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30 May, 2008

weekends are here - yay!

I can't wait for another weekend to arrive... this would mean next week would be the second week of school holidays. That means, Clayton will be back to normal schedule after next week :) Well, don't get me wrong. I love my boy and love to spend every minute with him but with our next seminar coming up in less than 6 weeks' time, there are so much to do. The poor boy has been calling for attention and I feel bad when he gets bored, restless and lonely.

Hopefully, we can hop to the mall for some shopping and he gets to read some books in his favourite bookstore. I may have to shop for some thank you cards and Quinceanera invitations for DH and maybe utilize my shopping vouchers in the stores. Maybe I'll get him a new scooter since his previous one was destroyed by his uncle whose weight crushed the front wheels two months ago. Now the poor boy has only his motorized motor cycle to ride and I could tell that he's missing his scoot-around vehicle.

Oh, Clayton had a new drum set from daddy last week and he's been drumming away since :)

Till then, here's wishing everyone a nice and relaxing weekend with your friends and family.

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Adam Dilip Mutum said...

looks like your son is really enjoying his gift. Hope you don't have to get ear plugs ;-)