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19 October, 2007

God gave me a miracle!

You know, I've been praying for a miracle the last few days. My Image Asset Management Workshop is happening next Wednesday and Thursday yet I had only six participants as of yesterday morning. I was down and desperate and was on the brink of cancelling the event. I told the hotel to give me till 3pm to confirm my decision and was still believing that my miracle would come. At 2plus, the phone rang and the HR dept of a MNC sent me an email to register four participants. I was overjoyed! God heard my prayer and I had my miracle!

I was so happy that I called my speaker to let her know that situation and she was gracious to agree to the workshop. Usually, she would travel only at 15 - 20 pax so this is an exception! I am so thankful and still believing that we'll have at least 12 sign ups by Monday... I still have Monday!

All Glory be to God!

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