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23 May, 2007

Not your typical website optimization firm

The subject on website traffic continues to spark interest amongst business owners who are concerned about creating more buzz on their products and services. Whether it is an offline or online product/service, more website traffic means more awareness, an increased in being found in search engines and ultimately, more leads/sales for the business.

The idea of tapping on the web2.0 technology is not new with different website marketing companies focusing on diverse strategies. But all are working towards the common goals of helping clients increase page rankings, develop a stronger branding, achieve SEO results and creating successful campaigns in the web.

A website optimization firm like Think Big Sites was form to help small businesses to achieve more presence in the web via a complete blend of marketing strategies (offline and online) involving blog marketing, email campaigns, ppc, well designed websites, seo and inbound linking. I am impressed with the seo results page which presents a snapshots of companies who attain successful results with the strategies implemented by TBS including some who have achieved Google Top Ten rankings. Those of us who know a little about seo can appreciate how important this means.

The team in TBS provides expertise not only in website optimization but also in graphic design, web development, programming and consulting.

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