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31 July, 2006

What a weekend!

I was all geared up to take a Saturday afternoon off with my good friend, Tracy to go for a relaxing 2.5hrs spa/massage.

This is a real classy spa housed in StarHill Gallery... a great upmarket shopping mall by the YTL group in M'sia.

Well, the truth is I don't get this privilege to take time off from Clayton.. it requires some careful planning eg. putting him to sleep before sneaking away.

But this expensive spa experience was the worst I had ever experienced and for once, I couldn't wait to end the session and I almost walked out not wanting to pay! It was appalling!!

It was an irony that I was there to 'de-stress' but I ended up more stressed!!!

Somehow, this spa reminds me of a BMW design with a kancil engine. Oops!

The service industry here truly needs a wake-up call.

28 July, 2006

I'm well - Thank God!

Few days ago, I had this bad wheezing... and for the first time, I was frightened. I ran up a flight of stairs and I was panting hard, I felt that I needed an oxygen tank!

I don't like medications. Always wonder what they will do to me. I have been taught that western medications suppress an illness and the side effects are inevitable when taken long-term.

But for the good of my mental and physical self... and the goodness of my loved ones, I humbly accept the doctor's instructions.

I'm so thankful that for the 1st time (after so - so long) I had no trouble with this irritable night cough - God has healed me.

I'm now more determined to nurse myself by to health - it's been so long.

I'm all well - Jesus heals.

The Power of the Net

For the past one week, I have been searching 'everywhere' in Google for my 'lost' professor.

Being a sentimental person, I was determined to find him when his old email was no longer valid. I don't think I have done so much search for a missing friend before.

I wrote to many ex-colleagues of his and even searched in a Danish free-mail site (his last email was from Denmark) but my efforts were to no avail until today! I found an updated site with his name on it and through a couple of emails from his colleagues in the Design Research Society, I found his email address!

Today, he replied my email and the rest is history!

The truth is the internet is such a powerful tool for any purpose on this earth! You can search almost anything under the sun... with some creativity and wit, of course.

Oh well, the Net has led me to know few nice people whom I had never met. It's not usual of me to meet 'strangers' like this but it's amazing how you can connect with someone so instantly at times - I suppose they call this 'chemistry'?

Communication made easy. That's the power of the Net.

25 July, 2006

Under the Weather

Well, I haven't blogged for a week.. other than the following reason.. sometimes, I get too tired waiting for Blogger to load the page! It's just too long a wait.

So when I get too impatient, I'll blog at dorischua.com instead.

This has been a challenging week. Having plagued by flu, then cough.. my rhinitis seems to have worsened.

Friends who are close to me know that I like to stay away from doctors. Not because I don’t believe in them but I just don’t quite believe in dosing myself with medications.

My natural health research and knowledge often reminds me that medication suppresses a condition… but I finally went to a doctor.

After the 5 days’ of antibiotics and 5 other tablets, I felt that my cough was getting worse… what’s going on? This increases my doubts about doctors and medication and worse still, it leaves me confused, a little depressed and tired.

For the first time, I find myself having breathing difficulties... it feels like I had just completed a cross country run! For once, I felt scared.

I’m beginning to realise how important health is again. Most of us appreciate it when we are feeling under the weather or when someone we know are seriously ill.

I once read that we spent lots of our time making money at the expense of our health and the irony is, we use that same money we make to get back our health.

Feeling blue. I’m reminded that with God, all things are possible and I will continue to believe. And pray. And trust.

18 July, 2006

Through the eyes of a child

Oh well... it's been a while since I last post... so many things are happening at one time.

Then Clayton and myself are both down flu and cough and this poor boy is waking up so many times in the past couple of nights.

Sometimes, I think being a baby is not easy. First they can't even speak and convey clearly in words what they want, then they can't explain what's going on inside them.

Yet, mothering Clayton has taught me quite a few things. One of these is the virtue of patience. The other, forgiveness.

He has showed me how to look at many things in adult life through the eyes of a child. No wonder Jesus says that whoever wants to enter the kingdom of heaven must have faith like a child.

The other night, he woke up at an ungodly hour of 2am and kept insisting to have his 'fix'. I refused to give in cos he's been trained not to be fed til after 4am.

So he went on and on crying and wailing away.

I felt bad the next morning cos I found out that he was unwell. But he didn't remember about how tough I was towards him... he just sprung up and carried on with his favourite books and activities.

He still gave me the usual cheeky smiles and cuddly hugs.

Sometimes, I wish for the innocence of a child. They are trusting and with them, there is no pretense.

How lacking are the virtues of trust and honesty in the world we live in today.

Relationships today would be more harmonised if we all learn how to be children inside us. Don't pretend, put away our protective 'mask' and just be ourselves.

That's why it's important that we unlearn what we have learnt.

15 July, 2006

Touch of the Master's hand

I didn't know I miss him so much.

I have almost forgotten what it's like to just focus on Him and not worry about chasing Clayton around.

I needed that time alone with Him, locking into His presence and just worshipping.

These days, this moment is hard to come by. To Clayton, church is a playground and I don't blame him. I can only thank God that he's a active growing boy.

But tonight, as I stand before Him, I find myself missing Him. Then this verse came to my mind as I just enjoy the worship...

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hears my voice, I will come in to him and sup with him and he with me." (Rev 3:23)

Then I realised.... He misses me too.

10 July, 2006

First Words

We started Clayton in a Mandarin Reading Class couple of weeks ago. We believe in the potential of little minds.. even when they haven't fully learnt how to speak.

It is amazing and equally fun that Clayton understands 'good bye' (in Mandarin) now. His first word is 'Tou' (head) and it's cute when he attempts to say his name in Mandarin - Kai Zhe (it sounded like Kai Ke).

Lately, we've been trying to understand him. He's been mumbling the word, 'sell-boot' and we couldn't make out what he was trying to say.

One evening, while I was doing the usual flash card reading with him, he saw a boat and yelled out 'sell-boot'. That's it! He was trying to say 'sail boat'!

All thanks to the Baby Einstein 'On the Go' DVD he's been watching...

Bonding Times

Nothing beats this...

09 July, 2006


I read a sad article few days ago in The Star Paper. A young mum committed suicide with her 2 small children at the railway track. And it all began with an argument with her husband who had lost his job recently.

The newspaper reported that they had some financial difficulties. What most people assumed would be a common tiff between husband and wife turned out to be an ending so devastating.

Then there was this story this morning about children of sex workers growing up in Chow Kit, an area just a stone's throw away from the renowned Petronas Twin Towers.

These sex workers are either drug addicts or women who are forced into prostitution. The highlight of the article is about the plight of these children who often sleep along alleys while waiting for their mothers to finish with their clients.

Some of these children have started to write their names at the age of 10, when children at this age are exploring the digital age.

Then we have the urban and financially stable parents/couples who sometimes argue over small matters but due to lack of self control, display acts of violence and words of abuse upon each other.

I couldn't help but wonder about the troubles of human race. Growing up in a less than perfect family makes me feel alot about these things.

This is especially after I became a mum myself, when I start to understand how strong my mum has been.

It brings me also a sense of gratitude cos she has stood firm for my brother and myself. This hasn't been easy unless you know the emotional traumas my dad put her through in the early days.

There is a loud call for women to be treated with more respect since our grandmothers' days and today. Yet, in this modern age of technological advancement and innovation, education has done little to influence this basic and simple truth among some.

May all women remain strong and steadfast in our call as members of the so-called weaker gender. May we live with dignity as individuals, wives and mothers to our children.

06 July, 2006

I miss these simple things...

• Travelling with my 'monkey' friends to Australia.. drove a straight 15 hours from Brisbane to Sydney!

• Baking chocolate brownie in winter with my travelling buddies and cooling it in the cold!

• Roller-blading along Swan River and around Willetton.

• Collecting leftover breads from Bakers Delight with Shirley.. and distributing them around.

• Going for a durian feast with my durian buddy - nickname: Kong Bak Bao... my 'missing link'

• High-tea hopping in Singapore hotels with my best friend, Rosalind.

• Sipping my low fat mocha at Starbucks by myself and dwell on my fantasies.

• Catching a bus to Scarborough Beach, Perth and enjoy the sea breeze.

• Reading my books by the river while savouring my DIY sandwich.

• Shop all afternoon in Orchard Road with my best friend, Dayna.

Much more I believe.... but that's it for now.

And well... these happen to be my favourite things too :)

05 July, 2006



Flowers for Love.

Well, I love flowers for a very long time... so much so that I always long for a flower shop.

In 2000, my dreams came true and FLUV was born.

FLUV has gone through few upheavals in the first couple of years and with God's blessings, it has evolved to be the premier flower boutique that provides chic and exotic flower arrangements and gifts for all occasions.

I remembered those days when I would shop around nurseries for the most exotic blooms. Being near to these beautiful things bring alot of unspoken joy and comfort.

Today, FLUV is well managed by Justin, our creative stylist and he never fails to impress me with his flair and eye for details. Each time when I watch him at work, I feel inspired and refreshed.

I still dream about running a flower shop. Being near those lovely blooms. Enchanted by the sweet fragrance of petals and leaves.

Til now, I still can't find a flower shop anything like FLUV in KL. Oops.. am I biased? Definitely not.

So next time, if you need to charm someone with 'flowers that speak', head to: 66 Club Street Singapore 06944.

Remember... ask for Justin.

04 July, 2006

Sinful Indulgence

I finally did it!

I finally bought Clayton a pair of Crocs!!! Alex is still shaking his head... (all fathers are the same..)

You may think I'm a fad follower but believe me... Crocs is truly one of the best pair of flip flops I have ever owned!

I brought my first pair of Crocs to New Zealand last year and didn't expect myself to wear it most of the trip (95%) - infact, I was wearing it since the 2nd day I arrived in NZ!

It was the best travel companion I ever had... from leisure strolls to glacier hike... I made it in my Crocs!

It's probably the most comfortable pairs of slippers I have owned!

And that was before it became viral in Singapore! Before everyone in some household has a pair!

Are you planning for a walking holiday? Buy yourself a 'real' Crocs!