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27 October, 2010

Work at Home Mom Prepares for Brisbane

In a few weeks' time, we'll be heading to a new place and it's going to be a fresh new start for our family. I'll continue to be a work at home mom and hubby is looking forward to grow his mobile marketing business.

Everyone is asking us what we'll be doing business wise and it seems hard for anyone to understand that we can make internet business a real business. After few years of earning money from home via the internet, I know it's possible and it involves hard work too. We have tried many kinds of businesses over the years from MLM to seminar business and we find that the online business is one that will continue its growth.

Just imagine how easy and convenient it is to check information online these days. You can read nutrisystem reviews, find a solution to a health problem or search for friends on the internet! People are reunited and reconnected via Facebook - how amazing!

Many of our friends are looking to visit Brisbane since the Gold Coast is only 40 minutes drive away. Clayton's school books list is out and I'm preparing him for his new placement in COC. For now, I hope that our barang can reach us before his school starts so that we can have a complete home.

A Preference to Be a Work at Home mom

Is working at home considered a luxury? I think it is.I have many stay at home moms but if you ask them truly, they would prefer to work at home than to be a stay at home mom. Sometimes you get too complacent if you stay at home just to parent the kids, do housework and take care of the house, unless you are a mom of few kids.

But it's all up to an individual and for some women, they are governed by lots of circumstances and they can't choose to do what they want. My cousin has to be a stay at home mom cos her husband is often attached to an overseas posting. So she spends most of her time parenting her kids and these days, she's into online shopping. She bought from children's clothing to acne treatment cream and she was telling me how addictive that can be.

It won't be long that we'll be setting up a new home office down under and there'll be some adjustments along the way. As the australian currency continues to soar, we'll need to adjust our budget and I'm glad that our new gold business can take care of our daily needs and expenses.

Finally our seminar with Ron is here today and it's the first time I'm still sitting at home when he's on the stage speaking. Well, the fact that we have a new partner means I shouldn't get too involved and somehow, I feel that the time is right to exit the business. Moving forward, a new city with new work challenges is what I am excited about. But for now, the packing continues...

26 October, 2010

Busy October

The month of October is a full one for me. There was so much going on and looking back at the past few weeks, I realized that I had done so much!

The majority of the work is on the clearing, throwing and packing of the house. After living here for almost 11 years, you can imagine how much we have accumulated. Plus the fact that I'm at work at home mom, there's alot of stuff in the home office. it took us a few days to throw things out. And we are so glad that the junk collectors have been ringing on our doorbell. This means we don't even need to call any trash truck to our place - how nice!

Then I had to organize Clayton's 6th birthday party. He had chosen to have it at the Club at Bukit Utama and this time, he invited quite a few of his school mates. We had a lovely time. The children played all afternoon and everyone loved the Bumble Bee Transformer Cake by Tracey. I was so thankful that his fever had subsided on his birthday celebration as he was down with flu, fever and cough for a few days.

This month, I had some emails requesting for diet pill reviews but I simply have no time to work on them. I think my internet business can only resume when I settle down in Brissy. It's just too much to handle at this moment.

I'm glad that I can still steal some time to finish off my facials at Jurlique and my massage sessions. These are the pampering treats I look forward to. And yes, I've booked myself to a complimentary manicure at La Mer next week! That's what life is all about amidst the busy schedule and tiring days of packing!

Short Updates On Sabah Trip

Oh dear, it's been a really long time since I last wrote. It's been very busy for me - parenting, packing up the house, throwing out what we don't need and earning money from home. Time seems to pass so fast everyday... it's just crazy!

I just got back from a short trip in Sabah. It was great seeing an old friend whom I knew for more than 25 years - long time. We had a wonderful time chatting, catching up and eating. Her husband and herself were so gracious in hosting us and it was great to see her grown up girls too!

We stayed for couple of nights at The Magellan Sutera Harbour. It was a great family resort with lots of activities if you have little ones. My boy was too busy in the pool and he enjoyed himself thoroughly. We had wanted to stay at the Shangrila but due to the renovations at the pool area and some public compounds, I didn't think it was a good idea. The Magellan was a great choice and the sea view was nice to have.

I didn't do any shopping during the trip cos the mall was rather pathetic. Then again, I didn't go with any intention to buy anything but to catch up with old friends. My close friend who came along with her boyfriend bought some discount jewelry and souvenirs at the markets and I guessed that was about the only shopping she did.

Now that I'm back in the home office, the packing continues and I just need to get used to the mess in and around the house! Then again, it's just another few weeks to go!

05 October, 2010

Packing and Throwing Out

In the last few days, hubby and myself managed to pack away three boxes of clothing to be given to either the Lifezone or Salvation Army.

Many of the discarded clothing are in very good condition but after sorting out what we should keep and what we shouldn't, we decided that we should only give things that are in good condition. It's no point giving to others what's of no use to them. The thing is, after packing away three boxes, there are still more to give away. I've learned to buy wisely from now on!

My hubby was so efficient in clearing the storeroom yesterday... I was utterly impressed! He did such a good job and now, I'm left with only the little sections to pack and clear. Clayton has been doing a nice job in packing away toys he wants to give away. He is the happiest person in this packing project. This boy is about to celebrate his birthday this Saturday and he's recovering from a fever and cough.

There are a few other errands to take care off before our move. I'd need to list down those important things as DH isn't good in these family affairs. I'll probably leave him to handle some home office start up matters when we settle down in Oz but for now, I won't stress him with details. I'm thankful that the web is providing me lots of useful resource and I can even check out rental properties from where I am. Whether it's NC health insurance or any Australian healthcare info, the web has everything I need at this moment.

I'm glad that things are looking good and the packing continues right until the movers come in to help.

On the Move to Down Under

In two months' time, we should be handing over the keys and by then, everything else should be in the container. I'll then take a break from a work at home mom till we settle down in brissy. The excitement is certainly buillding.

I've been looking at realestate.com.au for rental availabilities while keeping track of rental rates. I'm praying that we'll find a good property before the new year so that we can settle down fast and have our container shipped over.

There've been lots of property seminars and talks going on this year and unfortunately these properties are usually not the cheapest in the marketplace. On the investor point of view, they seem attractive but a real investor should be looking for fire sale or better deals such as Duck foreclosures. Hubby thinks this is not a good time to invest and the prices should correct when there's another interest rate hike.

While buying a property may not be our immediate plan, it's still good to monitor the prices and do our research in the first year. By then, I'll be back as a work at home mom in our new home office and hopefully I can have a work desk facing a bushland, park or a good view.

04 October, 2010

Updates and Updates

The packing has begun and now our house and the home office is showing some mess. For the past couple of weeks, I have been juggling between parenting and work at home plus the major packing for our move.

Somehow, the spring cleaning is enjoyable as I get to throw out some old stuff and rediscover things which I didn't know I have! IT goes to show that there has been much accumulation over the last ten years and it's now time to ditch and start all over. Amidst my very busy schedule, we are spending time with friends over dinners and doing lots of catching up before leaving. It feels like yesterday that I had moved here and in two months, a new journey awaits in down under. I believe that we will enjoy Brissy and the new beginning will be a wonderful one. I am absolutely positive about the change and my heart is all ready to adapt to the new challenges.

Our seminar is leading up in three weeks' time and this is the first time I didn't make any calls to anyone about the program. Over the last six years, I have enjoyed running seminars but somehow, I'm losing the zeal and interest. It's probably because I am ready to pack and leave or it's probably time for a change. For the first time after seven years, I don't liaise with hotels, order any promotional products or talk to any clients. I do enjoy talking to my clients and it's nice to network with different people. But things are different this year!

So much for change and the new journey, I'm praying that Clayton have a speedy recovery and that he's back to his bubbly nature again. It is so tiring when a young child is ill at home....