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10 August, 2012

The Last Weeks of Winter

We are into the last weeks of winter. Being our first winter in the new place which isn't insulated, snuggling on an electric blanket is a bliss.

 Brisbane has nice winters where the days are sunny and a little warmer compared to places like Melbourne and Canberra. I recalled having some sunny winter days in Perth but Brisbane winter is beautiful. You can still go to the weekend markets and have a good time. Strawberry season is here and this year, I had savoured some really good ones and the camarosa variety has to be the best. Big, juicy and sweet, they are so delicious - I don't even need icing sugar to go with it!

On Wednesday, I went to the Jan Powers markets in queen street and bought another 1kg of those! It was a nice market with more food stalls and I enjoyed sitting down with my mushroom lunch near the tabletop water fountains stall. When the boys are with me, we will end up with a German sausage bun each but I much prefer the freshly cooked mushrooms when they aren't with me.

 Last Friday, I whipped up some Hokkaido cake with fresh strawberry filling... they are light, fluffy, fresh and yummy!


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