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31 October, 2007

let's get groovy with groovle!

It's the last day of the month again! I am looking forward to a new month cos that means we are closer to our vacation! But before I can put aside all my work and get out there to enjoy, there are so much waiting to get done. I was supposed to get a brochure done for my Singapore office when I stumbled upon this cool stuff on the web. It is called 'Groovle' and it is all about having a groovy Google homepage!

What Groovle does is that it allows you to create your own Google search page. You can either choose from the home pages on the site including photos of celebrities, nature, animals, sports teams and others or you can upload your own image and create your customized home page. Since this is powered by Google, you can expect more features to be added in the near future but for now, you can have fun and get groovy with your customized Google home page! I played around with it for a while and loved the idea that you can place the search box anywhere you want on the page. After uploading your image, you can have the option of tiling the photo on your screen, stretch it to full size or framed it to create a clean look.

So check out Groovle and get your own Personalize Google home page for FREE!

hoping to catch Kilauea eruption

From what I learned from the Kona travel blog, Kona is an affordable vacation spot for a family with many mid-priced condos and bed and breakfasts. And because the Big Island is so big, we'll be spending a night in Kona and the other in Hilo. One thing for sure, we'll be heading to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in a rental car, and possibly a 4x4. I do hope that we can catch the eruption of the active volcano, Kilauea, when we are there!

For those who have a bit of more time, staying a few nights at one of the many Kona vacation rentals will do this beautiful island justice. Like I always say, there are so much to do but so little time. Whether you need to book your accommodation at Oahu or Kauai vacation rentals, many options await you at the website of Hawaiian Beach Rentals. Let's just say that this is a one-stop vacation booking site for anyone traveling to Hawaii.

an afternoon at fraser's hill

I guess the one who enjoyed the most in the trip was this little boy who found his freedom and fun at this quiet play ground. He had his choice of slides since there was no one around. It was a good break for the adults, watching how this toddler hopped from one place to another...

I was excited when they said that we were going to town but it didn't turned out the way I expected... town? what town was that?

We went looking for the waterfall but ended up in a little stream... this place didn't justify another night of stay :P

i always like beach houses

This morning, I spent some time checking out some Hawaii beach house options at Hawaiian beach rentals, which is a great place to shop and search for your Hawaii accommodations. I've always like a beach house all my adult years. I like to wake up to the sights of rolling waves or be greeted by a golden sunrise. It is all so relaxing and breathtaking. During the one night in Fraser's Hill, I enjoyed the fresh, crisp air in the morning so I believe it will be many times better in the Hawaiian islands, especially during the cooler months.

If you a travel freak like me, you may be interested to check out the Hawaii travel blog which provides many tips for your Hawaii trip. You can find out more about Kauai travel info or Oahu island, Maui or the Big Island. Well, I have found some of the resources to be useful for our coming Hawaii vacation.

I'm just looking forward to the ocean front views from our lanai at Hilton Hawaiian Village and the Marriott Waikiki.

30 October, 2007

skydiving in hawaii?

Has anyone done skydiving before? I did that 4 years ago before Clayton came along, which was a good decision cos' I wouldn't have done it if I was a mom then! DH and myself took up the courage to skydive from 14,ooo fit (tandem of course!) in Cairns and that was an experience of a lifetime. Honestly, I almost thought I was going to pass out when I was in the air at that time!

Someone asked me if I will skydive in Hawaii... I looked at him and replied with a firm 'NO'! Actually, I was told that skydiving is becoming one popular sport in this state, challenging the popularity of surfing. Hundreds of tourists visit this place to experience a different thrill of skydiving in Hawaii. Flying high above the air while looking down at volcano craters and high-rise waves can only be experienced in skydiving in Hawaii. You can read more about what other things you do in Kauai travel blog if you plan to travel to the island. It should be quite nice to rent one of the Hawaii home rentals if you are traveling as a family or in a big group. Since most travelers will begin their Hawaii vacation in Honolulu, reading up some Oahu vacation Info will be helpful in planning the itinerary. And that's exactly what I'm doing these few weeks. Like they always say, there are always so much to do but so little time.

back from Fraser's Hill

We are back from Fraser's Hill, after spending a night in Sri Damai bungalow. It was a great time breathing some fresh and cool mountain air and to get away from the hustle and bustle of work. Only problem was the roads to Fraser's Hill was winding which made the journey tiring for all of us. The fun part was we got to savor any food we wanted as we had a residential chef with us! Woohoo!

Well, the bungalow was big and spacious, though nothing like the ones in Kauai vacation rentals. If only it was like the ones described in Kauai travel blog, we wouldn't mind staying for another night or two. But it wasn't. If you have read about what to do in Kauai from the blog, you will know that Fraser's Hill is nothing like it. We drove around town in the afternoon and ended up in The Paddock but no one was keen to do any horse-riding. Sad to say, the horse riding centre wasn't that appealing or attractive so we ended sitting and chatting in a shed. But Kauai has pristine beaches, heaps of activities to keep one busy. I think we'll be too busy deciding what we want to do rather than wondering what to do!

That's it for the moment, more reports coming up!

29 October, 2007

on to fraser's hill


We are taking a one night break to Fraser's Hill with our good friends, Dexter and Kim this afternoon. Actually, we won't planning to go as there are piles of work waiting to get done. But Dexter has been a good salesperson - he kept telling us about the resident chef who can cook anything to our liking and Asians being Asians, when you hear that there is good food somewhere, it's hard to say 'NO'. Then one morning, my boy told me that he liked Uncle Kim Meng and Auntie Kim.... that was like a confirmation to us that we should take a short trip with them. We have never been there and don't really know what to expect. But it's solely to spend some time with our friends so the attractions don't quite matter.

So, I'll be having a blog break this afternoon and night... time to rest those fingers, wrists and shoulders...

trucks are getting stylish too

Well, I don't know much about hardware stuff and I guess that's what the man in my house can come in handy :P When anything goes wrong with the cabinets or door hinges, I'll leave it to hubby to fix it up. These days, the trucks on the roads are getting more attractive in terms of the aesthetics and design. In fact, many of them are so nice that you wouldn't think they are meant for truck drivers only. Plus, you can purchase attractive and durable truck toolbox on the web, which is like an accessory to your cool truck. Many of these tool boxes come in different finishes and material so you can choose one that matches well with your truck. Trucks are no longer boring and stiff looking like before. Many car manufacturers are launching new designs and features to offer the modern and stylish generation.

28 October, 2007

learn from others on the map

I'm one of those who enjoy travel commentaries, travel reviews and participating in unbiased travel forums/sites. It all started when we were travelling to New Zealand and I needed to find out more about this beautiful country. Since, I've been an active contributor in this travel portal site.

Along the way, I stumbled upon Atlas Post. This is an interesting travel-related community site that allows you to read travel stories and personal articles based on the geographical location of the person. You can read someone's story and view their photos by clicking on the Map. The features of the site grants the user the opportunity to network and get to know friends from their neighbourhood. It can be someone who live near your city or work near your workplace. You can communicate, build friendship, send virtual gifts to your friends through the network.

I believe this is one way to expand your knowledge in travel destinations while providing you the opportunity to learn from like-minded individuals. Check out Atlas Post and get to know people via the MAP.

27 October, 2007

baby products and reviews portal

I just got back from a full moon party cum a birthday celebration of a two year old boy. It was clever of parents Callie and Darren to combine the celebrations together. It was a nice evening out especially when Clayton found little friends to play with. That left the adults with more time to catch up with each other.

Being a mom of two is not easy for Callie. She told me briefly about her postpartum blues which made me wonder if I'll be ready for number two! Moms like Callie will find Lilaguide dot com a useful stop to find information and resource on baby shops, products, reviews, services and shopping guides. With 32,000 listings and more than 120,000 reviews from real parents, it is a good place to chat with new moms, those who have been there and done that and contribute reviews to help others with buying decisions on baby products. So moms, drop by the site and check it out!

what's in Amsterdam?

Someone told me that if I want to visit Van Gogh art collection, I should make a trip to Amsterdam. Oh yes, I'm a fan of Van Gogh paintings and art pieces. I took the time to find out more about Amsterdam this morning. A quick look at the photos tells me that this is a city known for its museums. As a matter of fact, there are more than fifty museums that attract millions of visitors year after year. Visitors love Amsterdam's temperate weather and the artistic architectural beauty in the country.

When you travel to Amsterdam, find good hotel deals is easy on the web. Amsterdam is a busy tourist destination and the hotels in Amsterdam come in all sorts - from luxury landmark hotels to cozy boutique hotels overlooking the canal. As for those traveling with children, you may prefer self-catering apartments or bed and breakfast. Those on budget may look for cheap hotels and hostels. Generally, most people will choose based on price and location after comparing with several hotel booking sites in the web. One of the hotel accommodation sites I often turn to is hotelclub dot net. Being one of the largest online booking sites, you can find a wide choice of hotel accommodation for your travel needs.

I'm not sure if we'll make it to Amsterdam in the near future but if we do, a visit to Van Gogh museum will be in my list!

when it's time to call on a website optimization firm

Search engine spiders are actually very easy to please, much easier than actual human beings, said my internet marketing friend. According to him, search engine spiders aren't subjective and they don't care what the subject is about; they just care about the number keywords and keyword phrases.

The only way you can possibly displease a search engine spider is by overusing a keyword/keyword phrase and making your site smell like spam. Search engine spiders are now more advanced than ever, and so they are better able to ignore sites that are full of spam. Too many keywords or keyword phrases that are blatantly there will hinder your site from being crawled by spiders. So if you are involved in a business and has a website, you may want to consider appointing a website optimization firm to help you with this. A website optimization firm can assist in alot of ways including bringing more traffic to your site and increasing its popularity among search engines. More website traffic would mean more exposure of your products and services which can increase the conversion rates and up your profits.

so many credit cards these days!

Today, DH was stopped by a credit card salesperson at the gas station. This guy was trying to persuade him to sign up for a new credit card that can offer rebates on shopping purchases and free membership for life. These days, there are so many credit cards in the marketplace and it's hard to decide which one works for you. To me, they are almost the same except for the slight differences in membership privileges and service. If you are confused like me, you can check out credit card search engine where you can compare all sorts of credit cards including Airline Miles Credit Cards, business credit cards, gas credit cards and more. After finding and comparing the cards, you can decide what is best for you and apply it online instantly. Talking about convenience!

26 October, 2007

blog marketing is easy

If you are considering having both a blog and a website that will work if you have enough information to cover in both. Linking them both together is a great idea if you do decide to have both. You can always use the website to hold your main information and products, and the blog to promote them and discuss any issues regularly.

Wondering about hosting? If you have a website, you can either host your blog on the same server you use for your site, or you can leave it where it is. The choice is ultimately up to you, either way you can have successful blogs that will begin to bring in revenue to you. But these days, web hosting is affordable and convenient. Most importantly, it gives you better control of your website. Getting links to your blog is a good way to gain new readers. Another great tool you can use is the RSS feeds. When you use the RSS feeds, it allows people to publish your blog on their site, and in return it gets you more visitors.

Blog marketing can be pretty effective if it is done right. However, you cant just set up a blog and expect people to find it. Get your blog out there and make it known to others just as you would a website. Exchanging links with others will help, so will article marketing using your blog.

have you heard of a virtual assistant?

If you tell the business people that they can get help now for their business and personal chores by engaging a 'Virtual Assistant ', they may stare at you in disbelief. Last year, I have never heard of virtual assistant until DH introduces the concept to me.

Whether you are a small business or a corporation, the question arises, should you hire a virtual assistant? You know that there are a large number of tasks that need to be done during the day, some which seem impossible to do. However, you know that this is a large leap into a new way of functioning for your business. If you are determining the best business moves, you may want to evaluate your reasons for getting involved with the extra helping hands.

The major reason why anyone would hire a virtual assistant is because there is too much work that is taking away from things that they would be doing. The best way to evaluate on whether you need a virtual assistant or not, are to see what you are doing all day. If you are spending time on administrative correspondence and not your vision, then a virtual assistant may be a good answer. This is especially important if you have noticed that your business is beginning to grow or expand.

Image Asset Management workshop ended

I've been incredibly busy these two days! But it was great to enjoy myself while keeping busy with the Image Asset Management workshop with Jill Lowe. This is the first time we are conducting this seminar in KL and though we only had ten participants, the dynamics were fantastic! Jill did a hands-on demo on every single woman in the room, teaching, guiding and helping us with dressing strategies in our work and personal life. The lessons taught were an eye-opener for most of us and I was glad to see happy faces, transformed individuals in these two days - amazing! I took so many photos that the digital camera battery went flat and the memory card was full! I can't wait to sort out the photos, to show you guys how interesting the workshop had been.

25 October, 2007

website for people with bad credit

Not all of us are good with numbers or managing finances. Sometimes people can make mistakes in business, overspending on personal indulgences, over commit in loans , house and other obligations and as a result of that, end up with bad credit history. Now, anyone with bad credit knows that it can be hard getting any loan or applying for a credit card. It's interesting to know that there is a website that specializes in bad credit offers for people who are in this category. Like to know more? Check out the link above.

Data Recovery New York to the rescue!

How frustrating it is to experience technical errors on your computer and laptop when you are in the midst of work or doing something. This is especially so if you are a heavy user on the PC all day. These days, it can even easier to lose data in the computer due to any technical faults, human error, incompatible software in the system, virus attack, bugs...etc. Personally, I had experienced the loss of data when my previous iBook experienced a system clash. The technical didn't know what happened and instead of recovering my lost data, he reformatted my entire hard disk! I guessed that was the easy way out for him!

It's good to know that a Data Recovery New York called DataHotline specializes in recovering loss of data for Hard Drive, Server Storage, CD-Rom, Floppy Disk, Zip Disk, Digital Camera, PDA and even Cellular Phone. Isn't it great? Besides, the company also gives priority to Raid Data Recovery Service. All you need to do is to send your device or equipment to these experts and let them conduct a thorough evaluation. And if you are pleased with the reports and quotes, DataHotline will proceed to recover your lost data right away!

23 October, 2007

when it's time for car transports

I'm one person who doesn't like to move house, so does DH. But we know that when the time comes for us to move to down under, we need to do lots of planning to make this move a smooth one. Whenever we heard of friends moving and having to spend days, if not weeks, on packing, we would empathize with them.

Sometimes, it's even tougher if you need to move the family to another state or country. Imagine the enormous tasks of selling the house, packing up, settling the children, arranging for car transports, renting a house in the new city...etc. Few years ago, friend of mine moved to another state and insisted that her car be taken with her too. She spent weeks finding the right moving company handling car transports as there wasn't any specialized company for automobile transport then. When doing a research on auto transports, always ensure the reliability of the transport company. Experience drivers and quality service, together with good rates are other things to look out for.

Relocation is indeed a stressful event that is avoided by many especially those with families and kids. But if you are have to move to take up a new job or appointment, I suppose you haven't had much choice, do you?

any handbag lover out there?

Any handbag lover out there? If yes, we have something in common! My hubby cannot understand why we women need so many bags. I often tell him that we need a different one for different outfit and different occasion! Plus, women tend to buy handbags of various colours besides having a classic black and versatile brown.

I was just browsing through the handbags collection at Shopping dot com. The variety is impressive. You can find Marc by Marc Jacobs (my favourite!), fossil, liz claiborne, guess, lucky, coach and more! In other words, there is something for every woman here, whether you are looking for a casual bag or an outdoor one. A tote or hobo for the weekend or a clutch purse for an evening function. If you are unsure of the product or online merchant, take some time to read the reviews and compare the prices. With some many choices on the site, it saves you lots of time checking multiple webstores. I found this handmade Pietrini bag from Tuscan... isn't that stylish?

block those pop-ups!

Those of us who use the internet alot may be annoyed with those pop-ups that appear in some sites. Sometimes, I can't even close the window of the pop-ups and those flickering images are distracting and disturbing. There are some others which contain adult images which may be inappropriate for minors. DH is suggesting that I install a popup blocker to eliminate to problem. As the name suggests, the software blocks any pop-up which helps to minimize these frustrations. Check out the link if this is your concern too.

simplistic elegance about Asian decor

In my free time, I love to flip through home and decor magazines and check out new architectural and decorating themes. There are very few themes for decorating a home that capture the imagination quite like an Asian inspired theme. The use of rich colors, fabrics, and textures are the hallmark of these themes.

There is a simplistic elegance about Asian decor that is almost impossible to imitate in other methods. It is simply put, stunning to walk into a room or a home that has been decorated in an Asian inspired motif. What's even nicer is a home design I spotted in an interiors publication where the focus is on the post & beam frames in the home interiors. The timber frames give an elegant cum cosy feel to the house, and the colour of the wood further adds warmth and style. I have seen these frames being used in vacation homes and churches and they are undeniably gorgeous! When it comes to our new house next time, I'll definitely give a thought on using these hardy timber frames.

shopping for Christmas gifts

It's amazing how the internet has allowed us to communicate with overseas friends and relatives at no cost these days. Yesterday, we were chatting with our cousin from LA on skype and it was even nice to see each other on the webcam. I could see that their favourite Penn State football show was on and little Jonathan was busy with his train track. I know Clayton will be kept very busy with Jonathan's toys this Christmas while I can sit back and chat with the rest. I'm still cracking my head over their Christmas gifts, it's hard to guess what they need when I haven't seen them for a while. Guess it's time to shop for some resources on the web again!

costa rica, anyone?

I have read in a travel magazine that if you are a traveler who love the unspoiled beauty of nature, then you must make a trip to Costa Rica. In fact, much of the country is designated as a national park area and visitors on guided tours can experience the unspoiled and pristine natural beauty the country has to offer.

A Costa Rica Travel begins in San Jose, the largest city in Costa Rica. Heredia Highlands is the perfect spot to view the huge Poas Volcano and its nearly one mile wide steaming crater, the largest volcanic crater in the world. The outdoor traveler will not miss a trip to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens with five waterfalls, an aviary and a butterfly garden.

If you are planning on a Costa Rica vacation, check out this Costa Rica Directory for your resources, important information, activities, Costa Rica hotel, real estate and more. This is a one-stop place to find out more and explore on this beautiful country.

Clayton's new bicycle

All this while, Clayton has never had a 'good' bicycle. DH bought him a cheap one that could hardly move when peddled as the bicycle was too light. Since he's so against buying Clayton a good one, I thought I would wait to get him a sturdy one later. But my close friend, Yarris, and her hubby from Singapore bought Clayton a nice-looking bicycle and you can imagine how delighted he was! His legs are long enough to ride the bike but would be better in a few months' time. Now, the bike is parked in my mom's house till DH brings it home in his car.

(I can't publish the photos - blogger is down again !)

22 October, 2007

yummy japanese food at Sushi Zanmai

Calling all fans of Sushi Tei in Singapore, you can now enjoy the yummy sushi, sashimi, hand rolls and bentos at Sushi Zanmai at The Gardens, Mid Valley City. While searching for a lunch venue last weekend, we stopped by to check out the menu at the entrance. Being a regular patron of Sushi Tei, I noticed that the menu looked similar. After a quick confirmation with the staff, I found out that I was right and we grabbed a table right away.

We were amazed that the prices in the menu were so reasonable. It was almost dollar to dollar with Singapore. In other words, in Singapore, I would pay $16 for an Unagi bento and in KL, the same dish is RM16! Wow! What savings :) DH ordered an appetizer to try. It was his treat that day. This cuttlefish wasabi didn't look that appetizing but it tasted ok, a bit slimy though. I still like my sukiyaki set... the raw beef was served separately so you cooked it when you were ready. I thought that was nice. That way, the beef won't be overcooked in the broth.

The sushi selection was nice too but we only tried the avocado roll. Before I could snap a photo of it, DH had already helped himself with sushi :( So next time, when you are at the Gardens and are craving for affordable and yummy Japanese food, check out Sushi Zanmai.

chat live and see an increase in sales

Lately, I'm noticing that more and more online shopping sites are including a live chat feature on their sites. Personally, I think this is an amazing idea. It not only adds confidence but provides good service and support to existing and potential customers. I had benefited from support chat when I was facing problems with my hosting account few months ago. In just a few minutes, I was able to get my queries answered and problems solved. Even the hospitality industry is catching this LIVE chat fever. I had chatted with hotel's live support to find out more about their accommodation and features, which was better than waiting for a reply email, especially when my request was urgent. As a result of the great live support service, I booked a couple of nights with the hotel during our New Zealand trip.

If you are shopping for a live chat software for your website or online store, check out LiveHuman which is offering a low fee of $13 a month (yearly contract). For a small investment each month, you can see an increase in sales and traffic to your online store if you take time to maintain it well. After all, what customers want is good service, reliable and quality delivery. Including a live chat feature adds confidence to the customers, especially those who are new to online shopping. Not sure still? Why don't start with a 7-day trial?

something to ponder on

It's frustrating. I've been experiencing downtime for my health blog since this afternoon. Also, I don't even know why the line is been unstable throughout the day. It's like a day full of hiccups and little depressing moments but a look at my little boy's face can dissolve these frustrations away. Clayton has taught me to see things in the positive light when I'm feeling blue. Just imagine... you and I used to smile in split moments when bad things happened when we were kids but things are different now as we progress in our lives... something to ponder on.

hair loss problem, anyone?

Sometimes I still get stares from onlookers when I'm out with DH. I don't think they are looking at me but his baldness. Like alot of men who have had hair loss problems, DH used to try out many hair loss treatments but to no avail. Worst still, he had to bear with the stinking herbs on his head which he abhorred.

Take a look around and you notice that hair loss problems are on the rise, whether it's caused by genetics, one's diet or lifestyle. It is interesting to hear that there is a hair transplant in south florida who does things a little differently from other hair loss treatment centres. Dr Shapiro believes in consulting one on one with his clients to provide a personal and accurate analysis. While explaining the hair transplant surgery, you can even request to witness an actual surgical procedure or speak to his patients to gain a better understanding of the process. I haven't actually come across this unique style of marketing but personally, I believe providing accurate information to clients will increase the credibility of the clinic.

21 October, 2007

here's another internet marketing blog

All of us have some blogs we will visiting on a regular basis to keep us updated on topics of our interests, whether it's updates and news of shopping, technology, gadgets, travel, recreation, sports, health or internet marketing. Lately, I have been so swamped with work that I hardly blog walk like I used to. But today, I had the pleasure of discovering an internet marketing blog which focuses on internet marketing news, tips and information. As always, I like to find out the author/s of the blog before reading on.

Allinanchor.com is maintained by the team of internet marketing experts at Active Internet Marketing whose services include online marketing campaigns, total web solutions, SEO and much more. The articles in the blog are geared towards interesting highlights on what's in and around the web which includes but is not limited to internet marketing and SEO. You can read articles on brand management, technology and marketing, which are written in a practical and opinionated light. This is not a blog that lists down the dos and don'ts or long list of tips and guides in internet marketing. In fact, the blog is calling for contributors who have a pool of knowledge to share in internet marketing. But don't worry, you will be paid if your articles are content rich and satisfy the requirements.

So how about taking some time to check out allinanchor.dot.com? If you have a topic to suggest in this internet marketing blog, feel free to drop them a comment. For me, I would love to read some testimonials and experiences of those who have made it or broke it in their internet marketing journey.

how about pigeon forge for your next vacation?

I have heard so much about how pleasant and relaxing a family getaway at Pigeon Forge vacation rentals can be which makes me wanna plan a trip someday. Imagine waking to the views of mountains and the calmness of forest greens. Listen to the sounds of singing birds and have breakfast at your private balcony. Well, these are things you can look forward to in a Pigeon Forge vacation. I believe it'll be great fun for families, honeymooners, big groups and the outdoor lovers. It's great to know that there are so many lovely cabins to choose from with prices that are affordable. So if you need any travel destination ideas for your upcoming break, take a look at Pigeon Forge.

20 October, 2007

what bedroom furniture do you like?

Hmmm... which woman wouldn't want a nice looking bedroom with her favourite contemporary bedroom furniture in the style of her desire?

When we moved into our second hand link house, I wasn't too happy about our bedroom furniture especially the built-in wardrobe. I wanted a walk in wardrobe or a modern sleek finish one with sliding doors. But the existing one was of a light mauve pink that was just not my colour. We had a big argument on that and due to budget constraint, we left the wardrobe as it was.

To make myself happy or rather, to 'upgrade' the look of the wardrobe, I changed all the door knobs to contemporary, matte silver ones which transformed the dull looking wardrobe to a chic one. Instead of spending a big sum of money on a new wardrobe, the new knobs only cost me a fraction of it. This incident has indeed taught me to be creative and versatile. But I would love one of these nice bedroom furniture when we move to a new house next time...

have you heard of colon cleanse?

If you are into health matters, you may have heard of colon cleanse. Colon cleanses are mostly used to remove unwanted toxins from the body, but they can also be used in weight loss. That is why it is sometimes possible to find colon cleanses being referred to as weight loss cleanses.

If you have never tried a colon cleanse before, namely to lose weight, you may be wondering what you should look for in a colon cleanse. If that is the case, you will want to continue reading on.

Perhaps, the most important factor to take into consideration, when looking to buy a colon cleanse or a weight loss cleanse, is safety. It is important that you find a colon cleanse that is safe to use. Colon cleanses and weight loss cleanses are made and sold by a number of different manufacturers and distributors. While many colon and weight loss cleanses do work, you will find that not all do. In fact, there are even some colon cleanses which can put your health at risk. That is why it is important that you review each colon or weight loss cleanse that you are interested in buying.

I want a set of bose speakers?

If you are a big fan of music and quality sound, then I'm sure you'll love to have a set of Bose speakers, don't you? We passed by an AV shop this afternoon and was so impressed with the latest Bose speakers which were sleek, stylish and revolutionary. As with most high quality digital and electronic products, we knew these didn't come cheap. But seriously, if we move into our new place in years to come, I must convince DH to get a set of these awesome speakers for our family room. It's such a great companion for home theaters.

compare rates with last minute accommodation sites

I'm a great believer of online hotel booking. These days, planning a vacation is convenient and made easier with most travel sites going online. Unlike those days, you need to go through the travel agent and accept whatever was presented before you. Now, you can pick and choose from the vast of travel resources out there in the web.

A friend of mine was visiting London couple of months ago and was asking me about which sites to go to for London accommodation. I pointed her to a few reliable ones that were known for good hotel deals and quality service. In fact, I always like to check my hotel rates with a span of online hotel booking sites, including the last minute accommodation sites for our vacation. Do you know that last minute accommodation sites like ratestogo dot com provide attractive deals if you are booking close to your travel dates? If this is the first time you are hearing about them, do check out the site and their cheap hotel deals. I booked a few of our accommodations from ratestogo dot com during our first New Zealand trip in 2004.

Remember to bookmark it for your next vacation.

exercise on the rebounder

I can bet many people don't have a regular exercise routine. When I say 'regular', I mean doing it consistently on a weekly basis, not one every two weeks or once a blue moon. My DH is one discipline guy who exercises every morning without fail - rain or shine. He usually starts with a 15 minutes on the rebounder, as seen on tv. I cannot tell you how easy it is to exercise with a rebounder. And all you need is 10 - 20 minutes a day and you are doing your heart and waist a great favour. Do you know that this is easier on the knees compared to jogging?

silk trees that look real

Not many people who having real plants and flowers in the home for good reasons. They may be allergic to flower pollens or may not have the time for regular care and maintenance. One of the best ways is to get these silk trees who look as good as real, only without the need for watering and fertilizing. In other words, it save you time and money :) They are nice decorating plants for homes, special occasions, gifts and even in offices. Besides, they are almost maintenance free!

my brenda cheah's semi precious stone necklace

Okie dokie... these are some photos of my new splurge at Isetan today. Brenda Cheah is a talented and creative Singaporean designer who uses semi-precious stones for her exclusive jewelry. What I like about her jewelry is versatility. You can wear it many ways with different outfit. I just found out that the collection sold here is cheaper than Singapore. The difference lies in the material used for the necklace. She uses semi precious beads for the Singapore collection but in Malaysia, leather and silk ribbon are used. Personally, I'll go for the leather or ribbon ones over the beaded necklace for the big difference in price! It's almost dollar to dollar so why not? In Malaysia, her jewelry is sold exclusively in Isetan stores and in Singapore, in Takashimaya.

I went to The Gardens!

Sometimes men don't understand that it's the little things that make women happy :) DH came to me and suggested that we visit the new mall in town - The Gardens. Oh well, I have heard much about it and so when he said that, I was overjoyed! I got myself ready and we were all set to go there for lunch.

As usual, I couldn't do much shopping cos I was out with a non-shopper guy and an active/restless toddler but it was nice to check the place out for future visits! We had lunch in Sushi Zanmai, a similar management as Sushi Tei in Singapore and proceeded to check out the shops. The Gardens is designed with a more upmarket crowd in mind and you can tell it from the interiors, use of materials, colours, style and retail stores. There are some of my favourites - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mossimo Duti, Brenda Cheah semi precious jewelry in Isetan and other new ones. I couldn't resist Brenda's works and was glad to see that the prices were half of Singapore's. So after trying out a few, I still settled for a yellow jade one which I had been considering for a while.

I'll be posting few pictures soon!

i wanna go las vegas!

Now that I can't fulfill my desire to visit Las Vegas, I'm hoping to squeeze a short getaway during the week in LA. It will be great to witness the bout of changes in the city of Las Vegas, checking out the new hotels and malls and stay a couple of nights at Imperial Palace Las Vegas. I suppose it's hard to convince someone who doesn't enjoy long distance driving to take a a 5-hours trip... or maybe he may still change his mind about that... I'm still hoping!

19 October, 2007

check out these creative greeting cards

I cannot shake off the designer vibes in me. Whenever I see attractive and creative greeting cards and stationery, I'll buy and keep them. There are heap of nice greeting cards online store like beeyondpaper dot com but many of them do not ship the cards outside the US :( I can spend hours browsing through every category and card and not get tired of it. I always end up with a stack of cards and nice stationery whenever I travel. They can be artistic wrappers, cards, promotional pens, note books or paper craft, I just love collecting them! Here are some nice ones from beeyondpaper dot com:

God gave me a miracle!

You know, I've been praying for a miracle the last few days. My Image Asset Management Workshop is happening next Wednesday and Thursday yet I had only six participants as of yesterday morning. I was down and desperate and was on the brink of cancelling the event. I told the hotel to give me till 3pm to confirm my decision and was still believing that my miracle would come. At 2plus, the phone rang and the HR dept of a MNC sent me an email to register four participants. I was overjoyed! God heard my prayer and I had my miracle!

I was so happy that I called my speaker to let her know that situation and she was gracious to agree to the workshop. Usually, she would travel only at 15 - 20 pax so this is an exception! I am so thankful and still believing that we'll have at least 12 sign ups by Monday... I still have Monday!

All Glory be to God!

the ingredient of passion

I always believe that in whatever you do, the ingredient of passion makes a world of difference to your experience. For me, I love traveling so when it comes to planning for a trip, I'll be enthusiastic in doing my travel research and working on the itinerary. As for DH, he's passionate about trading options so he'll dedicate some time in the morning to practice his options trading skills - everyday! I admire him for his commitment and in fact, he is currently in a Options Trading Challenge, organized by Freely. For once, he's sleeping only at 4am as the trading challenge starts at 9pm and ends at 4am. One thing for sure - he won't do if he hasn't got the passion. It says it all :)

the beauty of teak garden furniture

Since we are on the topic of furniture, let's take a look at teak garden furniture. Basically, teak garden furniture is made from the teak tree found in the tropical region of Javanese. Manufacturers of these teak outdoor garden furniture purchase their teakwood from farming companies that practice environmental harvesting. The cut trees are replace by newly planted trees, so that the chance of teak trees becoming obsolete will not be a reality of the future. The teak trees will be growing for generations to come.

So why do people choose teak benches or teak tables for their gardens or their homes? It all lies in the beautiful, bright golden color that will hold its beauty over time.

Teak garden furniture requires very little cleaning to maintain its beauty. The strength and durability of the furniture will withstand the weather extremely well. The natural oils in the wood help preserve its natural beauty and no additional oils are needed. The designs found at Teakwood Patio Furniture are simple and elegant. Yet it is made to be strong and sturdy which will last for many generations.

18 October, 2007

treasure every moment with your child

My little boy is keeping himself busy with his toy train set and new magnetic puzzle as we occupy ourselves with work in our home office. Sometimes I feel guilty about leaving him alone to play by himself but there's really no choice cos mommy got to work. Kids grow so fast and in no time, he'll be buying his own college football tickets and hanging out with his teenage friends. For now, I'll treasure every moment I have with him before time passes us by...

resources on stunning fashion jewelry

As usual, I am surfing the web for more resources on fashion jewelry websites and shopping portals. The thing is the internet is a real cool place to get updated fashion news at the lowest cost. Along the way, I tend to end up with some online purchases from these new found sites. Otherwise, they are definitely better than buying fashion magazines in the news stand. I found another great shopping site for handcrafted jewelry. Apparently, you can even start a home based business selling these stunning jewelry pieces. Anyone keen on that, click on the above link for more information. For more, here are some lovely handcrafted jewelry samples:

truck accident lawyer helps family

Following from my previous post on Truck Accident Lawyers California, I just read a touching testimonial of a family who had received legal assistance from a Truck Accident Lawyer who filed a lawsuit on their behalf for the wrongful death of their beloved son. From the letter, I could gather that the importance of finding the right attorney to handle such sensitive cases due to the many complexities involved.

I believe many families have suffered in silence when a loved one is met with a truck accident. Sometimes the grief can be so great that the family members are too loss to seek help to litigate their case. We can't stop truck accidents from taking place but we can stand up to the matter so that these people who are responsible for the accidents be exposed. They could be causing more casualties on the road if left to continue in their wrongful acts. Truck accidents are commonly caused by poor maintenance of the vehicle, driver's carelessness, speeding, supervision negligence and other vehicle flaws.

17 October, 2007

highlight on Truck Accident Attorneys Los Angeles

It disturbs me whenever I see heavy trucks speeding on the roads. In all honesty, I'm not concerned about the truck drivers but the other motorists on the road. Sometimes, I think a heavier penalty should be imposed on these irresponsible drivers who drive at high speeds without sparing a thought for others. It is dangerous and hazardous. There have been so many truck accidents on the road yet these truck drivers are oblivious at the fatalities.

I believe the team of Truck Accident Attorneys Los Angeles must have seen and handled enough truck accident cases to tell us that most of these accidents are caused by carelessness and negligence of the driver. These attorneys are experienced in seeking compensation for their clients from wrongful injuries and deaths against errant truck drivers and their companies. Apart from this, the company also has a team of Plane Crash Attorneys Los Angeles to assist victims who suffered from aviation accidents.

Clayton's birthday celebration

Not sure if this is a tradition among children in nursery but Clayton has been receiving birthday favours from his classmates. As a result of that, I was obligated to prepare birthday favours for his classmates in school too. I didn't think it was nice to prepare junk food or candy favors so I got each of them a colourful notepad. Clayton celebrated his birthday in class with his teacher (video coming up) and I was surprised that daddy bought him a train set from Pasar malam!

don't forget about the groomsmen

It's been a long time since I last attended a wedding. At my age, most of friends are either married or are parents to one or more kids. But in the next few months, I will be invited to three weddings! Usually, the bride takes centrestage in a wedding ceremony with more detailed preparation compared to the groom. And most people will agree that most of the expenses will be used on the bride's gown and her accessories other than the venue and dinner celebration. Sometimes, every focus is placed on the bride and her bridesmaid that the groomsmen gift can be overlooked. Perhaps a pair of nice cuff links can make a great gift idea for the groomsmen or otherwise, a nice tie may do the job.

do you wanna be a voice over talent?

Some people are blessed with good voices while others find it hard to even hum a tune. And if you have good voices or should I say, can express yourself by using different tonal values, you may like to consider a voice over talent job. Having said that, this is not an easy task unless you have the passion and talent for the task. But if you do have it, voice over talents are high in demand with advertising and production houses. A good voice over talent can make you laugh, cry and induce excitement or curiosity. Besides, you may be able to speak clearly since your voice is the main communication medium. It can convert a sale, increase interest and lure someone to take action - it's that powerful! If you are looking for a professional and affordable voice over talent, check out the website of doncapone dot com. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, listen to the voice demos of Don Capone and everything else will be self-explanatory.

Welcome Home - a one-stop UK home buying guide

Finding a home of your dream can be a daunting task especially if you don't have a good source of reference. When my ex-student got married to the man of her dreams, she had to move to London to start a new life as he was an eye surgeon in a local hospital in the UK. According to her, property prices in UK are exorbitant and it takes time to find the right house for the price to suit your budget. Those who are planning to settle in UK should check out Welcome Home, a one-stop resource site which features properties in most parts of UK, real estate agents, detailed information of flats and houses plus interactive maps and valuable reviews.

In other words, you can be looking for properties in Cardiff or flats in Liverpool, the smart search features at Welcome Home brings you to a review of the area, allows you to enter your budget and preferences and brings you to the potential listings. Whether you are planning to looking for flats to buy in Glasgow or houses to rent in Kent, the site presents all the necessary information to help you find the perfect house. I find the "News and Guides" very useful for those who want to keep themselves abreast of property news in the UK area. If you prefer, you can request to be contacted by a real estate agent who can help to address your specific needs in locating a property.

Check out the list of guides to help you make careful selection in your house hunting process - great for all home buyers - first timer or experienced.

request for free beauty samples

Have you heard of free beauty samples before? If you have, have you been requesting them whenever you come across free sample offers? I had :) If you haven't, you may want to think about doing so, as there are a number of benefits to requesting free beauty samples.

One of the many benefits of requesting free beauty samples is that they are free (LOL). Many times, you don't even have to pay for the cost of shipping. When you look at it that way, what do you have to lose by requesting free beauty samples? In the past one month, I have been receiving free samples of mineral makeup and it's been a wonderful experience for me testing out which one works for me and which ones are not suitable.

Requesting for free samples helps to avoid making wrong decisions on your purchases. In other words, it saves you money in the long run.

still hunting skincare for my pigmented skin

I'm continuing my search for treatment products for my pigmented skin again. In the last ten years, I have spent a substantial amount of money on 'revolutionary' products that claimed to arrest pigmentation and brown spots but unfortunately, the results delivered just led to continue my research. Whatever new products that were highlighted in the media news, I would check them out and if they were 'safe' for the skin, I'd give them a go.

Two months ago, I spent another few hundred buying two products that promised to lighten the pigmented areas and offer luminosity. Sadly, I might have to stop soon. In the skincare marketplace, there are some very expensive labels that have launched their range of whitening products. The one that I have been thinking about trying is the exorbitant La Mer but without sufficient positive reviews, I am hesitant to part with my money.

This is the second time I have heard about ORIKI Cosmeceuticals, who specializes on skincare for Asian, Mediterranean and other Olive (AMO) skin types. A check on their product range and prices stirs within me the desire to give the whitening products a go. Since they are formulated with AMO skin in mind, the ingredients are geared to help with anyone with the skin tone base. What I probably like to do is to see if I can get some samples to try it on first before deciding on which products can help with my pigmented skin. Maybe you would like to check it out first if you share the same predicament as me.

rose colour and its meaning

The color of a rose can certainly be interpreted than the thought you intended. To ensure that your love (or friend) understands what the roses you are sending mean, follow the guide below so you can be sure of no misinterpreted gestures.

Orange - enthusiasm, desire and fascination

Lavender - love at first sight

Coral - desire

Pale Peach - modesty

Peach - appreciation, closing of the deal, lets get together, sincerity

Red and Yellow - jovial and happy feelings

Red and White - given together these signify unity

Yellow with Red Tip - friendship, falling in love

Yellow - Joy, gladness, friendship, delight, promise of a new beginning, welcome back, remember me, jealousy

Light Pink - admiration, sympathy, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy, sweetness

Dark Pink - appreciation, gratitude, thank-you

Pink - appreciation, thank-you, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gentleness, please believe me

White (Bridal) - happy love

White - purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverance,humilty, youthfulness, I am worthy of you, Heavenly

Deep Burgundy - unconscious beauty

Red (single) - I love you

Red Dark - unconscious beauty

Red - love, beauty, courage and respect, romantic love, congratulations, I love you, job well done, sincere love, respect, courage and passion

Single in any Color - simplicity, gratitude

Red Rosebud - symbolic of purity and loveliness

White Rosebud - symbolic of girlhood

Thornless Rose - love at first sight

when I got my no medical exam life insurance

I must admit that I used to be one of those who shunned insurance agents for the fear that they would pressurize me to buy a policy. It was hard for me to understand why I needed a life insurance policy at that time. You can't blame me as I was only in my early 20s then and it was hard to part 10% of my salary to paying insurance. I wanted all for my own pleasures and indulgences!

But things changed as I grew older and I understood the need for a no medical exam life insurance policy. Finally, I bought mine and even purchased one for my mom. It was tough convincing her to get one too! It took me some time to convince her on why she needed a Senior Life insurance at that time. Looking back, I wished I had bought my policy earlier since it would be 'cheaper' and the cash value would be higher too. Anyways, I'm still glad I made the decision to get mine... what about you?

16 October, 2007

your personal injury attorney resource

Generally, Asians are less vocal compared to people in the west, so much so that even when it comes to taking legal action. I have read about countless incidents where victims of accidents are left to nurse their wounds and undertake their own treatment costs when the faults do not lie on them. Instead of suffering in silence, the victim should appoint an experienced personal injury attorney for legal advice and assistance. In any case, the victim can check out An Attorney For You to search for the right personal injury attorney. This is a one stop place to submit your case to various legal firms where you can make a personal comparison before appointing the right lawyer. You may also like to check out the glossary of legal firms and advisors for specific concerns.

how do you spell 'mortgage calculator'?

I thought this is a smart strategy by Mortgage Calculator and Rates who designed a page specifically to cater to those who misspelled the term 'Mortgage Calculator'. It happens to all of us sometimes - we enter a word in the search engine and receive weird results, only to find out that you have entered a wrong search keyword.

Take for example, many people have spelled it as Morgage Calculator or Mortgage Calclater and these incorrect spellings will land them to undesired results. With this in mind, mortgagecalculatorsandrates dot com has done something very clever to reach its target customers. In other words, whether you enter morgage calaculator or mortgage calclater, you will still get to the correct website. While this effort is not made to make fun of those who misspelled the term but to 'alert' search engines to redirect the wrongly spelled words to the website. In this manner, those who are searching for Mortgage Payment Calculator will have their objectives met too.

Happy Birthday, son

Three years ago, this boy came and my life was changed completely! Today, Clayton turns three - how fast! As a mom, I see the growing phases of my boy and it warms my heart to see him developing to an active and adorable toddler. I am thankful for his wit, intelligence and sensitivity. He has brought much joy and cheer to our hearts... this is his first present from his Mandarin class teacher. Oh, we had given ours to him last week! No, we won't be having a big do, it's just not our style but he'll be having a little cake with his classmates this afternoon.

Happy Birthday, son.... more posts coming up to celebrate Clayton's third birthday!

swimming pool tile makes a difference

Most kids love to hang around in the swimming pools. I guess water by itself is therapeutic and even kids are subtly drawn to water attractions and water play! Sometimes, it's the swimming pool tile flooring that attract both adults and children alike. Usually, bright coloured mosaic tiles are used to create the 'oceanic' feel with some commercial properties having patterned ones to display creativity and uniqueness.

I have witnessed many old private condos with ugly swimming pools which need serious upgrading. Actually, what these pools need is to find an expert in swimming pool resurfacing to model and give it a new look. These days, the creation options to re-designing pools are without limits. By adding pebbles, new plastering or merely changing swimming tiles, the pools can obtain a new character and style with remodeling experts. My personal theory is that if you have a pool in the property, you should put in the effort to maintain it. Otherwise, it's better not to have it in the first place.

colloidal silver as an antibiotic

Colloidal silver’s reputation as an exceptional antibiotic and antiseptic is very impressive. It is said to treat just any form of diseases or illness: from viral induced conditions like leukemia, herpes, influenza, hepatitis, yeast infection to non viral diseases such as fatigue and arthritis. Yes, the use of colloidal silver to kill microorganisms is well established but some research has reminded users not to bet on it to defeat full blown infections and diseases. While it can eliminate most pathogens effectively than conventional antibiotics, other causes for the disease will have to treated by other medications.

So how does colloidal silver act as an antibiotic and antiseptic? What the solution does is simple; pathogens and just any other microorganisms that come in contact with the colloidal silver will suffocate. The colloidal silver will dissolve the oxygen metabolizing enzyme found in most primitive organisms, a process similar to an electrochemical reaction. That makes it effective to most known bacteria, unlike some antibiotics. What's good to know is that there are no toxic manifestations with colloidal silver, no irritations and no side effects so buy your first dose of colloidal silver and parasites will be the least of your worries.

15 October, 2007

clayton plays golf!

It's amazing how fast children learns things and how their little minds absorb information. Clayton has been watching Playhouse Disney and lately, there are snippets of recreation features showing children learning how to play golf and football. He has a stick at home that resembles a golf club so he would start hitting his golf balls at home. Daddy promises to buy a real one for him someday. Who knows, he may become a pro someday! Today is a day of family fun at the new Pavilion mall in town.. more reports coming up!

let's go shopping for women's boots!

Anyone into boots? I can't tell you how cool they look with the right outfit and believe it or not, boots project a classy appearance - elegant, stylish and bold! I got my first pair of RM Williams boots when I picked up horse riding and since then, I had four pairs added to my boots collection. Other than giving an attractive visual appeal, a good pair of boots are great to keep feet and legs warm during those cool winter days.

Women's boots come in various styles and designs to suit an outfit for different occasions - knee length, calf length and ankle length, and for the heels, you have stilettos, Cuban heels, block heels or high heel wedges. Do not assume that any kind of boots can look good with every outfit. Personally, I have found knee high boots to look great with skinny jeans, short skirts, shorts and even formal suits. Ankle length ones are usually better with jeans or pants but never with short dresses or skirts. These days, boots are no longer restricted to the black and brown even though these colours are 'safe' enough to be used with any outfit colours. Get bold with rich and vivid colours - pink, red, purple, green, blue and metallic.

Something like this pair of women's boots by Chinese Laundry is elegant and professional with skirts or suits (see above). For a more casual and chic look, this pair of brown MIA Candida women's boots below is stylish with a nice weekend dress, neat shorts or denim skirts. Made of genuine leather, the MIA Candida is a fantastic value at $42.99 at Overstock dot com, when compared to the retail price of $124.95! I love the floral details which give a feminine and trendy look. Overstock dot com has a gorgeous range of women's boots and shoes for all occasions - formal, casual, rugged, fun and party. And if you have a little extra money to splurge, don't give the Dolce and Gabbana and Prada designer boots a miss!

Didn't I tell you that Overstock dot com has all kinds of boots of any occasion? How about looking artistic and cute with On Your Feet Satra Women's Solid Print Rainboots? These ones stand out from the boring black and solid colour ones you see on the streets and the one inch heels offer the extra height to help you walk comfortably.

See, there are so many styles, designs and colours to choose from when it comes to women's boots and it all depends on your personal taste and the occasion you are dressed up for. To buy women's boots at the best and lowest prices, head down to Overstock dot com by clicking on the link in the post.