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30 April, 2007

To the doctor

I went to the doctor this morning. My close friends know that I respect doctors but hate medications. I suppose I don't like to depend on them and I always wonder what will the hidden side effects of medications. And being a natural health advocate, I prefer the natural remedies. But for the last few months, this allergy of mine has been affecting my sleep and causing me discomforts. So I know that I need to do something about it before it gets worse... it's already getting worse actually.

But the prescription today shocked me. I was asked to take 2 antibiotics tabs twice a day and that antibiotic was expensive - RM6.80 per tab! It's not so much of the money but I'm worried about the strength of the antiobiotic. Anyhow, I told myself that I would be good this time and follow the doc's instructions.

For whatever reason, I wasn't feeling too good after dinner. I threw up and it felt horrible! Oh well, I don't know what is the cause of this vomiting but I'm just going to give myself another day to evaluate the medications...

Do me a kind favour... say a prayer for me ;)

I love winter but...

Somehow, I enjoy countries with four seasons climate. I appreciate the changing seasons and the flexibility in wearing winter clothing and sundress during summertime. Problem is, I have dry skin which can get worse during winter so I often have to find the best moisturizing skincare to avoid flaky and itchy skin.

When the air is dry and the humidity low, it is easy to get sore throats and cracked lips too. I have read in health books that a good humidifier can help to balance the humidity in the room. However, most people dislike the regular maintenance bit which can be time consuming and troublesome. As such, a Hunter carefree humidifiers may be the solution to that, according to a humidifierinformation.com that provides tips on choosing the right humidifier for the house. Some famililes may prefer a whole house humidifier instead of a single room one.

Before deciding on which humidifier is suitable for your family's needs, it is helpful to do your homework and read the reviews of the various models and brands available in the market.

I'm ill

I'm sleep deprived today. Had snippets of sleep throughout the night during to a persistent cough that was causing me discomforts and some slight wheezing.

As usual, I'm given a whole lot of medicine by my regular doctor.. how I hate antibiotics, it's like a never-ended process. Since I'm on antibiotics, I'm taking my regular doses by bifidus to replace the friendly bacteria that is 'destroyed' by the medication.

I need to get well... I must get well... oh yikes... how I hate this cough and this allergy... ARgggrhh!

A hammock for Ray's abode

Couple of weeks ago, I had a great time catching up with my very good friend, Ray who also showed me his cool abode in a colonial house. He had a nice balcony area which I thought would be great to have a relaxing hammock. What a great place to read a book on a nice, cooling evening in a hatteras hammock.

Hatteras hammocks is one of the most popular hammocks in the world. Being a leader in the market, the classic rope hammock has become a symbol of relaxation for families, campers, individuals and holiday makers. These days, hammocks come in all sorts of colours and patterned finishes, materials, with designs that complement your interiors.

Knowing Ray, he is an advocate for quality and trendy products, which means the Hatteras Hammocks would be a perfect choice for him.

I am a featured Supahstar! Yay!!

This morning, I opened my mailbox and was greeted by a nice surprise email from Colleen from Geeky Speaky. I am this week's Supahstar Saturday! Yay!!

Just like to thank Colleen for starting this meme which helps to give us bloggers a little buzz plus some generous link backs from other blogs. Supahstar Saturday features a different blogger every Saturday and if you too like to be featured, find out how at Colleen's post on Supahstar Saturday.

Don't forget to give me some support and hop over to Colleen's!

Find an accountant website

Well, I'm hopeless when it comes to accounting or financial details. That is why we have an accountant to settle all the tax filing documents and company financial reports every year.

There is an interesting accountants website where companies or individuals can go to if they need to find an accountant. Basically, you as a visitor can get four quotes from different accountants by filling in the form and the company will select the right accountant for your needs.

This sounds like a good idea as it is challenging to find a suitable accountant for your accounting needs which includes tax advices, bookkeeping or payroll assistance. This service can also help to generate leads for accountants and get more business in return. Only thing is the registered accountants would need to pay £15 for serious and genuine enquiries. But in the business perspective, this can be seen as marketing or advertising costs, and in this case, you have a professional, dedicated company marketing you to the right target audience.

29 April, 2007

A new room for Clayton -Part 2

OK... today, we put in the new furniture. The room wasn't that big so we didn't have to buy too much at all. DH assembled the shelving unit, the red table and the green chair. After the man had done his part, I was left to do all the packing and reorganizing for the 'special guy' in this house.

I threw out some junk toys and organized his books neatly, put the blocks in one drawer and all vehicles in another. When I was finished, I noticed the excitement in Clayton's eyes. He would pull in and out every drawer, sat around his new area and pulled out his books. At first, he tried to shift his table and chair into our home business, I thought that was funny. He had the idea of playing alongside with us... I was too busy to stop him.

Then DH came into the home office and insisted that he needed to move his table and chair into his own room. Finally, Clayton got the idea. He realized that those are his and that would be his play room.

I don't how successful we will be in keeping him in his playroom but at least, we have done what we should, that is, to organize his room for him. This has been a task DH has procrastinated for the past 2.5 years and I'm so glad that it's achieved.

What a busy weekend!

A new room for Clayton -Part 1

It had been a busy weekend. Our goal for this weekend is to transform the current guest's room into Clayton's room. Was that a tiring task!

We spent a few hours shopping at Ikea for Clayton's table and chair, a set of storage shelves, boxes, a nice activity rug and another shelving unit for the backyard. Once we got home, DH and myself were busy shifting the table out of the room, threw away all the clutter, cleared up the mess and finally, we both got rid of our old computers.

It was very sentimental for me when I discarded my old Macintosh Quadra 650. I bought it in 2001 when I started my own design company and it had served me well for 10 good years! I felt sad about discarding yet I can't keep it in the house to collect dust. I then realized that some old things just gotta go before the new can take its place.

We spent the entire day clearing up and by the time we finished, we were dead beat and were too tired to assemble Clayton's new furniture. I forgot to take a photo of the room before it was cleared :(

So this was Part 1.

Show your video live plus chat and more...

Do you have a webcam? Are you shy about showing your friends or online friends your live video? I'm sure most of us have heard about instant messengers and online chats. Now, you can perform your video 'live' online and your friends can watch you via the web based messenger. Don't worry about having your privacy intruded as you can broadcast only to people you select.

And if meeting new friends online is your game, try the chat room and start a discussion or find like-minded friends. With Person.com, you can now share your webcams, chat and connect with those in the cyberworld.

Do you need a dehumidifier?

All this while, I have thought that I have a sensitive nose and never bother much about checking for allergies. But last year, my blocked nose got so bad that the ENT had confirmed that I had an allergy called Rhinitis of Post-nasal drip.

I just read that excessive humidity can cause the increase of dust mites and that got me worried. I live in a hot climate with relatively high humidity and during those hot seasons, I would try to stay in the air-conditioned room to avoid excessive perspiration.

It often gets worse during those warm nights as the room becomes stuffy and makes me feel uncomfortable. A whole house dehumidifier seems to be a good solution to a good night sleep and my allergy problems. Dehumidifiers are also available in small and portable ones if you live in an apartment or smaller unit.

If you like to know more about dehumidifiers and understand how it can benefit you and your household, visit DehumidifierTips.com where you will also be shown what kind of dehumidifier is suitable for you.

28 April, 2007

Moving to South West Florida

I've heard so much about the warm sunshine at Florida and its idyllic beaches from our cousin who has lived there in the last 2 years. It took them some months to find their desired house after conducting their market research and speaking to experienced builders in the region.

They did their comparison and research by speaking to several Southwest Florida Home Builders, visited many display homes and townhouses before coming to a final decision. From their experiences, South West Florida New Homes was a great site which provided them all the useful information and resources of home builders in the area. The website also covered detailed information of the counties which made it easier for home buyers to know the area better.

And if you are a new home buyer, you can read all about Southwest Florida and get familiarize with the culture, recreation, business oppportunities and healthcare information in the area. This is definitely a great resource site for any new home builder in South West Florida.

Educational toys for children

I'm very selective when it comes to buying toys for Clayton. I mean I've never taken interest in children's toys til I became a mum, and I think it is quite common for most people. These days, I will take time to browse through the toy shop and choose only those which I think will benefit him as a growing boy. For instance, I won't buy a toy pistol or plastic sword for him. Personally, I think this will encourage the onstart of violence especially they are at an ignorant age of understanding the danger of such 'real' devices.

Educational toys are an attraction to me, especially those that help to stimulate and challenge his mental abilities. Personally, I would buy him these fun science kits which encourage his sense of curiosity and are educational by nature. Let's look a couple of these educational toys which I found this morning.

At an age where Clayton's vocabulary is exploding so fast, he's learning about bridges, rivers, rocks, cars, construction vehicles trains...etc. This set of Amazing Bridges will help him understand what bridges are architecturally like and their multi uses. Of course, daddy may need to help with the construction but this is where learning really begins too, when there is interaction from parents.

Another that fancies me is this Space Station Crystal Kit. I love the vivid colours of crystals and what a better way to teach Clayton the language of colours. He can now differentiate the common colours: red, blue, gree, black, white, pink, brown..... so these growing crystals will be exciting for him, especially when he watches them grow!

The crystal kit comes with a CD-ROM which makes it a perfect educational video to teach him the wonders of sparkling crystals.
After all, children love sights, colours, sounds and the awesome sense of touch.

What kind of toys do you buy for your children?

Shopping day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is an exciting day for us! We will be shopping for Clayton's new room! It's about time that this boy gets his own space, does his boy's things in his space and stop messing around in our home office!

Let me see what I'll be adding to the room: a rack for his toys, some new fun, colourful toys, a set of table and chair for him, a cute animal-shaped carpet, a standing easel with a drawing board, boxes for his puzzles and books...

Loving this home business

Allow me to drift back to 2003 when we started our seminar business from home. At that time, DH and myself were still dealing with the debts from our failed restaurant business and we were wearied, disheartened and despondent.

After attending a life motivational seminar in Singapore, I left for Hong Kong for a networking opportunity and that trip was the turning point of our careers, and marks the chapter of our home based business. It was a dream we were desired for a long time but never in our wildest dreams would we think it can come to pass - so fast!

We organized our first event with Ron Kaufman on UP Your Service in 2003 and that marked our success with a record of 1,200 participants packed in the grand ballroom of a hotel. Since, we had been running at least two events a year and to date, we had 8 successful events with top speakers from around the world.

This year, we started exploring someInternet Business Opportunities after attending a couple of Internet Marketing workshops ourselves. As we plan to migrate in a few years' time, we hope to develop multiple streams of income and one of the opportunities would be internet and affiliate marketing. With the internet business, we can continue to enjoy the pleasure of working from home and appreciate this gift of time of full time parenting.

What about you? Do you dream about working from home? If yes, how are you working towards to fulfill this dream of yours?

Cherishing fond memories...

I've been pretty melancholic lately and in between my chores, parenting and blogging moments, I would think about some snippets of the past.

Today, I recalled my first visit to Melbourne 13 years ago, also around this time of the year. That was my first time in down under and I was excited, delighted and almost intoxicated. Added to these positive emotions, I was looking forward to visit my boyfriend (now my 'ex)!

On the second day upon arrival in Melbourne, we drove to Great Ocean Road and if I could recall clearly, it also coincided with his birthday. The twelve apostles were beautiful, awesome and the coastline in Victoria was ruggedly charming. I fell in love with the ocean, the blue waters, bright skies and rolling waves. I remembered that the weather was stormy on that night in Lorne but thank God we made it in his old Mitsubishi Colt.

That trip was my first experience with horse riding and I got addicted since! He got my itinerary all planned and I visited all the nice places, ate all the good food and had the best times of my life. While he attended classes, I would be having a ball of a time in Melbourne Central shopping with Ken Done and RM Williams as my favourite hideouts.

I love St Kilda and the charming Sunday markets. Since that trip, I had been there 5 times (I think) with different company on different trips. But the lovely ocean waters still looked the same each time except that in the last two years, I noticed that the shops had become trendy, the streets buzzing with more life and there are more modern cafes along St Kilda road.

I think I can go on and on... but then, I have to stop somewhere. Those are fond memories of mine and they will stay for the longest time. They remind me of the good times I had with friends, the wonderful moments that linger, and most of all, they remind me of my journey in life and my growth.

Highlight on Las Vegas Vacation Blog

Hey... it's time for another vacation talk here! Let's travel to the city that never sleeps: Las Vegas!

My first trip to Las Vegas was 13 years ago. I could recall the excitement when the tour agent took us for a tour around the grand, luxurious, majestic-looking hotels. I was impressed by the architecture, the grandeur and the beautiful landscape built around the hotels with all the attractions and thematic displays.

If you are thinking of visiting Las Vegas, don't miss this dedicated Las Vegas vacation blog which provides the most comprehensive and detailed information I have ever come across to date. The author takes time to document reviews of most of the Las Vegas hotels and you will also find information of where to shop, eat, play, relax, enjoy, sightsee and win some money!

For me, the detailed information of shopping malls and factory outlets will interest me the most. This is one page I will read up before visiting Las Vegas so that I will hop into the right mall and not waste time on all cos there are just too much activities to keep one busy in Las Vegas, if you know what I mean.

Otherwise, read about the day trips you can take if shopping is not your cup of tea. The author recommends a visit to Laughlin, Mesquite or taking a drive to the California/Nevada border.

These are not all found on the website! To find out more, you ought to visit the blog and read all about it and find what you like.

Kudos to Clayton again :)

Whew... the weekend is coming and I am looking to a time of rest, rest and rest. This has been a busy week with Clayton is the house every afternoon and I am almost pulling out my hair! I wonder where his energy comes from some times!

But I am comforted that he comes back with another box of completed Mandarin cards today. He has, in other words, learnt how to read about 100 Mandarin characters! I couldnt' believe it when I saw those cards... I never know he can read these words!

This just proves to me that a child's mind is like a sponge - it absorbs and it absorbs till the water just kept dripping.... it's amazing! See, I'm not a super mom or one of those 'kiasu' ones... his progress is an encouragement for me but I have never stressed him to learn and master these words. I believe learning should be fun and not be forced.

Looking back, Clayton has been to Baobei for almost 9 months and 300 Mandarin characters, to me, is a real achievement for a 2.5 year old :) Yes, I'm beaming.

27 April, 2007

Solution for CRM

If you are in sales or marketing, you would understand how important customer relationship management really is. Without a proper system to manage your customers database, you will be wasting money in your business development and marketing efforts.

Dispelling the myths of what many business people think about customer relationship management, AIMpromote specializes in making this process a smooth, easy and efficient one. Instead of loading your sales team with the tasks of learning new software and doing things they aren't trained to do, AIMpromote is able to streamline the processes and do all the work in helping your company achieve competitive advantage.

So consider the value of your sales force. Consider AIMpromote for a efficient and successful customer relationship management system.

The Five-Second Rule

Have you heard about the five-second rule? I just read about these interesting findings in Wikipedia this morning and like to share them with you:

"Basically, the five-second rule applies to foods—particularly solid foods—that have fallen to the ground. Normally, customary rules of hygiene dictate that food that has fallen to the ground should be discarded, in order to prevent ingestion of disease-causing agents acquired from the dirty surface. The rule states that if the food is picked up within five seconds, it can still be eaten.

In reality, it is usually safe to eat food from a relatively clean floor. However, the notion that germs from a dirty floor will not reach food for at least five seconds is false. For this purpose, cleanliness is a matter of bacterial or parasitic contamination rather than visible dirt, although the two often go together. For example, sick people attend hospitals, with the result that a hospital floor which has not been decontaminated properly can appear to be relatively clean, while actually being more contaminated than the dirty street outside.

A study on the five-second rule was performed by Jillian Clarke, a high school senior, during a seven-week internship at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2003. Clarke and a doctoral candidate named Meredith Agle took swab samples from various floors around campus. They then looked at the samples under a microscope and discovered that they did not contain significant amounts of bacteria. The conclusion was that in most cases, dry floors would be safe to eat from.

However, Clarke also wanted to test the five-second hypothesis in cases where the floor was known to be contaminated. She therefore spread E. coli on both rough and smooth floor tiles in a laboratory, placed pieces of gummy bears and cookies on the tiles for various amounts of time, and then examined the foods under the microscope. All the foods had a significant amount of bacteria in less than five seconds.

In the course of her research, Clarke also conducted a survey to sample opinion on the five-second rule. She found that seventy percent of women and fifty-six percent of men were familiar with the five-second rule, and most utilized the rule in their decisions to eat food that had fallen on the floor. She also found that women were more likely than men to use the rule, and that cookies and candy were more likely to be picked up than broccoli or cauliflower.

Clarke's work won an Ig Nobel Prize for Public Health in 2004.

The five-second rule was also featured in an episode of the Discovery Channel series MythBusters. The results they got from their tests confirmed Clarke’s findings: time was not a factor when food is exposed to bacteria; even two seconds' exposure is more than enough time to contaminate it."

Dr Hauschka: Organic Skin Care

Well, you can tell that I'm browsing beauty and cosmetics stuff this week...

One of the fine organic skincare products I have used is by Dr Hauschka from Germany.

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care encourages the skin to harmonise and balance itself. The three basic steps to a radiant complexion are:

Cleanse: Daily cleansing is needed to remove impurities.

Tone: Apply a toner or conditioner immediately after cleansing. This helps restore firmness and elasticity.

Moisturise: The Dr.Hauschka moisturisers protect and nourish your skin, helping to regulate the moisture content.

Wanna get started, check out this Daily Face Care Kit (For Oily/Impure or Blemished Skin ) - $26.50 (retail: $28.00):

1x Cleansing Cream 10ml, 1x Clarifying Toner 10ml, 1x Normalizing Day Oil 5ml, 1x Facial Steam Bath 10ml, 1x Cleansing Clay Mask 10ml, 1x Rejuvenating Mask 5ml

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Education on drug treatments

What would our normal reactions be when we hear that someone we know well is a drug addict? Do we shun them or do we show our compassion by thinking of ways to help him?

Education is important as it helps to remove fears, anxieties and over worrying. There are many different types of drug treatment treatments and programs available and the best drug treatment program is one that is chosen appropriately to answer to the needs of the individual involved.

It is not wise to generalize drug rehab treatments as there are different kinds of drug addictions. Other than knowing what these addictions are and understanding the kind of treatments available, one should consult a trained professional to receive the right treatment and be placed in the appropriate drug rehab program.

1800nodrugs.com offers dedicated advice and counselling while connecting these individuals to the these drug rehab programs.

Anna Sui Lip Color Collection

Here's a steal if you are thinking of getting mum a lip color palette for Mother's day.

Retailed at $52, this Anna Sui Lip colour collection is NOW $26! Here's the description:

Lip Color Collection XA ( 5 Color Compact Lipgloss in Anna Sui Cosmetics Bag ) 7.5g

Lip Color Collection XA: Clear White Shimmer, Coral Pink, Rich Berry Shimmer, Sheer Bright Pink, Shimmering Pinky-Nude

Consists of five shades for different makeup effect

Smooth texture & moisturizing

Ensures long wearing & stay true colors

Gives your lips a glossy, charming look

Provides a lip brush for application

Comes with a stylish pouch to carry around

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26 April, 2007

Can't do without broadband

For the last few years, I'm so used to having access to my home broadband that during my last trip to Singapore, I was using a dial-up from a public access computer and it was pathetic.

Loading a page took 'forever' and for the whole time, I was staring blankly on the computer screen, hoping to see the next line of text appearing on the computer screen. Broadband not only has helped to increase my personal productivity but it has 'spoilt' me to the very least. Without broadband, I wouldn't bother watching a digital video or load any high res graphics. It would be time consuming and worse still, it may even crash the system!

Are you 'spoilt' like me?


Hey Ladies,

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Peter Lupus' alive remedy

I'm quite certain that most of us include a certain amount of vitamins and supplements in our daily regimen. Yet, it is important to buy supplements of premium and trusted quality as you need to get your dollar worth.

Health matters interest me and that explains why I run a health blog too. I just came to know about Peter Lupus' alive at www.nutritionsfinest.com which is known for its cleansing, rejuvenation and restoration abilities. With a host of benefits too long to list here, alive is an all-natural product that can counter a list of ailments due to its combination of natural supplements to offer you optimal health and increased body energy.

Find out more at www.nutritionsfinest.com

Sterling Silver Double Heart Pendant

Mother's Day is around the corner so I take the opportunity to go online shopping! I spotted this lovely Sterling Silver Double Heart Pendant at Blue Nile, one of my favourite online jeweler.

3 years ago, I saw a silver charm bracelet at Tiffany going for a price so high that I forgot what now! Then, my DH referred me to Blue Nile and lo and behold, I saw the exact same bracelet (in white gold instead of silver) selling at a fraction of the price... I got my brother in law who was coming back to Malaysia to be the 'courier boy' :)

Back to this heart pendant... the two interconnected hearts dangle from chain with each heart laying nicely and catching the light beautifully. $40 at Blue Nile.

And if you like to shop with some discount off Blue Nile jewelry, I found some coupons which you may like to keep handy.

* This is NOT a sponsored post :)

25 April, 2007

New Web Messenger

Do you chat online? If you do, take note of KoolIM, a new Web Messenger that allows you to connect with the following instant messenger: MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ and GoogleTalk.

With KoolIM, you don't need to install any of the instant messenger application - that's what I like about it. This is useful if you are travelling and have no access to your own laptop or PC. You can then log in to KoolIM and chat with your friends or family members.

Another feature about KoolIM is that it is not blocked by any FireWall server so you can talk to your friends wherever you are, as long as there is an internet connection.


I was introduced to Lifehacker by Tracy during one of our girly luncheons. Being a WAHM of a 2.5 year old active and curious toddler, I have simply no time to keep track with alot of techie and internet news. So I depend on blog walking and conversations like these to learn and share new things.

If you are into Photoshop and like to learn some new tips and tricks, hop over to Lifehacker for the latest post on Photoshop and Image Editing. I'm heading over to check out the 111 free Photoshop Plug-ins from the Plugin site...

Directory for mechanics

If you like to learn about fashion design, you would be checking out the design schools that offer your desired courses. And if being a chef is your dream, then your search will be the best schools offering the culinary skills training you desire.

And if your passion is to be a professional heating and air-conditioning mechanic, the mechanic-school-directory.com will be a great resource stop to find out all about HVAC certification and courses. Besides offering information for HVAC schools, it is a useful directory for anyone in search for an education and profession in various kinds of mechanic training in auto, diesel, aircraft, motorcycle, marine mechanic and welding.

Those who are keen in the above industries can also check on the industry requirements, career expectations and job opportunities in these fields via the comprehensive directory.
AC industries.

24 April, 2007

2nd day of a long break

It's only the 2nd day of Clayton's nursery closure and we are already stressed from screaming our heads out, trying to get our active boy to keep our home office tidy, and stopping him from messing with our laptops.

I can see that he is so bored and at times, he'll be reading by himself and other times, he'll insist that I sit down and draw with him. The above photo is the evidence of the 'fun' he's been having!

I'm trying to keep my cool and be as patient as a mother should be but believe me, it's challenging when I have a list of things to do! DH and myself have decided to do up the extra bedroom so that he can have a space of his own.

Till then, I won't be blog walking that much til Clayton returns to his nursery classes...

Another online shopping site for avid shoppers

Oh wow... another online shopping site for my reference and yours! I simply enjoy online shopping for its convenience and flexibility and most of all, it saves me time. Slingshop, a Shopping Comparison Site Offers Video Reviews while you choose, compare, shop and buy your favourite products.

Find hundreds of categories with thousands of products at Slingshop to offer consumers the best prices online. What I like about it is that you can read reviews, rate and compare products on the a long list of categories such as Babies & Kids, Beauty and Cosmetics, Jewelry, Electronics, Toys, Books and much more. It serves as a great shopping resource and reference site for avid online shoppers like myself.

Investors are checking out on silver coins

I always have a constant argument with my mum about silver and gold. For her, yellow gold is more valuable and silver is not a precious metal at all. Somehow, I have a preference for white gold and silver but I would buy them in the finished form of costume accessories.

The truth is I don't know that silver is in such a high demand that the it has exceeded the annual production of it. Many collectors and investors have bought silver in the form of silver coins for long term investment. Some have regarded precious metals as a better form of investment over currency and it is safer in the midst of political and social instability. While others chose to invest in buying silver coins for its high appreciation and profitability.

Like to find out more about buying silver, check out Monex, which also provides useful resource and information on buying precious metals.

Parenting teens in the 21st century

Being parents of the 21st century is certainly challenging these days. I witnessed it with my own eyes as I thought about my design students who fell between the age group of 16 -15 years old. The rising rate of troubled teens at that age group tend to experience problems related to peer pressure, emotional instability and parental disagreement. At this age where teens fight for independence and freedom of space, they don't like intrusion from parents or guardians into their private lives.

Yet for some parents who seem to be at wit's end in dealing with a troubled teen, some can considered Wilderness Programs For Troubled Teens as an option. It is important to understand the pros and cons before deciding on sending your teen to a program like this as not all may be suited for the programs available.

Parents must also not think that sending a difficult teen to a wilderness program is an easy way out to ease themselves of parental responsibilities or duties. In any case, do consult a counsellor who can assist you in finding the right solution or program for your child.

Challenging week ahead...

Just found out today that Clayton's nursery will be shut til 3 May! This is to prevent the spread of the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease as there have been 3 or more confirmed cases of the disease in the school.

I'm wondering how to get on with my work with Clayton hanging around at home for the next one week or so... we've been so used to working in the afternoons without him. With this change, stress levels may be rising... and I've got a design dateline to meet this week :(

It's definitely not easy being a WAHM... what say you?

Keep your data and emails secure

We need protection for our homes, pets, cars and for that, we'll get a home insurance, pet and car insurance. And for home security, we would consider an alarm system. What about when it comes to the data and emails in our computer, especially those which we like to keep them confidential or away from the eyes of others?

If this has been your concern (it's mine!), check out: "SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP". Many of us store our personal data such as medical records, bank statements, passwords, financial documents in our personal laptops or computers. And for those who share computers with other colleagues in the office, you have private or confidential emails which you may want to keep secure with SecureZIP’s integration with Microsoft Outlook®.

I just downloaded a free version of the software and you can do just the same by logging on to "www.securezip.com". Not only can you keep data secure with SecureZip, it provides the additional features of compression for your files, which is why it is called the 'next generation of ZIP'. This is great for individuals, small businesses or even large corporations due to its versatility and user-friendliness.

Like to know more, try it out yourself through an easy download or find out more at the website.

Can't submit opp!

I'm seriously upset.... I took this opp tonight and when it came to submission, I got this message and this was within 30 minutes of writing. No doubt it was only $5 for the opp but it was the efforts and time I had put in...

What's going on here???

Creative trade show booths

We are in the seminar business for the last 5 years and enjoying every bit of the work, despite the stress during the marketing months. In the last couple of years, DH and myself made the effort to visit exhibitions and trade shows to keep ourselves abreast of the industry and business developments, so that we can understand the trends of the marketplace better.

I was a graphic designer in an exhibition company for my first job which taught me many aspects of trade show booth designs and spatial displays. I worked closely with exhibition designers to come out with graphics for the exhibition walls, lightboxes and display booths. I had fun meddling with 3-D graphics and enjoyed the thrill of seeing my work in live display.

Trade Show Booths are becoming more creative and versatile these days. Depending on your display needs, you can choose from a wide array of designs and most of them can be assembled easily and portable enough to be carried from one trade show to another. This is cheaper than paying a designer to design an one-off exhibition booth which can only be used once, and be discarded once the booth is dismantled.

A Spacestation portable pop-up system is attractive and one of the nicest display booth. Besides being lightweight and portable, you can achieve a different look by adjusting the face panels. Even poster stands come in various creative designs and styles these days. The slide-in frames are useful with the flexibility of re-usage and are easy for self-installation. This is more cost saving than getting your posters custom-framed, in which case, you may not be able to reuse the frame again.

What's often overlook is that a trade show booth with a professional finish can affect the branding and corporate identity of the company. Even the choice of banner stands, poster stands and booth furniture can give your company's image an additional boost! Thus, it is important to choose the right booth to lend the company a good image and impression to the visitors present in the exhibition.

22 April, 2007

Snippets of past, present and...

I've been doing a lot of pondering and reflections lately. I'm not sure if I'm hitting the mid life crisis but my memory bank is working hard, bringing back many thoughts of yesteryears to my mind.

I start to recall snippets of childhood, teenage years, early adulthood... snippets of good days, fun times, happy occasions, love notes, hurting moments, painful memories, shattered dreams, wounded hearts and broken toils.

All of a sudden, I'm sentimental again, pondering over regrets and failures of life. I struggle to balance those negative thoughts with positiveness, gratitude and thankfulness... I am afraid to dwell in them. I am afraid of confusion and pain.

I know I'll never find answers to the many things that happen in my life. Things that make meask, 'Why God? Why did I do the things I did? And why didn't I do the things I should?'

Yet, amidst these confusion, uncertainties, fears, disappointments, pain, hurts and the cloud of negativity hovering over my head, I know there is a Saviour Friend. He is there to hold me, comfort me, accept my mistakes, heal, restore, comfort and love.

In faith, I let Him take His place, show me the way, bring me the comfort and reassure me with His grace. In Him, I find forgiveness, I receive healing. Before Him, I shed those tears, I look up, I move on.

Even if I made the worst mistakes or commit the worst sin in my life today, I know choosing Him as my Saviour Friend is the BEST decision I have made in my life on earth.

With that in place.. I carry on... I hang on.

21 April, 2007

It's a tag on: My Last Post

I was tagged by Shopping Mum on a serious and 'tough' one on My Last Post...

Well, let's assume I know well ahead of time to be prepared for this... so I would like to:

• donate my organs
• ask that DH take good care of Clayton
• tell Clayton I love him and he's the best gift from heaven
• ask Clayton to be a good Christian and love God with all his heart
• tell my mother, brother and DH that I love them and I want to see them in heaven
• invite my mum and brother to know Jesus - He's the truth, the way and the life
• ask my brother to take good care of my mum that she has a happy retirement
• give part of my savings to my mum and charities

• thank these wonderful friends of mine who played such a big part of my life. I want to them to know that I love them and appreciate them: Yarris, Suat, Debra, Tracey, Judy and family, Raymond Lee, Daniel Chua, Dayna, Pas Lim & Pas Marion, Tracy Tan & David, Kim Meng, Eliza & Jason, Shirley & Stan Walker, Bro Cheong & Sis Rock, Rosalind Lo and many others who have been such a blessing to my life, who have loved and accepted me for being me.

• thank all my friends in the blogosphere - you add meaning to my online world

Ok... I'm not sure if anyone likes this tag but if you are tag and you don't like to do the post, I won't be upset... after all, it can be a 'sensitive' post to some :)

Sesame (If you have time, ok?)
Bro Bokjae

How to manage a property efficiently

This afternoon, DH suggested that we checked out a newly launched show house/display home after our lunch with our good friends. We took a tour in two of the properties and were very impressed with the quality finishes and modern designs of the interiors.

The properties were complemented by a spacious garden and park for families and a state-of-the-art clubhouse for the residents. With the sophisticated architecture, I would believe that the property management company should look into the Association Software to allow the property managers to connect efficiently with the residents or homeowners. The software helps to organize and track maintenance requests, build a closer community among home owners via bulletin boards and help foster closer relations between the property manager and the residents.

Most importantly, the property managers can manage these solutions on remote via the Internet.

A nice afternoon with our good friends

We had lunch with Tracy and David at Sao Nam at Plaza Damas this afternoon. We haven't met David since he came back from China so it's nice to meet up since Clayton misses Uncle David.

The food was good, yummy but unfortunately the serving portions didn't please the men. I enjoyed the coconut beef and the tamarind chicken was not too bad.

I kinda like the decor of the restaurant. It is cosy and the raw cement floor finish complements the huge lighting feature... nice place for a quality meal... but I wouldn't recommend for big groups unless you are ready to order more servings. Know what I mean?

Drug detox treatment

I am into Part 5 of my Detox series in my health blog. Do you know that detox is also is number one step to drug addiction recovery? Basically, a drug addict who has been dependent on the use of drugs needs to train the body to stop this dependency and be weaned off drugs. With various methods to drug detox, the natural way would be NewLife Detox where vitamins, minerals, sauna, exercise and other wellness approaches are used.

Sometimes a drug rehab treatment program needs to be followed for those who are addicted to certain drugs such as heroine and cocaine. The program involves counselling and guidance to provide drug addicts the tools to rekindle the confidence to follow the road to recovery.

Technorati Favourites Exchange

Have you heard about the exchange of Technorati Favourites Exchange that is getting popular in the blogosphere initiated by Dosh Dosh? If you haven't and would like to know more, head down to my Technorati Favourites Exchange post at my home office women blog.

And if you are keen to exchange Technorati Faves with me on this blog. Click
Add to Technorati Favorites and drop me a comment with your fave link.

Check out the benefits that tag along with this exchange!

Your Perfect Stop for osCommerce Templates

Wanna know who has the largest osCommerce Template membership site in the internet? I'll tell you in a minute. Not only is it the largest, it offers the best value of a three month membership for only $89 while other companies may be charging a whooping $150 per design. And did I mention that the $89 allow an unlimited download of templates within the 3 months?

This is a perfect bargain for web designers who not only can transfer this good value to their clients but present them with a whole lot of creative templates. Though I'm not a web designer, it is so timely for me as I'm currently planning to start an online store.

I browse through some of the templates and the designs are professional, creative and very nicely done. Check out some of my favourites.

This is only one of the few pretty templates if you are looking at setting up a kids' online store. The bright and happy colours and attractive photos will truly bring delight to your visitors.

And there is this stylish art and photography one which is captivating and dramatic. Don't you just love that sexy body creatively tucked in the feminine tulip?

The focus point on this flower store template draws your visitors literally to the store. All you need is to add your flower photographs and you have a complete store ready to go!

OK... you guys may know I have a shopping blog and I adore shoes! Maybe I may think about an online shoes store in the future and this template may come in handy.

Enough said... before I sign off... the company who offers these fabulous and professional templates? The OsCommerce Cafe, who not only offers great value for 3 months membership, but 6 and also one year... all depending on your needs and preferences.

If you like any of the templates, point it to your web designer and you just do the art direction. It's probably cheaper than designing a template from scratch and what more, you can have the flexibility of launching a couple more stores.

A phone call to cheer me up...

I received a phone call right after the previous post. A good friend read the post and decided to cheer me up via a phone call - I was touched - I didn't expect that - it was a nice surprise.

That reminds me of what friends are for. I don't have many good friends here and sometimes, I do feel lonely. I used to talk a lot more, speak my mind and talk my heart freely to good friends. But, I am not sure if I'm growing older, I just don't that much anymore.

It's still nice to get a call like this - thank you, Dexter. Sorry, I got your honeymoon vacation wrong - it's Italy then Austria...

Choosing a good training provider is crucial

Being a seminar organizer, I'm a strong believer of quality training and continuing education. And when I am particular on choosing a good training provider who is qualified, professional, reliable with proven track records and equipped with top class facilities.

If you are looking for experts in PHP training and PHP mySQL Training, have a look at OTG, which stands for Open Technology Group. Not only do they offer quality training, their courses are well structured and carefully planned to meet their students' objectives of learning.

The "Fly and Learn" training package is one which is unique on its own. This package allows you to enroll in a course with inclusions of hotel accommodation, air travels and rental car, if you prefer. That sounds like a perfect option for anyone looking for good value and a complete all-inclusive learning package.

20 April, 2007

Clayton had two falls...

Clayton had two falls in the last two days - one after another.

1) He was jumping on the bed and I suspected he slipped and fell. I wasn't in the room. All I heard was a loud cry and when I ran to the room, the poor boy was faced down on the floor... he had a blue black near his eyes... I'm so heartsick.

2) I was making an important phone call and was alerted by a loud cry again. He ran into my room with blood around his mouth - I was shocked and scared! What happened!!! I had never seen so much blood on him! I asked DH what happened (he was in the room with Clayton)... he told me Clayton fell from the chair...

Clayton had a cut below his lips and he might have bit his tongue cos I fed him orange in the evening and he kept screaming.

Guess how I felt? His face is looking so bruised these few days.... sob, sob...

Get creative with customized flip flops!

Using sandals or flip flops for fundraising? This must be a cool and creative thought! I've seen people using T-shirts to raise funds for good causes, charities and NGOs but not flip flops.

Bagus has been a specialist in customizing flip flops for companies, associations, schools or individuals for nearly 20 years. With a variety of colours, modern designs and sizes, these flip flops are perfect for corporate gifts, team branding, event giveaways or even fundraising! Imagine organizing a treasure hunt and sponsor the participants with a customized flip flop with your company's logo and brand name - everyone will be walking with your 'brand' around - what a great advertising tool! Many companies have used these flip flops as creative fundraising ideas!

What's unique about Bagus is that the minimum orders can be low and you can be assured of superior service and reliable support. Besides, the order process is simple: just choose your sandal, specify the colours, size, submit your logo and place your order!

Bagus even suggests an innovative way to print your logo - at the sole of the sandal! Though it sounds like a cool idea but some companies may not like their logos to be 'stepped' around... it's just my opinion. But hey, it's your customized flip flop - it's your choice, really.

But know what, I really like those flip flops - they are so trendy, cool, hip and stylish - great for beaches!

Notes of my heart today...

I don't know why but I'm feeling tired today. I feel like my head is spinning and my physical body is weak and frail. Mentally, I struggle to focus and I need to take an extra second to gather my thoughts.

My emotions are all over the place. I'm feeling melancholic. I keep reminding myself to be grateful and thankful. Yet, I am overwhelmed with my inner struggles and pain.

I cannot understand what's going on in my head and heart. I smile with a sense of sadness. I am feeling sentimental while struggling for strength to stay focused on the present.

Maybe I am just tired... Maybe I just need rest. Maybe I need a hug. Or perhaps a reassuring pat on my back. Perhaps I miss a friend... maybe I need sleep.... maybe..

Planning your travel online

In two weeks' time, Dexter will be getting married. I'm so excited for him and his wife-to-be... I'm sure he's so busy with his planning for the big day and his upcoming honeymoon.

They will be touring Italy, Rome and Paris right after their wedding. Knowing Dexter, he's one detailed chap who would do his research thoroughly and plan out his itinerary in details. Initially, he was looking into an all inclusive honeymoon vacation where all accommodation, tours, activities, food and sight-seeing were included in the package. He was hoping that he wouldn't need to worry about 'anything' on his honeymoon so an all inclusive package would be like an ideal choice.

Dexter has done most of his research online and these days, vacation websites are comprehensive with details, photos and information of your travel destination. A travel booking site like Vacations.net offers attractive hotel rates with reviews of real travelers to help you make better decisions in your travel plans.

Like Dexter, I'm one person who can't make any travel plans without digging into my research online. What about you? Do you plan your travel online?

19 April, 2007

The weather is crazy lately!

Oh... it's storming out there tonight. The weather has been quite bad lately - hot and humid one moment, and then, thunderstorms, the next. Due to this 'hot-cold' transitions, many people are vulnerable to respiratory illnesses. I'm thankful that I don't have to get out of the office like some people do, so blessed to work from home.

Hmm... looks like it's a nice night to snooze...

Shoes, shoes, shoes...

I can't resist shoes... especially those I truly adore - for its comforts, designs or simply being unique and different.

I've got 6 pairs of Crocs - 2 Beach, 1 Off Road, 1 Niles, 1 Mary Janes and the most recent addition, a Prima. Don't tell my DH!

I'm that sort of person who can be loyal after a label for a long time. My adoration for Camper shoes is such. I just found out during my last trip to Singapore that the Camper shop is closed for good, I think :(

I'm browsing Camper e-shop again... I smell temptations... my brother in law is coming back from US, he does a good job in being my errand man (*giggles*). Even if you are not a Camper shoe lover like me, you should take a look at their cool website - it's creative, funky, fun and very artistic...

Just to assure you - this is not a sponsored post :)