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26 February, 2009

work at home mom counts down to the weekends

My journey as a work at home mom continues....

Last weekend, I collected my new MSI Wind Network, another new addition to my home office gadgets. Then my work at home hubby suggested that I should have a LCD monitor so that I didn't have to add too much stress on my eyesight... so he graciously got me a 20" Samsung LCD Monitor.

This week has seen an unending string of events from running errands for the home office to firming up details for some upcoming training. Working at home allows me the flexibility of time but that also means that I must be efficient during those precious hours when Clayton is away in school.

I'm still working on more niches for my online home business and every niche presents me a new opportunity to learn new things as a work at home mom. The only setback is the slow internet connection that affects our productivity in the home office. This can be annoying and frustrating when we are working from home.

With the weekends leading up in a day's time, I'm hoping to catch some lost sleep, do some abstract painting with Clayton, make some vege rubber stamp art, build some more trains with his lego blocks and perhaps, treat ourselves to a yummy Japanese buffet lunch.

The work at home mom counts down to the weekends!

21 February, 2009

the work at home mom looks forward to pilates

It's been more than a month since the work at home mom started on pilates and she's loving it!

Yep! I look forward to my Pilates class every week now - it's like a good break from the home office. Initially I thought it was going to be a slow and easy fitness class but I wasn't so right after all.

Though 'slow', Pilates movements can be challenging when those you can start to work on those unused small muscles. The core muscles on the thighs, legs and abs were strengthened from those slow and controlled movements... the repetitions may be minimal but they really tire you out!

One thing I know, you won't need diet pills for sure if you get serious with Pilates workouts especially if on the Pilates reformer.

Pilates is also good for work at home moms who sit alot in the home office or for anyone who stands and sits most hours of the day. The workouts help to strengthen the back and maintain body balance.

So, now you know why the work at home mom can't wait for her next pilates class... now, she's looking forward to another new fitness program. Coming up soon!

20 February, 2009

so much to do for the work at home mom!

This week seems to pass like a breeze when work gets more intense in the home office. Somehow, the schedule of a work at home mom is always full and occupied. It's exciting, yet sometimes, I do look forward to a break during the weekends.

But it's been a wonderful week so far. I had just learned that another friend of mine is working towards being a work at home mom too. She can't wait to find a home business so that her work at home dream can be realized soon.

For the past few days, I was busy building another niche site (to be launched soon!). I bought the Revolution theme after much considering as they are one of the better and professional looking wordpress themes for work at home moms who are keen to build niche sites (Click here to view more details).

On the home end, we may look into tighter security measures after hearing that our friend whose house is equipped with has been broken into. The security in this country is getting from bad to worse!

I've also signed Clayton up for his first swimming lesson - we want him to be comfortable in the pool before our Phuket trip in May. Oh yes, the work at home mom does deserve a break too. This phuket trip would be our 'cheapest' family vacation - I bet the work at home dad in the home office is delighted with this travel arrangement - all thanks to my good friends, Meng and Kim!

So back to work in the home office. I'm getting my niche site up and running by next week. Till then!

16 February, 2009

work at home mom's brief update on the weekends

I would believe that most work at home moms look forward to weekends. I'm one of them for sure.

Last weekends, we had a nice lunch at the new teochew restaurant Chao Yang in One U. Managed by the same group who also owns the Hakka restaurant in the Curve, the food is fabulous and reasonably priced.

Being a teochew work at home mom, I enjoyed the simple yet tasteful Teochew braised duck and stir fried long beans with olive. The plain and smooth teochew porridge with sweet potato reminded me of mom's cooking in my younger days.

Opposite Chao Yang, a new dessert restaurant - My Honeymoon Dessert - had opened up. Those of you who are Hong Kong dessert fans will know Honeymoon Dessert. Sadly, this new Malaysia branch has poor interiors with wallpaper of encyclopaedia pasted on the walls. I don't know what has encyclopaedia got to do with desserts la. We thought having nice blown ups of dessert pictures will draw the foodie crowd but maybe the Honeymoon dessert owners know best.

Coming to the dessert, the work at home mom here didn't think too much of the Tong Yuen (sweet dumplings) - they really tasted like frozen tong yuen lah! I really have to make a trip to Hong Kong this December! It's now back to my negotiation skills with the work at home dad in my home office!

Valentine's day dinner was home made and it was an exception for the work at home mom to open the kitchen on the weekends! We just didn't wanna pay exorbitant prices for our steaks in restaurants.

I spent time fixing transformers and lego blocks with my boy and did managed to cut down the home office stuff for that weekend.

Tranformers 2
will be released in June - for those of you who have boys in the house! Catch the transformers 2 trailers if you are a fan!

That's the work at home mom's brief update on the weekends.... hope yours is well spent :)

10 February, 2009

work at home with children

One of my challenges I faced as a work at home mom is the ability to balance my time between work and spending time with my boy. I believe those of you who work from home can understand how it's like to manage a home office with children around.

There are some ideas you can adopt while working from home with your little children:

1) Plan your time

One of the best things to do as a work at home mom is to plan your time and to-do list. Be productive during those hours where your children are off to playschool or kindy. And if they are not doing any of the above, dedicate yourself to full concentration of your work when your child is asleep. Be realistic and don't try to do too much.

2) Include your child in your home office

Recently, I set up a little work area for Clayton so that he can work along side with me in the home office. While I continue with my online home business, he will be playing on the computer and I can participate in the activities too. Perhaps you can set up a space for your child to doodle, draw, paint, read a book or some quiet activities. The whole area of doing that in the home office is that you get to spend quality time with your child and keep an eye on him or her.

3) Get your child to participate in chores

Spending time with your children should not be limited to play time. You can involve your child in some home chores or get him/her to help clean up or organize your home office. Yesterday, Clayton tried to help fix our broken bed with DH with his set of industrial clamps and plastic saw. It was amusing to see that he was trying to be 'Handy Manny'.

4) Put on an educational program

I'm pretty sure that alot of work at home moms tend to use this method to occupy the junior in the home office. While there are tonnes of good quality educational video shows out there that can keep your children busy, make sure you set boundaries for them. Sometimes I tend to overdo this when I have to give full attention to my home business. You should keep a constant eye of your children even when an educational program is on. Basically, don't let the TV become your babysitter. Don't overuse it. I'm seriously guilty of this at times.

Keep in mind that the most important reason you are working from home is that you can spend more time with your children. Plan your time well as a work at home mom and don't forget to include play-time with your children as part of your home business schedule.

06 February, 2009

another weekly update from the work at home mom

It's been a week since Clayton started After School Program and so far, he hasn't complained about those extra hours in school. I am happy cos this means I can spend more time working from home, researching on my online business and taking lunches with DH.

Tonight, my little boy and me had some nice conversations before he went to bed. He wanted me to list the silly things he did and the good things too. We joked, laughed and sang some chinese songs together... these are little pleasures for me while working from home. I'm moving onto a more serious note as far as our online home business is concerned. Being a work at home mom also means that I need to set targets for my home business while making sure that the home affairs are taken care of. I can see that the work at home dad here is working very hard too, trying to balance family, work, business, caring for his mom...etc. This week, this work at home dad celebrated his 45th birthday - we had a mini cheesecake and a home cooked roast dinner. Simple but nice. No frills, nothing fancy but the great company was all it mattered.

This week, I received some valuable advice and encouragement from a good friend who has been jetsetting (is there such a word?) between brissie and china... she's been a wonderful friend who's always ready to hear my rants and musings. Sometimes our opinions differ but we still respect each other's thoughts and that means alot to me. Tonight she gave me a piece of valuable advice. I greatly appreciate it. Once again, I thank God for special friends He put into my lives. There are so many of them.

Moving into the weekends, I can slow down as a work at home mom and do more with my boy. I see ourselves building more legos, flying more helicopters, fixing more coast guard boats and playing some online disney games.

The work at home mom here looks forward to these precious moments together...

05 February, 2009

my journey as a work at home mom

It's been 4 years and 4 months since I began my journey as a work at home mom while managing my work at home business.

My little boy has started K1 this year and the after school programme (ASP) this week. Putting in ASP means that I have more time for my work at home business and thus, allowing me to be a more productive work at home mom.

For my friends and regular readers, you may have noticed that I have changed this blog's title to "My Journey as a Work at Home Mom". I have been spending alot of time reading about SEO in and around the web and I realize that it's about time that I focus on main keywords for this blog. I can't find a more appropriate title than highlighting my current calling as a work at home mom and my work at home business. I am very thankful that our offline seminar business has allowed me to work from home and no one has ever thought that it can be a work at home business.

I will continue to post my parenting stories, my travel updates, my day to day experiences plus lots of lessons learned as a work at home mom. You may also hear my work at home rantings every now and then since this is my personal space.

So if you are new here, don't be a stranger and if you have been following my work at home journey, thank you for your support. I will be posting more updates on my new work at home business in weeks to come. Stay tuned.