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31 December, 2008

my goals for 2009

So what are your goals this year? Here are mine:
1) Pick up a pilates class
2) Have a profitable online business that brings in a five figure income
3) Own a property that can bring me a passive income
4) Be a more patient mom
5) Be more supportive towards my other half
6) Clean the fridge once every two months!
7) Communicate better with my mom
8) Pick up a new skill
9) Buy less and save more!
10) Exercise at least twice a week!
11) Organize my financial portfolio and home office area
12) Improve my photography skills

We cleaned up the fridge this afternoon. It was good to throw lots of expired stuff away though I would throw more if I was the only one doing the cleaning. For whatever reason, DH loves to keep old stuff including chocolates that expired two years ago? I suspect they will still be there by year end though he claimed he would eat them!

Perhaps the flooring of our guest's room needs fixing. Or maybe we need a Delta faucet for the backyard. We sure need a new sliding gate - it has been squeaking for a long time.

Oh yes! I need to sleep more and get a detox done too in 2009!

Have a blessed New Year and a happy one.

30 December, 2008

it's a year of blessings

I can hardly believe that 2008 is coming to an end and in less than 2 days' time, we are into a new year. I haven't been listing down any goals like last year but there are a few things that I'd like to achieve in 2009. Looking back, I'm once again thankful to God for a blessed year and for being there amidst the storms and trials of life. Life is never a bed of roses but it's comforting to know that we can still smell the roses if we still believe in them.

I just did a quick greeting a while ago for some close family members and friends. These pictures remind me of God's faithfulness and His unconditional love. Be hopeful in the new year!

28 December, 2008

move forward into 2009 with courage and enthusiasm

Christmas is over and in a few days' time, we are into a new year. It's a new era, a new beginning for many of us, a new set of goals, new dreams, new ambitions, new resolutions...etc.

I believe many are looking forward to the new year though we are armed with much caution with the current bleak economic outlook. But whatever the papers, the financial magazines, the experts or the professionals are saying about what will happen in 2009, let's move forward with courage, enthusiasm, optimism, joy and hope.

If 2008 has not turned out the way you like it to be, don't be disheartened. Life is about learning and renewing, keep counting your blessings and smile through the hard and good times, tough and happy moments. Put the past behind you and be renewed for a greater year ahead.

26 December, 2008

missing cool winters

Looking over the vacation pictures make me miss the wonderful times we had in tokyo and hakone - it was very nice.

While we were traveling around in tokyo, I was rather concerned if the hotels would provide electric blanket during winter. Interestingly, unlike australia, most hotels in Japan do not provide electric blanket or heated beds. But what you would find is central floor heating so that you can feel nice and warm in the room during winter time. I believe those of us who live in a tropical climate can hardly understand what it's like to have heated floors cos what we really want is floors with special coolers!

Speaking of the weather, I'm missing the cool december climate we used to have here. The effects of global warming is more real than we can imagine! I really hope I can spend another cool winter next December... now, I wonder where I'll be heading!

24 December, 2008

have a blessed christmas filled with great things

So what is your gift wish this Christmas? An unlocked phone from Apple? A new Nikon D90 DSLR camera? A shopping voucher from your favourite online store? A designer or luxury bag from Gucci or LV or just wishing for the gift of love and peace to flood your hearts?

In the midst of my domestic turmoil and stress, I find myself seeking for a peaceful way to end the year and a joyful and purposeful way to greet the new year. While I have many goals and dreams that were left unfulfilled in 2008, I'm listing them down for 2009. Looking back, it's still a great year of blessings and I can't be more thankful to the Almighty for His daily providence and abundant grace.

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas filled with new hopes, dreams and great things for the new year.

23 December, 2008

a nice break in Singapore

It wasn't blissful since I had been home from our family vacation. Domestic issues were tiring me and I had to escape to Singapore for a break.

Being home to feel the Christmas spirit is always nice though I wish I can spend Christmas in Singapore next year. I had my hair highlighted in purple streaks which I almost asked for a tone down the next day cos I wasn't used to looking so hip and purple has never been my best color! But then I realized that life is about trying new things so why not give it a chance? So, I have purple hair this Christmas, a new pair of Markus T glasses and a few alldressedup tops which were going for half the price.

Though it's a quiet Christmas at home as usual, it is a good time to reflect on the year's blessings and get myself ready for 2009.

19 December, 2008

reminiscing Hakone Ginyu

I posted another video taken at our favourite ryokan in Hakone - Hakone Ginyu... the autumn leaves and scenery was just magnificent. I find myself reminiscing the wonderful moments spent in Hakone Ginyu once again...

18 December, 2008

our family trip in Hakone

I managed to upload a few videos of our family vacation. There are many small video recorded throughout the trip that my hard disk has literally no space to store all of them. Here are a few for your eyes taken in Hakone Japan...

13 December, 2008

Autumn leaves in Japan

It's amazing that three weeks have passed and I'm now back in KL. Am I excited to be back? Definitely not! On one hand, I miss being home and on the other, I don't like to be back dealing with domestic issues.

The best times of the vacation were spent in Hakone since it was my first experience in a Japanese ryokan. It felt nice to be treated and pampered like a queen. If you are ever thinking of staying in a Japanese style inn or style, Hakone Ginyu is my recommendation. Though it comes with a price tag, the experience is unforgettable and unique. From the moment you stepped into the ryokan to the time you say goodbye, the service is at its very best. What I really liked about Hakone Ginyu is the private hot bath in our room. It was very nice to soak in the hot bath in the cold...

Waking up to autumn leaves and the breathtaking mountain view was an amazing experience. As I am writing about it, I feel my troubles melting away for a while... it is nice to reminisce.

Here are some autumn leaves in Hakone in November 2008... they were beautiful.

09 December, 2008

Night skyline of Kowloon harbour from Hong Kong island

tokyo and osaka

Ask any woman where are the best places to shop in the world and I bet Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, US and even Paris are few of them.

While I was in Tokyo and Osaka, I noticed that there were lots of specialty stores and they were nice to behold. Winter time is a great time to see women in their stylish winter clothing including smart wooly jackets, knee high boots, colourful stockings, winter hats, designer scarves...etc. In face, there are also lots of cool and sexy lingerie stores around and some of them can look very kinky.

Whatever it is, Japan is a great place for those who are designer conscious and it is very hard to believe that the country is officially undergoing a recession. It is still the place where fashion and style thrive in Asia!

missing The Lanson Place hotel

I find myself missing Causeway Bay after staying there for four nights. Plus, The Lanson Place hotel had given us such a wonderful experience that I found it hard to say good bye.... what else do you find a four star hotel with enthusiastic concierge staff which ran to the door to open the door for you each time!

Whether you are heading out for shopping empty handed or going out with your hands full with golf bags, they will be smiling as they run to the door and even apologize if they are too late to do that. Though the room does not have a harbour view, it has made up for the nice and cosy decor and interiors, plus the quality continental breakfast every morning. Have I forgotten to mention that The Lanson Place hotel is conveniently located near Jardine Bazaar where all the good local food is found!

05 December, 2008

celebrating my birthday in hong kong

After 12 nights in Japan, we arrived in HOng KOng on 3 December. We were greeted with a taxi strike at the airport and that wasted some of our time getting to our hotel.

It was a good decision to book a limousine and checking in to The Lanson Place in Hong Kong island - a very nice serviced apartment, also a member of the small luxury hotels. As a member of the SLH, we were upgraded to an executive suite which was nice. It is hard to get a spacious room (about 50 sq metres) in Hong Kong hotels. What more, contemporary fittings and interiors,quality bathroom accessories and fine faucets plus a very nice welcome hamper. I would recommend The Lanson Place Hong Kong to anyone planning to make a trip to Hong Kong!

Well, today is my birthday and I'm so glad to be celebrating it with my DH and lovely son here in Hong Kong. No matter what people say about HK, I really do like Hong Kong. It has a special place in my heart and somehow, it's nice hanging around on the streets and even chilling out in the room. And oh, I even received a birthday cake from The Lanson Place - how sweet!

DH said I could buy anything with his credit card and I am certain he meant it as a joke. But still, he's not complaining too much about my first pair of shoes in Hong Kong and a Prada bag which happened to be on sale :P So, it's another year older for me and I am counting my blessings once again - thank you, Lord.