I believe that in no time, he will be completely toilet-trained... he's a big boy now :)

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Singapore Entrepreneur said...

Ok, I must say that this post is not something I would normally be commenting on since its about potty-training but after reading it I just have to say CONGRATS CLAYTON :D