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24 August, 2012

Bakes from the Kitchen

One of the things I look forward to is to build a kitchen of my choice. Big marble or granite table tops, an island, a wide digital oven, a 6 stove and a walk-in chef pantry. I know it's a dream kitchen but it is possible!

The oven is working overtime on some days and despite its imperfections, it had brought forth many goodies and treats. Not the best I want but for now, it serves my needs! Last night, I told myself that I had to succeed on the Castella cake and while waiting for a long 60 minutes for it to bake, I did my chores, got on the computer, compare some quotes from equote life insurance and catch up on some emails.

Here are some goodies attempted in the last 2 months.... are you drooling?


A Big Week that Harder than Baking Macarons!

The kitchen is filled with activities and I'm very busy, as always. Sometimes, I wonder why I'm so crazy... I can decide to bake a Japanese Kasutera cake at 10.30pm at night and I'm surprising myself with the outcomes of the bakes. This has been a macaron week. Yes... it's a finnicky cookie and I had failed enough attempts before seeing those little treats come out of the oven looking pretty and dainty. It's a challenge and it's no wonder why many will bury their heads just to get it baked right. It's a very big week at school as we reach week seven and the assignments poured in. I thought the last project was hard but this one was harder! Imagine a year 2 student 'creating' a new tool for an occupation. They have to construct, design and justify their design... I think we parents are put into a challenge ourselves! So if you have planned to be a musician, you may want to design a MF ibanez tube screamer that allows you to play some music or something like that. My little one has no clue and so does the parents. After some brain storming, we finally arrived to something and believe me, this is harder than baking macarons! I will choose to attempt any bakes anytime than to crack my hard over a project like this. But it's all good and the weekends is here!

10 August, 2012

The Last Weeks of Winter

We are into the last weeks of winter. Being our first winter in the new place which isn't insulated, snuggling on an electric blanket is a bliss.

 Brisbane has nice winters where the days are sunny and a little warmer compared to places like Melbourne and Canberra. I recalled having some sunny winter days in Perth but Brisbane winter is beautiful. You can still go to the weekend markets and have a good time. Strawberry season is here and this year, I had savoured some really good ones and the camarosa variety has to be the best. Big, juicy and sweet, they are so delicious - I don't even need icing sugar to go with it!

On Wednesday, I went to the Jan Powers markets in queen street and bought another 1kg of those! It was a nice market with more food stalls and I enjoyed sitting down with my mushroom lunch near the tabletop water fountains stall. When the boys are with me, we will end up with a German sausage bun each but I much prefer the freshly cooked mushrooms when they aren't with me.

 Last Friday, I whipped up some Hokkaido cake with fresh strawberry filling... they are light, fluffy, fresh and yummy!


07 August, 2012

Smartphone Convenience

I was asked a question not too long ago. That is, can you rather not brush your teeth for one week or be without your smartphone for a week. I find it hard to answer to that question!

The truth is, most of us are so used to having our smartphone with us all the time that it has become a very important part of us. When I have to get out for a short while, I'll grab my phone apart from my drivers. I don't even bother bringing my wallet or bag. The phone contains so much information and resources I require every day and I have to admit that I have become quite dependent on it.

I'm not sure how many people do this. I even shop with my iPhone. It is that convenient. Viewing stuff on the ipad is definitely easier but it's just faster with the phone. With many online stores launching their own apps and mobile sites, it's becoming so convenient to shop via smartphones. I was looking at some dakine back packs the other day and shopping online means savings too.

I only have to exercise some self control because online shopping can be impulsive too. Before you know it, the order is placed and your card is charged. Self control... that's something all of us need to work on, isn't it?