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05 February, 2011

Brisbane Updates - February

What a busy and exciting week in the month of February!

This has been a very eventful week and I'm so thankful that the weekends is here. Clayton had finished the second week of school and I'm glad that he's made a few friends this week. This is a very pro active school and there are announcements and notes for parents almost everyday. Being our first year, we are still getting used to the programs and school systems. I'm happy that he ended up with a nice teacher and I can see that he's happy at Citipointe. He told me that the teacher is less 'angry' than his JC teacher - how funny!

Last week was Clayton's first 'Show and Tell' and he had the chance to share his Perhentian trip with his class. The 'show and tell' trains them to speak before the class and teaches them presentations skills at this early age, which is a good thing. He started tennis and I'm glad he had a good session with Mark too. Swimming was less scary than he thought and I hope he improves with time.

More on the homefront, hubby had gout few days ago and it was a painful experience for him. He went to a doctor who prescribed some anti inflammatory drugs and what we didn't know was that he was actually allergic to indomethacin. His eyes started to swell and his nose became stuffy. I got very scared as I had never seen him in this state. Thankfully our cousins took us to the emergency ward at Mater Hospital and they warded him straight away. It was a relief to see that he had looked better after the night's observation and treatment and Mater and he is now recovering from gout. It looks like we need to cut down red meat from now on and he needs to be more careful about his diet.

It's the weekends again and I'm so glad I can take a break from early morning rush. Though it takes only 8 minutes to get to school, I don't normally get home till half past nine. I often end up talking to someone which isn't a bad thing. We are planning to inspect a property at Holland Park West today and then to Super Amart for some furniture shopping. Furniture shopping can be fun here and they sell all kinds of things, from outdoor furniture to clawfoot tubs. DH and Clayton will be heading to school to register for the soccer teams - it will be a fun experience for them.

That's it for the weekends and I look forward to Moreton Bay with my cousin and her family next week.

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