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30 May, 2008

Clayton's weekend with Hayley

Here are some photos I've been wanting to post in the blog but my busy schedule has delayed it all... Clayton's weekend with Hayley two Sundays ago...

weekends are here - yay!

I can't wait for another weekend to arrive... this would mean next week would be the second week of school holidays. That means, Clayton will be back to normal schedule after next week :) Well, don't get me wrong. I love my boy and love to spend every minute with him but with our next seminar coming up in less than 6 weeks' time, there are so much to do. The poor boy has been calling for attention and I feel bad when he gets bored, restless and lonely.

Hopefully, we can hop to the mall for some shopping and he gets to read some books in his favourite bookstore. I may have to shop for some thank you cards and Quinceanera invitations for DH and maybe utilize my shopping vouchers in the stores. Maybe I'll get him a new scooter since his previous one was destroyed by his uncle whose weight crushed the front wheels two months ago. Now the poor boy has only his motorized motor cycle to ride and I could tell that he's missing his scoot-around vehicle.

Oh, Clayton had a new drum set from daddy last week and he's been drumming away since :)

Till then, here's wishing everyone a nice and relaxing weekend with your friends and family.

back to blogging and good health

It's exactly a week since I last wrote... it's been a busy week with the 2-day workshop that ended on Wednesday. My blogging activity had been low as I was too tired to write anything else at the end of the day. The workshop turned out very good and I was glad to meet all 14 ladies from all walks of life. They were keen to learn and it gave me great comfort to see the change in most of them.

On the health front, I have been recovering very well with the medication from the Chinese Doctor. The first two days were bad. I could hardly sleep and my throat was constantly feeling dry and tight. But it felt alot better on the third day onwards and most importantly, I could actually breathe comfortably, unless the past where I often had that nasal blockage. To help in the recovery, I have been in bed by 12am which explains why the blogging activities have been low too.

I'm really feeling good and after this incident, I have learned not to take my health for granted. I owe my body a great deal to get more rest and sleep from now on.

23 May, 2008

a day in Klang

I've got some cool comments from the guys after posting the previous post - thanks, guys, for the opinion. Anyways, men and women are never meant to be the same, isn't it? That makes this world a more interesting and fun place to live!

My fever is gone and my nose is clearing. I just got back from another TCM doctor in Klang. I really have Kess Mama and her sister, Evelyn to thank, for being so kind to show me the way there. We had lunch with our Klang Tai Kor (LOL) and had seafood in Siow Tiow. Then he took all of us to the BEST chendol in Klang. Don't ask me if it's good cos I didn't eat it. I can't. I am not supposed to eat anything cold. Sorry, no photos cos I wasn't in the mood to shoot photos... we were running late!

Anyways, Eastern Medicine was located in another part of Klang and by the time we reached there, it was going to 4pm and we were supposed to pick Clayton at 4pm? How to rush back to PJ on time? Sigh! Thank God for the school for graciously keep our boy there while we were stuck at the TCM doctor. It was good that my hubby had bought some sweet treats for teacher's day today too - good job, darling!

Thank God, our turn came and we were done by 5pm!! The trip was so smooth and we reached Peter and Jane at 5.20pm!! What the Chinese doctor said about me would be another post. Man, I didn't know I was so sick! I must get well, I am determine to get well!

19 May, 2008

husbands should be more understanding

Why can't husbands be more understanding and sensitive to their other halves? I have been ill for the last few days, dealing with that fever that comes and goes and just when I feel better today, I need to eat a nutritious meal. I had not eaten well last night since feeding a preschooler was already taken up much of my appetite. Plus, there wasn't seem to be enough to eat or was it the usual side effects of parenting without a maid. You tend to make sure your child gets the food first and you eat last and then by the time you are ready to eat, there isn't much left - know what I mean, mothers? Or either that, the food would be cold and not that tasty. Plus, I wasn't feeling that great to begin with.

So he doesn't think it was a good idea to go to the mall where some of the more nutritious foods can be found like fish porridge, vegetable clear soup, fish soup...etc. Anyways, I told him to go ahead to pack his own lunch and I'd take Clayton out instead. As expected, he changed his mind and decided to join us :) Guess he doesn't like to be left alone :P

17 May, 2008

fever and sick

Don't know why but I was suddenly hit with a fever yesterday after dinner. The back started to ache and I started to get chills. I was recovering from a cold but had no idea why the fever. I supposed the body was fighting an infection and yes, I jumped onto bed at 10plus - earliest ever!

Woke up to feel better and went BSC for lunch. Alexis was a nice place to hang around and I was surprised that DH actually suggested that since WIP was closed today. I didn't choose my favourite dish since I was recovering from fever but the Vietnamese beef noodles was alright.

A trip to Times bookstore to make Clayton happy sent me chills and body aches again. I knew that I had to head home. The fever was back and I had to sleep it off. Somehow, I'm feeling better except for the back aches now but I sure don't want to spend my weekends in bed :(

15 May, 2008

is outdoor furniture necessary?

The weather has been pretty bad lately. It's hot and humid and it's causing many people to fall sick. I always find it hard to figure out why do people want to spend so much on outdoor furniture here since the weather is terribly humid all year round. How comfortable can one in the porch when the sun is scorching? The interesting thing is, I have noticed many home with unused expensive outdoor furniture at the porch. Maybe it's just part of outdoor decorations, making the house 'more complete' visually to their neighbours and friends. Most of them end up as 'white elephants' in the long run and will eventually end up looking worn, washed and old.

luxury timepieces available online

Way back in my younger days, I used to be a Swatch collector and if anyone of you shares this same interest, you will agree that this was one kind of fad that passed away as you mature. The first time I cast my eyes on luxury watches started pretty late when I saw the display of omega watches in the watch store. That was the first time I started desiring for an Omega Speedmaster.

Unlike those days, shoppers can now pick and choose luxury timepieces online - all thanks to the super internet technology. With luxury sites like ViaLuxe, not only are the timepieces well represented in their well shot photos but consumers can find all the relevant info on the timepieces. Some popular brands include Omega, Bell and Ross, Panerai, Chopard and any other luxury brands you can think of. By using the site as a reference point to fine watches, consumers can then purchase their favourite watch from reliable and authorized dealers. You will also read news and articles on what's going on in the luxury timepieces industry on the site.

12 May, 2008

Why God?

Something very sad happened this morning and the first thing I did was to ask 'Why, God'? It was a deal that was confirmed and on the very last hour, the CEO called it off so there goes the deal. It was frustrating and upsetting. I asked God why He allowed this to happen and it wasn't the first time. It was tempting to ask what went wrong and why was He withholding what I thought was good from us. We were so delighted, and giving thanks on Thursday and this morning, the news brought me tears and lots of disappointment.

There was a still small voice that asked 'What are you made of'? I told Him - I don't know. I'm trying hard to get over the matter. It's very, very painful. I cannot understand why.

11 May, 2008

Have a blessed Mother's Day!

To all the mommy bloggers and all mommie readers:

Have a blessed Mother's Day!

09 May, 2008

rent a car to see more!

Some people prefer to travel on package tours as they don't need to worry about accommodation, food options, deciding on where to visit..etc. But for the adventurous travelers like our family and many of my good friends, we are that sort who prefers to rent a car so that we can get to know the destination better and do things off the beaten path. You can now reserve and book your car rental online at many websites, which makes it so convenient for all travelers especially overseas visitors. Don't know where to start? Check out Advantage website for your next car rental services.

06 May, 2008

google update again

So the google update was here again few days ago - sending some joy and some sorrow - as usual. Until now, there is still speculation of how to get a higher PR and how to avoid being demoted but the real truth is, you can never know unless you are Google. In the past, it's all about building links and the more backlinks you get, the better your chance in getting a higher PR. But I have also heard that some bloggers with stagnant and inactive sites had received PR by surprise. So, it's hard to tell, isn't it? You may be following all the rules yet you may not get a PR raise but to ensure a smooth PR journey, the best is probably to steer clear from paid links or posts...

03 May, 2008

tokyo accommodation research

I've been busy searching in the web for Tokyo accommodations. It's been quite known that most Tokyo hotel accommodations have smaller rooms unless you are paying for premier ones or suites but you can expect to pay alot more for those options. One other option is to book a serviced or furnished apartment which can be found quite easily via a few websites. For those who are keen, you can check out Oakwood apartments, Somerset, Tokyu Stays, PAREStudio, to name a few. The thing with these apartments is that they usually won't confirm your booking til 2-3 weeks before traveling time unless you are booking for a stay of more than a month, except the Somerset residences, which are opened for short stays too.

Accommodation hunting can be fun cos I love to check out the rooms, facilities, location and other travel features. I guess that's the passion of someone who loves to see the world :)