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29 January, 2010

Work At Home Mom Shares on Autoblogging Plugin for Wordpress

I can understand how difficult it is to work at home when you have two kids to handle besides those tiresome chores for the house. It is not easy succeeding in this balancing act without stress or challenges.

In the past few weeks, I find myself feeling tired before 11pm at night. This is almost the end of the first month since Clayton started going back to school, and my waking hours are earlier than before. It's also an adjustment for him after that long holiday break of late nights and late wakings. Life is filled with adjustments and changes. We just have to learn to be versatile and resilient.

I am looking forward to next week as After School Program will be starting for him. My online business buddy just shared a wonderful wordpress plugin for me that can help with auto blogging. This will not replace my blogging content but rather, adds value to the blog's content. I find it worth a try cos it's just so hard to keep up with so many blogs by myself in my home office when I have a whole list of things to do at home. Besides, the plugin allows me to post my affiliate links with amazon and clickbank, making way for more opportunities to earn some money from my blogs.

So whatever your niche blog is, be it life insurance blog or food blog, this auto blogging plugin can be useful in your online business, especially in keeping your posts fresh. Like it or not, you would need to invest in some softwares and online programs if you are seriously about working from home. Click here to view more details on the Autoblogging Plugin for Wordpress

23 January, 2010

Busy Saturday for the Work at Home Mom

Sometimes I kinda miss a climate with four seasons but at times, I don't. Growing up in a tropical climate means I find the cold very welcoming and exciting. Then when I'm traveling during to a wintry place, I miss the warmth of sunshine.

Today is a busy one for me as I started the day with Clayton at the gym then off to sending DH to a parenting seminar before attending Clayton's schoolmate birthday party. Then it's off to a wake at a friend father's funeral and now, I'm back rushing some assignments.

After all the ding dong for a year or more, we are back to TM internet connection. For the work at home moms, a good internet connection is important cos when there's disruption, all the online work becomes a standstill. As much as you would need a good furnace filter for your home, I need good internet connection for my home business to function optimally.

I am glad that it's been showing signs of improvement in the last 24 hours. At least I could load most of my sites and get my work going. Unlike the past, P1 wimax connection was disappointing....

It's Sunday tomorrow and I look forward to a good nap in the afternoon. Any work at home mom would treasure an undisturbed nap on a Sunday afternoon. Don't you?

20 January, 2010

Work At Home Moms' Niche Ideas

Sometimes my friends will ask me for ideas for their online businesses. It seems that the most difficult thing for them is to think about a niche for their online sites. Most of my work at home mommy friends have niches spanning from health to food, with many of them picking the niche on parenting.

While it's good to pick a popular niche, what is more important is to pick a micro niche. For instance, the niche on 'health' is huge and very competitive but if you can think of a micro niche such as diabetes type 2 or kids asthma, it can then become easier to work on. Health niches can include joint pain relief, diet for seniors and even weight loss for teenagers. Basically, you want to be as specific as possible. There are also software that assist you in the selection process as you analyze the competition and searches for that niche.

There are lots of niche ideas that work at home moms can think of. Sometimes you don't even need to be an expert in that niche. Information in the web is vast and if need be, you can also order articles for your specific niche.

Parenting and Work at Home

Whenever I hear about a friend expecting a baby, it brings me great joy. Being only a mom who focuses alot on parenting and work at home in the last five years, there are lots of joys and pains, fun and challenges. Never easy, but it's worth it.

When you are working from home and are expecting a child at the same time, you will find it easier to rest when you are tired. You can step in and out of your home office, eat regularly, take your prenatal vitamins and even prepare the arrival of your child. Sometimes, you can be surrounded by many blessings but not counting them.

I know that many mommies actually work outside home till the day of their birth... kudos to them! But when given a choice, majority would prefer to get more rest cos it's tiring when you are carrying a baby! This is excluding the cooking at home, cleaning duties and work responsibilities. But however tough it is, we will get around our difficulties and rise up above them all. With that strength of a new arrival, you will find it easier to move forward in your parenting journey.

Vitamins For Work at Home Moms and Kids

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While speaking to some stay at home moms the other day, I realized that much of my parenting concerns were similar with nature with the rest. Because I'm a mom who earn money from home, I am sensitive to my child's health, which means I tend to spot his first sign of cold and cough.

Mommies who work in the corporate world have difficulties attending to their children when they are ill, simply because they can't be excused from work whenever they want. Often times, they have to leave that job to their caregivers such as domestic maids, parents and nannies... not something they love to do but simply because they have little choice.

To keep sickness at bay for myself and my child, I make sure we both have our daily multivitamin regularly. Sometimes I get too busy with work that I can miss a day or two. But as soon as I remember, the routine is restored. Some may argue that vitamins aren't necessary cos we can get them all from food. The question I would ask is: Do you get enough vitamins from the food you ate? And if you do, the cooking methods may have destroyed much of those vitamins.

Work at home moms or not, supplementing your child with the right vitamins can be beneficial, as long as you don't overdo it. My son loves the gummy vitamins that I gave him daily. My famous advice is, when in doubt, always seek the advice of a healthcare professional or read up reliable health information from books or the web.

Health and Beauty Affiliate Network for Work at Home Moms

More and more work at home moms are starting out with an internet businesses with some using their skills to sell products online.

Infact, if you don't have a skill, you can always source for products and sell them via a website. I know it sounds so easy but it does take more efforts than that. Sourcing for products online or offline is one thing, the next thing you need to work on would be to bring traffic to your website. There are millions of ideas and products out there - from children's toys to ebooks to health products including treatment for bad breath, acne treatment.... the list goes on.

The easier route is probably to sign with as an affiliate with a merchant or join an affiliate network. That way, you don't need to source for your own products but just focused on building traffic to your niche site. If health and beauty is your passion, you may want to check out MarketHealth affiliate network where you can sign up as an affiliate and promote the products right away. There are many different kinds of products from weight loss to colon cleansing - once signing up as an affiliate, you can promote using the banners and articles in the network.

If you want to be a work at home mom with an internet business, creativity is a quality that can facilitate your success journey. Read and search online on success stories of other work at home moms and learn from them. The road may be long but it can pay off when the right amount of efforts are put into it.

17 January, 2010

Work at Home Mom and the Spirtual Side of Things

I'm excited to enter into the second week of school. And in fact, I'm looking forward to February when Clayton's After School Program will commence. This is such a great program for work at home moms cos it's hard to work with such many distractions!

It's been a good week. It took a few days to re-train Clayton to wake up on time, have breakfast and zoom to school on time too. I dislike the morning traffic and yes, I've got to wake up early now, no more sleeping in. Sigh!

I'm trying to sleep a little earlier so that I won't need more eye treatments for those eye bags. Some of my mommy friends are constantly searching for acne remedies with stress being the blame. On the spiritual side of things, this is going to be an exciting year and I am claiming the promise of God's favor for 2010, the theme of GTPJ. This is the year of favor! I must believe it and I must stand on His promise! On the spiritual front, I need to buck up and go back to the basics of praying and reading His Word more. One will argue that a work at home mom should have no problems with this. But actually, the daily chores and life's demands can sometimes overwhelm my earthly being that my spiritual priorities can be shelved.

Beginning the New Year with new goals in place bring me hope and motivation. I desire to be a more balanced work at home mom this year as I continue to trust in the Almighty. I'm all ready for a good year, a blessed year!

12 January, 2010

Back to Home Office - Internet is Up!

sunset in Taiwan

Finally, my internet connection in the home office is up and running after two long weeks! Well, it has been bad since we got back from Taiwan and finally, it's up tonight. As such, I managed to upload my Taiwan trip photos in Facebook... it's been so long!

Now that school has started for most kids, work at home moms can now have the peace of mind when they get down to their home businesses. Whew! Is that a relief or what? I do enjoy spending time with my boy during the school holidays but at some point, he was getting bored from lack of activities and became very disruptive. It can be irritating on some days. Boys will always be boys. They need stimulation, play time, attention, adventure, activities.... oh dear, it's hard to keep up to his demands when I'm a work at home mom! So December was an unproductive month for me as far as home office work is concerned. But now that we are in the New Year, it's time to get back to business!

I was looking through a friend's recent wedding photos and he was looking so good in his tuxedo suit. That reminds me that this year is our 10th year wedding anniversary. I am hoping that we can go to Hokkaido for a little celebration but it's still too soon to talk about it now.

Well, in two weeks' time, I would have more time in the home office when after school program begins for Clayton. He is looking forward to it and so do I. That's it for now... I better get some work finished while the internet is up and running!

07 January, 2010

Love To Be a Work at Home Mom Again in 2010

If you are a work at home mom, you would need to equip yourself with the necessary home equipment for better efficiency. For now, I'm thankful to have a good laptop to work on and all I need is more space to move around in this little home office.

There won't be much changes in the home office as we don't plan to be here a year's time so I'll work with what I have now/ The new Acer Aspire is impressive and sometimes, I wish I had bought my netbook later! Then again, there'll always be better, slimmer and nicer laptops and electronic devices.

DH surprised me with an iPhone last month which I had to return due to some slight defects. But I managed to claim this 'birthday gift' at the Taiwan airport. I can now finally agree with all the iPhone fans the wonders of this little mobile gadget. I have since been able to catch up with news updates from my hometown and not having to rely on the local papers, which is full of crap most of the time.

Moving forward, it's nice to be a work at home mom again in 2010 and I hope to keep doing that in the next 5, 10 or 15 years! Loving the home office every minute... except school holidays!

04 January, 2010

Work at Home Mom in 2010

It's a new year, a new beginning that brings new hopes, dreams and aspirations for all of us! I'm not 'big' on setting goals on a New Year but yes, I do set my mind to achieve a list of things. This year, I will continue to work at home as I foresee a busier schedule with the move in place by the end of 2010.

With the change in the kindy hours this year, I will have more time in the home office to complete my work before Clayton comes home. This is going to be exciting for him as he starts K2 before starting Year One in Christian Outreach College in Brisbane.

We have yet to decide if we should organize another event this year before the big move. Personally, I'd rather focus on my online business but I'll go along with the situation anyhow. There will be much to do especially with the packing and preparing myself psychologically to live in a new city. But it's something I look forward to.

The last trip to Brisbane was a short but good prep for me emotionally as I haven't been back to down under since 2003. I managed to get a few things in place - opening a tax file, a bank account, taking a tour in COC and looking around in the brissie neighbourhood. To live in a big state like Queensland, you need get a list of good emergency contacts such as 24 hour towing, medical assistance...etc.

So the new year is here and the work at home mom warms up the momentum in the home office!