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30 June, 2007

motherhood changes me

I don't know why but ever since I became a mum 3 years ago (close), I haven't watched much TV. At first, the reasons were understandable - coping with a newborn, adjustments, caring, nursing, balancing. Then after some time, it just became a norm. Somehow, sitting in front of the TV for more than half hour is like taking up a big portion of my time!

Looking back, the one show I loved to follow was the CSI series, how I enjoyed those DNA stuff, mysteries, story twists and the production but for the last 3 years, I hardly finished a single show. It either clashed with Clayton's sleep time or I would have other priorities than watching the show.

The only shows I finish now are the short travel snippets and cook shows. They are usually half hour shows and more fun to watch than hour long series. Who's been watching what lately?

be covered when you travel

Seriously, if you never bought travel insurance when you travel, please do so. A lot of my friends don't seem to see this necessity, thinking that nothing can go wrong with their vacations, so they rather save that money. Last month, my good friend Dexter and his wife went to Europe for their honeymoon. Due to an airport strike in Rome, they were stranded for 3 days. The strike caused them to miss their flights and they needed to reschedule the entire flight itinerary. It was good that they were covered with travel insurance and thus, made their claims to cover their extra accommodation costs and other compensation costs.

I would recommend that you get a good medical travel insurance when you travel. Interestingly, Cover My Travels is a comprehensive coverage that covers a long list of extreme activities including water skiing, rafting, scuba diving, sailing and more! For travelers can add a little more if they plan to be covered during their skiing trips. This is definitely useful for the active and adventurous travelers, you just never know what can happen when you are having too much fun. So, do make travel insurance a must-have in your next family vacation.

29 June, 2007

friday thoughts

I have done quite a few buzz for some drug rehabilitation network and along the way, I'll read testimonies by real life drug rehab patients. It's encouraging to know that many have regained confidence and a new hope after going through the programs though I wonder how many have also failed to succeed or get back in shape. My cousin is one of them who has been behind bars in the last ten years (true story). It makes me sad when I think about him, especially when I recalled how we used to play and have fun together in our childhood days. My aunt told me that he'll be released by end of this year. I sincerely pray that he'll not go back to his old ways again... I really do.

getting new pillows

This weekend, I'll be heading to the shops for new pillows, blankets and bedding. Since I'm doing a clean up on my body, I'm also changing my sleeping area to anti-dust mites ones. It has been proven that dust mites is the cause of allergies and respiratory ailments. It's also a good opportunity to get new kids bedding for Clayton since he hasn't had any of his own. I thought the jungle and safari ones by Eric Carle should delight and excite him since he adores Eric's children books.

friends finder

Well, we live in a modern and urban society where meeting new friends is no longer limited to just hanging out at work, parties or social gatherings. Now, there is this big thing called the internet that allows people from all over the world to connect, network, mingle and meet new friends. The upside about meeting friends online is that you don't have to be so conscious about your apearance. Some people can get cold feet even when it comes to meeting new friends in person. Meeting friends online allows you to express yourself without worrying about how you are being judged. In this case, words used are important to define your personality and characteristics.

Out of curiosity, I check out FriendFinder, a new site to meet and find new friends and was surprised that there are many many ordinary people out there who are keen to meet people online. Pardon me for my ignorance but I'm not that sort who spends alot of time meeting people online. The site allows you to view the age of the person, take a peek at his/her photo and identify who you are chatting or befriending. So if you are into meeting people online, hop over now to check out the new site - membership is free.

Friends are blessings from heaven

Friends are blessings from heaven, they truly are. I'm referring to caring and loving friends, offline and online. This has been a challenging week for me as I seem to be getting asthma attacks in the middle of the night. The attacks affect my sleep as I tend to be awaken by a persistent wet cough. Somehow, the new detox I did few weeks ago didn't help alot or could it be healing reactions from the detox program. So, for the past few days, I've restricted myself to strict eating, eliminating sugar products except natural ones from fruits, meats, MSG, salt, white flour products and anything that can be mucus forming.

I realize that I need to take hold of my health. I am not going to fall back on the inhaler. The eBook I bought few days ago seemed to be presenting some slight improvements and I'll continue on the program til I experience results.

I really like to thank those of you who left caring comments for me, it's comforting to know that there are people who take time to care even in the blogosphere. God bless ya.

28 June, 2007

I hate fleas!

One of the reasons why I never insisted that we keep a pet is because I am afraid of fleas. Don't ask me why but I do feel creepy about crawlies especially when I am an eczema sufferer. I know of friends who spend lots of money on their pets buying supplements, special shampoo and also flea removal products to keep fleas at bay. Here is a site that is ideal for anyone who owns cats and dogs and like to find out more about how to deal with flea problems and learn about pet health. Though I am not a pet owner, I find the information and resources informative and useful, with topics like how to kill fleas and the list of FAQs.

kailua, oahu

I could still remember snippets of Hawaii travel features at Discovery Channel Travel and Living hosted by Samantha some months ago. Actually, I think she has one of the best jobs in the world - sipping cocktails, explore the beaches, volcanoes, visit the shops, meet the locals, be pampered by Hawaiian spas and tasting all the local foods.

I recalled her visit to Kailua where she visited few beading shops and got some customized beaded jewelry done. Kailua looks like a nice place to visit and since we may be renting a car in Oahu, we may take a drive to check out the town for some good food and shopping, and perhaps if time allows, stay in a Kailua home rental, we'll see how. I was told that there are no hotels here but loads of nice and gorgeous vacation homes. Generally, the vacation rental in Kailua is affordable with 1 bedroom beachfront apartment going at $165 per night and a 2 bedroom mountain view is only $199. Not a bad deal considering most properties are found in Kailua beach estate. Well, I'll keep that in mind as the itinerary is underway. Now that there are so many options, it's hard to decide what to do and what we should skip.

Your fabulous life

This sounds like a great meeting place for women from all walks of life to meet together, learn and share ideas on what's happening in town. A new site still in beta test, your free lifestyle membership updates you with the latest styles, stores, food and dining places and pampering spots in town. This is for the fashionable, hip, urban or trendy ones, or anyone who enjoys the pleasure of life of taking a break and a little leisure from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

HerFabLife, as it is appropriately named, updates you with the latest film, show or event in town so you don't need to feel left out if you haven't grabbed the latest lifestyle magazine or event news. Feel free to contribute a new piece of information or be part of the community by sharing your views and comments, cast a vote if you wish. One thing I know, I'll be checking out on the latest stores in town!

MGX accommodation

Mention Orlando and you will think about Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studio and these are just few attractions of what Orlando has to offer. This is 'the' place to be for the largest collection of theme parks in one city. How can this not delight any child?

What a better time to let you family enjoy some R&R while you make your way to attend the upcoming Microsoft MGX meeting. With Microsoft MGX Special Rate as low as $119 a night, The International Plaza Resort and Spa in Orlando is the ideal base for your family.

While your family can enjoy complimentary ride to theme parks, you can have the peace of mind during the meeting or continue your work with wireless in the hotel. Or if your kids prefer to stay indoors, the kids jungle gym and two children's pool in the resort will keep them occupied. Mom can relax in a spa or treat herself to a beauty facial. Well, it looks like everyone can be happy here at the resort... there is just something for everyone.

asthma attack :(

I'm not feeling the best time of my life this week. I had few asthma attacks this week and they are making me feel down cos I'm still in my partial detox. Thinking that the detox should make me feel better, this irritating cough is causing me breathless :(

Out of desperation yesterday morning at 5am, after being awaken by this breathlessness, I logged on to my computer and started a google search for natural treatment for asthma. See, I'm not being stubborn about using bronchodilators but I just don't believe in living with it. Anyways, I found a natural treatment method which I'm trying out. This is the second day and it is looking promising. I'll post my reviews on this method in the next few days - I gotta try it out first.

Qwixo - your community bulletin

You just move into a new area and need to know where to find a mechanic to repair your car and don't know where to turn to? Here Qwixo, a community site that allows you to search for help by zip code. You can find anything kind of information you need from locating a reliable babysitter for your little child, get a painter for your new place, read the latest news in your region, find out where is the next mother's gathering or just wanting to spread a word about the business you offer. The lost and found section can be helpful to locate a missing pet and the announcement bulletin is a great place to spread news about your garage sale

Being a newly launched site, Qwixo.com has a friendly look with a simple and attractive interface design. With all the categories clearly listed, you can view the resources available before deciding on what you need. Try it out by entering your city zip code, your search keyword and get started.

26 June, 2007

toddler's tales

Most kids love animated toys and interactive games, and especially little boys, they are drawn to sound machines . Clayton dances to music and gets intrigue by things that move. Being an active boy, he's always keeping busy, and at times, gets restless when nothing new is there to stimulate his little mind.

He's been very naughty today. Though I am annoyed with the mess he created in his playroom, living area and our office, I like to understand why he's behaving this way. I gather he must be bored especially when we are both busy. But we've got work to do.

He hurt his feet today. I don't know if it's a sprain cos he keep saying 'pain pain' and walks with a little limp. I'm heartsick and a little worried . I pray that he is all well tomorrow when he wakes up....

it's all about luxury

I asked DH what does he think about staying in a luxury condo for $1,000 a night. He stared at me and gave me the 'you must be crazy' look. Well, he thought I was kidding but this was just an example of what most Hawaii luxury vacations were like. But when you stay in a luxury place in Hawaii, you would be greeted with specutacular views, enchanted beauty of the surrounding, a distinguished standard of quality plus all the luxuries and conveniences and more!

Most of these beautiful properties are child-friendly with facilities and activities for children. Each island has its own collection of luxury homes, resorts, condos and hotels so no matter where you plan to spend your time, you won't run out of options. While reading up some Kauai Vacation Info, I do notice that the accommodations here are affordable than those in Maui or Kona. So if budget is your concern, you may like to pick a place in Kauai. That way, you can save your money for some extra shopping.

who is the disciplinary parent?

I would like to ask those of you who are parents: who is the disciplinary person at home? Is it mom or is it dad?

I've always been the disciplinary one at home - dad does some of it but he tends to be less consistent. Alot of seasoned parents have warned me about the 'Terrible Two' and I choose to take it in stride and not be bothered by it. Lately, my boy who will turn 3 in few months' time is becoming more playful and mischievous and to a certain extent, naughty.

He found him tearing the posters on the wall so his playroom this evening. I got mad and brought out the 'rod'. I always believe that it should go on his buttocks though I was so mad that I would have cane the more visible areas.

These few days, Clayton had been cooperative and rebellious. Sometimes I would be yelling and other times, I would be showing him the 'rod'... is this what a 2 year old is like ah?

Anyone shares my sentiments?

25 June, 2007

free and easy

My friend asks me why do I pick Hawaii for our family vacation. Without thinking too much, I tell her it is a beautiful place I miss, a charming island I love to revisit, a climate so temperate , casual ambience, friendly locals, alluring landscape and the relaxing environment.

I have dreamt about this trip for a long time and am seriously looking forward to it. The last time, I was with a tour group so I had no choice but to follow a fixed itinerary and be guided to tourists' hang outs. Time was limited and I didn't have the luxury to relax at my own pace and pick my own Hawaii beach accommodations.

But this time, after reading all the Hawaiian vacation news, I'm prepared to draft out our own itinerary, played our favourite activities, rent a car to explore some off the beaten path adventures, do some island hopping, shop til I drop, take my pick on the restaurants, wake up anytime I like and enjoy my time with the family. This time, I'm free to do what I like and go where I want to go - I can't wait!

clear turquoise waters of Kailua

A trip to Kailua beach is a must when you are in Oahu. It is accessible by car via the Pali Highway from Waikiki. Not only will you get to enjoy the warm waters in Kailua beach, the town is also blessed with Lanikai beach, a nice swimming beach best known for its fine sand beach and clear turquoise waters. Booking a night in a Kailua ocean front condo rental is affordable with rates that start at $198 for a one bedroom condo at Castle Kona Reef. This garden view unit can sleep up to 4 people and offers great value for its location on the oceanfront. When you have got enough of the ocean, feel free to laze around the pool, have a drink at the pavilion and start a bbq with your family.

Besides including Kailua Beach in your Hawaii Travel itinerary, you may like to consider taking kayaking or windsurfing lessons. Paddle to Mokulua islands on the safe beach while enjoying coral reefs and sea turtles. After a busy day at the beach, relax in your condo or hop into a nice pub for a margarita.

relax in Kihei

Looking at Kihei, it is one of the places where you can stay away from the tourist crowd and be tucked away in private relaxation and calmness. At least, there is what I have gathered by my research. Apparently, the beach is just right across the street and for those whose shopping is high on the list, there are at least 10 shopping malls crammed in the the area, between condos and hotels. It sounds like a compact place to be. I know I will not give Azeka Place a miss as it is Kihei's largest shopping center with over 50 shops and restaurants.

One of the best ways to enjoy and relax in Kihei is to rent one of the Kihei homes and I am glad to see that the rates are affordable. The choice of accommodations is dependent on your budget and requirements. A two bedroom mountain view Kihei vacation home may cost around $250 and those with ocean views may cost around $600. And if you have a big group, it becomes more cost effective to rent a bigger place and you can enjoy the fun of cooking and sharing meals together. More options can be found at Hawaiian Beach Rentals.

I read that one of the best beach in Kihei is the Kewakapu beach. It is located furthest to the south and if you are adventurous and enjoy driving around with a little exploration, this may be a good spot to check out.

so much to do in wailea

We did whale watching during our trip to Perth last year. It was an amazing experience as we sighted the humpback whale. I was reading about Wailea, Maui and it seems that we may have the chance to do another whale watch in December, should DH still think he can get over the sea sickness - lol.

One of the expensive activities I am considering is a helicopter scenic flight as that will be the best way to view the mountanous regions that are unreached by car or foot. Wailea has lots to offer - luxurious accommodations, nice shopping and a host of dining options. Besides the option of staying in one of the hotels like Fairmont Kea Lani, a truly scenic hotel, we may look into a Wailea maui condo. There are heaps of 1 and 2 bedroom condos which are perfect for small families like us and the average cost per night would probably be $500. I suppose choosing a unit with ocean views and a touch of luxury does come with a price. We all know that. But there are some that fall in the region of $300+ such as the 2 bedroom at Outrigger Palms.

A Hawaii Travel experience is never complete without some shopping and Wailea is home to many branded and designer shops, not forgetting the sumptuous dining establishments in the region. For art lovers, don't forget to pop by the galleries at Laihana.

missing Waikiki

My first trip to Waikiki was dated 1995.... yea, I know... that was a long way back. Since that trip, I have been longing to be back to Oahu again. I was told that Waikiki has become crowded and almost too commercialized but honestly, it doesn't bother me. Coming from Singapore where land is scarce, I don't think it should be that bad. Moreover, if I enjoy Hong Kong, Waikiki should n't be as crowded, I believe.

While I only visited Waikiki, there are much more to do in Oahu. This time, I should make time to visit Honolulu and maybe the Windward Coast. I'm geared up to do some shopping so it looks like our accommodation should be centered around Waikiki beach even though hawaii oahu vacation rental offers immense options for any traveler.

I am gathering some ideas from Hawaii Travel blogs and it seems that Oahu will be a good base for us. We would prefer to be near shopping, adventures and attractions. Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center are the two places I have included in our itinerary.

I haven't got near to choosing our accommodation in Oahu. I know this is going to take time cos there are just so many nice and lovely properties. Anyone has a recommendation?

my sunday

It was a quiet Sunday. I was recovering from my back pain and so we had a quick lunch and headed home. Since Dr Yuan had a slot in the afternoon, I went for my acupuncture and cupping, to relieve the back injury. Well, if none of you have tried acupuncture or cupping, a wonderful form of traditional chinese treatment methods, you ought to.

I felt much better after the treatment though I was tired. We bought some frozen fresh dory the other day so dinner was a simple delectable pan friend dory. I spend most of the time checking out Hawaii websites for our vacation, wasn't in the mood to do any work... it was Sunday, you see.

How was your Sunday?

adventures in Kauai

Ok.. am I boring you with my Hawaii vacation research? Well, I promise to add more photos when I find time tomorrow but for now, I'm moving on to Kauai, also known as the garden isle of hawaii. Well, since it's known for its tropical greenery then you better get ready to snap some shots of nature and your macro camera for those tropical blooms.

Being the fourth largest island of Hawaii, Kauai is also known for its white sandy beaches. Since I love waterfalls, rocks and cliffs, I may consider taking a trip to Kauai. Just not sure if we really have the time. I prefer not to tire ourselves out by including too much in the itinerary. After all, it should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, not rushing around to cover every place.

Should I make a trip there, then I'll look closely at the Kauai vacation rentals while spending some time snorkeling around the bays or do paragliding. Clayton can have some fun with sand castles and DH can go scuba diving. Maybe we can take a 4x4 tour into the rainforest or tour an active volcano.

Anyways, I know I will definitely find a good accommodation at Hawaiian Beach Rentals, my favourite travel site for hawaii accommodations. Well, there are 222 listings of Kauai properties, so you tell me, what is my chance of not finding something I like and ideal?

24 June, 2007

the untamed makena

So I have covered Kona and Big Islands. I'm now going to take a peek at another popular traveler's hideout - Makena. They say that to see the untamed and rugged side of Hawaii, you have to head down to Makena, also called Big Beach where you find sands that are dazzling white and the waters in turquoise to jade. This place is faved by nature lovers and you can find Maui's flowers and other native plants in bloom.

If you plan to spend more time in Makena, the choices may be limited but yet, Hawaiian Beach Rentals has put them together for your reference. For $3,500 per night, you can spend a night at this beautiful 2 bedroom oceanfront vacation home that promises the privacy and complete relaxation for your Hawaii vacation. For this price, you can expect luxury in every corner - gourmet kitchen, huge master bedroom with ocean views, spacious living area, magnificient landscapes and a relaxing open pavilion. The Malukai O Makena luxury home will definitely be my pick should I ever have this big budget for our vacation. Then again, DH will say no, he probably think I'm crazy.

But well, it's still nice to fantasize a little as I view those photos... what a way to indulge in a luxury vacation in this one of these Makena homes.

visiting Kona

Kona is situated in the Big Island, and it is also the most well-visited destination in the big island by avid travellers. So what's in Kona? It is more known for snorkeling, kayaking, sportfishing and its golden sunsets. It is easy to guess that Kona is blessed with lovely white sandy beaches and warm clear waters. I can't wait to parasail above the waters, to witness the charm and beauty of Kona. Or maybe I should think about taking few paragliding lessons if there is time! Anyway, a couple of nights in Kona vacation rentals can be arranged to fit into our itinerary. Snorkelers must make time to visit Kahaluu Beach Park, known as one of the best snorkeling beaches in the area.

There are few nice oceanfront resorts for your pick if you are planning to stay over in Kona for a night or two, longer if you like. The Outrigger properties and Kona Village are my picks if you are not planning on renting a vacation home. All the seven vacation homes listed right now in Hawaiian Beach Rentals can sleep from 8 people and above... so you can imagine how big and spacious these homes are. So picking a resort is still a better thing to do for smaller groups, couples and small families. Nevertheless, check out the other accommodation options and I'm sure you will be spoilt of choices.

indulge in a hawaii holiday

DH couldn't believe it when I told him how much some of Hawaii home rentals cost. But the thing is renting a vacation home is cost effective when you are travelling with extended families, friends, few couples or in a group. Like I said earlier, if there are only 2-3 of you, that you should consider renting a condo (that's probably what we would do), a resort or a hotel. Unless you have alot of money to splurge, renting a vacation home may not be the wisest thing to do unless you can search for a smaller home.

No matter what sort of vacation homes you are after, in any of the islands - Kauai, Maui, Kona, Kihei, Wailea, Makena, Kailua or Oahu, no site is as comprehensive as Hawaiian Beach Rentals. What is great about the site is that the accommodations listed contain photos of the properties where you can take a closer look at the living room, bedroom, kitchen, views and read an overview of each home. If you are unsure of where to begin, there is a full page of listings of all the accommodations in respective categories. That makes your search easier, faster and hassle free. You can also find out the minimum cost of each night's stay for every accommodation listed property at one quick look. This is probably one of the best Hawaii accommodation booking site I have come across.

I'll be zooming in at kona in the next post. Look out for it.

Hawaii's Big Island

Moving on to the other islands of beautiful Hawaii, I'm on my research on Hawaii's Big Island. Like the name suggests, this is truly the biggest island in Hawaii, bigger than all the other islands combined.

So what can I do in Big Island, I wonder. Besides checking on some of the big island hawaii luxury homes, I know that it is famous for the active Kilauea volcano. So this means that a visit to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a must, I suppose. Maybe play snow at Mauna Kea, the world’s tallest mountain (measured from the ocean floor), take a hike through Waipio Valley, the “Valley of the Kings” or enjoy some entertainment, experience the culture and yummy cuisine in Hilo.

Staying a night in Hawaii's big island vacation homes is pure indulgence. Most of them have ocean views and the beach is just a stone's throw away. I cannot imagine staying in one of these $1,000 a night home - will DH say yes? The thing is most of these homes are big enough to accommodate 4 people and more so it is definitely more effective for us to get a condo or hotel.

Browsing through the accommodation listings in Hawaiian Beach Rentals, it is hard to pick the best because every one seems to look so appealing, enticing and beautiful. Looks like I need to spend more time searching for an ideal place this time.

they say maui is magical...

I took me few months to convince DH to consider Hawaii for our family vacation in December. I suppose he was going to say 'no' until I told him that we could spend Christmas in LA with his cousins.

Someone told me that Maui is magical, its beauty and charm surpasses many islands she had seen or witnessed. Honestly, when I heard a description like that, I just have to include a Maui Vacations into our itinerary. The front street in downtown Lahaina is famous for its arty finds and handcrafted jewelry and the dining scene is buzzing with life.

One thing I know, I need not worry about finding accommodations that are child friendly as most condos come with full kitchen facilities and even if we decide to stay in a resort, some have pools, playgrounds and activities to occupy little tots. Actually, some of the luxury hotels in Maui are truly out of this world... and I almost flipped when I saw the room rates. For instance, a night at Hyatt Regency Maui Resort's 1 bedroom Presidential Suite can cost up to $5,000 a night! Wow!!

the packing station

I'm envious of my friends in UK. Here is a online store that sells materials and products that relate to mailing and packing. The Packing Station is a one-stop shop for packing materials, mailing and despatch, storage and removals, mailroom products, gift and retail packaging.

Know why I'm envious? Sometimes we have so much trouble looking for the right packaging for mailing our documents or even a good box for sending gifts where we live. But for those who live in the UK, you can find practically anything at The Packing Station - bubble wrap, kraft paper, postal tubes, tapes, furniture covers, heavy duty cardboard boxes and luxury gift bags. You may think these things are simple stuff but the fact that you can find materials for all your mailing needs at one place spells convenience and save you time.

The site is easy to navigate with a simple header with a torn paper effect. All materials can clearly categorized in respective labels and the specials are clearly displayed on the home page. That allows customers to take a quick look at what's available and when delivery is free for purchases £ 70 and more.

Ethan Willis speaking in Big Biz Expo

I just heard about a business event that is happening on March 7 & 8 at the McKay Events Center. Well, The Big Business and Technology Expo is the talk among business people and entrepreneurs who will gather together in this expo to learn and exchange information and business opportunities. It surprises me that admission is only $10 which is a real value, considering meals served by renowned restaurants such as California Pizza Kitchen. But what is more valuable are the keynote speeches by Bill Rancic, a self-made millionaire and winner of NBC's reality TV show "The Apprentice"and Ethan Willis, who is co-author of the newly released "The One Minute Entrepreneur", together with leadership guru Ken Blanchard.

weekend food dilemma

One of the issues that sprung up every weekend for DH and myself is: Where and what should we have for lunch and dinner. Do you have this problem too? Sometimes, we run out of places to eat and go. DH avoids malls on the weekends and I'm the reversal. I don't mind about heavy traffic and busy parking but not him. So we often end up not knowing where to go even when the car engine had started. At times, we will end up with a conflict cos we can't agree on one destination.

I wonder if anyone else has this same problem or dilemma.

23 June, 2007

for MMA fans

I believe this forum will interest the macho guys out there and they probably understand better what it is, and again, they are not the only ones MMA Forums is designed for. MMA simply refers to Mixed Martial Arts, a kind of combat sport that involves striking and grappling. Some other combat sports will include boxing, sport wrestling, and fencing.

The forum is a fantasy game spot to discuss about fighting techniques, tips, news, resources, information on MMA. The player can select the winner for an upcoming fight, make guesses on the fight's ending and from there, points are scored. You can even start your own fight and invite other players to join you. While some prefer to play just for pure fun and others can get serious by using real money. So if you are a fan of MMA, check out this free MMA website.

pain in the back

It's another weekend and it's nice to wake up knowing that I can a little R&R. But today is a little exception. I haven't slept very well for the past few days due to this irritating night cough and I think I hurt my back last night. It's that kind of pain that makes you feel uncomfortable, something like a muscle pull. I'm seeing my acupuncturist tomorrow to have that fixed. Looks like I need to start my exercise regime to strengthen my body again.

revenue sharing forum

One of the ways to learn more about blogging, internet technology, making money online is through the participation of forums and social network programs. My first forum was a parenting one where I learnt much about being a new mom, nursing and taking care of a baby. I made some friends along the way whom had guided me during those struggling moments of nursing Clayton.

If you are shopping for forums to join, check out QooForum. This forum discusses all sorts of topics including lifestyle, business, making money online, digital and technology gadgets, women's topics, sports, news, entertainment, recreation...etc. The unique thing about the forum is that it allows registered members to share ads revenue. In other words, as a member, you can insert your ads code into your postings and monetize from your posts. This allows you to benefit as a contributor in some ways. To me, this is an added perk for being a member but shouldn't be your main objective to be an active member. It's important to find your community and area of interest which then allows you to share your thoughts and contribute valuable opinions and feedback to others.

Check Up Today open for submissions

Here you go again... if you have a health blog and would like to meet others with the same interests, I like to invite you to head down to CheckUpToday.com.

It is now open for submissions from TODAY till next friday. Your health blog can be about diet, fitness, health food, skin health, mind/body issues, exercise... do check out the network and be part of the health community.

22 June, 2007

Cheaper than hotels

I have never been to Europe but I will one day. DH has agreed that we should plan a trip either next year or so since Clayton would be going 4 years by then. You guys know I'm a great fan of online hotel accommodations for its sheer convenience and good prices. I found a good site that provides attractive deals for European accommodations. Not only do Cheaperthanhotels UK offers cheap hotels in Sweden, it has great listings of other accommodations for either last minute or all year round bookings. Personally, I prefer spacious apartments over small hotel rooms and accommodations in good locations. That makes getting around a little easier too.

Planning for a Europe holiday, check out this cool site.

we need a new staff

I still can't get over what happened this week with our staff. Her excuses make me mad. It looks like we have paid her for nothing in the last 2 months. She has missed out the most important aspect of telesales, that is, to record clients' responses thus provides no way of us to track.

It is annoying so we have decided to end her tenure with us. In just that short two months, she has caused much problems to the building management and displeasure in our associate's office. So much for employing staff... it is a tough task. Sigh.... we need a new staff!

my iMovie

So glad I explored the use of my iMovie yesterday. I had this MacBook Pro for months now and all I did with it was to do my design work, blog, write letters, upload photos, capture portraits from PhotoBooth, chat but I never tried out iMovie.

I finally did yesterday and I was impressed by the powerful features of this amazing application. Now, I can really get creative!

get your own number plate

Some of us prefer individuality when it comes to choosing our own car design, brand,colour and even number plate. I know of some friends who buy special number plates just so that they can be different and have their own identity. If you tell my DH about this, he will say you are nuts, that is because he is never a believer of spending money on automobiles. In fact, getting him to keep the car clean or give the car a good wash can be challenging at times.

Well, if you are looking at getting your own Private Number Plates, here is a UK site known as Toon Plates where a collection of more than 27,000,000 different UK number plates can be found. I can't believe this when I see the figures. Yes, that is a lot of number plates! I must tell my UK friends about this!

Being clad with a new look on their website, you can witness lowest prices for the number plates so if you are one of those who need a unique UK number plate, go check out the site!

21 June, 2007

Get Your Own Domain!

If you are a paid post postie, you may be facing challenges with taking more opportunities lately as many advertisers would require those with their own domains. Now, I know you are reading this from my blog which is hosted in my blogger.com account. While it is good to enjoy a FREE blogging account, I encourage YOU to get your OWN domain. It is affordable and flexible and you have FULL control over it cos it's YOURS.

Get a domain from www.GoDaddy.com for only $8.95 per year!

HOSTGATOR - my recommended web hosting company

I am greeted by a pleasant surprise when I opened my mailbox today. I had my first affiliate sale for Hostgator webhosting. Well, I'm not that sort who promote or sell hard on my affiliate network so this one came as a nice surprise for me.

Well, I'm not saying this just becos I'm an affiliate but if you are looking for reliable webhosting services, you mustn't give HOSTGATOR a miss. Check out their rates and packages, you will be delighted by the features and 24/7 LIVE support service. Don't forget to sign up from my affiliate badge or link :)

Let's get cool with PictaVision!

Get cool! Get funky! Share your photos and video with Pictavision. No matter where you are, you can send and share your photos and videos with mom, dad, your buddies... it's just a few clicks and your connection is up! Check out this cool site - PV for mobile phones - grab it now!

Take Home Chef

I don't watch much TV these days except for couple of Discovery Channel: Travel and Living shows. I like cook shows, esp the reality ones such as Be my guest. One of my favourite cook shows (besides Jamie Oliver's) is Surfing the Menu starring Curtis Stone and Ben Donohue... of course, Curtin remains my fave too! I just read that his new reality show, filmed in the US, Take Home Chef is premiering this friday - yay! This sounds like an interesting show displaying Curtis' creativity in whipping up a dish in a stranger's home. It will be fun to see how he cope with unsharpened knives, dirty pots, old ovens and the limited spices and ingredients in the house.

Doesn't he look cool?

The True Colloidal Silver

In case you miss my earlier post on colloidal silver, don't miss out on this one. Firstly, you may wonder what is colloidal silver? Very briefly and simply, it is a solution of water containing very fine suspended silver found in nanometer size and contains no additives, salts, proteins or other substances.

Pure colloidal silver has been known to be a very powerful natural antibiotic in helping many illnesses, ailments and diseases by natural health practitioners. With various brands of colloidal silver in the marketplace, some exist as ionic silver solutions and silver protein so do take time to find out that you are buying true colloidal silver. A quick way to identify true colloidal silver is the colour. Ionic silver solutions are generally clear or is light yellow.

To test if your colloidal silver is of silver protein solution, do the foam test. If the solution foams up when shaken, then it shows that there is a presence of protein binder, an ingredient found in silver protein. True silver colloids is generally darker in colour as light is blocked by the fine particles in the solution.

For more information of buying true colloidal silver, check out the facts and articles in Purest Colloids website.

get quality equipment

Our July seminar with Father of Guerrilla Marketing is coming up and very soon, we will need to prepare the logistics and finalize the set up requirements with the hotel. For the past few years, we have been renting video projector screen as well as a top quality projector for speaker's powerpoint presentations. Though we have our current contact for the rentals of equipment, we always prefer a comparison of quotes by different suppliers.

A one-stop place to look for computer and audio equipment rentals is ComputerRentals.com where you can find all sorts of quality equipment including plasma rentals, laptop and computer rentals, touchscreen LCD monitor rental, Interactive Kiosks, 5000 lumen projector rental and even a range of Mac products. You can rent from a day to a week, to a month or whatever length of rental you require.

Renting from a reliable company with quality equipment is crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful event. Besides, all equipment can be delivered to you nationwise and CRE technicians will assist in all installations upon delivery of the equipment so that you can focus on managing the other aspects of your event or show. For a quote, just call CRE customer service at 1-877-266-7725 or drop an email to: websales@computerrentals.com

20 June, 2007

agent organizer

This piece of information is made specially for anyone in the real estate business or has a friend in real estate. In any business, it is important to stay organize, in having a proper system to store our clients' data, our project costing, filing, scheduling and record the list of tasks. Here is a Software for Real Estate Agents. AgentOrganizer is an user-friendly software that enables real estate agents to organize data, contacts lists, keep appointments, update finances and much more. The software can also prepare and create simple flyers, newsletters, memos and special letters to potential buyers or clients.

A free 15 day trial of agentorganizer is now available for download at: http://www.agentorganizer.com. Try it out and get organized!

office haunted?

DH came home with an absurd joke for me. We found out yesterday that our newly employed full time staff had not recorded her calls to our clients on the contact sheet provided. Though she sent us an update that she had phoned 300 companies, we could only locate 100+ contact sheets records in the system. When we questioned her, she was giving all sorts of excuses about computer bugs and things like that.

The most absurd excuse was she told the other colleagues that her data was missing and the office was haunted! What a crap! How did we end up employing a 'lulu'?(fruitcake or someone with a loose screw in the head) I can't wait to fire her... she is just too weird, so weird that I don't even want to write about it.

bedding adds ambience

I'm one person who fancy new bedding all throughout the year. DH always complains that we have too many sets of bedding but I often think we don't. Different beddings add different kinds of ambience and mood to the room. For Clayton's, I like something colourful and fun looking, with nice graphics that will delight him. For me, I like something calm and mild. Nature or pastel florals are good. I wouldn't want anything gaudy or clashing.

If you like some ideas on what sort of bedding to suit your mood, check out the wide collection at Terry's Fabrics - there is something for everyone in the home. I like the contemporary ones in neutrals like this one at Terry's...

Wordless Wednesday - Clayton in water park

Visiting the water park at Vivo City has become our favourite whenever we are in Singapore. Each time, we are more prepared with extra t-shirt for Clayton, extra shorts, towel and diapers. This time, we decided to remove his diaper and you should know why :) Daddy thought Clayton would be more comfortable without a shirt on while I didn't think so - I didn't want to end up arguing. As usual, he had great fun running over all the water park... it felt good to see him so happy :) I was almost wordless...

anyone for crepes?

Not sure if anyone enjoys crepes like I do. I fancy the crepes at Marche, especially when it is wrapped with cut bananas and drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with fresh strawberries and ice-cream.

I tried making crepes once and it didn't turned out right:( Maybe I didn't have the right cookware for it or perhaps the batter was not properly mixed. I figured out that it would probably be cheaper and less troublesome to savour crepes in a good cafe or restaurant than to spend too much time cooking it right. I wonder if a set of crepe making kit would help.

our upcoming vacation

Someone I knew from the blogosphere had just returned from Hawaii with her 3 yo boy and husband. I chatted with her on email and asked her for some tips since we are also heading that way this December. From her comments, it seems that Waikiki beach has fallen below her expectations due to the overpopulated hotels and property developments in the recent years. Yet, she advised that Waikiki is still the best place for families with kids as dining and shopping are both a stone's throw away.

As I browse through the wide selection of hotels, resorts, condos, vacation homes in Hawaiian Beach Rentals website, I know I won't have a problem locating my desired accommodation. I am one fussy traveler who will do all my research before deciding on one so with detailed information on the properties ( location, overview, size and price), I can pick and select with a quick glance.

This is a good stop to look up any information pertaining to Hawaii Vacations since it is comprehensive with articles on activities in the islands, weather info, package deals for those who prefer guided itineraries and even real estate info for the investors. So with these resources, I can now start planning for Hawaii itinerary... December is only less than 6 months away - Hooray!

auction site

I used to bid for stuff in eBay. It was fun and after a while it got expensive cos I was bidding gemstones. Here is another bid site that allows you to bid for your favorite things at prices lower than market value. eBid Online Auctions is launching the Platinum Lifetime subscription now for FREE until 30 June and after this time, charges will be fixed at $99. So you are one of those who enjoy the thrill of bidding online, hop over now and sign up for a FREE membership... remember, you only have 11 more days to do that.

Press Release:

With the imminent closure of the US and Canadian Yahoo auction sites, US and Canadian users of Yahoo Auctions can import their feedback for free to eBid.net. Included in this special offer eBid.net will also allow all US and Canadian citizens to upgrade to a lifetime Platinum account membership worth $99.99 for absolutely nothing giving them zero listing and zero final value fees for life.

New users should register at us.eBid.net and if they wish to import feedback email a screen grab from their log in area of their yahoo auctions account showing their feedback page. Do not screen grab the public view of your Yahoo feedback page.

They can screen grab by pressing the PrtSc key on their keyboard to save a copy of their current screen to their clipboard and then paste into an email or into some photo software.

This offer lasts until Yahoo closes its doors on June 30th, 2007.

Users should email the jpg/gif/png/bmp image to yahoo_offer@ebid.net along with their new eBid username.

natural tray made of coconut trees

All the way from the Philippines comes this unique and artistic piece. Made from natural twigs from coconut trees, you can't any natural than having this centrepiece for your home. I would use it to display my favourite fruits and let the colours dress up on its own on this natural twig tray. Don't worry about the twigs falling off as they are secured in metal frame as they flare out at random.

rehab directory

I am one person who appreciate niche networks where I can find information and resources I need. I would like to introduce Rehabs.biz, a useful and comprehensive drug treatment referral site which contains listings and reviews drug rehabs, treatment centers, alcohol treatment centers, youth treatment programs, real life stories and useful articles relating to drug treatments. This is a directory which allows add ons to the list of treatment centers and anyone looking for related information can also compare and search from the site.

something for my MacBook

I went online shopping for a bag for my MacBook and I know etsy won't fail me, especially the creations of Janine King. If you are a fan of patterns, paisley, floral prints, retro colours and geometrics, then you should the bags, laptop sleeves, cell phone pouches by Janine. I adore her work. This great looking padded Laptop Sleeve is available for 10 - 17" screens. It is hip, stylish, trendy and unique, yet protective and functional.

The special waterproof padding provides superior scratch and bump protection and the twill lining is non-scratching and provides an additional layer of protection. It comes with a sturdy nylon web handle for easy carrying and a secure non-scratch zipper top closure. And it is affordably priced at $39. Not bad, huh? Any comments?

celebrity gossip site

My male friends always comment that we women like to gossip. They tend to think that we are a bunch who like to shop, buy, compare and talk about hollywood gossip. Well, to be honest, I haven't had much time to dig into gossips and celebrity news but since there is a brand new site that talks about these, it will be great to read and find information.

I am attracted to the hot pink header - whoa! It is so appropriate - kudos to the designer. This site seems interesting as it allows the readers to vote on what is published. Other than that, you can share your opinions and leave comments on the gossips. This is sure to keep any woman occupied and busy. Better not let me hubby know this or else he's going to start the nagging again.

19 June, 2007

The best advice I got as a teen

This post is written in support of the group writing project taking place at Weary Parent. I'm entering not because I want to win the contest but it is a nice topic that brings back memories.

Growing up in a home where my parents' marriage was less than perfect, I spent more time with mom and often felt that she liked to nag and grumble. As a growing teen at that time (even now) I felt irritated when mom went on overboard on advising and putting a point across. But the best advice I got from mom as a teen was to 'save for rainy days'. Mom went through life the hard way so she always believe that women must save. She knew I loved shopping so she just had to remind me all the time.

Mom is particular with cleanliness and tidiness so she will keep reminding me to do the same. Day in and day out, clothes must be in the laundry, all things be placed where they were first found, dishes must be cleared and no spills must be left on floors and tables. Stressful? Yes! Stiffling? Yes! But did it have an impact on my growing up? Yes!

Looking back, I appreciate the sound advice she gave though it felt like a ear full at times. I treasure this somewhat bitter sweet feeling and always thank her in my heart for her patience and silent love.

I am a survivor!

I ask myself these questions: What would I do if I were stranded in an unknown city with no money or resources? How would I eat? Where would I sleep? What about the weather? So here is what I would do...

See, I began my first vacation job when I was twelve. I knocked door to door selling Christmas cards and was happy to earn $10 a day... that was 1982!! So it's no brainer to get out there to find a job. My design and marketing skills, plus my communication abilities should get me somewhere. Moreover, knowing how to converse in Mandarin would be an added advantage. So it's easy. Once I get a job, I can then eat. Or else, I can find myself a restaurant job so that food will be provided. After all, I managed a restaurant for two good years in 2001.

Sleeping may be a little problematic but wait! I can get to know some friends and rent a place, tell them my sad story and let them know I'll pay once I get my first check. It's about being humble and learning the power of asking. And I don't think weather is a concern. I am adaptable and I should adjust in no time.

So what do you think? Am I a survivor? You bet!

Put June 28th on your calendar. USA Network's Burn Notice is a new TV series telling the story of CIA Operative, Michael Weston and he will show you how he deals with his situation. To know more about his survivor story, find out more at http://www.usanetwork.com/series/burnnotice

bought my hard drive

I finally bought an external hard drive for my MacBook. I am surprised that these days prices for external hard disks are not only cheap but they are compact and attractive. The Great Singapore Sale is on so I got a 10% discount for it which made it a good deal compared to buying it in AppleCentre here. The next thing to get would be a nice case for my MacBook. I still adore the ones from etsy.com... it's time to do some online shopping!

Spy Secret Book

Well, what sort of spy gadget can we possibly create in the house, I wonder. How about a spy secret book, one that can fit in secret disk, microchip, security key or private information? A secret book that you can tuck on the book shelf along the alley and nobody will ever find out? Coming to you on June 28th is USA Network's Burn Notice featuring Michael Weston, starred by Jeffrey Donovan. Michael got a 'burned' notice and he had to get on with his life in the real world while riding through the storms with his own sources, this time, without the support of the CIA.

Read more about the TV series at: http://www.usanetwork.com/series/burnnotice

blogger was down :(

Blogger was down last night and it was such an untimely moment. Why? I was submitting my opps and it was one of those days where the opps were alot more attractive than others. The waiting time was annoying and frustrating and after more than half hour, I gave up and decided to go to bed. With an opp unsubmitted, I don't expect it to be around next morning. After all, it was a $5 for 50 words opp but well, it happens - mishaps and hiccups.

get organized!

Now you can protect your company's assets with NetSimplicity's software. We who are in business need to do Asset Tracking to avoid losses and control our bottom line costings. Whether it is a company size small or large, you can now organize your employees, your company assets, rooms, your valuable equipment and everything else with the useful software. Since it is web-based, you can track it anywhere at your convenience and tracking is done conveniently with a hand held device. At one glance, you can view employees in different floors in a graphical and detailed interface. Increasing productivity can't be easier than this once you have the right system to get everything organized.

hubbys opinion on pets

Whenever we are in the mall, the pet shop remains Clayton's favourite place. See, my hubby doesn't like the idea of keeping pets as he thinks that it is costly to take care of one and this is especially so if the pet is ill. Little does he now that there is this thing called 'pet insurance', which can cover the pet's medical and hospitalization bills. Just like all of us who require a medical and health insurance for protection, canines need protection as well. Perhaps, if I highlight this point to my hubby, he may reconsider getting a pet in the near future.

who is Joel Comm?

I didn't believe what I saw. Here is an opp on Joel Comm. Oh well, the first ebook DH passed to me was by Joel Comm. He insisted that I read about how this guy succeed and make it in the internet marketing. I did finished the ebook and read all about how Joel Comm make money online with his tried and proven principles... I was impressed. Since, my internet marketing friends like Stuart and Ewen Chia never fail to mention his name when the topic adsense is mentioned during internet workshops. If you want to succeed in internet marketing, you just gotta to read about this guy.

maternity savings

I never thought how important it is to have maternity insurance until I knew I was expecting Clayton. In fact, I was oblivious about the costs involved in having a child until we started visted our gynae every month. Besides those accumulated bills, we need to consider the costs of delivery, hospitalization and other medical costs. And what if there is any surgery needed, for instance. I am thankful that I had a natural birth or else the bills can add up to a bigger sum. So I do believe that with a plan designed for women, maternitysavings can assist in the financial aspects of having a baby. We parents know it helps.

Wanna be an author?

In the last few years, since we started this seminar business, I have met with many good authors and writers along the way. Some are already taking readers by storm and many still need help with self publishing and to get started. For any author who is new in this publishing industry, the costs of self-publishing can be high without any support or help. But there is hope if you are a writer and likes to have your book published. Check out AuthorHouse, the leading self publishing company in the world for the last ten years who is able to provide you the resources and guidance in achieving your publishing goal.

18 June, 2007

good employees are hard to come by

Good staff are hard to come by. So if you are an employer or have good staff working with you, reward them, treasure them, treat them well and don't give them a reason to quit on you.

This is the first time we are official 'employers' to a full time and part time staff and the stresses are beginning to pile up. I am hearing complaints about their lack of productivity and slackness from the people we share office with and it annoys me. Leaving work early and long lunches are common complaints which make me wonder why can't employees be more responsible and mature about their work attitude and behavorial patterns. What more, these are not teenage employees but in their 30s with years of working experience.

I'm watching their performance and if they still don't bucked up, I'll be asking them to pack their bags and go. I can't stand leeches in the office. It is frustrating. Sigh.........

anyone taking a holiday?

So many of my friends have been to Europe and whenever we are seated on the dinner table, they would be exchanging travel tales to London, Austria, Spain, Italy, France... and I'll be seating there listening quietly. One thing for sure, I won't run out of tips, resources or suggestions of where to go and what to see. All thanks to the internet which provides every kind of information I search for.

Should I start planning for a vacation to Europe, US or anywhere in the world, this is the one-stop place to find cheap hotels. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, hotel reservations provides more than 70,000 accommodations in destinations including London, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Prague, Spain, Rome and more. Whatever style you choose to travel - budget, relaxing, adventurous, luxury - you can choose from the listed hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, country homes or self-contained apartments. What is great about booking via the site is that you save up to 70% from the hotel listed rates. The website also guarantees the lowest internet rates so if you find any site that advertises a lower rate, you get your rebates, just make sure you read the terms and conditions too.

Since my brother is talking about a family holiday to Hong Kong, I might just point him to the site but knowing him, he may just asked me to do the booking, since I'm the internet savvy one. But I always think it's more convenient and cost effective to book online than with a tour agent or going direct. Well, at least the rates are competitive.

The site also allows you to plan your itinerary and search for a vacation package, whatever you prefer. So here are some numbers to take note of: Call toll free to make your Reservation: 1-800-447-4136 (in US & Canada), in Europe: 00-800-1276-3549 (Valid in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia) or Worldwide phone no:
(1) 817-333-5105.

A quicky update on Singapore trip

Well, it was a good trip to Singapore. I did a little shopping (not much), got my much needed haircut, had a fruitful meeting, stumbled upon a possible business opportunity, took Clayton to his favourite water park at Vivo City, met my flower biz partners, caught up with my good friends... bought my supplements. This time I am not stranded without internet connectivity. I got a lowest price plan with M1 that allows me to surf and stay connected. Well, I only wish I can take the starhub plan which is so much cheaper... but I guess I have no complaints.

I haven't uploaded my photos for the trip... will do that soon. Let me catch up with some work first. Have a great week, everyone!

my nephew, Jonathan

Jonathan, my little nephew who just turned 4 couple of months ago is having fun in one of the Score programs his mum places in. My cousin has been telling me that Score centers is known for its Innovative Tutor, thus adding alot of fun and enthusiasm to the classes. Children in the programs are happy and excited about learning and because the sessions are presented in a lively manner, there is no fear in interacting and exchanging learning experiences. Every child is encouraged to open up and enjoy learning. This is what causes Jonathan to excel so fast, even at the age of 4. Try talking to him, and you will be sold to take your kid to a Score program.

Handcrafted bag from novica.com

This handmade silk handbag is a work of art! Made by an indian artisan who comes from the home of Taj Mahal, you can expect the creative use of colours and material to be uniquely different.'Wildflowers on Orange' is studded with colourful beads and sewn around the glittering embroidery. And in case you think only the artist is a lady, you are wrong! This is the creative work of a gentlemen by the name of Parvez A Warsi.

Get it for a discount (41%) at Novica.com for only $52.95. (Retail Value: $89.95) - this bag would have cost twice the price in any handicraft shops here!

For more handcrafted handbags, check out NOVICA - Handmade Artisan Jewelry from Around the World.

online education

I used to admire friends whose parents can afford to send them overseas for further studies. For me, I could only choose a one year postgraduate as I was self-supporting during my time in Perth. If only there was internet and online degree programs in those days, I would have save some money in overseas lodging and tutoring costs. Though it was an experience of a lifetime, one that I won't forget, ever.

These days, college degree online is widely available and meeting the demand for courses in business, IT, communication courses, psychology and other disciplines is the fully online Capella University. In the last 14 years, Capella has served thousands of students all over the world. Providing various programs in graduate degree, bachelor's degree and other certificate programs, there is a long list of courses available for your consideration. Capella has made it possible for people wanting to further or pursue an education with the flexibility of holding a day job or part-time work.

Who is the Last Lucky Duck?

I wonder who is the LAST lucky duck. It is obviously a postie from the US cos the opp was already grey when it appeared on my screen - thanks to TM Net - lol.

Actually I haven't even seen the $70 opp... I wonder it has been released or is it just a buzz or perhaps it is an error. Anyone got the $70 one?

16 June, 2007

In singapore

I'm posting this from Singapore. Had been here since Thursday evening and it was a busy one this time. With full day meetings yesterday to give our Singapore partner a good head start and a full day of personal errands today. I went for my regular hair cut at Le salon, did my colouring and some shopping too. As usual, Orchard road is full of people on the weekends + school holidays + the great big singapore sale, you can expect to see lots of people every nook and corner.

I bought some apparels from GG5, one of my favourite local shops and spent 10 mins in my favourite Muji shop at Paragon. We had dinners for two days at Food Republic in Vivo City, it is one of the better food courts in Singapore, mind you. Don't forget to check this one out if you are in Singapore touring. The food sold here are mostly reputable ones, hand picked by the owner, with the purpose to offer the best to consumers.

OK.. this is a quick update of the trip and it's to be continued when I head back tomorrow...

real estate social networking nite

It is great to know that the internet has made it possible for us to find a social network of our interest and passion. Actually, when I first became mum, I was actively involved in a nursing moms network and it was from the network that I learnt so much about nursing my newborn. These days, there are social networks for almost any industry - fashion, health, parents, technology, online games, and even real estate.

I have some friends who are in real estate and they are turning to Wanna Network, a social network community that is created specially for anyone in the real estate industry. So whether you are a home insurance agent, broker, real estate investor or trainer, property manager or home loan officier, this social network is a great place to learn, share and interact with likeminded individuals. Being an online member site, this is a place to know more about what is going on in the real estate industry and perhaps discover new business opportunities along the way. I was also told that membership is absolutely free so if any of you is in the real estate industry, check out the site and don't forget to register as a member.

15 June, 2007

mom's personal collection

I'm in Singapore for a business trip and visiting my mom. This time, I have internet connection and I'm really glad. It is nice to see my mom though she loves nagging and reminding me with a list of things. This time, I notice that she has a new gold pendant on her necklace. It looks like she's been shopping for gold again. Mom is one person who adores gold more than silver. To her, investing in gold is more than just storing assets but it represents prestige and wealth. And for her folk, gold is also a symbol of good fortune. I told her that investing in gold ingots is popular these days and these investments can value more than cash due to the high inflation rates. She is surprised to know that gold can be purchased online via Monex Deposit Company and can even be arranged to be delivered to her. In her time, she needs to buy personally from the bank and there is no such thing as personal delivery.

I coaxed her to show me some of her gold coins and wow, the embossed prints on her coins were so creatively done. I know they are sure to worth a lot more compared to what she paid for in those days. That is the value of gold.

who is the next Lucky Duck?

This is the 3rd or 4th time I have seen this - it was white but when I clicked it, it was already grey :( How many of you are experiencing this too? Hands up!

Well, sharing the $7m funding is certainly great but it seems to be causing more anxieties and frustrations among many posties... I can sense many people with hearts pumping faster than one who ran a 3km track when they saw the Lucky Duck is WHITE. I was one of them (lol).

But somehow, I am taking this really easy. This month seems to be slow for me at PPP. Opps turn grey before I even have a chance to click it, even when I refresh my screen as often as I should. Problem is the server is seriously slow... well, can't complain, at last my internet is up:)

Who is the next Lucky Duck?

sunglasses? anyone?

I've got this crazy girlfriend who loves cheap but gorgeous sunglasses, sometimes I don't even know where she got them! Some of her designer looking sunglasses resemble the ones I see in fashion magazines - it could be Prada, Dior, Chanel or Fendi but knowing her, she is good at getting bargains and will pay only a fraction of the original price.

Actually, selling sunglasses can be lucrative especially if the designs are attractive. A lot of the replicas these days can pass as 'originals' of designer labels and some people wouldn't bother about having those brand names which often come with a hefty price tag. Replicas are popular these days and sellers are raking good profits from them. I see these in flea markets, kiosks in shopping malls and souvenir shops. Well, anyone keen to go into fashion and designer sunglasses, check out the wholesale ones at CTS. Believe me, you don't even know they are replicas.

13 June, 2007

dragonflies, butterflies and flowers...

I'm beginning to like the creations of Busarin, this talented young jewelry designer from Thailand. Once a DJ, she decided that that was not her passion and went on to pursue her love for jewelry design. Being a fan of nature, she incorporates her love for butterflies, dragonflies and flowers into her works. I like the feminine touch seen in her necklaces, bracelets, earrings and chokers. The creative mix of semi precious stones and stainless steel add to the charm and modernity of her lovely designs. check her stuff out at Novica.com

special attorney services

If you need any legal assistance to register a logo, incorporate a trademark for your product or service, give a call to the Law Office of Michael N. Cohen, PC. Being an experienced attorney who specializes in the above services, Michael also helps in the process of patenting a new product of yours. Other unique services include copyrights infringement and other internet theft and law issues and matter pertaining to intellectual property rights. Find out more on the firm's range of professional services at http://www.patentlawip.com.

tough task on finding the right staff

It isn't easy finding the right candidate to work for these days. Recently, we recruited a telesales consultant and even though she had 10 years industry experience, she didn't seem to fit in our company culture. Dh and myself were discussing and wondering if we should seriously pass the recruitment job to the headhunters in the near future. I was told that A.E. Feldman Associates had 40 years of recruiting experience and they were also known in the recruitment industry for placing successful and suitable candidates in different fields including those in financial services, communications, human resources, legal services and also luxury product industry. For us, we probably look at a communications manager who not only handles the marketing but helps to build public relations and marketing activities within our company. I believe assigning the recruitment task to a professional head hunter is better than picking and choosing the list of interviewees ourselves. This will free us to focus on more important things like creating new partnerships and strategic growth for the company.

amethyst bracelet by busarin

Last weekend, after having lunch with Dexter and Kim, we passed by a novelty shop and being women, Kim and myself hoppped right in. I was right away attracted to a lovely necklace made of semi-precious stones and crystals, a nice creation that came with a hefty price tag.

I love semi precious stones jewelry and enjoy buying them but the problem is I tend to forget wearing them. And sometimes, getting on time for appointments is already a struggle so how would I have time to pick and choose my accessories. All WAHM know what I mean.

But never mind, most of us own more than what we can possibly wear! If you, like me, adore amethyst stones and floral inspired jewelry, check out these lovely handcrafted ones by Busarin Hutawarakorm at Novica jewelry (novica.com). This is my personal favourite and it's only $39.95. Find Busarin's bracelet at Novica.com

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