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21 February, 2009

the work at home mom looks forward to pilates

It's been more than a month since the work at home mom started on pilates and she's loving it!

Yep! I look forward to my Pilates class every week now - it's like a good break from the home office. Initially I thought it was going to be a slow and easy fitness class but I wasn't so right after all.

Though 'slow', Pilates movements can be challenging when those you can start to work on those unused small muscles. The core muscles on the thighs, legs and abs were strengthened from those slow and controlled movements... the repetitions may be minimal but they really tire you out!

One thing I know, you won't need diet pills for sure if you get serious with Pilates workouts especially if on the Pilates reformer.

Pilates is also good for work at home moms who sit alot in the home office or for anyone who stands and sits most hours of the day. The workouts help to strengthen the back and maintain body balance.

So, now you know why the work at home mom can't wait for her next pilates class... now, she's looking forward to another new fitness program. Coming up soon!

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