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31 May, 2007


It is one of those days when I don't feel like writing. Things are not too well on the personal end. I'm in a bad mood. My mind is in a mess. I'm in a dilemma. I'm confused and lost.

Has anyone felt this way before? How do you deal with such thought? You run? You hide? You talk about it? You pray? Or you sleep it away?

I'm not one of those who believe that you should sleep over your problem though I do feel better the next morning on black days. But the truth is you still need to face your problem squarely and openly.

Please don't ask me anything more... it's just one of those moments when no words should ever be said...

A One-Stop Network

Over the last few months, I have come across many drug rehab stories, programs, treatments and centers. But this is the first time I have been led to a one-stop resource for all Drug Rehabilitation concerns. A resource center not only on treatment centers, addiction programs and treatment methods, but also on medical professionals including therapists, counselors, nurses and attorneys. Along with the information, the network provides an unbiased but honest assessment of the various drug rehab programs and listed services.

The noble objective of this network seeks to aid those who are looking for help and care in their desperate situation. I am impressed with the related articles and news addiction programs, drug treatments, alcohol treatments and much more.

The network stands out with two added features for those conducting research in this area as it is linked to selected medical journal and government websites. Also, it is linked to many 12-Step sites which helps to motivate and support those undergoing a recovery program in finding long term care and help.

Growing up

I told Clayton a while ago that he would be in Words childminding center while we go for our lunch appointment and to my surprise, he said, 'don't want'. I looked at him and thought he might not know exactly what he was talking about. So I asked a few more times and he gave me the same answer.

So I tested him and asked, 'do you want to go to Auntie Tracy's house?' His eyes lit up and he said 'yes'. Suddenly, I realized that my 2.5 yo was able to make simple decisions and choose his preferences.

He is growing up. So I called Tracy and she graciously agreed. Thank God for friends like her and David...

We used to run a restaurant

Few years ago, our dh came back beaming with excitement to tell me that he had just decided to set up a restaurant at a popular landmark in town. I was astounded, loss in words as I wasn't expecting this news.

He was going through some years of challenges of running a bakery franchise then so was looking for another business to turn things around. At that time, I had doubts about this move as we were financially tight, after being married for only a year, and completing our new home. By it was too late to say more as the contract had been signed.

The restaurant was set up within 3 months and as expected, things didn't go as planned. Along the way, the rental was killing our business and after September 11, it went downhill, with a whole lot of employee problems etc. During that time, he was desperate and resorted to applying for an overdraft from a bank. We had bills to pay and salaries to settle every month and the sales weren't enough to cover.

I was worried about the business, paying the loans and naturally it added much strain to our marriage. Looking back, I am so glad this episode of our lives is over and am thankful each day to be freed from those financial, mental and physical burdens of running a restaurant.

If you need some good reads of loans such as difference between a loan and overdraft or what is a mortgage, check out the links above.

don't you like this wire vase?

I used to collect vases, particularly those that are unique, rare, simple, elegant, clean lines, modern and creative. I saw in this made in design store and it attracted me right away.

Check out this cool wire flower vase. The manufacturing process both preserves the artistic, handmade, almost sketch-like flavour of the concept. The visual space and form presents a sense of lightness and modernism. This Wire flower Vase is in Anodized Aluminium and the recipient is in Thermoplastic resin. Nice huh!

30 May, 2007

Removing tea stains from fabrics

Samm asks me how she can remove tea stain from her hubby's favourite white shirt. She has washed twice and the stain is evident on the shirt. I did a search and found these useful tips on removing tea stains with vinegar... try it and tell me if it works, k?

Apply clear bleach free liquid detergent on the stained area and rub in with your fingers. Use a scrub brush if needed.

Hand wash in the hottest water possible for the type of fabric that you are washing and let air-dry.

If you find that you still have a stain remaining from the tea, use a half-cup of vinegar and a cup of hot water, pour this over the stain and let it sit for about half an hour.

Rinse with hot water and let air dry.

If you find that the tough tea stain still remains in the fabric, use bleach or color safe bleach if the fabric instructions allow you and soak the material and then rinse with hot water and air dry. Repeat as needed to lighten the stain before drying in the dyer.

give your eyes a LIFT!

This is for the interest of ALL WOMEN readers.

Want eyes that appear 10 years younger? Give yourself a 'lift' with high brow...a brow lifting and defining pencil. Tried and tested by many women including celebrities and models, this matte linen-pink cream works on all complexions beautifully and makes eyes and brows look younger and sexier...and isn't that what we're all after? *wink*

Tips and tricks: Draw a light, thin line in one sweep directly under your brow. Lightly blend...don't over blend, we want the linen-pink to linger!

Help in finding your perfect car

Ever faced the problem of finding the right car to suit your budget, needs, lifestyle and preference? If the answer is YES, then you will be excited to check this new site out.

Autotropolis is a fully interactive site helps you find the car of your choice. Selections include family vehicle, value buyer, performance driver, safety, long distance use, style, second car... etc. All you need to do is check the boxes of what fits you and the Vehicle Selector Aid will choose the right car for you!

The site also has a Dealership Locator where you can find new car dealers by entering your zip code. It saves you time and trouble from searching in directories and most of the time, you may not even know where to begin your search.

Ok.. I'm going to try out this cool tool... it looks fun searching for my ideal car in this manner. It is truly a useful tool for anyone who is looking for a new car.

29 May, 2007

Buy all-inclusive homes

I love visting display homes. Love those nice layouts, comfy settees, stainless steel kitchen tops, granite finish island, walk-in wardrobes, sleek designer appliances, built-in ovens, lovely finishes, freshly-painted walls... I can almost end up in fantasy in a display home!

The problem with most builders is that the price of the property does not include all the extras such as bathroom, cooktops, built-in cabinets etc. I often wish that builders will display the 'all inclusive' price in the homes, instead of putting a low price and then offer a higher price when all the extras are included.

Well, there is one Australian home builder who believes in the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) concept, which spells honesty and openness in conducting business. Adding to that, buyers choose Resident Home Builders for the professional service rendered and quality homes at affordable prices. Read for yourself:

Press Release:

What You See Is What You Get

Wouldn’t it be great if things in life were more as they first seemed? The hotel pictures advertised online, the top models in magazines, the diet shake ads. No tricks, no gimmicks, no false advertising. That’s how Resident Home Builders thinks life should be: WYSIWYG.

Resident Home Builders works by an “as displayed price” philosophy. This ensures that all the features people love about Resident homes are included: from stainless steel ovens and cooktops, lofty windows, to high ceilings and big spacious bathrooms. All of which are constructed with contemporary urban finishes and materials.

Resident’s team of professionals include experienced architects, interior designers, construction managers, quality assurance specialists and project managers. All of who work to make sure you get the most out of your new home, with all the extras included.

In short, Resident truly offers quality homes at affordable prices, refreshing isn’t it?

For further information visit www.residenthomebuilders.com.

I love e-shopping!

See, I don't own a shopping blog for nothing. I can't be buying ALL the things I adore, like and yearn for cos I can't afford them! So being able to e-shop helps to satisfy my shopping cravings... which means I don't have to buy all the things I see online - it feels good just to search and find them.

I found this pair of red dolphin earrings today at LuLu's Fashion Lounge, she's got one of the coolest fashion. Love those dresses, shoes and tops! I have spent the past hour browsing through the dresses and other collection.

What do you enjoy doing?

Print your own CD and DVD

I have no idea how CDs and DVDs are printed until I come across this website that specializes on CD/DVD Printer, CD/DVD Publisher and CD/DVD Duplicator. With the XInt Idea Nexis 100AP Printer, 50 discs can be printed easily with a simple operation. This is great for churches, schools, internet marketers and training companies. with this compact desktop printer, you can save on supplier mark ups and waiting time. Moreover, the inkjet cartridges are easily available.

2nd day of school holidays

It's the 2nd day of school holidays and am I thankful Clayton is asleep now... I have been occupying him almost all day with is cards, cars and tidying up the mess he created. I wish I can get more done with him playing by himself in his playroom but... no chance, he would insist that I sit down with him, even if it's just lying down and do nothing.

I thought children who attended Montessori classes were supposed to learn independence and know how to play by themselves. What happened?

Bollywood or Hollywood?

Interestingly, I seem to have more friends who are fans of Bollywood than Hollywood. It sounds funny but it is true. And in case you think Indian Videos are favoured only by Indians, you are wrong!

My friend, Dexter loves Bollywood and actually, my husband loves watching Indian dance. I must definitely point Dexter to this niche youtube style of Indian video site. The videos in the collection include bollywood, music video, people, places and more. Like youtube, you can capture your own video, upload it and share it with family and friends. Actually, you may stand a chance to win a FREE iPod if your uploaded video becomes the most popular among the viewers.

You can embed it into your blog, post a link or choose your favourites. I took a quick look on the comedy videos and this one called Babby Drummer stood and it was cute!


A visit to a new restaurant that opens up... SOHO serves Chinese-Shanghainese culinary delights with a twist of modernity mixed with tradition. Dim Sum is good and the dishes are delectable, a nice gathering place for family and friends. I was enticed by the decor, interiors, concept, the theme, the setting, the upholstery on the chairs, the menu... the food!

Hide me now

A song from Hillsongs came to me from my good friend Tracy during my time of distress:

Hide me now, under your wings
Cover me within your mighty hand

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul in Christ alone
Know his power in quietness and trust

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Thanks, Tracy... appreciate it. This is actually one of my favourites.

The Police is here

There is something to win for USA Bloggers! Remember the song "Roxanne"? Anyway, there was my favourite when I was a teenager. Oh yes, the band who sang this song was The Police, a 3 piece rock band who became popular during the rock and punk music era.

With a reunion of the band this year, The Police will be going on a worldwide tour! I know someone who will be thrilled and excited to know about this, that is my close girl friend who uesd to go head over heels over the lead singer in the band, Sting.

There is only one reason why I want the police cd, that is for her cos she is a true fan who listened to their music everytime she went on board overseas, in her companion The Sony Walkman.

*this is not a sponsored post simply because I'm not a US blogger:)

28 May, 2007

First day of school holiday

Today is Clayton's first day of a 2-week long holiday. When we found out about this last week, we were thinking hard on what to do with him. We figured that we would be stressed about having him at home FULL day for 2 weeks!

The first day is over and he's fast asleep. I am glad the first day turns out alright... he was a little restless but it was still within limits. One day down and 13 more days to go... so glad that my good friend, Tracy, has volunteered to take him for a day. He is looking forward to see Auntie Tracy and Uncle David... and Max, the Golden Retriever!

my Platinum card

I got a call from my credit card company, Citibank, the other day informing me that I had been granted a Platinum card. This news came as a pleasant surprise and of course, the first thing I asked her was, "How much was the annual card fees?" I had been told that Platinum card subscription rates weren't cheap.

To my surprise, she told me that my card fees remained the same as my current Classic - and did I say YES to the offer? You bet! Having a Platinum card means a credit limit increase and most importantly, better privileges and perks. The only person who wasn't excited was my dh (*wink*) cos he was afraid that I would go wild with my spending!

But like I always say, it is important to spend within your limits and buy only things you can afford. That is the reason why I haven't accepted any 12-months 0% interest payment schemes. I prefer to only save up to buy something or not buy at all. These days, it is so easy to end up in credit card debts.

If you like to read some informative articles relating to credit cards, here is one that talks about choosing the right card and the other is on the types of cards available in the marketplace.

Overweight solutions

There are many ways to deal with overweight problems. One of the best tonic is exercise. Say 'No' to the second helping of food. Eat plenty of greens and liquid foods. Stay away from fatty and starchy foods. Some people resort to using appetite suppressants while others embark on a detox diet.

Taking rye, millet, rice and yellow cornmeal are four reducing whole cereal grains that can help you meet your need for carbohydrates but will not add weight. Wheat puts on fat and rye, on muscle.

Shadowscope - a veteran blogger

I am reviewing this for Shadowscope, a veteran blogger since January 1999 (wow!) and a PPP postie too. I like to be honest here and this is just my personal opinion. I'm never a big fan of coloured text on dark background as it can be blinding visually if the text is too long. It does make the eyes tired after a while. As a designer, I will use light coloured text on dark background for short text or only if the typeface is larger in size. And somehow, sites with dark backgrounds tend to take a longer time to appear.

But I must say I like the author's hairstyle cos it resembles that of my husband :) This is a blog where the author shares about his family, friends, events, news around the web and some paid reviews. Being a long time blogger, you can learn much from the affiliated badges on the sidebar of the blog. I will be checking some of them out and perhaps link to some community sites and directories recommended. There is definitely lots to learn from someone who has been blogging for 8 years!!

Clayton's progress

I'm not a Kiasu parent so when Clayton's kindy has a parent-teacher conference session, I didn't show up :)

So I received a few books from his class, plus his report card and I roared in laughter when I read the bold sentence in italics:

"Clayton is a cute boy and is well liked by everyone. He enjoys working with apparatus. He keeps himself busy by revising his phonics, numbers, colours and shapes daily. He does not like artwork as he is afraid of getting his hands messy. I noticed that he likes to walk around the class and mingles with his friends. Currently, Clayton's attention span is very short but with much guidance and encouragement, he should be better in the next semester."

cool laptop sleeves and purses

It's hard not to fall in love with the creative works and designs of Janine King who sells her stuff in Etsy. I'm tempted to grab one of her laptop sleeves for my MacBook, which is a big contrast in terms of attractiveness when compared to my boring black padded sleeve. But with so many designs to choose from, it is hard to make a decision cos there are so many nice ones! The padded purses are great for my digital camera, network cables and travelling documents...

Oh dear... I'm shopping again!

Deal with the negatives

This is a busy day of lunches and dinners with close friends. Dexter had just returned from his honeymoon and we took the time to catch up in a chinese-hakka restaurant. Eliza was back on wednesday from Bangkok and both Tracy and David were back from South Africa yesterday. It was nice to catch up with everyone again...

I had a chat with Tracy on msn the other day and we were talking about will and guardianship. I don't usually like to think about Death insurance but honestly, if anything were to happen to Alex and myself, I would like a good guardian to take care of Clayton, and I just realized we didn't list that in our wills.

I know some people don't like to think of negatives like these things but it is good to be realistic about life - that it is unpredictable and we should not assume that things are always fine and dandy. If you are a parent, have you thought about who will be guardian of your child should anything happen to you?

27 May, 2007

Tuck in your tummy

All women love a flat tummy. And don't be surprised to know that men too. A flat tummy means more dressing options for us women - some of us feel funny or uncomfortable with a a tummy protruding when we wear a body hugging dress, top, low waist pants or skirt. Having a flat tummy means moving around in confidence in our swim wear too.

Tummy tuck, also known as Abdominoplasty is a popular surgery that helps to remove excess fats from the abdomen areas and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. Though this procedure has helped many to get rid of a protruding abdomen, it may leave behind a permanent scar. It is necessary to understand the entire procedure by consulting a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon before deciding on the surgery, says Los Angeles tummy tuck surgeon, Dr Lloyd Krieger. As with any plastic surgery, not all candidates may be suitable, it requires an evaluation of the candidate's physical and health condition. Ladies who are considering pregnancy should avoid the surgery as the tightened vertical muscles in the abdomen during surgery can be detached during pregnancy.

All plastic surgeries carry a certain level of risks and complications, thus, it is important to follow the surgeon's instructions before and after surgery. If you like to find out more, the website of Rodeo Drive's only plastic surgery center has all the necessary information you need on tummy tuck. Find out more about California tummy tuck at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center.

Are you motivated?

Everyone of us needs a reminder from time to time and to be more specific, we all need to be motivated. We may be overwhelmed by stresses of life, worries, life pressures, work challenges and all these can get us down and hinder our pursuit in life.

Let's drift back a little - what are you goals for 2007? Have you forgotten them? What have you done to achieve them? Would you like a FREE software to help you achieve those set goals in the next 6 months before the year comes to a close? If your answer is a keen YES, then download your FREE copy of motivation software which has won positive reviews from real life users. The software allows you to program personal messages to remind you of your goals and dreams.

Ready to go? Download your FREE copy now.

Shopping for Clayton's new room again

My husband has been bugging me to train Clayton to sleep in his own room. My argument is that he doesn't even have his own bed so I'm thinking if he should get him one. Now that he has his own play room, he may be opened to the idea of sleeping by in his own room?

Well, this means we must start looking into some home furniture again, and I'm also thinking about a bean bag for our living room. I enjoy shopping for furniture, only if the old ones be rid off and place somewhere or else the house will become cluttered, which is a big no-no.

It's Sunday tomorrow so we may do some shopping for the house and Clayton's new bed.

26 May, 2007

It's Saturday - yay!

It's Saturday again... though I work from home, I still like weekends! I only wish Clayton sleeps longer and not wake up at 8plus am.

My mind switched off automatically on weekends. I feel more relaxed and less anxious, it is more psychological than anything. I tend to remind myself that it's weekends and Clayton deserves more time and attention from me.

We had lunch at a new restaurant at One U called SOHO. They appeared in the press some weeks back so it called for a review from us too. The interiors was an immediate attraction for anyone passing by SOHO... minimalist, clean, spacious, white furniture with black accents, black and white graphics, friendly hosts, high ceilings... nice!

SOHO is a Shanghainese Tim Sum restaurant that serves up authentic Shanghainese dishes with a modern twist. The interiors was nicely conceptualized, along with everything else like the menu, cutlery and chairs. Every other chair has a silhoutte of a graphic stylized portrait, very much like the cover of the menu.

I chose a seat by the clear glass windows that looked out to the recreational area of the mall. Reports on the food in another post... I'm getting sleepy.. *yawn*

Fresh from Florida

Tell me about Florida and the first thing that sprung into my mind would be Florida Orange Juice! Known for its growing agricultural industry and freshness in produce and the gourmet, raking in 87 billion for the state, something new is happening in this sunny place. Florida is making a big buzz in the coming racing fun in REV IT UP! Enjoy the video!

I like a luxury vacation in Hawaii

We are going to Hawaii this December.. Yay! I can't wait to revisit this tropical island after 10 over years. This time around, I am definitely booking an apartment or vacation home, depending on my research, budget and liking.

Since becoming parents 3 years ago, we have preferred not to stay in a hotel as we prefer more space and a home-away-from-home feel. Besides, I like the flexibility of cooking our own meals as it can get quite boring after eating out for few weeks. Staying in a vacation home or apartment means more space to move around, a living area to relax and wind down and it usually a better value for money.

I would definitely like a Hawaii luxury vacation where I could wake up to spot sunrise or sipping margaritas by the patio. Villas for great for bigger groups but for a small family of three, a self-contained resort or a fully-equipped condo would be ideal. I spotted the Kona Village Resort and was captured by the dramatic sunsets and enchanting beauty but it came with a price tag of $1,000 a night. Most of the luxury options featured in Hawaiian Beach Rentals are the best I have ever seen, how about the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel?

Let me captivate you with the tropical beauty of Hawaii with these awesome photos...

24 May, 2007

More website traffic?

Like more website traffic? I can hear everyone shouting "YES"! Well, here's a website optimization firm that helps small businesses to increase website presence and search engine rankings via updated techniques away from the traditional SEO style. Blog marketing is the hot topic these days and that's what Think Big Sites does. Like to know more, head down to thinkbigsites.com

Kimberly Sayer Restore Organic Anti Aging Cream

Kimberly Sayer Restore Organic Anti Aging Cream

Wow... organic anti aging cream... this is cool! As a big fan of organic products, I will be excited to give it a try. Most anti aging creams in on the shelves contain strong chemicals to keep the skin supple and smooth so when I see the word 'organic', I know it is safe from these harmful chemicals.

I just came to know about Kimberly Sayer's skincare products and this product helps to tighten skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and protect your skin against any environmental damage. It also enhances the skin to hold moisture. It combats the effects of aging and promotes the youthful look in your skin.

Suitable for all skin types and esp dry and mature skins.

Check out the other Organic Beauty Products at

Brit women shopping big time

I just read an interesting article on the shopping habits of British women and was shocked by some facts. According to the article, half a million of British women had secretly put their shopping bills on their partners' credit cards and about 2 in 5 lied about their shopping habits... oh no!

Umm, I felt a bit guilty after reading this, not that I'm one of those who need a shopping fix every week but I prefer to keep my shopping spending to myself, especially my credit card bills. With the easy payment of credit cards and the ease of buying online, it is not difficult to end up in credit card debts if you are not careful. Moreover, credit card companies are always extending promotions and rewards that can be tempting, thus increasing your spending, not to mention that 0% Credit Cards are common these days.

If you are a big user of credit cards, it is important to know about how to keep yourself safe from credit card fraud. With online buying on the rise, it is better to take precautions and ensure that your password is kept personal at all times. Always keep a copy of the receipt of your purchase for verifications purposes.

23 May, 2007

clayton sings in chinese

This is Clayton's favourite chinese song. It's almost complete except for a few missing words. It is our desire to expose him to Mandarin and truly glad that he is enjoying Baobei everyday. The teachers adore him and that helps! The song is 'Ke Ren Lai' which means 'the guest is here'...

clayton's fish song

One of the perks of parenting a 31 months toddler is when he starts to hum a tune he learns from school. I cannot explain how it feels but it is nice to hear him sing a song, though it may not sound complete. The smiles on his face says it all... I caught him on video...

the little fish swim in the water....

What does car number plates mean to you?

I know some of my friends would spend money to buy their desired car number plates. Among the Chinese, the number '8' spells prosperity and good fortune. It is common for luxury cars to come with 'lucky' numbers such as '88', '888', '2888'.. etc, well, and these 'prosperity' numbers come with a big price tag too. This is a popular tradition among the Chinese businessman. And many would stay away from the number '4' which means 'dead' in Cantonese dialect.

Now, if you need to search private number plates of your choice, Northumbria Numbers is the leader in selling all sorts of car number plates including those old ones, cherished ones and hard-to-find ones. You can do a quick search in the website by names, car types, car registrations and prefix type registration numbers. Besides providing the platform for search and sale of private car plates, you can leave all the paperwork to the company. It is practically hassle-free!

The website also allows you to make your own private number plate - prefix or current style - at the convenience of your home.

Good bye, Uncle Seng

They are both 'bald'.. oops, it's in the genes!

My brother in law's vacation in Kuala Lumpur ended 3 days ago. I believe this must be one of the fruitful vacations for me - diving in Sipadan for one entire week. Can you see the tan on his face?

Clayton had a great time getting to know Uncle Seng. He would wait outside his door in the morning as Seng slept is his playroom. He couldn't wait to play with Uncle Seng. He could say very clearly that Uncles Seng had gone back to America and we assured him that he would see uncle Seng this Christmas.

He hadn't stopped saying he liked airport since we got back from sending Seng off... here were some shots to share with you...

Not your typical website optimization firm

The subject on website traffic continues to spark interest amongst business owners who are concerned about creating more buzz on their products and services. Whether it is an offline or online product/service, more website traffic means more awareness, an increased in being found in search engines and ultimately, more leads/sales for the business.

The idea of tapping on the web2.0 technology is not new with different website marketing companies focusing on diverse strategies. But all are working towards the common goals of helping clients increase page rankings, develop a stronger branding, achieve SEO results and creating successful campaigns in the web.

A website optimization firm like Think Big Sites was form to help small businesses to achieve more presence in the web via a complete blend of marketing strategies (offline and online) involving blog marketing, email campaigns, ppc, well designed websites, seo and inbound linking. I am impressed with the seo results page which presents a snapshots of companies who attain successful results with the strategies implemented by TBS including some who have achieved Google Top Ten rankings. Those of us who know a little about seo can appreciate how important this means.

The team in TBS provides expertise not only in website optimization but also in graphic design, web development, programming and consulting.

Stick to your ethics

I was reading an article in the local newspapers yesterday on how the authorities had decided to clamp down the illegal and unethical money lenders. The reality for many people is that they do need some kind of loan at some point in their lives, whether for emergency usage for for personal matters. It may be buying a house, education, wedding, hospitalization, medical or just plain financial debts.

Though it seems new to me, taking a loan from a bank that is based on strong ethical values and business practices sounds logical, acceptable and responsible. It means that the company does not engage in activities that is conflicting with human rights, environmental issues and other ethical matters. Customers are required to fill in questionaire forms to declare how the loan would be used for, as well as a business profile evaluation before an approval is granted.


How do people become overweight? Primarily, it is caused by overeating. Weight-loss diets are not acceptable as a counterbalance to overeating, I mean, it doesn't work to overeat a few months, then diet a few months, then overeat some more - because your weight will slowly creep upward. Try lifestyle changes. Program more activity and exercise and less sitting into your lifestyle. Don't rise up from dinner, turn on to body fat. Get creative and come up with enjoyable physical activity. Whatever happened to dancing?

affliate marketer made $2500 in 2 weeks

Well, if you have heard about affiliate marketing and have some knowledge about it, then you will not think that what I'm about to tell you is baloney.

This blog post jumps straight at me:AdensBlog.com - Made 2500 In 2 Weeks! Wow.. sounds crazy? Any affiliate marketer knows this is possible but only if you know the traits to it. The author spends a year learning about affiliate marketing before earning his $2500 paycheck so if you are new in internet marketing, just keep in mind that this is not rocket science. It does require time, efforts and dedication. My dear husband has been spending the last six months learning more about affiliate marketing and he can tell you it is not ABC.

But on the positive note, Aden has done it, so can you:)

When is blogging a waste of time?

I read an interesting blog post today on 'When is blogging a waste of time'? And it gets me thinking. To me, blogging is a waste of time when:

the server is slow
I have to think too hard on what to write
I have other priorities
I have to fix bugs on the computer
I am unfamiliar with HTML and scripts
I talk crap

Uhh.. what about you? When is blogging a waste of time for you?

UK hotel booking site

I wish I know about this hotel booking site earlier before my good friend, Dexter left for his honeymoon. Then again, I will save this for my future reference when I travel to the UK.

Here's another travel resource site that provides Hotel Accommodation in the UK. It is a fairly user-friendly site with lots of useful information for anyone planning on a vacation to the UK. They specialize in providing last minute short breaks, bargain hunts, last minute hotel accommodations, luxury getaways and more. I was doing a quick browse and this luxurious bed and breakfast in England's historic heartland, Coombe Abbey Hotel is awesome. I love the architecture and the picturesque setting of the hotel.

So if you are thinking about a visit to the UK, bookmark this site for your guide.

Highlight of our Singapore trip

One of the highlights in our recent Singapore trip was the open water park at Vivo City. You cannot believe the excitement in Clayton's eyes when we told him that we were going there. He waited with great anticipation. He was already at an age where he understood where we were taking him and what we said.

We promised him we would take him there and we delivered. The smiles on his face on that day were so rewarding... I felt so blessed to have an active boy who loved nature and the simple things of life...

Get a motor insurance

If you are a driver, you know how important it is to have a motor insurance. Having one can save you money, trouble, time and hassle!

Now, you can apply and buy a motor insurance online with CIS. The selling points of the company: it is efficient, provides good customer support from geting a quote to starting a claim, affordable, easy and hassle-free! With two perks attached to the product, there is the No Claim discount and Introductory discount and another extra 10% discount if you buy online.

Some key benefits include a free 24-hour Emergency Helpline in the event of a breakdown, free legal advice helpline and a courtesy car, to name a few. Besides, getting a quote is just a click away, that's how convenient it is.

I love MRT


We did something crazy during our recent Singapore trip. On the last day before we headed home, DH intentionally dropped Clayton and myself at Toa Payoh MRT station so that we could fulfill Clayton's wish to 'take a train'.

He had been echoing this desire since my last trip with him in April. Since, he would tell me (everyday) - "Clayton likes MRT"; "Clayton likes train". So I kept assuring him that I would take him and he didn't forget.

Well, I don't know the depths of my love for my boy til I experience little things like this. I don't want to disappoint him. I just want to put a smile on his face and small things like taking a train delights him so much.

There is so much we can learn from a child...

Waiting for the train door to open.. in anticipation!