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29 June, 2006

First Session with Stephen Pierce Coaching Club

This is the first Internet coaching session I have signed up for and I am excited.

I suppose it's good to learn new things and experience new learning curves no matter how young/old you may be.

I used to be really turned off by computer programming stuff such as HTML but somehow, this fear was overcome when I put our NZ website together - thanks to Alex who 'forsook' the project - ha ha.

It's been rewarding knowing that we now have a website, other than our company's site which is so basic. (Oops.. where are my designer's values?)

And I know there are more to come as we advanced our learning in the world of Internet Marketing.

Alex is the hardworking one when it comes to research, reading and idea generating... I'm (being a designer) still lose my enthusiasm when there are too much reading, maybe I did too much reading during my postgraduate.

Well, it's going to be another exciting weekend ahead - I'm going back to my hometown - Singapore!

We know for certain that our internet marketing journey will be clearer after this weekend - Stuart, are you reading this?

28 June, 2006

Internet Marketing

I just finished reading Stuart's Day One e-Course. I'm not one who like to read from the computer screen... how it makes me eyes go blurry...

This time, I finished the article and it was truly worth my time.

I learnt a little more about this Internet Marketing hype and most importantly, I am inspired to learn and master this skill.

Stuart is one person I truly respect tho' our time spent together is short. I barely knew him (in person) until his last trip to KL... it's like meeting an old friend when I saw him at the Internet Wealth Code seminar.

Since, I'm learning a little more from him each time I talked to him - thank God for MSN.

This is one terrific guy who picks up this skill in such a short time - thanks to NLP.

One thing for sure, Alex and myself will continue to excel our learning in this world of Internet Marketing with him as our coach(to be).

For anyone wanting to find out a little more about Internet Marketing ( you may be a total 'Internet Marketing Dummy) and Stuart will help you in whatever way he can.

Check out: www.internetmarketingsingapore.com

26 June, 2006

Looking Back...

Over the last 3 years, I have the privilege to meet with some top speakers in the world.

It's quite an experience working with these top notch speakers in their respective fields of specialisation.

It all started with meeting Ron Kaufman in Hong Kong during Stealth Wealth (now called Wealth Dynamics Weekend) and boomed... we did a mega event with 1,200 participants!

2004 was another exciting year when we had Jack Trout, one of the legendary marketing strategist speaking for us.

Roger Dawson spoke on Negotiation in 2005 and this year (just few days ago), we had another successful event with another Marketing Guru, Al Ries and his daughter/branding expert, Laura Ries.

Ron is back again for the 4th year and this time around, for 2 events!

I had learnt so much, met so many people and most importantly, grown in leaps being in this business.

Once again, I count my blessings and give thanks.... without Him, we wouldn't be where we are today.

I give thanks.

Photo Shoot

I came to know about Sarah Grasset some time ago but just didn't find the time to arrange for a family photo shoot with her.

I like her candid and artistic style... and when I finally met her 2 weeks ago.. I knew I had made the right decision to engage her for our first family photo shoot...

These are the contact sheets after post production... she's a real pro!

20 months

Oh well, this was supposed to be posted on 16 Oct.. but you know, blogger takes a long time to load these days so I put my notes in Text Edit... anyhow....

Today Clayton turns 20 months.

It's amazing how fast he changes. 2 months ago, I was stressed over his poor eating patterns and today, his favourite is steamed vege (asparagus, broccoli, peas, carrot...) Somehow, he likes greeny stuff - how blessed I am!

I'm really glad that I could feel the little rough edges coming from his upper molar.. finally. The 3 cranky weeks were almost unbearable... thank God for giving me the strength.

One day at a time, the song says.. and looking back, I can't remember those tough and sleepless nites. I could only know he's a real fun and adorable boy. His cheerful countenance is so uplifting.

Lately, I felt guilty spending so much time in front of my iBook... leaving him to doodle his fish and car. Sometimes, all he wants is mama to draw with him and bond with him.

Children are so innocent. They don't pretend, they don't have to. Clayton expresses his frustrations these days when he doesn't get his way - I'm beginning to witness his strong will nature - it must be from me.

It's comforting to get kisses and hugs from him every night.. his gentle sweet 'na-na' just melts me away.

Since last week, he would crawl to the bed and expects papa to pat him to sleep... esp when mama pretends to be asleep.

In no time, he'll be speaking his first Mandarin words - he started Mandarin reading class with Bao Bei last Monday...

His favourite word this week is 'bi-cy-ku'... and 'car-car' is an old favourite.

I never know having a little one can bring so much joy to me, despite those tired days and disturbed nites, I wouldn't trade him for anything this earth offer.

Thank you Lord... for Your Amazing Grace.

23 June, 2006

Beyond Travel...

I just feel like blogging something different today. Anyway, this blog is about Travel and More...

Like most women, I love shoes, fashion, jewelry and nice things!

I spend a fair amount of time surfing and checking out online shops. I also enjoyed researching into travel sites and interesting blogs. Among these, here are some of my favourite ones:

A nice and modern collection of maternity and nursing wear created by a friend of mine, Sharon Ho-Norton.

Some cool jewelry and accessories for the enthusiastic women who loves something exclusive and unique.

If you love vintage and handmade accessories, you gotta check this one! If nothing takes your fancy, the designer-looking site may leave you some inspiration!


This NZ trip site contains superb photos of Glaciers and more... a different experience from us. This travelogue is for the adrenalin seeking individuals who are not travelling with a toddler!

If you plan to travel to KL and need a local's advice of where to pick out, you must not missed Julie's foodie blog. Her photos make you 'drool...'

Purseuing is a blog obsessively covering purses, bags, totes, clutches, and just about anything else you can carry on your shoulder.

If you adore bags, you mustn't miss this!

Oh well, that's it for now...

15 June, 2006


For a continuation of our first NZ trip, go to: www.first-new-zealand-trip.com

Finally, the site is 75% completed. We got our Google Adsense approved - a great start!

There are so much to do. I will be attending an Internet seminar for the next two days... that's step number one to retiring in 5 years' time.

Nothing beats working from home leisurely... that's the plan. Western Australia.. we'll be there!