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31 December, 2008

my goals for 2009

So what are your goals this year? Here are mine:
1) Pick up a pilates class
2) Have a profitable online business that brings in a five figure income
3) Own a property that can bring me a passive income
4) Be a more patient mom
5) Be more supportive towards my other half
6) Clean the fridge once every two months!
7) Communicate better with my mom
8) Pick up a new skill
9) Buy less and save more!
10) Exercise at least twice a week!
11) Organize my financial portfolio and home office area
12) Improve my photography skills

We cleaned up the fridge this afternoon. It was good to throw lots of expired stuff away though I would throw more if I was the only one doing the cleaning. For whatever reason, DH loves to keep old stuff including chocolates that expired two years ago? I suspect they will still be there by year end though he claimed he would eat them!

Perhaps the flooring of our guest's room needs fixing. Or maybe we need a Delta faucet for the backyard. We sure need a new sliding gate - it has been squeaking for a long time.

Oh yes! I need to sleep more and get a detox done too in 2009!

Have a blessed New Year and a happy one.

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