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31 May, 2010

June - A Month of Excitement

Other than being known as a work at home mom, I'm known as a health freak to my close circle of friends.

Well, I don't know where that nickname came from or was it due to my ardent advocacy on organic and natural foods. I'll usually stick to a natural option if I can unless I have no other choice. So I use tea tree oil for natural acne treatment and all insect bites and itch. It works well for me. Lately, I've grown to like the Lucas Paw Paw ointment which works very well for sensitive skin and cuts.

Back in the home office, I'm trying to finish up as much work as I possibly can before the two days of After School Program break. This will be my last busy week before heading to Singapore for my regular break. Not many people will agree with me but heading back to Singapore is a 'break' cos I can reminisce all the quiet and private times and do many things that I like. This trip, I can leave little junior with Garage Adventures again cos the owner is back in business on a part time basis. Though it will cost more than Peekaboo in Kallang but I know he's safer and happier with Ade. She's a great teacher and child carer.

The month of June is here tomorrow and it is going to be a busy month for the work at home mom and dad with so many things happening at the same time. Nevertheless, it is exciting!

Work At Home Pondering on Internet Age

As powerful and useful as the internet can be in today's fast paced world, we ought to be careful when it comes to internet security. Whether you are a work at home mom or not, you should protect all your email and website accounts by updating your password on a regular basis.

Few days ago, I received an email from an acquaintance seeking for some urgent monetary help and in the email, she was said to be robbed to gunpoint and not having a penny to get home. A look at such email will tell you that it is all fake and someone had hacked her email account. I sincerely hope that no one will be naive enough to send money to the account number in the email.

I can't deny that the internet has become an important for me as a work at home mom as my business depends on it. But sometimes, I think I need to step away from being connected and remember how I used to lead my life before. I wouldn't want to become addicted to the internet or feel uneasy when connection is disrupted. Infact, I do feel 'lost' when the internet was down for 2 days a week ago. I read that some teens become depressed when they become too dependent on social networking sites. They chat, make friends and enjoy their circle of virtual friends that if you remove them from this circle, they can sink into depression. For more info on such treatment, click here.

So as we enjoy the convenience and power of technology, let's not become 'addicted' to the internet for surely life must contain a balance of old and new.

27 May, 2010

Work At Home Mom and Travel

Most work at home moms know that the commencement of school holidays means disrupted work flow and routine in the home office.

In one week's time, mid term holidays will begin and that means the balancing act will get tougher. Thankfully, I'll be off to Singapore for a few days before returning to a church camp two days later. It will be our first church camp and DH thinks we should experience church camp as a family before the big move.

As the countdown begins in a few months' time, a few short trips had been planned. It would be Perhentian island end July, Bali end August and Hanoi in mid September. Honestly, I'm never a big fan of short Asia trips but this year is exceptional. It's too time consuming to go long trips with so many things happening and DH would like to see more of Asia before the big move.

Therefore, I'm excited about these trips especially Bali and Hanoi cos we'll be staying in some cool places. Hanoi will be special cos I never thought that I would say YES to a trip there :) We will be staying in a boutique hotel in the old quarter. From the photo, it looks kinda nice though I don't think there will be a fitness center with treadmills or exercise equipment.

So it's abit less work for the work at home mom next half of the year. But then again, I have more than 50 writing assignments to clear before the break to Singapore!

Work At Home Mom Shifting Blog Focus Back

While sitting in my home office, I was pondering over my blogging journey as a work at home mom. I recalled starting this blog with a passion to update events and happenings in my everyday life. But soon, I got into paid blogging and then along the way, my primary objective of this blog had been shifted.

As a matter of fact, I love to post photos in the blog and it's fun to look back when I'm in the mood for a little nostalgia. But no thanks to the poor internet connection some time ago, I lost the interest and patience to upload photos. Then again, Facebook has overtaken blogger in the last one year.

But I feel that I need to get back to posting more photos in this work at home mom blog for my own keepsake especially if I'm riding on this wagon for a longer time. So from now on, I'm shifting more focus back to the original reason of this blog and will continue from then on.

20 May, 2010

What's Going On Out and About the Home Office

I can't help but follow the news from my humble home office on what's going on around the world.

The Europe crisis plus the chaos in Bangkok is causing so much unrest and anxieties among the nations and sometimes you wonder when are things going to rest. It is easy to discard these global issues when you work from home cos you are shut from the noises and effects of bad news. But it is important to stay informed.

Back to the home office, DH and myself have been watching some online training videos on video marketing. DH is hoping to incorporate some of the learning points in our new business in Brissy and I have to appreciate him for his efforts. I was just told that some of our relatives will be away for Christmas but it didn't bother me a bit cos we'll be too busy with home search and settling down by then.

Since the weekends is approaching, some of you might be searching for some online shopping sites. A friend referred me to Reebonz and it's a private shopping site for discounted luxury bags and apparel including Gucci, Prada, TODs, Fendi and more. All events will last only for a short time so you need to check out fast if there's something you like.

That's it for today and I'm logging off while it's storming outside of my home office.

14 May, 2010

Weekly Update From the Work at Home Mom

A friend from Adelaide had just reminded me that our move is around the corner. Actually there are still 7 months to go but we are excited to kick start our work at home business in a new place.

The week had gone fast and I was busy doing chores, finishing up work in the home office and spending quality time with little junior when he comes home from school. It's becoming a routine that we will play a round of Monopoly every afternoon and he is getting rather good at the game! I lost a few rounds in a week and the lesson learned in every game was: Buy and Invest in Properties!

That brings me to a constant update on property outlook at realestate.com.au. I'm hoping to rent in Carindale Solito homes. 100m to Westfield shopping centre - I think I like that convenience! Then again, it's all about timing so I need to pray that everything will happen at the right time, at the right place.

Healthwise, I've been good except for this stuffy nose which I believe is caused by the drastic weather change. It's hot and humid half a day and heavy clouds with rain the other. I don't like this weather. Because I'm a work at home mom, I'm very particular about the air condition in the home and office. So hopefully we won't need so much air condition in Brisbane. That means less allergy problems including sinusitis and eczema.

Enough for this post update, I'm glad we have confirmed our Bali trip and choosing the villas was fun. It's a break from the regular routine of home office duties and I'm now looking forward to a longer sleep tomorrow!

04 May, 2010

Work at Home Mom is Heading to Bali!

Juggling a few things at a time can be real tiring for any work at home mom. For that reason, many women I know prefer to work outside the house. It gives them opportunity to make friends, get in touch with the outside world, take a break from home and build a career of their ambition.

It's been tiring since my cleaner retired 2 months ago. I suppose I haven't been very used to cleaning the whole house for a long time! I mean the whole house, from laundry to the floors to the regular maintenance of the house. Then, there's parenting, teaching, playing and errands. Oh, and there's work too!

I believe I deserve another vacation and this time, we are heading to Bali. I haven't been to Bali for 15 years and I'm excited to witness with my own eyes the change in the last decade. It is so easy to book a Bali villa these days. All you need is a credit card and you are confirmed an accommodation and vacation.

Looking through the list of bali villas can be mind boggling and reading reviews in between work is taking me longer to decide. I probably need to book my air tickets soon before it becomes more expensive. Yes! I'm heading to Bali... finally!