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26 February, 2011

Beach Hopping Saturdays

After our trip to Moreton bay two weeks ago, we haven't stopped going to the beach on the weekends.

Last week we took a drive to Mooloolaba, sunshine coast and had a great time with our body boards. The surf was beautiful and the weather was perfect for a summer's day. Clayton had so much fun with the body board and he was good at catching the waves! It was amazing how he overcame the dislike of stepping on sand and now, he's so good with the ocean.

This morning, we went beach hopping at Kings beach at Caloundra and it was such a great family beach. The surf is more gentle compared to Mooloolaba and the water is equally nice. We bought another Mambo body board two days ago and it was a good buy indeed. We had a lovely time at the beach and with that intense heat, it was just impossible to hang out in the sun for too long! I'm glad I persuaded hubby to buy the beach umbrella and with that, we could sit in the shade and had a little picnic. With all these snacks, I sure need to find out how to lose belly fat very soon! After Kings beach, we had fish and chips at The Fishmonger's Wife, a famous speciality fish n chips place. The fish was fresh and it was a good meal for what we paid for.

It's nice to be able to hang out at the beach as a family on a nice Saturday. The drive was an easy hour and we did so much together and enjoyed the outdoors in old fashioned fun. I'm looking forward to another exciting week ahead and this is life for me in Brissy.

Settling Well Down Under

As the popular saying goes, "Time flies!" and true enough, it's already the last week of February and we are entering the month of March in a couple days' time.

It's been an amazing month with so much happening. We are quite settled now and I'm glad that Clayton is getting used to Citipointe too. I am thankful that he had a good teacher who is good with active kids and I had observed her lesson on some occasions and have been pleased with her style. The school is very focused on lower primary and they believe in giving the kids a good foundation. I am certain we had made the right choice in sending him to Citipointe.

On the home front, I have been busy with cooking and getting things organized. I have met few moms from school and became friends over coffee and meals. Last week, I started my first lesson in Bible Study Fellowship after being invited by a friend I just got to know from school. It was a good experience as I was introduced to the book of Isaiah. Hubby had attended BSF in the men's group too and we are both learning the same book this year. It is a good opportunity for us to know God's word more as we also network with other Christians from other churches.

I have been doing more cooking than before and eating in is the norm here down under. Last week, i was shocked when I saw the numbers on the digital weighing scale and I had decided to do more exercise since. I may not need OxyElite Pro for now but if I don't keep watch, I may need a weight loss plan soon! I blame it on the desserts after meals and the snacks on the table. It's hard to resist those yummy cookies when you shop in Woolworths or Coles! I can't resist choc chip cookies!

We have been beach hopping every weekend and the weather has been nice. More about our beach hopping in the next post...

24 February, 2011

Shopping and More Shopping

I have been very good since coming to live in Brisbane. I don't go shopping anymore! Other than supermarkets and grocery stores, I hardly go shopping unless I need to buy something for the house or for Clayton.

What I like about here is that I can get decent stuff for the house without spending big bucks. Big W and KMart have lots to offer and shopping in these places taught me that there is no need to buy branded. Big W has lots of good kids clothing and KMart offers lots of good deals every now and then. Target is also a good place to shop but sometimes the stock can be a little dodgy.

That day, I was searching for an adult acne book and found it selling cheap at Big W. That's when I realized that I can buy lots of stuff at good prices in local stores like this. Besides shopping in these stores, I have been buying online from private sale sites and the savings have been rather substantial!

Let me just say that shopping online can be addictive and I'm pinching myself each time I feel like buying something on the web. Sometimes the bargains are so real that you feel that you are missing out if you don't grab it! Maybe I should stop opening those emails and this way, I can curb my shopping habits!

Life in Brissy Continues...

We are back in our home office blogging, researching in the internet and getting our online business going in this new country.

DH has been very diligent in doing all the necessary research and I'm counting on him to set the business directions. I like where we are now in Carindale and hope that we can buy a place in this lovely suburb when the time is right. As for now, staying in Solito is good with the shopping center just across the estate. Sending Clayton to school only takes less than 10 minutes so it's perfect for us!

Since moving into this townhouse, we had done much to settle ourselves down and I've even bought a few herb plants for the yard. I've always love to grow my own herbs and I'm so glad they are growing well. I'm hoping to add more to the collection in weeks to come but first I must find the right nursery to buy them.

Lately I had noticed some pimples appearing on my face. I read about some best acne treatments but I sincerely hope I won't need to use any of them. I'm just trying to sleep earlier so that my skin will look better on its own. It's just been very busy trying to make things right at home and I'm sure it will get better soon.

Clayton has started chinese classes in Tong Xin and I hope he'll enjoy his lessons. He's learning hanyu pinyin and though he's reluctant about going for classes, I can see a slightly more positive attitude after his first lesson with Ni Lau Shi.

It's back to worship centre tomorrow. I'm still praying that we'll settle down in the church He has planned for us to be.

18 February, 2011

Brissy Life: Trip to Moreton Bay

Has it been two weeks since my last update! Time passes so quickly!

It's already the fourth week of school for Clayton and we are getting used to the time table and schedule. Every friday, I help up in the class after their swimming lesson and it's interesting to see them in action. Clayton loves Tuesday where he has technology and library and Friday for swimming. He is still trying to find some true friends but I'm glad he's happier now.

As for me, I've been busy exploring and experimenting recipes and trying to find time to enjoy the Brissy lifestyle. Last weekend, we went to Moreton Bay and we had a great time with my cousin and her family. The boys had so much fun and the waters at Tangalooma was fabulous. We even bought tickets for another trip as they were offering a 50% discount on the trip. I only wish Rachel and family could join us again as Clayton loves to play with his cousins, Gerald and Gabriel. Alex snorkelled with Alvin and they had a nice time. But let me tell you what was even better... we went boom netting and it was incredibly fun! It was our first time and everyone else's and Clayton enjoyed it 101%! I was glad that the twin boys did it even though they were frightened. It was a fantastic trip and we are now looking forward to visit STradbroke Island with them in one or two weeks' time!

I'm also liking shopping online is deals site and private shopping sites here in Oz. Sometimes it can become addictive! These private shopping sites sell from homeware to baby gifts and the bargains are real and attractive.

It's weekends again and we are heading to the beach if the sun is smiling tomorrow... we can't wait!

05 February, 2011

Brisbane Updates - February

What a busy and exciting week in the month of February!

This has been a very eventful week and I'm so thankful that the weekends is here. Clayton had finished the second week of school and I'm glad that he's made a few friends this week. This is a very pro active school and there are announcements and notes for parents almost everyday. Being our first year, we are still getting used to the programs and school systems. I'm happy that he ended up with a nice teacher and I can see that he's happy at Citipointe. He told me that the teacher is less 'angry' than his JC teacher - how funny!

Last week was Clayton's first 'Show and Tell' and he had the chance to share his Perhentian trip with his class. The 'show and tell' trains them to speak before the class and teaches them presentations skills at this early age, which is a good thing. He started tennis and I'm glad he had a good session with Mark too. Swimming was less scary than he thought and I hope he improves with time.

More on the homefront, hubby had gout few days ago and it was a painful experience for him. He went to a doctor who prescribed some anti inflammatory drugs and what we didn't know was that he was actually allergic to indomethacin. His eyes started to swell and his nose became stuffy. I got very scared as I had never seen him in this state. Thankfully our cousins took us to the emergency ward at Mater Hospital and they warded him straight away. It was a relief to see that he had looked better after the night's observation and treatment and Mater and he is now recovering from gout. It looks like we need to cut down red meat from now on and he needs to be more careful about his diet.

It's the weekends again and I'm so glad I can take a break from early morning rush. Though it takes only 8 minutes to get to school, I don't normally get home till half past nine. I often end up talking to someone which isn't a bad thing. We are planning to inspect a property at Holland Park West today and then to Super Amart for some furniture shopping. Furniture shopping can be fun here and they sell all kinds of things, from outdoor furniture to clawfoot tubs. DH and Clayton will be heading to school to register for the soccer teams - it will be a fun experience for them.

That's it for the weekends and I look forward to Moreton Bay with my cousin and her family next week.