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23 January, 2010

Busy Saturday for the Work at Home Mom

Sometimes I kinda miss a climate with four seasons but at times, I don't. Growing up in a tropical climate means I find the cold very welcoming and exciting. Then when I'm traveling during to a wintry place, I miss the warmth of sunshine.

Today is a busy one for me as I started the day with Clayton at the gym then off to sending DH to a parenting seminar before attending Clayton's schoolmate birthday party. Then it's off to a wake at a friend father's funeral and now, I'm back rushing some assignments.

After all the ding dong for a year or more, we are back to TM internet connection. For the work at home moms, a good internet connection is important cos when there's disruption, all the online work becomes a standstill. As much as you would need a good furnace filter for your home, I need good internet connection for my home business to function optimally.

I am glad that it's been showing signs of improvement in the last 24 hours. At least I could load most of my sites and get my work going. Unlike the past, P1 wimax connection was disappointing....

It's Sunday tomorrow and I look forward to a good nap in the afternoon. Any work at home mom would treasure an undisturbed nap on a Sunday afternoon. Don't you?

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