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23 May, 2007

Good bye, Uncle Seng

They are both 'bald'.. oops, it's in the genes!

My brother in law's vacation in Kuala Lumpur ended 3 days ago. I believe this must be one of the fruitful vacations for me - diving in Sipadan for one entire week. Can you see the tan on his face?

Clayton had a great time getting to know Uncle Seng. He would wait outside his door in the morning as Seng slept is his playroom. He couldn't wait to play with Uncle Seng. He could say very clearly that Uncles Seng had gone back to America and we assured him that he would see uncle Seng this Christmas.

He hadn't stopped saying he liked airport since we got back from sending Seng off... here were some shots to share with you...

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