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28 December, 2009

Work At Home Recalls On Taiwan Trip

After all the traveling, the work at home mom is back home! Though I haven't quite successfully become productive in the home office, I manage to clear up some stuff before the New Year begins.

We had a great time in Taiwan. The farm resorts were an eye opener. What I enjoyed most during the farm resort stay was the organic and natural vegetables we ate at the Bo Yun Farm. Though the room wasn't that modern and the pillows were too soft for my sensitive neck, the memories of the simple pace in Hualien continued to linger.

Taipei city was better than expected. It wasn't the high end shops I was referring to but the night markets were good. After a conversation with a Taiwanese friend, she told me the quality and prices of goods found in most of the night markets were very good. At least, I was assured that I won't be cheated or ripped off like in any China markets! I even bought a pair of Birkenstocks in Dan Shui Lao Jie (old street). It was at least 30% cheaper than what I would pay for in this region.

As we were following a tour itinerary, the journey was tiring despite toilet stops along the way. We visited Yeliu, Hualien, Taipei and were greeted by a bout of cold winds and rain during that week. The bus didn't have any safety harness for kids so I had to watch out for my boy who liked to stand on the seat to watch Shaun the Sheep video.

On the overall, we had alot of fun in Taiwan and the trip had brought nice memories for us. I hope to make another trip before we move end next year and this time, we'll know what to buy and where to go. Now, it's time for the work at home mom to take time to plan for my 2010 goals.

12 December, 2009

Back To The Home Office After Vacation

After two weeks of being away from my home office, I'm back again. For me, it is a good time cos I can get away from the normal routine, even though I fell ill during the trip.

Not too sure why but I'm feeling a need to take a break from things. I want to get out of this country and I'm tired of many things. Slow internet connection, inefficiency, polluted air, to name a few. I feel mentally relieved each time I'm back in my mom's home though I need to bear with her nags and set ways.

This trip, it's not so much of a 'vacation' of shopping and eating but slowing down, taking time to feel comfortable of the place, the lifestyle in down under and my personal sentiments. Clayton was very happy in the bush, roaming about with his butterfly net and chasing Scud among the trees. He misses his cousins in Toowoomba and had a great time with them even though they are a little younger than him.

Some people prefer to go far for vacations, hopping from costa rica to the exclusive islands. But for me, it can be just some peace and quietness in a house tucked in the bush, with only voices of kookaburras. If only there's some rain, the wallabies will be dancing in the bush. But I'm sure I'll see them someday when I revisit the bush again.

So it's now back to the mundane of work, parenting and the regular work flow in the home office. And yes, it's the weekends, time to unpack everything before another packing for our Taiwan trip.

06 December, 2009

Back to Home Office Next Week

It's quite hard to believe but in a twinkle of an eye, my vacation is coming to an end and it's back to the home office in few days' time.

My trip to Brisbane and the Gold Coast has been a great one. Despite some little hiccups on my health, God has been good and the trip has been wonderful. I'm thankful for the good people that God has brought along my way - hubby's cousin, my cousins in toowoomba and my dear friends in Loganholme. They have been great in showing their kindness, thoughtfulness, hospitality and care.

Clayton had a ball of a time in the bush and playing with his cousins in toowoomba. He enjoyed the beach at Gold Coast though it took him a while to warm up to it. The swimming lessons he had been attending had sure granted him some water confidence!

I managed to get connected throughout the trip. The internet connection in Australia is at an amazing speed of 54 Mb! No worries on downloading and uploading at all. I only wish my home office has got a speed half of this! Becos I had my netbook, I don't need to use the industrial computer or lobby computer at the hotel in broadbeach. Getting connected is affordable and easy at the Gold Coast. Only thing was, we didn't have a car so local bus was what we traveled with. They were very reliable I must say and the drivers were ever so helpful and patience with questions.

Well, they say 'all good things must come to an end'. I know the vacation is ending but I know it has done enough to get me ready for our move next year. By then, a home office will be born... somewhere in Brissy.