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23 May, 2007

What does car number plates mean to you?

I know some of my friends would spend money to buy their desired car number plates. Among the Chinese, the number '8' spells prosperity and good fortune. It is common for luxury cars to come with 'lucky' numbers such as '88', '888', '2888'.. etc, well, and these 'prosperity' numbers come with a big price tag too. This is a popular tradition among the Chinese businessman. And many would stay away from the number '4' which means 'dead' in Cantonese dialect.

Now, if you need to search private number plates of your choice, Northumbria Numbers is the leader in selling all sorts of car number plates including those old ones, cherished ones and hard-to-find ones. You can do a quick search in the website by names, car types, car registrations and prefix type registration numbers. Besides providing the platform for search and sale of private car plates, you can leave all the paperwork to the company. It is practically hassle-free!

The website also allows you to make your own private number plate - prefix or current style - at the convenience of your home.

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