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27 October, 2010

Work at Home Mom Prepares for Brisbane

In a few weeks' time, we'll be heading to a new place and it's going to be a fresh new start for our family. I'll continue to be a work at home mom and hubby is looking forward to grow his mobile marketing business.

Everyone is asking us what we'll be doing business wise and it seems hard for anyone to understand that we can make internet business a real business. After few years of earning money from home via the internet, I know it's possible and it involves hard work too. We have tried many kinds of businesses over the years from MLM to seminar business and we find that the online business is one that will continue its growth.

Just imagine how easy and convenient it is to check information online these days. You can read nutrisystem reviews, find a solution to a health problem or search for friends on the internet! People are reunited and reconnected via Facebook - how amazing!

Many of our friends are looking to visit Brisbane since the Gold Coast is only 40 minutes drive away. Clayton's school books list is out and I'm preparing him for his new placement in COC. For now, I hope that our barang can reach us before his school starts so that we can have a complete home.

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