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07 August, 2012

Smartphone Convenience

I was asked a question not too long ago. That is, can you rather not brush your teeth for one week or be without your smartphone for a week. I find it hard to answer to that question!

The truth is, most of us are so used to having our smartphone with us all the time that it has become a very important part of us. When I have to get out for a short while, I'll grab my phone apart from my drivers. I don't even bother bringing my wallet or bag. The phone contains so much information and resources I require every day and I have to admit that I have become quite dependent on it.

I'm not sure how many people do this. I even shop with my iPhone. It is that convenient. Viewing stuff on the ipad is definitely easier but it's just faster with the phone. With many online stores launching their own apps and mobile sites, it's becoming so convenient to shop via smartphones. I was looking at some dakine back packs the other day and shopping online means savings too.

I only have to exercise some self control because online shopping can be impulsive too. Before you know it, the order is placed and your card is charged. Self control... that's something all of us need to work on, isn't it?

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