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27 May, 2010

Work At Home Mom and Travel

Most work at home moms know that the commencement of school holidays means disrupted work flow and routine in the home office.

In one week's time, mid term holidays will begin and that means the balancing act will get tougher. Thankfully, I'll be off to Singapore for a few days before returning to a church camp two days later. It will be our first church camp and DH thinks we should experience church camp as a family before the big move.

As the countdown begins in a few months' time, a few short trips had been planned. It would be Perhentian island end July, Bali end August and Hanoi in mid September. Honestly, I'm never a big fan of short Asia trips but this year is exceptional. It's too time consuming to go long trips with so many things happening and DH would like to see more of Asia before the big move.

Therefore, I'm excited about these trips especially Bali and Hanoi cos we'll be staying in some cool places. Hanoi will be special cos I never thought that I would say YES to a trip there :) We will be staying in a boutique hotel in the old quarter. From the photo, it looks kinda nice though I don't think there will be a fitness center with treadmills or exercise equipment.

So it's abit less work for the work at home mom next half of the year. But then again, I have more than 50 writing assignments to clear before the break to Singapore!

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