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30 April, 2007

Find an accountant website

Well, I'm hopeless when it comes to accounting or financial details. That is why we have an accountant to settle all the tax filing documents and company financial reports every year.

There is an interesting accountants website where companies or individuals can go to if they need to find an accountant. Basically, you as a visitor can get four quotes from different accountants by filling in the form and the company will select the right accountant for your needs.

This sounds like a good idea as it is challenging to find a suitable accountant for your accounting needs which includes tax advices, bookkeeping or payroll assistance. This service can also help to generate leads for accountants and get more business in return. Only thing is the registered accountants would need to pay £15 for serious and genuine enquiries. But in the business perspective, this can be seen as marketing or advertising costs, and in this case, you have a professional, dedicated company marketing you to the right target audience.

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