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15 July, 2010

What a Busy Week!

What a busy week it is for me! I've only been able to work from home for a short hour in the morning and few more hours spreading through afternoon till night. The depression therapies are taking up two mornings a week and for that reason, I have to stop my Pilates studio classes for a while.

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I'm also shopping for a new Mac for our home office. With new softwares and updates, I'm needing a more powerful machine to work with. But after being a Mac user for the last two decades, I won't want to settle for anything less. It's just a great machine to have! The online store at Apple Singapore is offering a free 8Gb iPod Touch free for a Mac purchase (at education pricing) and it's tempting! But who is going to drive my Mac to KL... hubby isn't going to drive to Singapore just to get me an iPod Touch. Not that I need it but it's just a deal that is too good to be missed!

Shopping in Singapore is always exciting and inspiring, especially when there is a sale. The variety is impressive and the best thing is, the stores are not spreaded out like here. I used to buy my prenatal vitamins from Singapore. Most of Clayton's vitamins and supplements were bought in Singapore too. These days, I have been getting my Manuka Health propolis and Comvita products from the Guardian Pharmacy in Singapore.

Enough about shopping. I need to finish off a few assignments as I won't be able to work from home tomorrow. Hubby will be going for Lasik and it will be a busy day for me, chauffeuring him and Clayton, and the new plants from the nursery are arriving in the evening. Two more days and the weekends is here! Yay!

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