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28 June, 2006

Internet Marketing

I just finished reading Stuart's Day One e-Course. I'm not one who like to read from the computer screen... how it makes me eyes go blurry...

This time, I finished the article and it was truly worth my time.

I learnt a little more about this Internet Marketing hype and most importantly, I am inspired to learn and master this skill.

Stuart is one person I truly respect tho' our time spent together is short. I barely knew him (in person) until his last trip to KL... it's like meeting an old friend when I saw him at the Internet Wealth Code seminar.

Since, I'm learning a little more from him each time I talked to him - thank God for MSN.

This is one terrific guy who picks up this skill in such a short time - thanks to NLP.

One thing for sure, Alex and myself will continue to excel our learning in this world of Internet Marketing with him as our coach(to be).

For anyone wanting to find out a little more about Internet Marketing ( you may be a total 'Internet Marketing Dummy) and Stuart will help you in whatever way he can.

Check out: www.internetmarketingsingapore.com

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