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28 July, 2010

Off to Perhentian Islands

The month of July is a busy month and the days are passing faster than I expect. This month is filled with errands for parenting and home affairs and I haven't done much work from home.

I've been researching and doing price comparisons for some home and electricals including mattresses, bedding and other big items for the move. How many of you agree that you only shop for mattresses once every 5-10 years? If that's not you, then you must be a real fussy one. We have used our current Dunlopillo for 10 years and it's due for a change. So there are a few in my shopping list - Simmons, Sealy, Tempur and maybe King Koil. All these come with a big price tag especially the back care ones. But I believe that it's important to choose the right mattress for your long term health's sake as we spend one-third of our lives sleeping! Tempur is a good one but I'm not sure if I'll be used to the firmness.

We are leaving for a short island trip to the Perhentian Islands with a big group of friends tomorrow. It is going to be great fun for the kids and a relaxing time for the work at home mom. I would need to pack up my camera, SD card, other swimming gear by this evening. Before taking off, there are still some outstanding tasks so I would need to finish my work at home by tonight.

I'm praying for a good weather at the Perhentian and I'm hoping to snap some good shots too!

15 July, 2010

What a Busy Week!

What a busy week it is for me! I've only been able to work from home for a short hour in the morning and few more hours spreading through afternoon till night. The depression therapies are taking up two mornings a week and for that reason, I have to stop my Pilates studio classes for a while.

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I'm also shopping for a new Mac for our home office. With new softwares and updates, I'm needing a more powerful machine to work with. But after being a Mac user for the last two decades, I won't want to settle for anything less. It's just a great machine to have! The online store at Apple Singapore is offering a free 8Gb iPod Touch free for a Mac purchase (at education pricing) and it's tempting! But who is going to drive my Mac to KL... hubby isn't going to drive to Singapore just to get me an iPod Touch. Not that I need it but it's just a deal that is too good to be missed!

Shopping in Singapore is always exciting and inspiring, especially when there is a sale. The variety is impressive and the best thing is, the stores are not spreaded out like here. I used to buy my prenatal vitamins from Singapore. Most of Clayton's vitamins and supplements were bought in Singapore too. These days, I have been getting my Manuka Health propolis and Comvita products from the Guardian Pharmacy in Singapore.

Enough about shopping. I need to finish off a few assignments as I won't be able to work from home tomorrow. Hubby will be going for Lasik and it will be a busy day for me, chauffeuring him and Clayton, and the new plants from the nursery are arriving in the evening. Two more days and the weekends is here! Yay!

14 July, 2010

Parenting and Work At Home Tales

Since the beginning of this year, I have resumed my regular coffee enemas and this has been part of my health maintenance. The fact that I'm a work at home mom allows me to prepare my juicing or health drinks every morning.

After being down with two bouts of pneumonia last year, I have put in efforts to work on my immune system and thank God that I've been good this year. The healing room ministries had been a great blessing to me and I have learned to trust God in a new dimension, especially when I'm not feeling well.

Staying healthy is what everyone of us desires and we can all agree that health is more important than wealth. Yet, the irony is, we often lose our health to chase wealth and by the time we realize it, the consequences can be regrettable. So instead of choosing diets for quick weight loss, pay more attention to live a lifestyle that is balanced. Eat a well balanced diet, exercise regularly and choose to be happy. Sometimes, I get so tired from parenting and work at home stresses that I need to get out and recuperate my mind and spirit.

In the midst of your busyness and chores, don't forget to breathe deep, rest well and stay in touch with family and friends.

Work At Home Mom Gets Busy Again

My schedule has been disrupted by a series of events since June and it's making it hard for me to work from home.

I signed on a series of Decompression therapy after the chiropractor showed me a slight rupture on my discs. Since, I have been faithfully going for my therapy at Global Doctors. The people working there are nice and I have a good experience with the centre so far.

In two weeks' time, we'll be heading for the Perhentian Islands with a big group of friends. I know the kids are going to have fun and Clayton will enjoy himself with Jayden, Ashley and Hannah. Since I can't scuba dive, I may go snorkelling and have fun with the kids. Though a trip to the islands is nothing like sailing in the Royal Caribbean, the outdoor adventure fun will make up for everything. This will be a good break for us while we spend time with our friends.

On the home office front, DH has been working very hard on the online business to prepare us for our move to down under. I appreciate him for pointing me to the various channels to the internet business and becos of him, I can continue this work from home dream.

It looks like my schedule will continue to stay full in the next few months with a few more trips here and there. Can't believe that it's now July and the count down has begun...

09 July, 2010

Update Again From the Work at Home Mom

Oh dear.... I don't even know that my last post in this work at home mom blog was dated on the 23 June! I suppose I've been really busy, busy, busy!

Well, the truth of the matter is that I haven't really 'breathe' since then and so many things seem to be happening all at once. As I'm writing this, I have a basket full of laundry to clear, my floors need cleaning, my internet business need some attention and I've got so many errands outstanding!

I hardly have time to sit down for a good read in the last two weeks and I'm missing that. Hubby was away in Myanmar for a week plus and I was terribly busy during his absence. Now that he's back, there's still no rest cos there are so many things we need to attend to every other day. Tomorrow is another full day out with violin and music, followed by gym and a lunch appointment with two old friends. Then I need to help check out a review on nuphedragen for someone. Though the list of to-do's is long but it's satisfying at the end of the day.

I'm definitely looking forward to some good food this weekend and taking a break from the kitchen. I enjoy cooking as a work at home mom but sometimes it's a tad too much to cook everyday! So onto the weekend and I'm off to order my Tempur Millennium pillow now!