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20 February, 2009

so much to do for the work at home mom!

This week seems to pass like a breeze when work gets more intense in the home office. Somehow, the schedule of a work at home mom is always full and occupied. It's exciting, yet sometimes, I do look forward to a break during the weekends.

But it's been a wonderful week so far. I had just learned that another friend of mine is working towards being a work at home mom too. She can't wait to find a home business so that her work at home dream can be realized soon.

For the past few days, I was busy building another niche site (to be launched soon!). I bought the Revolution theme after much considering as they are one of the better and professional looking wordpress themes for work at home moms who are keen to build niche sites (Click here to view more details).

On the home end, we may look into tighter security measures after hearing that our friend whose house is equipped with has been broken into. The security in this country is getting from bad to worse!

I've also signed Clayton up for his first swimming lesson - we want him to be comfortable in the pool before our Phuket trip in May. Oh yes, the work at home mom does deserve a break too. This phuket trip would be our 'cheapest' family vacation - I bet the work at home dad in the home office is delighted with this travel arrangement - all thanks to my good friends, Meng and Kim!

So back to work in the home office. I'm getting my niche site up and running by next week. Till then!

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