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27 October, 2010

A Preference to Be a Work at Home mom

Is working at home considered a luxury? I think it is.I have many stay at home moms but if you ask them truly, they would prefer to work at home than to be a stay at home mom. Sometimes you get too complacent if you stay at home just to parent the kids, do housework and take care of the house, unless you are a mom of few kids.

But it's all up to an individual and for some women, they are governed by lots of circumstances and they can't choose to do what they want. My cousin has to be a stay at home mom cos her husband is often attached to an overseas posting. So she spends most of her time parenting her kids and these days, she's into online shopping. She bought from children's clothing to acne treatment cream and she was telling me how addictive that can be.

It won't be long that we'll be setting up a new home office down under and there'll be some adjustments along the way. As the australian currency continues to soar, we'll need to adjust our budget and I'm glad that our new gold business can take care of our daily needs and expenses.

Finally our seminar with Ron is here today and it's the first time I'm still sitting at home when he's on the stage speaking. Well, the fact that we have a new partner means I shouldn't get too involved and somehow, I feel that the time is right to exit the business. Moving forward, a new city with new work challenges is what I am excited about. But for now, the packing continues...

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